Conclusion of the 19 Chapters of the FurQan

بسم ﷲ الر حمن الر حیم

Conclusion of the 19 chapters of the FurQan

What you learn from the FurQan

The Almighty God’s tradition of Guidance has been constant through the entire history of humankind. Each time a Guidance/Book was Sent to people, naturally and according to principles of logic, It was preceded by a Miracle. Surely, people need Evidence to be assured.

As informed throughout the subjects discussed in this book:

The FurQan is the Qur’an and from the Qur’an.

FurQan means “difference, distinction or discernment.” It is the re-Opening of the Qur’an, 14 centuries after Its Opening, with the difference of Time, science and people, thus a Guidance for us people of the 21st (solar)/15th (lunar) century. There is absolutely nothing in the FurQan that is outside of the Qur’an. By the proofs of its authenticity as to the subjects discussed, the FurQan is confirmed by verses of the Qur’an, only.

The essential and most important factor is that only through the FurQan can we open the doors of the Knowledge of the Qur’an today.

Through the 19 chapters of the FurQan, enhanced by Knowledge of our time, the perceptive faculty increases understanding of the Word/the Qur’an. This includes the meaning of the Religion and the reasons for the acts of Devotion: Salat, Zakat and Fasting. It becomes clear that they preserve health and provide exercises for a sound connection between the brain and the cells and fortify the immune system.

God’s Word has been Protected through coding

For the re-Opening of His Word for this era of the end of the world, the Great Lord Assures the people of the 21st century that His Word has been Protected during the last 14 centuries, by first Revealing the Miraculous’ Evidence of the mathematical coding of the Qur’an. This Evidence convenes our time of Knowledge. Then, through the FurQan, He Introduces Himself to all, through science, as the Only Lord and the Power of Creation. Not only does every detail of science for the four fundamental forces of Creation agree with the details of the Qur’an, concerning “All’h,” but their four physical symbols are conform and identical to the shape of the four-letter “” in Arabic. Another very important factor to consider about God’s Books/Guidance: they all Open or re-Open at the level of general Knowledge, perceptive faculty and insight of the people of their time. At this re-Opening of the Book/the Qur’an — at the age of intellect and intellectuals, that through microscope and telescope the insight of people has penetrated inside the body, split the atom and the human cell, gained knowledge of the start of the world and the heavens above — the Words and Commandments of the Qur’an apply to the threefold world of mankind, the world of cell, body and the outside world.

Words such as “believers,” “unbelievers,” “killings and Jihad,” apply to the human cell and the inner world of each individual. They Admonish for the preservation of a sound mind, a healthy body and a good conscience. ​ At the first Opening, the time of Prophet Muhammad, general Knowledge was low, and only a little Knowledge of the Qur’an Opened to them.​

17:85 “And they ask you concerning the Spirit. Say, ‘The Spirit of Command (the Qur’an) of my Lord, and of the Knowledge, only a little is communicated to you.’”

But at this Second Opening, the full Knowledge of the Book will eventually Open for people (only if they open the Qur’an by going first through explanations of the FurQan). Science and the Words of the Qur’an, corroborating, led by the Time, will move forward in a parallel manner, all of which for informing the Oneness of God Almighty, and to bring people under the same Flag of worshipping Him Alone.

Today, the “String theory,” the theory of Relativity, found by our contemporary science, confirms the relativity of the infinitely small to infinitely great, all related to one another, signs of one another, they are but One. Through the FurQan, you will distinguish the three Messengers of our time: Time, science and the Book. This is very important because it explains the myths of Imam Zaman, the 12th leader fallen in a well and resuscitating after 1200 years to lead the whole world, or Jesus resuscitating after 2000 years to lead the world, putting an end to them. The FurQan is the last Lifeboat that the Almighty Lord Sends to keep us from drowning in the deluge of calamities of our rebellious world. Let us make sure not to miss it.

Praise Be the Lord of universal people.



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