The Second Inauguration of the Qur'an, the FurQan

The FurQan (Discernment) of the Qur’an

The Tree of Knowledge reveals the Identity of the Creator.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

The God Creator Sowed the seed of the Tree of Knowledge (image above), on the field of Adam’s mind on Earth, Teaching him the names. It has since grown enough to illuminate humankind by revealing the Greatest Signs of the Creator (53:18).

The monogram on the Tree is actually the combination of the four symbols by which contemporary science has introduced the four fundamental forces of Creation: gravity, long and short interactions for the two nuclear forces, and electromagnetic sign, forces of creation of all beings.

53:13 “And now he saw Him at a latter Descent;”

53:14 “By the Lote-Tree of the extremity”

53:18 “In fact he was seeing the Greatest Signs of his Lord.”

God the Creator, Manifesting His Miracle and Introducing His Greatest Signs (His Name), Proclaims His Religion through Time, science and the Book. These, the three Missionaries of our time, announce the re-Opening of the Qur’an at the dawn of the 15th lunar century for all people at this era of the end of the world.

The Qur’an, the only Preserved Divine Book for the last 14 centuries

The Qur’an is the only divine Book that has been Preserved for the last 14 centuries. It proves this through a Miraculous mathematical coding that connects all the words, letters and verses. This divine Evidence, out of reach and beyond human power and electronics, leaves no doubt concerning the authenticity of the Word of the Creator.

God’s tradition of Creation that never changes, demonstrates that everything brought into this world must undergo a cycle of evolution and that all things stem from a single cell and evolve into a compatible pair. Time and science, the first two Missionaries, have been commissioned to germinate the FurQan, the secret book within the Qur’an’s cell, introducing the hidden second branch of the Book, the third Messenger of the Creator for people of the 21st century and the era of the end of the world. This second Opening of the Qur’an through the FurQan (discernment) reveals 1400-year-old mysteries, unknown hitherto in the Qur’an.

35:31 “That which We have Revealed to you of the Book (O Muhammad), is the just (of the Book, entirety of the Book) confirming what was (Revealed) before It, as in fact All’h, concerning His Servants, Is Knowledgeable, Insightful” (God Considers the level of insight and knowledge of His Servants.)

35:32 “Then, We have Given the Book as inheritance to such of Our Servants We have Chosen. So, of them (concerning the Book), wronged himself, and of them followed a middle course, and of them, by All’h’s Will, foremost with good tidings (of the Book), such is the great Grace.”

Some characteristics God Creator Attributed to the Qur’an

The Qur’an, the Throne of the Word on Earth; the “Generous Messenger” (81:19-21)

81:19 “In fact the Word is a Generous Messenger,”

81:20 “Endowed with a Power found in the nature of the Throne, firmly established, (through mathematical coding)

81:21 “Obeyed, there as secure (trustworthy).”

The Qur’an, the (intellectual) Sun of the Earth (33:46, 71:16)

33:46 “And as one who invites to All’h by His Leave, and a lamp enlightening”

71:16 “And Made the Moon a light in their midst and Made the Sun a lamp”

36:2 “By the Qur’an, the Wise”

15:87 “The Great Qur’an”

50:1 “The Glorious Qur’an”

56:77 “The Generous Qur’an”

27:6 “This Qur’an is coming from the One who Is all Wisdom and Knowing”

17:88 “If the whole of mankind and the jinn (extraterrestrials) were to gather together to bring such as this Qur’an, they could not bring anything like It, even if they backed up each other with help.” (Indication to the mathematical coding of the Book)

2:2 “This is the (only) Book that there is no doubt or confusion in It, being Guidance to all eternal pious.”

39:27 “And We have Explained to mankind of all sorts of parable in this Qur’an, that they may be reminded.”

39:28 “A book of study (qur’an) in Arabic, without any crookedness, in order that they may guard against evil.”

13:31 “If there were a qur’an (book of study) with which mountains were moved or with which the Earth were cloven asunder or with which dead were made to speak (this Qur’an would be It)

The word Qur’an (without the article of specification) means any book of study to keep in mind; the Qur’an specifies the Book of study to the Creator.

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