Dear honorable readers,

Before you begin your journey through this groundbreaking research of the Qur’an and Its discernment, the FurQan, it is important you know a few things about my history and the reasons behind my years of research. I am not a professional author and claim no such title. But as I found this information life-changing and essential, I had to write it down. My aim is only to share the fruit of my 30 years’ study of the Qur’an with all of you, and the Joy that I have received from the Word of the Almighty God the Creator. If you overlook the few literary defects in these writings, I promise you will be brightened through the Light of the Creator’s Word, touching the Heavenly Joy of God.

How I began my initial study

I began my study of the Qur’an accidentally, with the main reason being my extreme aversion to injustice in this world. It all started in 1957, when I was studying at the College of Art in Bournemouth. At that time, there was an Iranian lady — who we will call Mrs. N for the sake of preserving her anonymity — with her three daughters, living in Bournemouth. Every fortnight, she hosted a party offering a variety of delicious Persian food and beverages for Iranian students of the university. Admittedly, we all looked forward to these parties, as having a delicious, home-cooked meal was a luxury in comparison to the usual dinner habits of student life in England.

These parties, far from being innocent, hosted a guest speaker or priest, and never but from Oxford and Cambridge, who would stand up and give a long presentation. The topic of conversation was always the Qur’an, and how Islam was a religion of the sword, based in severity and punishment, and how the Church of England was a religion of love and forgiveness.

At first, considering some of the arguments of the priests exaggerated and unfair, I began to disagree and debate with them. My knowledge of the Qur’an at that time was only what I had heard in my family, all of whom are strong believers, who for generations rested in the divine provenance of the Qur’an. When I realized the real aim behind these fortnightly Persian food parties, I knew I had to expand my knowledge about the Qur’an to stand up for the truth against injustice. This is how at the age of 17, I began to dig into the Qur’an, at the university library, preparing myself for the next fortnight.

Of course, these debates did not go far, as I was becoming a pest and a parasite. After two or three times of speaking out at the events, Mrs. N stopped inviting me. A couple of times I went without invitation just to have my say, and her daughters barred the way and did not let me in.

Later on, I learned that Mrs. N was paid £150 from the Church of England (or the Government) for every convert she made of an Iranian student. Some of my college companions were converted at that time, whether it was for the good food or some inconveniences of Islam. God Knows.

My next attempt

My next serious attempt to study the Qur’an started in 1976. After a pilgrimage to Mecca that year, when the great fire of Mina happened and thousands of pilgrims were burned and killed, I realized there were a lot of obscure and illogical points in my religion, which I had to clarify for myself, and by myself.

The fact is, ever since I can remember, I could never accept any illogical religious doctrines, be it from Islamic hierarchy and clergymen or other religions in the world. On the other hand, as I had always trusted and believed that the Almighty Creator would never Leave His weak creatures in dark without Guidance, whatever the era and circumstances, and if the last Guidance were to be the Qur’an for all people of the world, as Indicated in It, then I had to find out the facts from the text of the Qur’an directly, without outsider interference and interpretations.

Not knowing Arabic, I began then, and ever since, to work on every word, sentence and punctuation mark of the Qur’an with several types of dictionaries at my disposal. By the way, during this time I also realized that the majority, if not all, of the various translations of the Qur’an, are translated from one another, and influenced by the books of hadith and sonnat (narrations and customs of the Prophet Muhammad.)

The Evidence

In 1985, I heard that a certain Dr. Rashad Khalifa had discovered the Evidence of the divinity of the Qur’an through a superhuman mathematical coding system, comprising every element of the Book. That year I went to meet him in Tucson, Arizona, and he suggested I translate the Qur’an into the Persian/Farsi language. So, I began the translation in 1986, and still I have not been able to finish and publish it.

The reason for this is that as years went by, and I went over and over the verses for a last correction, in 1993, I suddenly realized there was much more to it than the simple fact of translation. I was facing a hidden door to a book within the Book. And believe me, it is tremendously and terrifyingly great.

This book within the Book, having been called the FurQan, is the discernment of the Qur’an by contemporary science, which has been inside the Qur’an for the last 1400 years, waiting for the Time to germinate out of its cell. It is the last and third dimension of Knowledge of the Qur’an to be unveiled by science of the end of times, starting now, for us the people of the 15th lunar/21st solar century, till the end of the world.

Almighty God, in His Infinite Mercy, Provided His Guidance also for the people of our time, as is His usual Custom. Today we receive the Commandment of God the Creator, directly by His own Word. We no longer need to go through all the confusing, right or wrong, human narrations that have been fabricated over the past several centuries. The customs of prophets and saints thousands of years ago, their interpretations of such and such verses for their own time, and the objectivity of human history writers, does not and cannot concern the people living today.

Today, thanks to Almighty God, AlFurQan of the Qur’an, introduces the New Message of the Great Lord for people of our time, an interpretation and confirmation by contemporary science of the last Book or the Word of the Creator, the Qur’an. Al-FurQan is the better interpretation of the Qur’an, verse 25:33.

25:33 “And no question do they bring to you, but We Came to you by the just (the entirety of the Book) and a better interpretation.”

What better an interpretation than the authenticity of all statements and words of the Qur’an being confirmed by science today? And above all, the Signs of (All’h) as the fundamental forces and unique Power of Creation, and Master of all creatures, agreed scientifically.

My goal and only aim is to make known the tremendous corroboration of science today with the last and final Word of the Creator for the people of our time/era, by writing and other means offered today through technology. As for presenting the New Message, the essential and most important thing to know about the Word/the Qur’an is that it is Its own Representative. No one, no matter which university degrees or special certificates they hold, could be as convincing as the Word Itself.

The Word is outstanding, overwhelms everything else and clearly is distinguishable from human words. Therefore, it would be quite useless, and only sort of a distraction to speak here about my background and private life, my degrees or university I attended for justifying my discussing the Word of All’h. The important aspect here for you is to identify the Word by your own understanding, without any human influence or interpretation. My personal identity is irrelevant. Your focus should be on recognizing the Word of our Creator to discover the truth. One should not perceive God’s Word in the same way as Man’s word. Where God’s Word is concerned, the person, the speaker or writer, everything else shrinks into insignificance, nothing else matters.

In fact, you do not need to know about the announcer of the word to have more credibility, as is the case of people’s words, if what is said is the truth from the Lord, then you will recognize His Word. As He has Bestowed on you the necessary faculties to sense and recognize the truth, the Word introduces Itself and you will distinguish the Real and truthful from false human narratives.

What you should know about me

What you should know about me, my work and findings is:

I have created a website ( so that I may share all of my research and findings from the study of the Qur’an with you.

Al-FurQan is composed of 19 parts.

All the fruits of my 30 years of continuous and meticulous study and research of the great Qur’an, thanks to Almighty Lord, are and will be at your disposal, entirely and unconditionally. All my research and whatever I present to you as the Word of the Creator, are based solely on the Qur’an Itself and no other source such as hadith and sunnat (narratives and customs attributed to Prophet Muhammad).

My work is unconnected with official Islamic Scholars or any Muslim Governing Body or their authorization and I do not belong to any political, religious, commercial or other organization.

I act alone in this line of belief called by the Lord Himself

My goal is to spread the Creator’s Religion and the Third dimension of Knowledge of the Qur’an, which by Lord’s Will has been hitherto Concealed in the Qur’an, and whose Envelope is being unsealed only through the science of our time. By writing and lecturing, I have had the great opportunity to interact with individuals of every religion, race and social background. Jews, Christians and Muslims can all keep their traditions and follow the Religion of All’h, the Creator, if they purify their worshipping rituals by focusing them on God the Creator Alone, never mentioning other names beside Him (such as the prophets, saints or imams).

He Is High above all. No one else can be equal to Him, compared to Him or share His Rank and Position to be named alongside with Him (72:18). He Alone Is enough.

72:18 “And in fact, the places of worship (everywhere on Earth and in Heaven) belong to All’h, then invoke NO ONE along with All’h.”

All my research in the past decades has only been inside the Qur’an, without any influence and recourse to other books of history, religion or narrations of the Prophet’s customs. Consequently, what is proposed to you here is as follows.

2:256 “There is no compulsion in the Religion. The right way is indeed clearly distinct from the error. So whoever turns away from evil and believes in the Creator (All’h), he indeed holds on to the most Trustworthy Handhold, that never breaks. And All’h Is Hearing and Knowing.”

We have only One Creator

The Word, the Religion, and the Commandments of the Creator Alone, are for all people of our time and era, without any human interference and interpretations. We the people of the Earth, and all other universes, have only One Creator. Let us grasp what we have in common, our Creator, and follow His Religion, the only Authentic, genuine, and right Religion. Let us set aside the past prophets and their customs in life. They all came thousands of years before us, bringing God’s Message for people of their own time, and they all died after having accomplished their Mission. God Chose them all for their own time and their own people. For us, the people of thousands of years later, their stories in the Book serve only as examples of the past, as the System of Creation never changes, and their stories will certainly also happen to us. Today we have our own living Prophet and Guide among us, for our own time, which is the Word/Book of the Creator.

Let us all be unified under the same flag of the Religion of the Creator and, All’h Willing, resolve our differences and conflicts in this world, once and for all. Such is the name of our Religion today “the Religion of All’h or the Creator.”

110:1 “When Comes Help of All’h and the Opening/Inauguration,”

110:2 “And you see the people entering the Religion of All’h in crowds.”

My Recommendation to the honorable readers

The FurQan of the Qur’an is a very profound, compressed, meticulous study of things existing in the Qur’an never revealed before, and the distinction of some rules that change the aspect of the words, allowing the readers to deepen and extend their understanding for the Word of God. Therefore, it cannot be read as a novel and a story. It needs time and lots of concentration. This is a deep study. It took me 30 years to compress it into a sound understanding, and it may take months for you. Please study it carefully, each time referring to the verse of the Qur’an mentioned (this is absolutely essential) along with meditation and May the Almighty Lord of the people of universes Help the honorable readers to grasp His Word.

What we should know before studying the Qur’an

In the year 1974, in Tucson Arizona, USA, Dr. Rashad Khalifa, by God’s Leave, found the mathematical coding of the Qur’an, a Miracle and a divine Proof for the authenticity of the Qur’an as the Almighty God’s Word. This was the first time in all the history of Man on Earth, that we received a Substantial Proof of the Existence of God. Due to this Miracle, the Qur’an holds the Pure Commandments and New Message of the Creator, the Only God and Lord of all universal people, for people of the world today, preserved and clear of all human trespassing and interference for 14 centuries. Knowing and acquiring this Miracle and the Proof for today’s New Message of the Qur’an is the first step.

Indeed, this Miracle comes at the right time too. With all the skepticism and misjudgment of the Qur’an today, it is imperative that people be reassured about Its divine Source. In fact, up until now, and for more than 12 centuries, the Qur’an has been closed. Today the Qur’an is mostly used as a good omen. We run the Book over the head of our travelling relatives for safety or we pose the Book on the table of marriage ceremonies. Other use of it has been for singing Its words, of which the merit has been for the voice of the singer, no one paying attention or, with rare exception, understanding what is read. And as for following Its Commandments, Muslims follow the man-written narratives of 14 centuries ago, in books called narration and customs of the Prophet. In fact, what they know about the Qur’an is from narrations taking them back to 14 centuries ago. They are not aware of the up-to-date Revelations of the Qur’an through science. We have been worshipping the closed, abandoned Qur’an as warned in the following verse.

25:30 “And the Messenger said, ‘O my Lord, in fact my people have taken up (worship) this Qur’an, abandoned.’”

Another reason for people being kept away from the Qur’an in favor of hadith and sonnat “narrations and customs” has been the false interpretation of the verse below.

56:79 “Which none shall touch, but those who are clean”

This verse has been wrongly interpreted and used to keep people away from the Qur’an, not opening the Book without washing or the ritual ablution. Or, at God’s, being clean only means clean of idolatry or associating other gods or other books. Also, “touching the Book” means understanding, comprehending the Book. Of course, in ancient times when they had to be cautious in protecting the pages of the Qur’an, verse 56:79 was taken literally. Today, with the modern technology and printing capabilities, people only need to be clean of mind to touch or comprehend the Qur’an.

I call your attention to the following verses to judge for yourselves. In being away from the Qur’an all this time, how much of our precious time have we lost on human narrations that have no solid source? As the verse starts with an Oath, (56:75-82)

56:75 “Thus, I do not Swear on the setting of the stars (but for a reason)”

56:76 “And that is indeed a Mighty Adjuration, if you only knew,”

56:77 “That this indeed is a most Generous qur’an/(study),”

56:78 “In a Book, well-Guarded,”

56:79 “Which none shall touch, but the clean ones.”

56:80 “A Revelation from Lord of the universal people,”

56:81 “Then are you disregarding such narration?”

56:82 “And you make a business out of denying It.”

“Oath” indicates allegorical/simile verses. The stars are compared to the words of the Qur’an. Verse 82 concerns those who make a business of promoting books of narration and customs of the Prophet (instead of the narration of God, the Qur’an). Now it is time for us to put aside all human narratives of hundreds of years ago, from people we have never known, and have no way of judging their trustworthiness, and instead trust the Almighty Creator’s Oath to believe His Word, the Qur’an. Of course, they tell you: the Qur’an needs explaining. But God Says: It is fully detailed and there is nothing (you need) that is missing in the Book (6:114, 6:38).

6:114 “Then (is it wise) that I shall seek other than All’h as commander (for religious commandments) and yet He Is the One who has Sent you the Book, Explained in detail? Those who have received the (God’s) Book, know well that in fact It has been Sent from your Lord and is the Truth, thus don’t you be of those who doubt.”

6:38 “And there is not a creature on Earth, nor one that flies on its wings, but being communities like you. Nothing have We Neglected in the Book, then they shall all be summoned to their Lord.”

All through these writings you will be informed of the details of the Qur’an that agree with the details of contemporary science. To reassure the honorable readers, I would like to repeat, on and on, that in all my writings, nothing is said, concerning the Almighty God, without confirmation by verses of the Qur’an, and everything, absolutely everything is from the Qur’an only.


God Be Praised

Miracles and Knowledge of the Qur’an

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