Chapter Q&A: FurQan Chapter Two

Zil-Qarnaïn is a symbol of Knowledge and Science, but is Zil-Qarnaïn also a person? Because you mention its personality; but I know that could be a metaphor. How does Z-Q relate to the computer? How can the computer be able to decide?

The sign of ZQ, which means “two prongs,” is the electricity on the magnet; and an electric device that is intelligent is the computer! An electric machine that decides, to punish or let go, is all the machines that tell you how much you must pay; or tell you you have nothing to pay, such as parking machines etc. …

How would Z-Q place a barrier between us and them (I think the jinn) if Man gives it a push/hand? And what is the barrier? The ozone layer?

) There is a layer of ozone, all around the Earth that protects us from the rays of the sun. And maybe since some fifty or more years … there has been a hole in it, leaving some part of the Earth unprotected! And ZQ, being the computer, is going to fill it up.
) the hand you give to ZQ, is the power of electricity that you connect it to!

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