3. The Mission of The Qur’an in Qur’an-FurQan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: the Mission of The Qur’an, in Qur’an-FurQan

Due to All’h’s Tradition of Creation,

(35:43 ” … His System of Creativity (for all creatures) is the same and never changes … “)

and as The Qur’an has the same qualities and characteristics as Zil-Qarnaïn (two forces in one) or the computer (as detailed in the preceding chapter); thus, Its functioning system is also Programmed on the same basis. I would like to draw your attention to the following details, concerning the comparison between the functioning system of both, Qur’an and Computer, and the extent to which they are basically alike. The Qur’an, as the computer, is based on a mathematical structure. All sorts of units of Knowledge necessary for humankind, concerning this world and the Hereafter, are placed in Its memory (6:38), ready to inform those who apply for Its admonitions or information.

6:38 “And there is not a creature on Earth, nor a flyer flying by its wings, without being communities like you; not a thing Have We Neglected in The Book, then to their Lord they shall be gathered.”

Therefore everything one needs, one can find in The Book.

As for the computer, There are also two conditions of prime importance to implement The Qur’an:

a) The wire of perception must be free (from any kind of idolatry and prejudice) to let the Light of Knowledge pass clearly through.

(72:18 “And the places of worship belong to All’h; then do not invoke ANYONE with All’h.”)

b) We need the instruction manual (Al-FurQan/the Discernment) to become familiar with Its functional system.

To open a computer and run its programs to provide answers to our questions. First we must connect it to power/light, then proceed with an opener, some words of a code, acting as a key.

Precisely for the same reason The Qur’an’s first chapter is named (Al-Fatiha/الفاتحه /The thing that opens)/The Opener, put in other words, the Key code (key code, because every letter of The Qur’an is coded through a mathematical coding system! Refer to The Miracle of the Mathematical coding System of The Qur’an .)

The above discernment, concerning the qualification of chapter الفاتحه/Al-Fatiha, also clarifies the reason and necessity of reciting this chapter for establishing the Connection/Salat (the five times daily praising), to Connect to All’h’s Light/Electricity; moreover, it has to be recited only in Arabic, as the words are coded in Arabic.

33:43 “It is He Who Connects to you with His angels, in order to Bring you out of the darkness into Light; He Is Merciful toward the believers.”

The first chapter of The Qur’an, is the key code to open the Light of The Spirit of all Chapters of The Qur’an for Guidance and for better comprehension and perception of the Word. Moreover, we must protect our computer against viruses. Likewise, before reading The Qur’an, the code word against viruses, or the bugging and parasitism of Satan, has been Indicated to us:


اعوذ با الله من الشیطان الرجیم -: (I seek All’h’s Refuge from the dismissed Devil) 16:98

16:98 “When you read The Qur’an, seek All’h’s Refuge from the Rejected Satan.”

Thus, to establish the Connection with All’h’s Light of Spirit, we need to go through this first chapter; as it is specifically the sura which Opens through code words, the Way to the Light. Furthermore, Connecting/Salat, is connecting God directly, and this is “the only whole chapter that Addresses God Almighty directly (other chapters are addressed to humans)”!

Please note that Salat—صلوٰة is totally apart from what is usually called prayers.

The root word of Salat is/= وصل (connect, contact, join), or the act of connecting: توصّل”; that is establishing the Connection to the Light of God, for charging the amount of God’s Spirit in ourselves. I find it necessary to mention this point concerning Salat and prayers, because:

  1. Some people recite other sura, beside The Opener in Salat.
  2. Some people say, “I don’t perform Salat, but I pray in my own way.”

To explain the difference between Prayer and Salat, although everything concerning Salat is detailed in Salat (1), I would like (repeating) to give the following example for better distinction: “To bring electricity into all the rooms of our house, first we need to connect to the source of electricity, then wire the connection to all the rooms. Salat is the wire of connection to the Source; and the prayers, light the rooms and spaces of our wishes and demands. Moreover (apart from Salat), the recitation of this first sura /chapter, opens multitude of Blessings (such as producing The Spirit’s Energy), as the title says it: The Opener. Thus, undoubtedly it is the Key to all sorts of locks, ties and knots of various problems or wishes. For such matters, two essential conditions are required:

  1. The wire of faith and belief should be connected (through Salat)
  2. The Words should be pronounced in their code signs (in Arabic)

As for wiring the electricity; the wire MUST be free from any kind of adulterant or impurity, free from idolatry and association! The prayers of The Qur’an, also, should be pronounced in Arabic. The Pure word is only God’s Word, of course; and sincere words; so that when pronounced, they ascend, and good deeds accelerate their ascension:

35:10 “Anyone seeking the glory, the glory belongs to All’h altogether; to Him ascends the Pure Word, and the good deed rise it up; and those who plot evil, there is severe retribution for them, and the plotting of such will be void.”

The Pure Word in the above verse, not only comprises the prayers of The Qur’an; but all the words of The Qur’an are certainly code words, and they are certainly openers of gates for wishes, and pleas to elevate. Again, as with the functioning of a computer, once opened, we can have access to different languages; the same thing applies to The Qur’an. Thus, if one is not able to pronounce the prayers in Arabic and learn them by heart, then be connected, and pray as desired, in full sincerity and faith.

God Is Forgiving and Merciful. The importance, however, is in sincere belief, and concentrating on God while imploring!

Due to the importance, I repeat, the Salat /Connection, can only be established through code words, thus through only chapter: Al’Fatiha/the Opener, and cannot be established in any language other than Arabic.

Those familiar with the mathematical coding of The Qur’an, know that this is the only Book in the World that, from the first letter to the last, is mathematically coded,

All The Books from God originally had been Signed and Sealed through mathematical coding; yet some pages of Torah were torn by Jews, and Injeel, Jesus’s Book, was lost!

Thus The Qur’an, the last Message, as Promised below by The Lord, has to stay intact:

15:9 “We Have, without doubt, Sent down the Message; and We Will assuredly Guard It (from corruption).”

The coding is in Arabic only! And as each word contains some Energy of All’h’s Spirit (as mentioned above), therefore the recitation of The Qur’an in Arabic, most undoubtedly to some extent, has the quality of increasing the Energy of The Spirit in the environment!

We should bear in mind that the Survival and Health of people’s inner and outer Worlds, depend only on the preservation of All’h’s Spirit in each of us, and in our environments. This same Spirit that, initially, God Entrusted to mankind as His Capital to grow on Earth.

Instead of following The Lord’s Instruction for charging the Energy of The Spirit in each of us, we have been spending, discharging the Energy of our Capital by deviation, by worshipping idols, or by other distractions and games of Satan, as much as failing or forgetting to charge It (see below).

The actual pollution in the inner and outer Worlds of humans today, derive exclusively from the failure to nurture the power of our Capital Spirit, in the past and present. No doubt, the growing misery, pollution, diseases and unbalanced state of our inner and outer Worlds, the cancer, tsunamis, Earthquakes, volcanoes etc. are only because of a general revolt of the inner and outer Worlds. They cannot bear the bad government and unjust ruling of Man over them anymore!

The loss of The Spirit of God, that Serves as Forces of discipline and controlling reign over the ignorant, savage nature of Man, is the cause of today’s chaos and extreme disorder of our World. By following God’s Commandments, Man would have conducted the Right Ruling over his inner and outer Worlds; he would preserve the initial Garden for his environment, as well as a Healthy disciplined inner world! This is the result of loss and lack of the Energy of God’s Spirit. But, God Is Clement; and He Gives us a last chance to survive!

This last chance is that, we still have some Spirit of God between us today to charge Its Energy in ourselves. The Qur’an is The Spirit of God’s Commandments (17:85; 42:52), and we can, by reading and following Its Instructions, charge or light up Its Energy and Spirit, and thus benefit from Its Multitude of Blessings!

42:52 “And this is how We Revealed to you a Spirit of Our Commandment; you did not know what was The Book and what was the Faith (before); but We Have Made It a Light, wherewith We Guide such of Our Servants as We Will; and surely you guide to the Straight Path.”

As you were reminded at the start of these pages, concerning the Traditional System of Creation that never changes (for people or the system of structure of creatures), God Gives the people of the 21st century a Chance to save ourselves, as He Did for people in the past. The history of the past in The Qur’an serves only as an example for us today; because, as God’s Tradition for people, history repeats and is the same! Today, we are living the time of Noah; and, under the Instruction of God, we must construct our own Ark (11:37) if we wish to save ourselves from today’s overwhelming flood of pollution, and the revolt of the World.

11:37 “And Construct an Ark under Our Eyes and Revelation and do not address Me on behalf of those who have transgressed; for they are to be drowned.”



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