2. Zil-Qarnaïn/Bi-furcate

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: Zil-Qarnaïn/ذی القرنین

The 14 century mystery of Zil-Qarnaïn. A symbol of Knowledge in The Qur’an and an event of the era of the end of the World

One of the 1400 year mysteries of The Qur’an is the personality of Zil-Qarnaïn, known as “the two Horns” and/or “the mystery of the end of the world.” For centuries, people have tried to solve the puzzle of Zil-Qarnaïn, in vain! They even believed it concerned Alexander the Great (King of Macedonia) because of the helmet with two horns, that he used to wear to war.

Thanks to Almighty God, the code name Zil-Qarnaïn of The Qur’an, representing a symbol of knowledge, today through Science at last, is identified and Al-FurQan clarifies and decodes such a mysterious personality for all!

Surely, the present Chosen Messengers of God, Time and Science, were to reveal this mystery at the event of the Second Opening of The Qur’an.

The word Zil-Qarnaïn /ذی القرنین in Arabic

Zi /ذی in Arabic is an adjective qualitative, denoting “The essential character of a thing; a quality by nature; innate disposition”; al-Qarnaïn /القرنین: the two-prong/the bifurcate/the dual-branch nature, and also: the bicentenary. Thus Zil-Qarnaïn /ذی القرنین”, means: that which by essence possesses dual-branch or bifurcate form; and/possesses: two centuries (bicentenary)!

A “Symbol of Knowledge/Science”, possessor of a bifurcated/two-pronged nature, is only the sign of: Electromagnetism; and the electric device, such as the plug! The “Knowledge of Zil-Qarnaïn (Z-Q)”, thus, particularly consists of knowledge of light! Thus, the symbol of the two-pronged pair of electricity/magnetism!

Today, electronic equipment is made from such a combination. Years ago, the equivalent of hundreds of human brain units were placed within a metallic structure by Man, and a creature that has already conquered our world, known as the Computer, or a fast calculator, was created on Earth (27:82)

27:82 “By the time of the fulfillment of the Word to them, We Shall Produce for them a creature from the Earth, speaking to them; for in fact people were not sure about Our Verses.”

I remind the honorable readers that the Evidence of the authenticity of The Qur’an, as the Word of Almighty Creator, the mathematical Miracle, discovered in 1974 (by Dr. Rashad Khalifa), was made through this “creature from the Earth”! And the computer spoke, declaring a superhuman Miraculous mathematical coding system of every letter of the verses of The Qur’an. One of the Greatest Miracles of all time. Divine Evidence of the Existence of God for the first time in history! (Refer to Dr. Rashad Khalifa’s mathematical discovery on The Qur’an, Masjid Tucson, Arizona)

But today, in accordance with the laws of nature concerning every entity on planet Earth, this creature, as all terrestrial creatures, has also evolved in time, and has reached a state of maturity. Today mankind have placed within the computer equivalent, not only hundreds, but  thousands and millions of brain units, information from all branches of Science and Knowledge available to them. The computer even has the ability to decide. (18:86):

18:86 “Until he reached the place of the setting of the sun (West) and found it set in a polluted spring where by it he found a people. We said: Oh Z-Q, (decide) either penalize or treat them suitably.”

Thus, the computer has become a fast source of information, and means of reaching everything (as the Science of physics shows that everything in the World, from the smallest to the largest items are built on the basis of mathematics) including the structure of the human body as well as everything else in our World! (18:84):

18:84 “In fact We Established power for him on Earth, and We Gave him the ways and means to everything.”

The Qur’an has predicted that the calculations to repair the ozone layer, the damaged layer of gas that protects from ultraviolet rays, will be done through Z-Q /computer (18:90.)

18:90 “Until, when he reached the place where the sun rises (Far East), and found it rising on a people for whom We Had Provided no covering protection under it.”

Likewise, the reconstruction of a barrier, separating the jinn (extraterrestrials) from planet Earth, ending their violation and oppression on our planet and our people, is going to be through Z-Q (18:95 below). Nevertheless, Z-Q, this symbol of knowledge, in spite of all its extraordinary capacities to reach all matters, still needs and depends on Man to give it a hand (18:95), and cannot operate unless Man switches on the “power,” electricity etc.

18:95 “He said, the possibilities in which my Lord Has Established me in, are better! So assist me by power and I will place a gigantic barrier between you and them.”

(Explanations in: “The Ultimate Z-Q /bifurcated branch of the “Tree of Knowledge” Q-F part 8)


  The Bifurcated’ (Two-pronged) Knowledge of The Qur’an!

The Inauguration/Opening of The Glorious Qur’an, was Planned for two separate eras:

The first time/era (35:31)

It was through Prophet Muhammad that The Qur’an was Revealed and Opened for the first time to people; and remained a Guidance for 1400 years.

35:31 “That which We Have Revealed to you of The Book (O Muhammad), is the Just (of The Book; entirety of The Book) confirming what was (Revealed) before It; as in fact All’h, concerning His Servants, Is Knowledgeable, Insightful” (God Considers the level of insight and knowledge of His Servants.)

This Revelation consisted of: the totality of the Word/The Book, justly, and in perfect order of chapters; but the knowledge given to them at the time was no more than: “confirmation of the previous Books of God.” the reason for this, obviously, was the immaturity of general knowledge and Science of their time; consequently God Is Aware of Knowledge and Insight of His Servants (17:85):

17:85 “And they ask you about The Spirit; say: ‘The Spirit of my Lord’s Command’, and of the Knowledge, you have not been given but a little.”

The word “The Spirit”, that is the Inspiration, is also one of the nicknames of The Qur’an, as The Spirit of The Lord’s Order and Command on Earth (42:52) (81:20-21); thus The Book, contains “The Spirit” of God.

42:52 “And thus We Have Revealed to you a Spirit of Our Command, you had no perception of The Book (before), and what the Faith was. But We Made It a Light wherewith We Guide such of Our Servants as We Will; and surely you guide to the Straight Path.”

81:20-21 “(The Word/The Book) Possessing a Power, characteristic of The Throne: Firmly Established (through mathematical coding)“, “Obeyed, there as Secure (Trustworthy).”

Moreover, as The Qur’an was meant to be the last Book of The Lord for people of the World, this makes Muhammad the last Prophet of The Lord (33:40):

33:40 “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but the Messenger of God and the last of the Prophets; and All’h Has Knowledge of Everything.”

The distinction between a Prophet and a Messenger

A Prophet is a Messenger who brings a new Book from God; and a simple Messenger, without the title of Prophet, is one with a Mission based on the last Book brought by the preceding Prophet.

The second time/era of the Opening or Inauguration of The Qur’an

35:32 “Then (after you Muhammad), We Bequeathed The Book unto those of our Servants Chosen (Messengers); so (concerning the Messengers) among them, was who wronged himself; and among them, being on the average; and among them, who anticipated the good events (of The Book) by All’h’s Leave, this is the High Grace.”

The period/era Accorded to Muhammad and The Qur’an (15:87):

15:87 “And We Have Accorded you a seven of the two and two, and The Grand Qur’an”

The verse 15:87, is about “the time” accorded to Muhammad with the “Qur’an”: “a 7 of the two and two” = 7 x 2 and 2 = 14.00/14 centuries.” (15), and (8+7=15), in the sign of 15th century.

At the start of 15th century lunar years following Muhammad (21st century of solar years), thanks to Almighty Lord, we Have Been Chosen as the heirs of The Qur’an! As also Indicated in the Sura/Chapter 15: “Al-Hijr (The Power of Intellect)” thus we “People of Knowledge”, are enjoying a Time that Science has developed enough experience and maturity to explain the whole Knowledge of The Qur’an!

In this regard, I draw your attention to the following very important discernment: the 15th Surah/Chapter in The Qur’an is titled: Al-Hijr. At the time of Prophet Muhammad, this word was considered to be the name of a valley; but its real significance is “the power of Intellect.” Thus, for this Second Opening of The Qur’an, 1400 years later, at the age of Science and intellectuals, The Book reopens:

(1st) By presenting a piece of scientific Evidence, the mathematical coding, connecting every letter of The Book; to prove the authenticity of The Qur’an, and the complete preservation of the Word of The Creator. This is to assure people that the Word of The Lord has been preserved throughout the last 14 centuries, exposing any kind of human interference in The Book (e.g. exposing the last two verses of Chapter 9, added by Man after the death of the Prophet, rejected by computer).

The mathematical coding Evidence of The Qur’an is not only the first material Evidence proving the Existence of God and the Preservation of “The Book.” It  also shows that The Qur’an of our time does not belong to any particular nation, but to all intellectuals, believers and seekers of “The Truth” in the World.

(2nd) After presenting the Evidence, The Qur’an re-opens at the age of “Intellectuals”, by presenting a Discernment (FurQan), clarifying and defining the differentiation of the Word of The Creator in terms of time, Science, language and people (Ch. 47:38); including the exposure of the falsehood concerning such books as “Tradition and Narrations”, that mankind have presented as the Word and Commandment of God!

47:38 “Behold, you are those Invited to spend in the Way of All’h; but some among you are stingy! And anyone who is stingy is being stingy to himself, as All’h Is Needless and you are the needy; and if you turn away, He Will Substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you.”

Today, by the light of Science of our time, we can differentiate the verses of The Creator from false narrations, substituting the Word of God and becoming the source of religion for Billions of people in the World. Such is the meaning and the Mission of the ‘Discernment’; a collection of discerning and defining the entire verses of The Qur’an (3:3-4.) Consequently, an accomplishment of the “Qur’an’s full Guiding force”:

3:3 “He Sent down to you The Book in Just, confirming what went before It, and He Sent down the Torah and the Gospel before this (Qur’an) as a Guide to mankind; and He Sent down The FurQan/Discernment.”

3:4 “Certainly those who reject the Signs/Verses of All’h, will suffer severe retributions; All’h الله (The Law/Forces of Nature) Is Mighty, Possessor of Revenge.”

There is a saying: “Whatever you throw in the wheel of the World, eventually will turn back onto you.” Thus, the forces of Nature are revengeful!

It should be noted that The Qur’an with Its “bifurcated Guiding force”, that is the “Evidence and Discernment”, is “Possessor of bifurcated Knowledge”, defined as “two forces in one” or “double-pronged power.” Therefore, The Qur’an possesses the same characteristics and qualifications as Zil-Qarnaïn (Z-Q), which are: “The means and ways to all things”, as Indicated by God in the verse below (18:84):

18:84 “In fact We Established power for (Z-Q) on Earth, and We Gave him the means to everything.”



3. The Mission of The Qur’an in Qur’an-FurQan

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