Chapter Q&A: FurQan Chapter Nineteen

When would God Be Pitiful? And toward whom?

This is the Quality of God (Al-Raheem) in Bism All’h al-Rahman al-Raheem. He Is Raheem to us, in Wiping the pollution from us, all the time, otherwise we could not live.

In what way would the World be described as a Symphony and how does (66:6) confirm that? Also what would be a “Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones”?

Each note is bringing its sound and all together, harmonizing, making a song or symphony. This is exactly what is going on in this world. Each element of our world, human, animal, stone, tree, etc. brings each energy, harmonizing, to make the Energy of our world. So is the meaning for people and stone being the fuel/energy of our planet!

What do the angels do in the Afterlife? In ch19 of The FurQan, it is pointed out that some are in charge of the fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, right?

Those angels (jinn), who were on Earth, and had passed the test being back in Heaven, are going round around the Thrône of God, singing the Praise of God.  What you mentioned above, men and stones being fuel … is the Earth that produces its own energy. Angels are Soldiers of God, and generally to attend to mankind and his affairs.

What does (2:251) mean? And what do you mean that the threefold world of Man is under the same system?

The threefold world of Man, human cell, human body and the outside world he lives in, are the same and exactly from the same substance (only in different sizes). And the last question underlined; some people should die and be annihilated by some other, otherwise the overpopulation is going to rotten the World! Just like the cells in our body, every day. All function the same way. The System of God never changes and is the same.

I know that “Al-R’hm’n” Is The Bi-Merciful (to humans and jinn) and “Al-R’him” Is The Merciful (to all in this world, but after this world, only to the Believers in the Hereafter). But why does “Al-R’him” Accept our repentance and Show us the way to cure diseases (as said in Ch 19 of The FurQan), and not “Al-R’hm’n”? (What is the main difference between them?)

Al Rahmn, concerns the Blessings of God material, physical, everything in this material life; For such a reason it is, the Mention of Thrône of Al Rahmn in Day of Judgement (for judging our deeds in our lifetime on Earth).

Al Rahim, is mental, moral, spiritual Blessings! Al Rahim, Takes away pollution out of our mind, body, Spirit; which are the base of all diseases,etc. And the reason that God Says: “doubt is a disease”!!

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