5. The mystery of the legendary apparition of a Messiah at the end of the World

بسم ﷲ الرحمن الرحیم

The mystery of the legendary apparition of a Messiah at the end of the World

A common belief shared by people of the religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, for the period of the end of the world, is the apparition of a Messenger and Messiah, as Leader for the whole world. Naturally, each of the three considers such a Mission to be specific to its own Messenger. They are all waiting for the dead Messengers to reappear after millennia, to thereby prove their legitimacy over the others. And as no Messiah appears, the problem stays unresolved as to which of the religions is the winner. According to the principle of correct reasoning, most of all we must ask ourselves who can such a superhuman Messenger be with such extraordinary qualifications and power, such as taking the whole world (Man, animal, nature, sun, moon) under his leadership. Nevertheless, there are some facts concerning this matter:

  1. These three religions (with Book), having had the same root, certainly received the same information concerning a Messenger of God, arising at the era of the end of the world, leading the whole world under the same Flag of belief in One Almighty God Creator.
  2. Islam having been the last of these three religions, and the most recent one, has kept more details of the signs concerning this Messenger’s qualifications, such as:
    • He will possess all the science of the world
    • He will have memories of all times
    • He will be aware of everyone and everyone will be acquainted with him
    • He will possess the qualification of Zil-Qarnaïn
  3. Muslims, too, have the wrong, exaggerated interpretation of the Leader, the supposed hidden 12th Imam/leader, Mehdi, to come and guide the whole world at the end of times, 14 centuries after having fallen in a well. This has come about through centuries of various and modified narrations plus taking it for granted that such a Leader would be of humankind, and of their own kind.

It stands to reason that leading the whole world, with such qualifications, undoubtedly would take an exceptional, superhuman Messenger, with extraordinary powers of leadership. This has never been the tradition of the Creator, concerning human Messengers. All human Messengers of God, apart from the Miracles they have performed by God’s Leave, have had ordinary human qualities, all through their lives, and none had extraordinary power apart the miracle they performed as evidence of the authenticity of their Message.

13:38 “We have Sent Messengers before you, and Appointed for them spouses and children, never a Messenger can bring a Miracle except by All’h’s Permission, for each (Miracle) a determined time Prescribed.”

Who is the Messiah?

Today, Thanks to Almighty Lord, the discernment clarifies and solves this enigma, by revealing the identity of this expected Deliverer or Leading Messenger; And once the problem is resolved, it seems so logical, how did we not think of it before? Indeed, the Chosen Messenger is the only special phenomenon to possess the qualities required for such an extraordinary Mission:

  • A Missionary, completely neutral so that everyone, from all religions, will readily follow without arousing the usual prejudice and without hurting anyone’s ego
  • A Missionary possessor of all science and Knowledge of the world, having an experience of the Earth since its beginning, being aware and acquainted with everyone and everyone acquainted with him
  • A Missionary, and the only one, who engenders Zil-Qarnaïn, meaning possessor of a dual-type century (solar and lunar years), and bi-centennial (as we are in the period of the last two centuries of the world)

With such qualifications, who else could that Messenger and Leader be, but Time. I know this might be disappointing for all those who are expecting an extraterrestrial event based on this prediction. But we must face the reality. Each period and era, has had its own Miracle from God (13:38 above, “for each (Miracle) a determined time Prescribed.”)

The Miracle for the period of the end of the world that is our Time, is but science, that should bring a material perceptible existence for all the Miracles of the past. Science has brought Evidence of the Existence and Identity of the Creator and only God, that everything is One and from the Same God Creator. It was the Time after all, that happened to be this deliverer Imam al-Zaman (leader of the time), by revealing at this 21st century, the Name of our only God Creator and introducing His Book of Guidance to people, for all those who want to save their internal life of the hereafter.

Today Time with its science and the Book is the phenomenon capable of gathering people of various beliefs and religions under the same flag of (true and correct) monotheism. Time, science and the Book are our three Messengers (or Teachers) for this period of the end of the world, and Time will be the Leader/imam for the event and outcome of the other two messengers.

Below are some justifications of the fact that the name Mehdi cannot be attributed to mankind, as it concerns the Guiding Light of God, physically and mentally and the impossibility of such mission for humankind. The essential remark that must be made in this regard: the noun-adjective “Mehdi” (by which Muslims call this Leader) means = “Guide or Conductor.” The words “Guide or Conductor” pertain to light and electricity, and specifically in this case, the Light and Electricity of God, be it His Light of Knowledge or, His Light of Life (see below). Some references from the Qur’an, confirming the above statement, that the word “Mehdi” (Guide) is only mentioned in connection with light. (e.g., Light of the Book is Guide 5:15-16.)

5:15 “O people of the Book, Our Messenger has come to you to expose for you much of which you used to hide of the Book, and passing over much, in fact, it has come to you from All’h a (new) light and an evident Book,”

5:16 “By which, All’h Guides those who have sought His Satisfaction to ways of the health/peace and takes them out of the darkness unto the Light, by His Will, Leading them to the Straight Path.”

Light of the stars is guide (6:97).

I would especially draw your attention to the following verse that states: “these descriptions concern people who attain knowledge.”

6:97 “It Is He who has Positioned the stars for you that you may be guided by them in the darkness of the land and the sea, We Detail the verses for people who know.”

Clear Statement concerning humankind not being able to guide or conduct, but being guided:

28:56 “In fact you are not able to guide the person you love, but All’h Guides whom He Wills and He Knows of the (definitive) guided ones.”

Each human Messenger is beholden of a portion of Light/Spirit of the Commandment of God, through which he clarifies and shows the way of the Straight Path, during his lifetime, and only during his lifetime. (The Straight Path is not but, having a straight connection with the Creator, through His own Commandments only, and not human narrations and customs of prophets, worshipping Him alone, with no intermediary.)

42:52 “And thus We Revealed to you a ‘Spirit of Our Command’, you knew neither what the Book was, nor the Faith, but We Established a Light, by which We Guide those of Our Servants whom We Will, and you in fact guide to a Straight Path.”

It is God’s Will, that our own will be done on Earth.

The Guidance through the Light of the Commandments of God

The Guidance is through the Light of the Commandment of God. And we can only be guided to the Straight Path, by our personal portion of light, will, wish and desire. Therefore, every humankind is provided with a determined amount of God’s Spirit, in coming into this world, but just a portion of light enough for oneself to be guided by (35:18) (not even to guide his relatives and loved ones), and which must be charged during his lifetime on Earth.

35:18 “Nor can a bearer of burdens bear another burden, if one heavily laden should call another to (bear) his load, not the least portion of it can be carried even though he be nearly related.”

This amount of Spirit is considered as his lifetime’s Capital on Earth. It is to enlighten his mind, enabling him to find the Straight Path and connect to his Lord God, through His Commandments. In this way, to charge his portion of personal light, to find the Way in the midst of darkness of the Earth. Faith and submission to the Commandments of God are the only way of charging his Capital light during his lifetime on Earth.

57:12 “Day you see the believing men and believing women with their light running forward before them and by their rights, good news for you, this is ‘the Day of Gardens, beneath which flow rivers, to dwell in forever’, this is the ‘great Achievement.’”

According to the science of electromagnetism (which explains electricity), when the direction of the magnetic field and the direction of the electrical field overlap perpendicularly, they show the direction of electrical power. (This verse by announcing the two directions. The front and the right side, in fact indicate the directions of the Electrical Power of the believer’s light of faith, that shows the direction to Heaven/God.) All kinds of other belief, that is to believe in false gods and worshipping idols or associating human gods (prophets / imams / saints) (3:79-80) are, of course, deviating from the Way of the Creator, and consuming the Capital Energy on straying and deviation. Without having kept our Capital after death, we cannot approach God, the Source of Energy, and we stay in the darkness of the Earth.

3:79 “Never a Man to whom All’h has Given the Book and the Wisdom and the Prophet-hood, then would say to the people, ‘Be you my servant/worshiper besides All’h’, but rather, ‘Be you Lord’s Devotee, the way of the teaching of the Book, and the way you learn (from the Book);’”

3:80 “Nor would he command you to take angels and prophets as lords. Would he command you to disbelief after you submitted?”

Worshipping statues is deviating and out of the Way.

6:74 “And when Abraham said to his father Azar, ‘Do you worship statues as gods? I see you and your people are really in manifest error.’”

Associating human books of narratives with the Book of Commandments of God as the source of Religion, is certainly idol worship.

45:6 “These are All’h’s Verses We Recite to you in truth, then in which narration after All’h’s Verses do they believe?”

Man, by losing his light’s portion, which is the main reason for his humanity, not only degrades back into his animal nature, but to the everlasting darkness of the Earth and all its consequential misery.

2:16 “These are they who bargained straying at the expense of Guidance, then their traffic has turned profitless and they are not among the (eternally) Guided ones.”

57:13 “Day the hypocrite men and hypocrite women say to those who believed, ‘Wait for us. Let us borrow from your light.’ It will be said, ‘Turn back to your bygone, then beseech for a light.’ So, a barrier will be set up between them with a gate therein, inside it will be Mercy throughout and outward it, the calamity (and misery) of before.”

Here, I would draw the readers’ attention once more to 57:12, not only to point out its important scientific miracle, that obviously is one of the greatest Signs of the Message, but also to clarify the following two points, and once and for all, close the myth of Mehdi: The title for humankind is Mahdi = “Guided.” (Mehdi = “Guide,” concerns only the light.) Besides, the title Mahdi, does not specifically apply to one person, but to all people in the said verse (57:12), who, during their lives, have developed (charged) their light’s Capital to the highest level through the three Guiding Wires (Time, Knowledge and the Book) in connecting to God. The title of Mehdi “Guide” does not belong to humankind and applies strictly to the various channels of divine Guiding’ Lights, particularly: Time, science and the Book.

As to Jesus Christ being the Messiah

As to Jesus Christ being the Messiah and resuscitating 2000 or so years after death, I think there is a very good explanation for these centuries and centuries of distortion, mistakes, and misunderstanding. The Qur’an states that Jesus was a Messenger and Prophet of All’h.

2:136 “Say, ‘We believe in All’h and what has been Descended to us and what has been Descended to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that Given to Moses and Jesus, and that Given to the prophets from their Lord, we make no difference between one and another of them, and we are not but submitting to Him.’”

According to the Qur’an, some of the prophets had a title of honor or surname e.g., Abraham had the surname of خلیل “friend” of God, Jesus is called کلمه “the verb of God,” because of his exceptional birth, occurring by the verb of God, (3:47). God Said “Be” and Jesus was.

4:171 “O people of the Book, do not exaggerate in your religion, nor say of All’h aught but the truth. In fact, Christ Jesus was son of Mary, Messenger of All’h and His word, which He Casted (let fall) to Mary, and a Spirit from Him. So, believe in All’h and His Messengers. And do not say, ‘Trinity’; desist. It will be better for you. For All’h Is the Only God. Glory be to Him (far Exalted is He) above having a son, to Him belong all things in the heavens and the Earth. And enough Is All’h as Charger of affairs.”

3:47 “(Mary) said, ‘O my Lord, how shall I have a son when no Man has touched me?’ He said, ‘Even so: All’h Creates what He Wills. When an affair is to be done, He but Says to it “Be” and it is.’”

What has been misunderstood and maybe caused all the actual distortion, most certainly is the significance and identity of the word “verb.” According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of “verb” is any of a class of words expressing action, existence or occurrence. The verb was the word of God, “Be and Jesus was.” Thus, the verb cannot be Jesus. The verb is (All’h) expressing action of Creation and existence; and All’h Is the prophesied Liberator/ Deliverer; Everyone is waiting for this era of the end of the world. In fact, God Gives to people a last chance of savior. This is His Greatest Blessing in all times, by Bringing the most obvious and evident Signs of Himself to the people of the world. (All’h) the forces and Power of Creation, is the only Way for the methodical system of Creation of humankind, mentally, spiritually and physically.

51:56 “I have not Created the jinn and Man, but (under the system) of Worshipping (Obeying) Me.”

51:57 “Not that I Require Sustenance from them, not that I Require to be fed (through ego)

51:58 “For in fact All’h, He Is Possessor of the Perpetual force/Energy”

The era of the three Messengers and their Mission

At this Second Opening of the Qur’an, the verses become live again once more.

36:13 “Give them the example of the inhabitants of a town when the (three) Messengers came to them.”

The definition of a “Messenger” (of God) is, “someone Entrusted with a Mission by God,” and the Mission contains some portion of Light/Energy of Guidance. The Mission of a Messenger consists of:

  1. First, presenting and introducing the Signs of the Creator, the Only God and Lord, producing solid Evidence/Miracle from Him
  2. Then, inviting people to have faith, purifying them by teaching the correct way of worshipping the Lord Alone, guiding them to follow the Instructions of His Book, that clarifies the ways of Peace, health and well-being of body and soul, for all

Time Science and the Book as the Three-pronged plug connection, Guiding to the Light of God

The first one being Time and its Mission is to lead, regulate, forwarding science and the Book.

  • First, by bringing their Mission to the state of maturity
  • Then guiding them to their set direction. The best leadership and Guidance of all times.

The Mission of the second, science/Knowledge, sufficiently expanded by the discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries, especially in electromagnetism and mathematics, consists of:

  • Introducing first, the Evidence of the mathematical coding of the Book, proving Its divine authenticity through mathematics (discovered in 1974)
  • Then the identity and details of the Creator of all beings, introducing the 4 physical symbols of forces of Creation that conform and are identical to the Creator of the Book ()

Such knowledge will eventually lead people to faith through reasoning, especially when they get to know that science confirms the Word of a Book, Revealed several hundreds of years ago, concerning the Creator of our Universe and the extent of His Power. Science, having already recognized and announced the infallible Evidence of the Book (the mathematical coding) as the Proof of veracity of the Lord’s Word, for some people, and gradually under the leadership of Time, will succeed in presenting the Book of the Creator to the rest of the world.

The third Messenger is the Book. Once Time has introduced the divine Evidence of the Book and Its authenticity, through science, the three Messengers, under the leadership of Time, will guide people toward the One Almighty God, introduced by the Book, and set out His Commandments for well-being, both in this world and the hereafter. Time, science and the Book, are our three Messengers today and they present as a three-pronged connector to the Light of the Almighty God (36:14).

36:14 “When We Sent to them (at first) two Messengers they rejected them, then We strengthened them with a third, so they said, ‘Truly we are Messengers to you.’”

Let us refer once again to the example of the electrical device with a two-pronged connector. The two Messengers, science and the Book, are exactly like anode and cathode of the electric battery. Science and Faith, intertwined, forming two-components, each connected to the main plug, the Time, conducting the Electric Charge of God’s Light of Guidance, to humankind. Whoever uses all three Channels of Connection, most certainly will receive the Light at Its utmost Power (we refer once more to 57:12, as it concerns the Electric Charge of God’s Light of Guidance).

57:12 “Day you see the believing men and believing women with their light running forward before them and by their rights, good news for you, this is ‘the Day of Gardens, beneath which flow rivers, to dwell in forever.’ This is the ‘great Achievement.’”

The time of ذی القرنین (Zil-Qarnaïn) “Z-Q”

Recalling once more the meaning of the word/code name Zil-Qarnaïn, the word Zil-Qarnaïn means that which by essence is dual/branched, and possesses two centuries, bicentenary. ذی “Zi” in Arabic is an adjective denoting an essential quality. القرنین “Al-Qarnaïn” is the Bifurcated/two-pronged and/or the bicentenary. All three Messengers of our time are sealed by the particularity and characteristics of Z.Q., that is being, dual-force nature as well as bicentennial. I remind the readers once more, that those characteristics of Time, science and the Book refer particularly to our people today till the end of the world, and not to any time, any Book or any science. We are referring to Z.Q.’ s science, which contains the experiences of the 19th and 20th centuries and consists of the dual-branch electricity/magnetism, the science of light and electricity (particularly for connection with God).

The Z.Q. Book, with a lifespan of 7x bicentennial (15:87 as mentioned before) and its dual force of البینه “the Proof” (Mathematical Evidence) and الفرقان (Al-FurQan) the Z.Q. Time, possessing dual forces of the science and the Book, and possessing double centuries of the solar and lunar calendars, that is the Christian and Islamic calendars, dating after Jesus, and Muhammad’s Hejira. Moreover, you may have noted that today we are living the Z.Q era. Not only has our time brought a science, explaining the bifurcated or two-pronged structure of worldly creatures, but in our daily lives, business entities advertise their goods in two in one nature, promoting their double forces’ benefits (e.g., shampoo and conditioner in one, two engines in one for cars etc.), the mission of the first two Missionaries, Time and science (36:13 mentioned above) is to inform people that:

  • The Creator of everything and everyone
  • The characteristics of His forces and the intensity of His Power and that such Power of Energy in no way could possibly be fitted into a human body and come on the Earth
  • Through science, people will know about the Creation of their Universe and the way it started (already known)
  • All about themselves and their inner world and body (not quite known yet)
  • The way to achieve health, and that faith is a major factor for this achievement
  • About life after death

All of which is already in the process of being known today. Then in time, the FurQan will be known, emerging in harmonizing the signs and the details of our contemporary science, identical to the Signs and Details of All’h the Creator in the Qur’an (36:16-17).

36:16 “The (two Messengers) said, ‘Our Lord Knows that we have been Sent on a Mission to you (a vow, taking God as Witness),’”

36:17 “And we have no other duty but to proclaim ‘Manifest’ (the Book/the Qur’an)

The Creator, by His third Missionary, the Book, Strengthens the Guiding Light’s power of His two previous Messengers for our people. And through His Word, He Reveals the Path to His Light, for an Eternal life of the hereafter. Time, with its whole world’s Experience, and its bicentenary (19th and 20th) Scientific Knowledge, and its 7x bicentenary Book is the awaited Leader of the era  امام الزمان (Imam al’Zaman), is so far acting as the most potent means of Guiding Light of All’h for humankind, in all of the history of human on Earth. Now, which leader/Imam could be capable, more effective, knowledgeable and more impartial than Time, possessing such science and upholding such a Book, that would allow people across the world to consider it the Sermon of Truth and follow it without discrimination and bigotry?

Our Time is Leading the way to light of science and the Light of the Book, and thus by the combination science-Faith, the plug for connecting to the Lord’s Light for believers of the world is being prepared. This is the Leader that elevates the believers to the rank of Mahdi/Guided on Earth.

57:12 “Day you see the (eternally) believing men and believing women, with their light running in front of them and by their rights, this will be the good news to them that the Day of Gardens with streams flowing beneath them, to dwell in forever, this is ‘the great Achievement.’”

This is the Time of Knowledge of the Book that, due to the Glorious Qur’an, gives humankind the power to do anything at the speed of light, giving them a power and perfection above the power of jinn’s (Today’s science discovery of the string theory/the infinite probabilities) (27:39,40).

27:39 “An ‘Ifrit’, one of the jinn, said, ‘I will bring it (the queen of Sheba’s throne) to you before you rise from your seat, for in fact I have the force to do it, and can be trusted.’”

27:40 “The one who had knowledge of the Book said, ‘I will bring it to you before the blink of your eye’ then when (Solomon) saw it placed firmly before him, he said, ‘This is by the Grace of my Lord, to Test me if I am grateful or ungrateful. And if any is grateful, surely is grateful for his own self, and whoever is ungrateful, in fact my Lord Is Needless and Bountiful.’”

God Be Praised


6. The scientific definition of the creator of universe, identical to the Definition of All’h the Creator in the Qur’an

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