Arabic Terms

Arabic Terms

الذین آمنو (Al-lazina amenoo) “those who believed”

الحمدلله (Alhamdul-All’h) “Praise be the God”

(All’h) “the Creator”

ﷲ اکبر (All’h-o-Akbar) “the God Is Above/Greater”

عظیم  (Azeem) “great, the Greatness of God concerning this world”

بشر (Bashar) human

فاطر (Fatir) “Shaper”

فرقان (FurQan)  “difference, distinction or discernment”

الفرقان (Al-FurQan) “the
discernment of the Qur’an”

حج (Hadj) “pilgrimage to Mecca”

حجاب (Hijab) “barrier, curtain, separation, and veil of darkness of the night”

انسان (Insan) “Man”

جنت (Janna) “garden, paradise”

جهاد (Jihad) “efforts, struggle”

جن (Jinn) “extraterrestrials”

 کبیر (Kabeer) “great, the Greatness of God concerning High above our Universe”

کافرون (Kaferoon) “disbelievers”

الکهف  (Al-Kahf) “people of the cave”

خلیفه (Khalifa) “the head and successor of all animals and living things on Earth”

الخالق (Al-Khaligh) “The Creator”

لا اله الی الله (La Elaha Ella-All’h) “there is no god but the God/Creator”

مؤمنون (Mo’menoon) “believers”

المدثر (Al Muddathir) “the Enveloped”, “the Concealed”

رب (Rabb) “Lord/Master (of the land)

الرحیم  (Al-Rahïm) “the Merciful (to all)

رحم (Rahm) “mercy”

الرحمٰن (Al-Rahman) “the Bi-Merciful (to jinn and Man)

Rokoo “bowing”

Sajdéh “prostration”

صلوٰة (Salat) “connection, connecting”

الشمس (Al-Shams) “the Sun”

Siam “fasting”

Sobhana Rabbial A’la “Glory be to my Lord the High above all”

Sobhana Rabbial Azeem “Glory be to my Lord the Azeem, Great in this world”

التکویر (Al-Takwir) “the (turban) wrapping”

Wahid “one”

Alwahid “the only”

یا ایهل لذین آمنو (Ya ayyohal lazina amenoo) “O you who believe”

زیتون  (Zaïtoon) “olive”

Zakat “charity”

ذی (Zi) “innate possession or ownership”

ذکر (Zikr) “reminder, recall”

ذی القرنین (Zil-Qarnaïn) “that which by essence is dual or branched, and possesses two centuries, bicentenary.”

ذو (Zo) “possession with authority to dispense”

(Zol Fazl al Azeem) “Possessor of the Great Bounty”