6. Discerning: The Definition of science for “the creator” of universe is identical to The Definition of “The Creator/All’h” in the Qur’an

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

The most important discovery of Science, during 19th and 20th centuries, is the discovery of the four fundamental forces, forming a unique, unlimited Power, being the Source of the Creation of every molecule of Existence; and shaper of our World and All universes above, and their inhabitants; and the Source of every other force in Existence

(ref. to Ch.7 for comparison with The Qur’an) .

The four basic forces are:

  1. gravity
  2. strong nuclear force
  3. weak nuclear force
  4. electromagnetic force

Please give full attention to the details of Science about the characteristics of these forces, then refer to part ‘7’ for comparison with The Creator and Shaper of universes by The Qur’an; I promise, you will have an electrifying sensation, and feel overwhelming amazement.

  • Gravity was the first force to be discovered by man. This force is separate from the three other forces. Its symbolical sign in physics is a straight line drawn from up-downward: ( ا )
  • the three other forces interrelating and emerging from one another
  • two of the them being of the same root
  • and all three are related through strong and weak interactions, symbolically shown as waves, big Wave and small wave: (W )( w )
  • and electromagnetic force, which it’s symbolic sign is: (c)


Thus, the pillar of the force of gravity is separate from the three other forces; of the three other pillars of forces, two of them are of the same root, and all three connect to one another through strong and weak interactions, forming the 4 pillars of the structure of the universe and all Existence. The four fundamental forces, forming a Unique Power, have brought all the particles of life into existence; have each molecule of particle under control, know about every molecule, and no molecule is either lost or vanished within these forces.

This Power first created a set amount of molecules, then gave them shape and form; and the rights of every molecule are kept safe in this Power. Regarding the molecule; Science has only recently discovered  things smaller than the atom. Splitting the atom, wherein are found electrons, protons, neutrons and quarks; and who knows, in future maybe even smaller things. This was briefly the definition of Science of our time for the four essential pillars of forces,the creator and maker of all particles of Existence!

Now we refer to the Glorious Qur’an, and consider the description of the Sole Creator of particles of Existence and Shaper of the World, and universes above, presented under the Name/word All’h / الله . We should compare the Signs of the Creator of the Qur’an, detailed 14 centuries ago; with the characteristics of the creator, detailed by Science; then we can realize how, to the last details, they are identical!

Thus there can be no doubt that the root of Knowledge of both -Science and the Book) is the same, and All’h is The Creator of our universe, and all other universes above it! Thus, Science and the Book serve The Creator; and under the guidance and supervision of Time, the three of them are the Missionaries/Messengers charged to guide people of our time toward the only Unique God Creator!

The Qur’an’s definition for The Creator / الله

The Glorious Qur’an, the last celestial Book, and one whose Superhuman Source is now proven through a mathematical coding that chains every letter of the Book, presents the word/Name All’h (الله) , as the Sole Creator of all things / objects / particles) :

6:102 “Such is All’h your Lord, there is no god but He, The Creator of all things / particles, then you worship Him; and He Is Defender over (the rights of) everything / every particle.”

Then, He Shaped or Formed these things / particles into heaven, earth etc.

42:11 “Shaper of the heavens and the earth, He Has Made for you pairs from among yourselves and pairs among livestock, in this way He Multiplies you; no other thing being like Him, He Is The Hearer, The Seer (of every particle / thing).”

Science says: These forces first created everything in the form of infinitely small particles, then gave them shape and form. Exactly as in The Qur’an, using two words of: Creator = Khaligh / خالق ; and Shaper = Fatir / فاطر ; All’h / الله The Creator of everything / every particle; then Shaper of the heaven, earth etc. (As verses above) Discerning: The words: The Creator = Al-Khaligh / الخالق and “Shaper = Fatir / فاطر: In the translations of the Qur’an so far, they have rendered the two words of: al-Khaligh / the Creator, and fatir / shaper, as the same word; the same meaning. But nowhere in the whole space of the Qur’an do you find two different words, having EXACTLY the same meaning, see the reason given below :

The Pauli exclusion principle:—Wolfgang Pauli, the Austrian physicist and 1945 Nobel laureate, who elaborated the quantum theory of nuclear magnetism and the existence of neutrons whereby In essence of existence, no two identical particles can occupy the same space.

Through Science (God be praised) , we can now distinguish between these two words, as follows: We should note that the word Al-Khaliq, meaning the sole Creator, is specified by the prefix Al / the / ال in the Qur’an; and Fatir has no prefix and is not specified, why? This by itself makes it clear that the two words do not mean exactly the same thing. The reason is, The Creation is only specified to God and nobody creates, but Him:

59:24 “He Is All’h, The Creator, The Designer, The Sculptor; to Him belong all names of goodness (beauties); Glorifying Him is everything in the heavens and earth; and He Is The Almighty, The Wise.”

But “shaper (fatir)”, meaning he who gives shape, form or character, is a possibility given to man on earth. Today humans can give shape or form by manipulating molecular combinations, that are God’s Creation; he cannot create them, he can only form them into different shapes. The point to consider is that the two words do not appear in the same context within the Qur’an: The word Creator / Khaligh, precedes the word: things / particles (He Created every particle); But, “shaper / fatir” never precedes the word: particles / things; but only what already is into shape and form, like: heavens, earth, man, angels etc.:

35:1 “The Praise belongs to All’h, Shaper of the heavens and the earth, He Appointed the angels as messengers, commanding wings be, two and three and four; He Adds to the Creation as He Wishes; in fact All’h Has Power over all things.”

This also proves that only through Science today can we discern such distinction between the two words Khaligh and fatir All’h Creating everything, and nothing is hidden from The Lord, be it the weight of an atom or smaller than an atom:

10:61 “… and it is not hidden from your Lord the weight of an atom on the earth nor in the heaven, and not smaller than this and not greater but being recorded in an evident Book.”

He then Shaped these particles into the form of heaven, the earth and all they contain:

17:51 “… so they say: Who will bring us back? Say: He Who Formed you first time! Then they will wag their heads at you and say: When will that be. Say: May be quite soon!”

So, All’h Is The Creator of all particles, and “Has Formed and Shaped them into forms of heaven, earth, plant, man etc.”; and He Will Repeat this for Day of Resurrection, after death! This has been the exact discovery and definition of Science for the four fundamental forces, creator of universe and the whole Existence.

To continue:

Ch. (7) :”The confirmation of Science brought for All’h”.


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