19. Discernment of Al-Raheem / The Merciful

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

“الرحیم” / (Al-R’ HÏM / THE MERCIFUL (to All) )

(Reminder) : As you know by now The Qur’an being based on a mathematical coding system and the first verse (“Bsm All’h AlR’hm’n AlR’hïm“) composed of 19 letters, it is imperative to respect the number of letters in writing.

  1. Al-R’ HÏM spells in six letters; (the pronunciation in Arabic of this Miraculous word is: Al-Raheem)
  2. And as for mentioning the Sign (الله) in Arabic, beside “All’h” / The Creator; the purpose is to remind the four -4) identical symbolic signs, used in Science for introducing the -4) basic forces of Creation, Unique Power of Creation and the Creator of all Existence!

It is also most important for the honorable readers to realize that the Sign “الله“, stands also for “The Law and Order / Composition of the nature” of our World (as well as all other universes. )

e. g. “All’h الله Is Revengeful” = the law and order of nature of our World is revengeful; or, “We harvest, what we sow” ; we “pay” for our deeds, and etc.

Al-R (a) hïm/ The Merciful (to All) , is also a “Quality-Name” of The Creator الله All’h, as Al-R’hm’n, with the same root’ word of: “Rahm/رحم” (Mercy) (Refer to Q-F 12-18 bis)

Both Quality-Names (in -6) letters) stand for the Mercy and Beneficence of The Creator, but there is a difference between the two:

  • Al-R (a) hm (a) n: indicates the Beneficence of God to our World and its people material wise only, principally to the two entities of man and jinn;
  • Al-R’hïm: indicates God’s Light of Mercy to All states of souls. That is, everything in High above Heavens for angels, as present residents; and down on earth to everyone, believer and none believer (of human and jinn), for wiping out of their sins (pollution) to allow the achievement of their life span on earth (71:4). And after the end of the World, is only Granted to Believers, and Eternally!

71:4 “He Forgives of your sins (Wipes out pollution off you), Postponing (your death) until the due time of your life span. In fact when the life span Given by All’h is accomplished, it cannot be postponed. If you only knew!”

Al-R’hïm, is the Quality of “Light upon Light” of The Spirit of The Lord, the Light of faith, and the Everlasting Energy! Thus Believers, through Connecting  (Salat) to God on earth, get such Light (33:43), not only to insure themselves for their life time on earth; but to provision such Energy for hereafter, enabling them to get close to the Source of Energy, The Lord. (57:28)

33:43 “He it is Who Connects onto you and His angels, to Bring you out of the darkness into the light. And He Is Merciful to the (Eternal) Believers!”

57:28 “O you who believe! Fear All’h الله and believe in His Messenger, and He Will Bestow upon you His double’ advantaged Mercy; He Will Provide for you a Light by which you “walk” (Guiding), Wiping/Forgiving (your sins/pollution); as الله Is Forgiving, Merciful (Al-R’hïm).”

In conclusion; Al-R’hïm, is a double portioned Mercy: God’s Pity, Compassion, Forgiveness to All in the World; and eventually after the World only to believers in hereafter life.

Man’s soul is mischievous by nature:

12:53 “And I do not absolve myself (of blame); the (man) soul is inciting to evil, unless my Lord Do Bestow His Mercy/ رحم; in fact my Lord Is Forgiver, Merciful/ الرحیم.”

Thus, unless man’s animal nature is bridled through the Spirit, it will overcome his humanity, falling off to his animal nature! Thus, leading him to commit sins, hence, producing pollution in his in and out environment.

And naturally, the consequence of accumulation of pollution is gradual spoil and corruption in man’s “threefold World” (world of cell, body and outside).

So, if it were not for the act of God’s Mercy and Forgiving, that wipes out some of the dirt / pollution of his sins; he would soon perish in the malignity of his spoiled environment, before achieving his life span:

23:71 “If the Reality was in accord with their desires, indeed the heavens and the earth and all beings therein would have been spoiled; and yet We Have Sent them their Reminder, but then they turn away from their Reminder!”

Today Science describes our World as “A miscellany of energy provided by its inhabitant”; and to simplify this description, they have compared our World to “A Symphony, notes of which being the inhabitant”.

Such a scientific statement was provided in The Qur’an, 14 centuries ago.

66:6 “O you who believe! save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, over which (are appointed) angels harsh, severe, who flinch not (from executing) the Commands they receive from الله All’h, and they do (precisely) as they are Commanded.”

Thus according to Science, man is the provider of his planet’s energy (which confirms precisely the word of The Qur’an), and hence every deed, word and thought of his is responsible for the good and bad situation of his (inner and outer) World. So it becomes quite evident that the atmosphere surrounding us today, is actually created by our own hands and deeds; plus what is forwarded by man from the past (3:182; 30:41):

3:182 “This is due to (the unrighteous deeds) that your hands sent on before you; for الله All’h never Harms those who serve Him.”

30:41 “Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea due to what the hands of men have earned; that may be given to them a taste of some of their deeds, in order that they may return (to God’s Admonition).”

The highly polluted and, nearly, complete atmospheric disorder in our inner and outer World today is only the result of violation of the Law of Forces of Nature/ الله / God. So it is URGENTLY necessary for each and every one of us to repent/return, asking forgiveness of the Merciful / Al-R’hïm and amend our ways, to become worthy and receptive of His Mercy; and try to make up for this great injustice towards ourselves and others.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT facts to know about the Benediction, Blessing, Mercy or any Divine Favor from God Almighty, is that IT IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE!

But, as one of the forces of nature of the world is Electromagnetism; we have to become receptive magnetically, to bring upon ourselves the Blessings, Mercy, of God.

So the more we provision the Energy of God through faith, exercising and following His Commandments, the more receptive and magnetic we become to His Mercy.

God Is Just, and not an iota of injustice is done to ANYONE.

The Covenant between God and man has been on the basis of free choice. thus it is completely up to ourselves to make us receptive to the “Mercy of God/الله“; or to the “Wrath of God/الله/ forces of Nature”!

As indicated previously; the words of redemption, Taught to Adam, are coded words in Arabic. Thus, the reason for my repeating Al-R’hïm or Al-Rahm (a) n (in Arabic) in this text, is for becoming acquainted with their pronunciation! As we know today that sounds, and word of codes, can open barriers!

It is also important to be conscious of the fact that no soul can amend another; and one is only responsible for his own amendment (6:164)

6:164 “Say: ‘Shall I seek other than All’hالله as a Lord, when He Is The Lord of all things? No soul earns except, from his own deeds; and no bearer of burdens bears the burden of another. Ultimately you return to your Lord, He then Informs you regarding your disputes”

The vital point of all this is that the foundation of man’s inner and outer World has been Based under the command of his brain and power of intellect (see below).

Therefore, unless a person voluntarily amends his ways, he is not beneficial to himself and his environment, nor to anyone else; and if he does not choose to amend his ways, surely he chooses the path to gradual destruction, thus betraying himself!

Today we have come to realize the outcome of our actions and deeds in the form of pollution and incurable diseases.

Thus «Al-R’hïm», is Ringing the Warning’ Bell, and Showing us the remedy and the way to save ourselves from all the calamities of our time: “he who follows the Religion of All’hالله, purely, wholeheartedly, sound and free of flaw (of idol worshiping) , thus enters the zone of the Mercy of the Great Lord, rejoicing Security and Beneficence of Health. ” (26:88-93) :

26:88 “The Day whereon neither wealth nor children will avail;”

:89 “Except he that comes to All’hالله with a sound heart.”

:90 “The Garden will be brought near for the righteous;”

:91 “And the fire will be placed in full view for those straying in evil;”

:92 “And it will be said to them: Where are those whom you worshiped”

:93 “besides All’hالله ? Can they help you or help themselves?”

The « CANCER » of the inner and outer World of Man:

When All’h الله, Placed the succession of the World into man’s «hand» ;

2:30 “And when your Lord Said to the angels: I Am Placing a vicegerent/successor on Earth.”

that consisted of governing over his inner world of body, as well as the outer World (the earth, skies, mountains), all of which to be under the command of his intellectual power; and that was only because God Blew of His Spirit into him, Giving him power of intellect and ability of distinction for the right and wrong, and thus taking decision by himself (hence he was promoted to Humankind, with ability of intellect and the right for free choice of action).

Such “power” was in fact to tame and harness the wild animal side of his nature:

33:72 “We Did in fact Offer “the Trust” to the Heavens, the Earth and the Mountains; but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof; and the man undertook it, whereas tyrannous, ignoramus (by nature).

And man, when volunteered to carry The Spirit as a Trust; surely became well aware of the conditions, bearing danger and risks.

He knew that there was only ONE WAY to keep, and enhance the energy of such Mercy in his World) inside and out-, and that is in following ONLY The Spirit’s Rules / Religion.

And so, under this Condition for the Spirit, he made the Covenant with The Lord (not to worship, nor bring associate, ANYONE or ANYTHING, for All’h/the Creator, or for His Word!) .

Furthermore, -as mentioned before) the World which الله Confided the custody to man, was a pure healthy paradisiacal Garden, complete and in the best conditions. For example:

‘Time’ was complete and flawless: having 4 consecutive, complete seasons, each starting at a certain time and ending at a certain time; the earth and soil that God Gave to man, was pure and fertile, to be cultivated in a timely manner; the sky with timely and sufficient showers; and sufficient amount of food for the Earth’s creatures. People were in perfect shape, healthy and lived long (e. g. : as Noah who lived 950 years. 29:14)

So all such Beneficence and convenience, in complete purity and abundance, were confided to man; besides the fact that he was Warned all about Satan, and the dangers of following his way, that would lead to his annihilation, as far as even causing genetically changes in God’s Creation (see below 4:119) !

Therefore the one responsible for all such deficient nature and imperfect disposition of the World today, is not All’hالله !

Hunger and drought, poverty, diseases, physical or mental handicaps, pollution of the air, soil and water, and etc. , threatening all living things, are not from God!

The whole thing we are suffering from, is nothing but the result of turning back from the Creator’s Advising/Commandments, and deviating into the fatal way of idol worshiping, such as:

  • following mankind ways and religion instead
  • associating words with the Word of God (as human’ narrations) , following them as source of the Religion

By following other than God’s Way, instead of charging the Energy of our Capital (Spirit) , we exhausted the Light in ourselves and environments, accumulating all actual pollution and diseases, despite all God’s Warnings!

See below how following Satan’s way, that is any other way than God’s Way, would eventually make interference in the Nature of God’s Creation. (4:119)

4:119 “And I will mislead them and I will create in them false desires; I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and to deface the nature of الله All’h’s Creation. Whoever forsaking الله All’h, has taken Satan as friend and surely suffers a loss that is manifest.”

So today, by the start of Day of the Religion, clarifying and bringing out the Truth and Reality on the Religion from the darkness of the night; man eventually will be facing up with the result of his belief, action, thoughts and words during his life time, all of which making day. In fact, we are at the Day break of reckoning and harvest.

The work of Satan that consisted to devoid, man’s brain, mind and conscious, of the thought of الله All’h, by occupying and diverting his attention to any other things in life, we can say is well achieved today, regarding the state of our World!

Ironically, one of the best tricks of Satan is to make people believe that he does not exist! Or that religion is only for “simple minded” people. And actually there are so many people today who think “You don’t need to to have faith, or any religion, or being conscious and think of All’h. As long as one minds his own business, living in harmony, doing no harm in violating others’ rights, not stealing or killing, good action, good thoughts, good paroles is just enough and there is nothing to worry about. ” But this is not quite right. And be aware of the DANGER!

If the mind is void of the thought of الله (the Creator) , even if the person is a «good» person and not harmful to others, still he is not on the right way of “Health” (body and mind) !

As mentioned previously, the system for «Health» and well-being of «Jinn and man», has been Based upon worship, or serving, or following the Rules ofالله The Creator, which is “the one and only” way for charging and provisioning the Energy of the Spirit (51:56) :

51:56 “I have not Created the Jinns and the men but (under the system) of worshiping Me -following, serving My Way. “

Therefore, only by keeping the thought of الله All’h, and following His Way, the Energy of the Spirit increases/ charges in man; hence strengthens his immunity system during his lifetime on earth; and after death, only such accumulated Energy permits one to get near the Source of Energy, The Great Lord!

Since other thoughts in mind can be considered as outsiders’ invasions; if the cells are distracted by them, as much as not being attentive and observant to the brain command, the immunity system is defeated! Thus these “outsiders ” will gradually transform the peace of mind in depression and madness, unbalancing the order of Nature of the (threefold) World.

Today it is an evident fact that our World is suffering the madness of such disorder.

Just by considering the order of seasons:

  • no season starts at the right time, nor completes its natural time
  • the earth and the sky, just as cancerous cells, their impregnation being completely out of order and discipline; they do not start and stop at the right time, resulting great damages instead
  • the mountains, losing their calm, do not control their inner fire
  • and the winds and the seas, no bridle to their violation

Inside our body is exactly the same! The cause of cancer, scientifically, is discovered as “the rebellion of the cells due to ‘outsiders’ invasion,’ causing disorder in the system of reception of the command signals of the brain to the cells”.

I would like to bring to your attention some of the medical discoveries in the field of cancer and behavior of cancerous cells, for more clarification.

Cancer is the “story” of a cell that has disobeyed/missed brain’s command to kill itself (2:54).

2:54 “And when Moses said to his people: ‘O my people! You have in fact wronged yourselves / (wronged your cells) in taking the calf into devotion; so turn back to your Maker and kill your (rebellious) selves/cells; that will be better for you in the sight of your Maker.’ He then Forgave you, that in fact He Is The Forgiver, The Merciful.”

As you can see, in this verse All’h Refers to Himself as “Maker/Designer/Initiator”, meaning: One Who initially Made you, Knows all about your system of creation for well-being and Health; and: “that will be better for you in the sight of your Maker” means “It certainly is better for you, in view of the way your Maker Has Designed you.”

Thus, to kill one’s own cell at the right time, before its straying /deviating to cause tumorous cancer; is only through strong system of communication between the brain, that is the commander, and the cells, the submitters.

This goes not only for the cells! But it is the initial discipline and order that “The Maker” Has Set the base of the Creation’ system upon: “a strong, pure and clear belief and submission to The Commander/الله, “The Brain” ;

The Maker of the Rule and the right Way of the functioning’ system of man’s body and soul and all other creatures, under serving or following His Way. (51:56 above)

The body of an adult person consists of 37.2 Trillion cells, 50-70 Billion of which must die daily to prevent decay (2:251) (Let us not forget that the “threefold’ World of man -the cell, body and outer world) is one and functions exactly under the same system) :

2:251 ” By الله All’h’s Will they dispersed them; and David killed Goliath and الله All’h Gave him kingdom and wisdom and Taught him what He Willed. And Did not الله All’h Evacuate some people by some other, surely the earth would spoil! But All’h Has the Power of the redundancy to the universal’ people . “

Since the constitution of each cell has been arranged for a certain length of time; its birth, reproduction and death, should be under the command of the brain.

Respect and discipline, being the key words! So once the brain signal is received, the cell should obey and submit for fulfilling the preservation of the natural order of health.

Today through Knowledge, we are informed that the interference and attack of foreign elements in the body and mind, embroiling the field of reception, weakens the transmitting system and prevents clear connection between brain and cells; such as: stress and fear, or cigarette, alcohol, too much sun or chemicals.

Therefore it is of vital importance that both, the transmitter and the receptor be disciplined.

The transmitting signal light, should be strong and clear for the cells; and the cells be attentive and watchful to the guidance, in order to function on time.

If the field of reception is embroiled; if the brain is too occupied and diverted as to become unconscious and negligent to its mission; and if the cells be careless to the guidance and turn away from it, then the cell will miss the signal for killing itself on time, hence being lost and not knowing what to do, starts reproducing unduly, excessively, malignant tumors.


27:80 “Truly you cannot make the dead to listen, nor can you cause the deaf to hear the call, when they have turned their back in retreat. “

27:81 “Nor can you be a guide to the blind from their straying: only those you get to listen who believe in Our Signs, thus they are submitted. “

27:82 “And when the Word happens to them, We Shall Bring out for them a creature from the earth that speaks to them, in fact the people were not assured concerning Our Signs. “

The verse (82) has been discerned in the precedent QF part 18, but just as a reminder:

“We shall Bring out for them a creature from the earth that speaks to them,” is none but the Computer, a creature made on earth. The mathematical coding Miracle of The Qur’an, that is one of the Greatest Miracles of all times, was discovered through computer.

People need Divine Miracle to be assured in their belief. So the computer has declared! by the most irrefutable ever, and for the first time providing a “material Proof” of the existence of God and the authenticity of His Word. This is the time “when the Word happens. “

This is the “Signal of God, The Brain” for all of us, people of 21st Century!

I hope, with the above explanations, to have been able to draw a parallel, indicating how costly people’s turning their back to the Creator’s Guidance has been.

All His Commandments, such as: daily “Salat / Connecting”, Zakat and Fasting etc. , that we turn away from and ignore, are only to show us the way to, “Sow on the field”, cultivating the mind through repetitive “words”; a training session of exercises to improve and develop a strong system of belief for the brain, and submission for the cells; to work out and strengthen the system of communication between the brain and the cells!

Hence the best training for the well being of a healthy physical and mental state.

Belief, most certainly, is the only natural way to calm down the nervous system, stress and fear.

The reason of my often repeating, and insisting on the importance of bringing to your mind, The God Creator/الله, Alone, is that our whole Health’s system is based on.

Regarding the verse below, (12:106) , today the majority of the believers in the World are idol worshipers, and yet they are convinced they are not, and that they worship God Alone. Today the majority of the believers are either associating with Prophets, Imams, saints etc. or worshiping mankind instead! This actually is the cause of all our today’s mischief.

12:106: “And the majority of them do not believe in All’h without associating-others) with Him!”

Al-R’hïm, and the cure for Cancer

With all the progress in Medicine, they have not yet been able to find a definite cure for cancer! But nevertheless, scientists have observed the great importance of faith and strong moral condition in fighting against cancer, and without coming right out for admitting it, they hint:

“The cure for cancer is not only by radio-therapy or chemotherapy and surgery; but also through perseverance, strong positive attitude and hope, on the part of the patient. “

The Qur’an’s description of cancer / disease:

The Qur’an describes the illness and disease, as a: “battle field, and the attack of the infidel (kafir) , the unsubmitted and deviated cells/selves, over the submitted, healthy ones”.

A Prescription for winning such a battle is also Stated: (2:249-250-251)

In the case of Cancer of course, the number of enemies or infidels are many fold, and the probability of defeat of the submitters is far greater, and indeed often a certainty!

There is, however, an exception which is Stated in verses below; that in spite of the numerous number of enemy and extreme weakness of defense (immune system) , the submitters have won the battle through strong belief in الله All’h, perseverance, patience and abstention!

2:249 “Then Talut (Saul) set out with the forces (armies) , he said: In fact, ‘اللهAll’h will Test you with a river. Whoever drinks from it, he is not of me, and whoever tastes it not, he is surely of me ; a mere sip out of the hand, is excused. But they all drank of it, except a few between them. So as he crossed it, he and the faithful ones with him, they said: ‘ No strength is left for us this day against Jalut (Goliath) and his forces. ’ Those who were convinced that they would meet الله All’h, said: ‘How often has a small group vanquished a numerous group, by اللهAll’h’s Permission! And All’h Is with the steadfast. “

2:250 “And as they became manifest to Goliath and his forces, they said: “Our Lord! Pour out patience on us and make our steps firm and Help us against infidel people (kafirin) (straying cells/selves. “

If you pay attention, in the two verses above there are evident signs of collection of malignant water (infidel cells) , and the necessity of strong will for resistance and abstention, to overcome the period of thirst, to overcome the period of harsh experiences, for winning such a “battle”.

Thus, the key words being in: “never giving up faith and hope in the Power of الله; having the certainty that everything is possible to overcome by His Will; and resistance in the long duration of hardship. “

In (2:250), the words of prayer for such an occasion is Taught by God. As you know by now, the Qur’an is coded, and hence Its words are code’ words; therefore, they should be pronounced in Arabic.

Thus, it is through strong faith, repenting or turning to اللهAll’h, in worshiping Him Alone (without invoking any imam, saints or Prophets) ; and in the meantime following the medical guidance as well, for cleaning the body (Science is from God!) .

God Almighty Has Stated in (2:54, mentioned above) the cause of cancer, or the deviating cells, is the result of deviating from The Creatorالله Way/Religion, and being immersed into materialism; in other words, “idol worshiping”!

This, apparently, might seem very unlikely in reason to many people, nowadays.

But, if we look into it profoundly, the fact comes out shining!

But before, we should make sure of the right meaning of “idol” and “worshiping”!

Worshiping: is whatever engages and occupies the mind more than anything else, as much as forgetting and leaving no space for the thought ofالله The Creator:

7:51 “Those who took their Religion to be mere amusement and playthings, and were deceived by the life of the World; thus that Day We Shall Forget them, as they forgot their meeting of this Day, and were rejecting Our Signs.”

Idol: Not necessarily to be in the form of a statue! It could be children, spouses (7:189,190), money and properties (18:42), Messengers, imams or saints (7:194):

7:189 “He Is The One Who Created you from one single cell and Made from it, its mate, in order to be appeased by her. When he lies with her, she bears a light burden and carries it about; when it grows heavy, they both pray اللهAll’h, their Lord: ‘if You Give us a goodly child, we vow to be ever appreciative’.”

7:190 “But when He Gives them a goodly child, they bring associates for Him in what they received. But اللهAll’h Is Exalted, High above the partners they associate with Him.”

7:194 “In fact those whom you call upon besides اللهAll’h, are only servants like you! Then call upon them, and let them respond to you, if you are truthful.”

Anything that takes priority over the Creator, or the Creator’s Commandments, becomes an idol! Therefore, once the thought of God is wiped out of the mind and the intellect is overtaken by parasites, the conductive system of the brain gradually weakens to the point where the transmission and reception of commands are no longer timely.

The latest scientific discovery being developed, for combating the cancer with the help of nanotechnology, is the creation of a minute vessel, capable of traveling into the heart of cells, carrying the right message, to prevent the cell from straying, and drowning!

And the extraordinary thing about it: they call it the Messenger.

Science is from God! The fact of such corroboration with the Word/ The Qur’an, only justifies it.

Al-R’hïm, Accepts our repentance and Shows us the way to cure our diseases. He Brings us Signs -through science-, Guiding us to follow and obey His Rules, in order to Purify us, through His Mercy and Compassion, from the fatal and destructive impurities of our inner and outer World; and to Give us a chance to save ourselves from our past errors and unjust governing over our World (27:62):

27:62 “Who Is The One Who Responds to the call of the distressed one, and Cures his suffering and Makes you inheritors of the earth? (Can there be) a god besidesالله All’h? Little it is that you heed!”

Al-R’hïm, by The Qur’an, Gives us the possibility to make a blueprint of building a “vessel” (discovery of nanotechnology, mentioned above), under His Guidance and Inspiration, to Save us from “drowning” (11:37-38) and to Prepare us to withstand the dangers of the destructive “waves” of our time. And let us not be afraid of the ridicule of others in executing His Commands (Salat/Connecting, fasting, Zakat, etc.). For, the consequences of the alternative is far more fearsome.

11:37 “And construct a Vessel under Our Eyes and Our Inspiration; and do not address Me for those oppressors; for they are about to be drowned.”

11:38 “And while constructing the Vessel, being ridiculed by all ‘big shots’ of his people, he said: ‘If you ridicule us now, then we will ridicule you all likewise.”

-So, first Instruction for the construction of the Vessel is:

Repentance! and believing in the Creator/ اللهAll’h, Alone, devoting the Religion and all acts of devotion to Him Alone, WITHOUT NAMING, INVOKING ANYONE ELSE BESIDES Him, OR WITH Him.

  • Regularity in: 5 times daily Salat; payment of monthly Zakat (two and half %, of the monthly pure benefit) ; steadfastness in fasting the month of Ramadan each year, and once in lifetime, the pilgrimage of Mecca, the Hadj (once freed from shirk/ associating) .

Nowadays, in the Sacred Mosque (Mecca) , you hear the name of Prophet more and louder than the Name of God. This is Shirk, or idol worshiping!!

Being free of shirk, is when NO OTHER name with God’s Name is pronounced; be it in the Mosque, or any other place in the World!

  • And reading The Qur’an-FurQan (the discernment of The Qur’an) , that brings the comprehension and knowledge of the 2nd Opening of The Qur’an, that is following God’s Commandments through Science and Knowledge of our time.

And of course, remembrance of All’h, and not letting pass a day without the thought of All’h, especially keeping the shape “الله” in mind. No need to emphasize that all the above, is only effective if the oppression of any kind, trespassing the rights, and doing wrong to oneself and others are wiped out of our new conduct, after our repentance.


Here is where the discerning of: “Bsm All’h, Al-R’hm’n, Al-R’hïm” comes to an end; thanks to Almighty Lord, I find it necessary to suggest to honorable readers, to refer to the Conclusion of the 19 chapters of The FurQan, reminding the essential points of The FurQan, the 2nd Opening and Inauguration of The Qur’an on the 15th (lunar) Century, for us people of 21st Century.

And Praise Be الله All’h, The Lord of the universal people .



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