9. Continuation of The Tree of Knowledge

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: (The Tree of Knowledge) —continued-

The similitude should be found in The Qur’an (18:54) As we are generally contradictory and disputatious, particularly concerning the Commandments of God, thus to wipe out doubts and discordance over what has been discussed, such as:

  • The Personality/identity of Zil Qarnaïn (ZQ), known up to now as, “the Two-Horn”
  • Or the “Tree of Knowledge” in (Q-F part 8)
  • Or any other thing forwarded (concerning God and His Word), be it by me, or anyone else

Their similitude should be found in The Qur’an, as evidence of their veracity!

18:54 “We Have in fact Used in this Qur’an, for people, of every kind of similitude; and mankind is, in most things, disputatious.”

I draw particular attention here to the above verse. It is certainly not coincidental that this verse be found in Chapter/Sura 18: (Al-Kahf/الکهف), which is precisely the Sura concerning Zil-Qarnaïn.

Similitude of the Tree of Knowledge (24:35)

The reference or similitude for the Tree of Knowledge in The Qur’an is the:

“Oil Generating Tree,” commonly under the name of Olive Tree:

Olive/Zaïtoon (زیتون) in Arabic “Oil generating/the source or generator of energy”

And the Unique, Miraculous and Fabulous verse:

24:35 “الله, Is The Light of the heavens and the Earth! The similitude of His Light is like a concave vault, wherein a Lamp is alight; the Lamp is enclosed in a Glass; the Glass as it were a brilliant star; the fuel thereof supplied from a Blessed “Oil generating Tree”, which is neither of the East nor of the West. Whose oil is almost self-radiating and yet without getting touched by fire. Light upon Light! الله Guides to His Light whomever He Wills; الله Cites similitude for people; and الله Knows of all things.”

Thus, the “Oil Generating Tree,” fueling two kinds of Light:

  • The Light of Life of our World, and All other living things
  • The Light of Knowledge! Both Lights are from the same Root, “Light upon Light” (نور علی نور)

In fact the “Tree and Its similitude”, for example, serve as two: “Floodlight/Projectors”:

  • One Placed in High Heaven, Lighting the World below and its similitude, Established down on Earth, Lighting the Path to The Lord, guiding the Way up to High Heaven
  • One for life, and light of the creatures
  • The other Enlightening Man’s mind on the Essence and Identity of his Lord, The Creator
  • One casting light and life onto the World of matter
  • The other paving the field of mind for knowledge, thoughts and wisdom, enlightening the soul to see the invisible Path of Reality and Eternity

Referring to verse 24:35 above, the two sorts of Lights (Light upon Light), Emerging from One Another, Encompassing every dimension of the heavens and Earth, without emanating from East or West (in other words, not solar light!) In fact they are Light upon Light (Nur -ala-Nur)/two forces from the same root.

I’d like to draw the reader’s attention to the importance of the factor below:
The Light of The Almighty God Is also Z-Q/two-pronged nature.
Here once again we have two Forces in One, or two branches of Light from the same Root, both belonging to The Creator of All Existence, and The Only Lord of people of our World and other Universes; the Name, “A (LL) ‘H/الله, also personified by the ZQ sign, or two letters/forces from the same root.

In fact the essence and fundamental nature of the whole Creation, the World, its people and the Universes above, are based on these same Duo-Light.

The object is none other than to light up the Identity of The Creator for all people of the World, and introduce His two Thrones:

  1. The Throne of All’h in Heaven
  2. The Throne of His Word on Earth

1. The Throne of All’h الله in Heaven (65:12; 69:17), represents His Oneness, Power of Lordship, Station of Kingship and Commandments for the World:

65:12 “الله, Who Created seven heavens and of the Earth the same, He Causes the Command to descend through the midst of them that you may know الله Has Power over all things, and in fact His Knowledge Encompasses all things.”

69:17 “And the angels on its sides, eight that Day, bearing over them The Throne of your Lord.”

2. The Throne of the Word of All’h الله on Earth, The Qur’an  (81:19-21)

His Word being established on It, It is the Station of the Commandments and Message for Believers, who are designated as caliph/vicegerent on Earth, to rule over their inner (mind and body) and outer world.

Similitude of the Two Thrones:

81:19-21 “Verily ‘the Word’ is a Bountiful Messenger,” “Possessing a Power found in the nature of The Throne; Firmly Established,” “Obeyed, there as faithful to Its Trust.”

The two Thrones, like the two Trees, are similar and have the same qualities:

Both “Bounteous”, “Firmly Established” (on the basis of mathematical coding), and “Obeyed (their words, commands or orders are carried out)” on the basis that they are trustworthy and faithful to the Trust they carry:

  • The Upper Throne carries The Lord.
  • The Lower One carries His Word.

HERE AGAIN THE TWO THRONES ARE OF Z-Q’s (quality)/Two Forces of the same Root.

Thus, (thanks to Almighty Lord) today Al-FurQan/the Discernment introduces the “Tree of Knowledge” and its ultimate duo-branch Z-Q of electromagnetism (Science of light), enlightening The Throne of الله, discerning and clarifying the Word set on It on Earth. In the same way as a computer, that needs power (electricity/energy) for functioning; the light of Science and Knowledge should be connected to The Throne of the Word, to carry out the Commandments; and as a Reminder for the people of our time:

21:48 “As a matter of fact We Granted Moses and Aaron the furQan/discernment, a light and a Reminder for righteous (people);”

The Energy is needed to switch on the power of the Word, to be Obeyed  (to perform/to make happen).

Similitude of: the Bifurcated Book/The “Qur’an-FurQan

The twain Thrones; the twain “Trees” and the twain “Books”:

All three possessing Z-Q quality; that is, each being “two forces of the same root”; each complementary with their twin, and each having the Root Established up in Highest Horizon; and their twin, germinating from inside themselves on the Earth, growing under the leadership of Time.  All of which are from the same Root of:

“Light upon Light” of: الله All’h, The Lord/Rabb (24:35, above) of all universal people (population of the World and other Universes above).

As for the twain “Qur’an and FurQan” being also by the same procedure; that is, the Totality of the Revelation of The Word was Established on the mind of Prophet Muhammad at the “Highest Horizon”:

53:7 “And He Being by the Higher horizon;”

53:8 “Then He Descended and Drew closer;”

53:9 “So Being at a distance of double arcs (like arcs of rainbow) or nearer;”

53:10 “Then He Revealed to His servant what was Revealed.”

And as for the FurQan/Discernment; its Revelation being hidden into the depth of The Word at the time; was seen by the “Horizon of Manifest/Declared” (see 81:23 below); and the definition of “Horizon of Manifest” is divinely noteworthy.

  • “The Manifest/Declared” is another name for The Qur’an
  • Horizon is a far away “line”, connecting Heaven to Earth.

Thus the Revelation of The FurQan was in the depths of the lines of The Qur’an on Earth (See below).

Time having brought about the puberty or the necessary knowledge for The Word 1400 years later; thus the Discernment/Al-FurQan germinated out of the Word (Qur’an) on Earth, declaring the Word of God, The Qur’an, in agreement with Science! Again the Root was Revealed in the Highest Heaven; and its twain (its knowledge) grew with time on Earth.

As Chapter (81) is the key to the above statements, and its correct translation and definition is of utmost importance, I bring the whole Chapter here for you, defining the verses -God Willing. The explanation of the Horizon of Manifest, and particularly the reason for its being in Chapter 81, is in the definition of Chapter 81, below.

Ch. 81: “Al-Takwir/ التکویر” = (The Turban-Wrapping)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

By name All’h, The Bi-Merciful (to jinn and Man), The Merciful (to All)

  1. When the sun is (turban) wrapped
  2. And when the stars lose their luster
  3. And when the mountains are moved/flown
  4. And when the ten months she camels (delivering their young) are left unattended
  5. And when the wild beasts are gathered (in human habitations)
  6. And when the seas are set aflame
  7. And when they marry their own kind (like with like)
  8. And when the little girl buried alive, is questioned
  9. For what crime was she killed?
  10. And when the Scrolls are published
  11. And when the Heaven above is unveiled, (through Science)
  12. And when the combustion (deep place, the Earth), is inflamed (by fire, pollution etc.)
  13. And when the garden is brought near
  14. One knows what he has forwarded for himself.
  15. Thus, I Do not Swear (in vain) by the (5) stars/planets
  16. The flowing, hiding ones (in their orbit of the 9 planets.)
  17. And the Night when stays on watch
  18. And the Dawn, when it breathes (away the darkness)
  19. That verily the Word is a Bountiful Messenger
  20. Possessing a Power found in the nature of The Throne: Firmly Established
  21. Obeyed there as Secure (faithful to Its Trust)
  22. And your companion is not insane
  23. And definitely has seen It (Revelation) in the horizon of Manifest
  24. And neither It is withholding any (knowledge/secret) of the Unseen
  25. And nor It is the talk of an expellable evil.
  26. So, where are you going?
  27. Verily this is but a Message for all people of the World.
  28. For those of you who want to go straight
  29. And whatever you will, has been the Will of All’h, Lord of the universal people.

The definition of Chapter 81

First of all, the significance of the title, Al-Takwir, is most directive as a hint!

The exact translation for this word is “The turban-Wrapping,” meaning “Something ‘globe-shaped’, being rolled and wrapped up, turban style”!

The title also indicates that, “This Chapter is somehow wrapped up into hints,” meaning that its words conceal a hidden meaning, beneath their appearance.

Secondly, before defining and unveiling the hints of this Chapter, it is necessary to recall the following facts: The Word of The Lord also has bi-furcate/twain sides: symbolically and realistically.

The Qur’an and The FurQan, explicitly have been Declared by The Lord as the Sun and the Moon on Earth (intellectually).

The three verses below confirm this fact. Pay attention to the use of the same words for “the Sun and the Moon in Heaven”, and The Book as: “the Sun and the Moon on Earth”

25:61 “Blessed Is He Who Made Constellation in the sky, and Placed therein a “Lamp and a luminous Moon.”

(The above verse is in the Sura/Chapter Al-FurQan)

33:46 “And as one who invites to الله, by His Leave, and (to) a ‘luminous Lamp’.”

31:20 “Don’t you see that الله Has Subjected for you all in heavens and all on the Earth and Perfected on to you His Blessings, seen and unseen? And yet some people argue concerning الله without knowledge, without Guidance and without a luminous Book.”

Therefore, the title indicates: Not only the Sun (in the sky) wrapped up all around by pollution, but also the Sun on the Earth/The Qur’an is (turban) wrapped and polluted (by human narrations), concealing their luster and shine (words as stars).

In the first 14 verses

The events mentioned in these verses are indications and signs; predictions for our time, the events happening 14 centuries later. This by itself is Great Evidence, proving the authenticity of The Book/Qur’an; because at the time of Prophet Muhammad such predictions were humanly impossible!

  1. At a Time when the Sun is wrapped up by pollution and the “Luminous Word, The Qur’an/the (intellectual) Sun on Earth” is (turban) wrapped under human words (Hadith and Sonnah/narrations and custom)
  2. When the stars lose their luster due to pollution and the verses lose their shine under the dust of misuse
  3. And when the mountains are moved (this of course has been realized today by Man. But the mountain also moved forward by itself, a few years ago in a village near Sion in Switzerland, and in Tignes in France, so that people living nearby had to leave their home)
  4. When the ten month pregnant camel, for delivery is left unattended and abandoned (into the hands of machines and technology)
  5. When the wild beasts are gathered (in the zoos)
  6. When the seas are set on fire (not only by undersea volcanoes but, today through the wrecking of oil tankers)
  7. When they marry their own kinds openly and publicly
  8. When killing little girls would be punished by the law
  9. As, at the time they used to bury their newborn girls without it being considered a crime! Today Science (CSI/Crime Scene Investigation and DNA) examines the bodies of the victims.
  10. And when the pages (Book) are printed and published
  11. When the secrets of Heaven and high above Universes are unveiled through Science
  12. When the large hot fire kindled in the low-lying ground, the Earth, ignited by the heat of the sun, fire etc.
  13. When the garden is brought near (by Man bringing and constructing gardens in their lodging and apartments; and God Bringing the Garden of Eden near for the righteous 50:31)
  14. One has the knowledge of what he is confronted with!

15th verse

Hints to the 15th century  (lunar year) and The Qur’an; and as the Time and era is concerned here, The Lord Concludes by, “Therefore/thus”:

  1. “Thus, I Do not Swear by the running stars/planets,”
  2. “Being hidden in their orbit;”
  3. “And the Night when it stays on watch,”
  4. “And the Dawn as it breathes”

The particularity of the Oath in The Qur’an —as in fact God Does not Need to Swear—is to indicate the similarity of the object of the oath and the subject treated.

And the negation: “I do NOT swear.” Such a special claim is:

  1. To attract attention and arouse curiosity by its particularity
  2. Such a claim is only said in the conditional: “I do NOT swear, but for a reason.”

Thus, the similarity of the object of the oath with the thing declared. So, the Oath conceals (wrapped in a hint) to the similarity of the object of the Oath, and the object of Declaration, that is: “5 and 9 stars”, and “the night and the dawn.”

Thus, the common denominator of the objects, is the periodic event of “concealment and disclosing” “darkness and day light”, the “Sun and the Moon.” They all have a period of stationary position in concealment and hiding; and then, continuing their orbit, they come out shining and enlightening again (as the dawn, as it breathes the darkness of the night away).

Then verse 19, which is the particular reason for the hint as to the Oath

81:19 “That in fact, the Word is a Bountiful Messenger”

“That in fact,” is the statement of conclusion: showing the Oath, and the similitudes brought for, are being concluded in verse 19.

“The Word/The Qur’an“, having the same common denominator as the object of the Oath, has had a very similar adventure:

The Qur’an, as mentioned above, being Declared: “the intellectual Sun and the Moon” of the Earth; during the last 12 centuries (at least), has had a stationary position in the dark as the “9” Planets (Qur’an-FurQan=9 letters), and “Night”; then a “5 star” twain of The Book (“FurQan/ف ر ق ا ن” in Arabic is composed of 5 letters), running out of its orbit (The Qur’an), after a time of stationary position, and starting to shine again; like the dawn that breathes the darkness away.

The stationary period of The Qur’an began when people started to use the books of narratives on Prophet’s life and his customs as their source of religious law, thus closing The Qur’an for this matter, for at least the past 1200 years.

In other words, they’ve worshiped the closed/abandoned Qur’an ever since! (25:30)

25:30 “And the Messenger said: My Lord! My people have taken up (worshiped) this Qur’an abandoned (the contents)”

“A Bountiful Messenger”, confirms the above statement!

“A Bountiful Messenger”, cannot concern a “human messenger”!

As many have translated, and for the following reason:

The word “Bountiful/Careem/کریم”—Generous-, is an adjective ONLY attributed to All’h and His Word in The Qur’an; and on the contrary, Man is not generous by nature. The reason is God’s Declaration in:

70:19 “As a matter of fact, mankind is greedy”

–All to the contrary of “Bountiful and Generous”!

As Messenger is one that brings a Message from The Almighty God, then “the Word is a Bountiful Messenger” cannot be anyone but The Qur’an Itself, and not a human messenger.

The number (19) of the verse is a hint as to the sign, number and characteristic of this Messenger: Qur’an and FurQan in Arabic are 9 letters;

God Being (1) and His Messenger (9) = (19)

Also a hint as to the Time of the definition and interpretation of Its Message; the time that the mathematical coding (19) of The Qur’an be discovered and revealed.

Therefore, this verse is certainly and surely defining the characteristic of the Word of The Lord, and not any human messenger.

The Message in verses 19-20-21, is Addressed to people of the 21st century. As verse 19 has been wrongly translated, and attributed to a human messenger up to now, obviously it has not been well understood before! So, the following two verses, 20 and 21, that are the aim of the Oath and the most important of this Chapter, surely prove the above statements, reassuring the readers about the correct meaning of these verses:

“That The Qur’an being a Bountiful Messenger, possesses the characteristics and qualities of The Throne of God, as it is The Throne of the Word of God on Earth.”

  1. “Possessing a Power, found in the nature of The Throne, Firmly Fixed (Established through mathematical coding),
  2. “Obeyed (when It Commands), there as secure (trustworthy, faithful to Its Trust.)

The Trust of The Throne being All’h, and the Trust of The Qur’an, the Word of All’h.

Thus the important piece of information in this Chapter: verse 19, is to discern that the Messenger is The Qur’an, and Its activities could be compared with the movement of the Planets/Stars and  Night and Dawn; that It has been kept in the dark for some time by use of (Man’s word)Hadith/narratives” as the source of religion, and now God’s Word, The Qur’an, comes out shining again through Its FurQan, after (at least) 1200 years of blackout.

Now let us see more Qur’anic confirmations for the statements above, concerning: verses 20 and 21, in the same number of Chapters 20 and 21:

The Chapter 20 “Ta Ha/طه”

The first 5 verses are about “The Qur’an and The Throne of The Bi-Beneficent/Merciful (Beneficence to jinn and humans and all their needs in this World);

(v.7): “The word -of man-, no matter revealed or hidden, is known by All’h.”

Then verse no (9), is about “the Revelation to Moses and his brother”:

(9) =the number of letters of: Qur’anFurQan in Arabic is (9); as well as, the number of Planets.

The reason for the story of Moses being Repeated in this Chapter (and more than any other Prophet in The Qur’an), is because of the similarity concerning the two Books. Previous to The Qur’an, Moses’s Book is the only one that was combined with the FurQan/Discernment:

21:48 “As a matter of fact We Granted Moses and Aaron the FurQan/Discernment, a Light and a Reminder for the righteous (people);”

Furthermore, after Moses, his people started to write down narrations and his customs; and today they are following the Mishnah/narration and Gemara/customs, as their religious source, instead of Torah.

Exactly like The Qur’an being combined with The FurQan, and that after Prophet Muhammad, people started to write narrations on him and his customs, following them still as their source of religion. Even though Prophet Muhammad had strictly forbidden anything to be written about himself.

Thus, Muslims follow “Hadith/narratives” and “Sonna/custom” as their only source of religion; nevertheless they recite the verses of The Qur’an in tunes.

They worship Its binding cover, abandoning the Commandments inside!

Please refer once more to the verse below, as it is a great admonition:

25:30 “And the Messenger said: my Lord, my people have taken up (believed) in this Qur’an abandoned (the contents)”

The above verse is in Chapter 25: “Al-FurQan/The Discernment”

Chapter 21, “The Prophets” (Messengers who bring new Books)

The first 5 verses are about the reaction of people toward a new Message!

And that All’h Knows about revealed or hidden words in all heavens and Earth!

In both Chapters “the word of Man” is exposed, that no matter how, All’h Is Aware of it.

And ending the Chapter, from verse 105 (a hint to the 15th century) by reminding:

21:105 “And as We Wrote in the Psalms, after the Reminder (to Moses), that the Earth is going to be inherited by My righteous servants;”

:106 “In fact in this, there is a Proclamation for people who are worshipers (of All’h ALONE)

:107 “And We Have not Sent you but as a Mercy for all people of the world”

:108 “Say: what has been Revealed to me, is that your God Is a Unique God, then why are you not submitting to Him (Alone, instead of naming your Prophets and saints beside Him)?”

:109 “Then if they turn back, say: I proclaimed to you all alike; and I don’t know whether that which you have been promised is near or far”

:110 “In fact He Knows about the revealed word and Knows whatever you conceal”

:111 “And I do not know, this may be a test for you and a temporary enjoyment.”

:112 “Say: My Lord, Command Thou the Truth! And our Lord Is The Bi-Merciful; The Only Whose Assistance should be begged, beyond your commendation (blaspheming by asking the assistance of your Prophets and saints/naming others beside Him).”

All these verses indicate the event of a new Message from The Lord to people and yet not welcomed nor accepted!

A Message that is reminding people of The Oneness of The Lord, strictly forbidding to name, or beg assistance of ANYONE (Prophets/saints/Imams) besides Him.

Chapter 81 Continued

22. And your companion is not possessed -what is forwarded to you is not out of imagination;

23. And surely has seen It by the Horizon of Manifest;

-The Horizon of Manifest has also been wrongly attributed by translators of The Qur’an as the: “Highest Horizon” (53:7)

Never do two different words in The Qur’an have exactly the same meaning!

Now I particularly call the attention of dear readers on the Miraculous beauty of these words. Never ever could there be a better and more exact descriptive example for The Qur’an than this: the word “Al-Mobeen/المبین” means: “Manifest/the Clarifier/the Declarer”; and It is one of the nicknames of The Qur’an (12:1; 15:1 etc.)

The definition of the word “Horizon/الافق”: Is a far away “line/خط” relating the Heaven and the Earth;


The revelation of the FurQan was also seen by the Horizon of Manifest.

Being hidden in the deep and profound line of The Qur’an, The FurQan, now comes out of The Qur’an, with no word being changed.

And through the FurQan, The Qur’an starts shining and manifesting again.

This is the period of The FurQan/Discernment of The Qur’an.

The FurQan breathes away the darkness of night, for intellectual Sun/Qur’an to come out shining and enlightening all the knowledgeable of the World again.

The FurQan is the twain (5 stars/5 letters) that after being hidden in its orbit, now starts its running out movement.

24. “And (this new Revelation) It is not going to be stingy concerning the unseen, and everything unknown about The Qur’an is going to be unveiled; all the questions that remained unanswered, will be answered.

25. “And It is not the word of an expellable devil,

26. “So, where do you go? (With all these evident, clear reasons, how can you hesitate about God’s Word?)

27. “In fact this is not but a Reminder to all people of the world;

28. “For those of you willing to go Straight;

29. “And your will is not but the Will of الله, The Lord of universal’ people.”

I would like to explain this last verse (29), as so many people think that:

“If everything is by the Will of God, then whatever we do is His Will, and of course we can not go against His Will.”


The meaning of the verse above is:

It is God’s Will, that your will, to go straight or deviate, be done.

Praised Be الله, Lord of the universal people.


10. Summary of the subjects discerned

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