Chapter Q&A: FurQan Chapter Nine

What does “Floodlight/Projectors” mean?

Floodlight is symbolic for bringing a lot of light on something. In this text symbolically, it means to lighten the way of Guidance for people!

What is the dust of misuse? (81:2)

The dust of misuse, means by the lack of use, the dust is sat on it. This is about The Qur’an, and the Muslims, that left The Qur’an, and instead they study Man written books, called Hadith & Sonnât

(81:19) How is the 19th verse of Chapter 81, a particular reason for the hint of the “Oath”?

) the number 19, hints to the characteristic of the Messenger mentioned in the 19th verse to be the Qur’an. Qur’an & FurQan in Arabic make 9 letters. God Being (1) and His Messenger (9) = (19)!

(81:15) (about Verse 15 in Ch 81) what is 5 and 9 stars and how is it similar to “the night and the dawn”?

The night is The FurQan and the sun is The Qur’an and the moon came from it, being The FurQan, clarifying and discerning The Qur’an. The dawn because we are at the beginning of the era of The Qur’an and The FurQan shining together and together, all the Blessings are released. The Qur’an has four and The FurQan has 5 (arabic letters) and together that equals 9, representing the messenger and 1 is All’h. The Qur’an without The FurQan is not complete and The FurQan came from The Qur’an. The message is now fully comprehended with those Two together. It is the Inauguration of the Second Opening of The Qur’an. The running stars are the words of The Qur’an. The Qur’an was concealed by the night because they were misused because of the use of the Hadith and Sunnah. With the arrival of The FurQan, now The Qur’an is shining again.

(81:15) (about Verse 15 in Ch 81) what is the object of the Oath and object of Declaration?

The object of the Oath is The Qur’an, represented as the intellectual sun. And the object of declaration is The FurQan, represented as the moon. The dawn is the beginning of these Two being comprehended together and The Qur’an finally starts to shine by the revelation of The FurQan.

(81:19) How does the 19th verse of Ch 81 also hint to the “Time” of the definition and interpretation of Its Message; the same time that the mathematical coding (19) of the Qur’an was discovered and revealed?

The mathematical code of the Qur’an was discovered in 1974, which is hinted to by the ch74 v19.

About Ch 81 (Important)
in this Ch 81, that in my point of view is one of the most important Ch.s for this second Opening of The Qur’an; the 14 first verses, are foreseeing the events of our period, and the Second Opening of The Qur’an; then on verse 15 (Hinting to 15th C) the négation in oath, meaning: I do not swear in vain, to the 9 planets/stars that they are stationary and hidden in their orbit for a while, then they run out shining … and the night and the morning as it breathes … (v. 19) that (The Qur’an-FurQan) is a Generous full of Blessings Messenger!

The Comparison: to 9 stars(Quran-FurQan =9 letters) because Muslims in fact closed The Qur’an, (by using and practicing their religion from Hadith & Sonnât, Man written books) then in our period the words of Qur’an run out of their orbit shining again; then night, or closing time of The Qur’an (by the Muslims) and the fresh air of the morning, the new and fresh (Qur’an -FurQan) lighting the people. The importance and the Hidden Message in this Chapter to understand and dig out is from 15 to 19 …

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