18. The Creation of Man

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: ” … The Bi-Merciful … /الرحمن” (Continued)


Man (Insan/انسان) / human (bashar/بشر)

23:12 “And in fact We Created Man from an extract of clay (mud)

23:13 “Then, We Placed him as a sperm in a repository firmly fixed;”

23:14 “Then, We Created the sperm into clot of congealed blood; then We Created the clot as (shape of) a chewed gum (fetus) then We Created out of this (sticky) chewed shape matter, bones, and then Covered the bones with flesh, then We Composed a new creature out of it. So Exalted be الله/All’h, The Ever Better (& Better) Sublime Creator.”

Scientifically confirmed, the details above cannot be but Miraculous Evidence of the Word of God!

As reasoned (by verses of The Qur’an) in the preceding (QF: 1617); the precursors of the World (Heaven, Earth, Mountain and Man), in their particle world and existence, were Offered the honor of carrying The Spirit of God as a Trust. Only Man accepted this Offer (33:72-73). Hence, and in connection with the Covenant of God with Iblis (defined in QF17), God Made a Covenant with the “Children of Adam”, and Had them bear witness (7:172-173):

7:172 “When your Lord Drew forth from the children of Adam, from their loins their descendants, and Made them testify concerning themselves: ‘Am I not your Lord?’ They said: ‘Yes! We do testify!’ Lest you should say on Day of the Resurrection: ‘Of this we were never aware.’”

7:173 “Or lest you should say: ‘Our fathers before us may have taken idols, but we were descendants after them; Will You then Destroy us for the deeds of the nullifiers?'”

After Man accepted carrying the Trust (The Spirit of God), God Called the “Heaven and Earth” (41:11) to come for the installation of the World/Donia.

41:11 “Then, Tending toward the “sky”, while it was steam; He Said to it and to the Earth: ‘Come you two willingly or unwillingly’! They said: we come in willing obedience.”

Once they became recognizable by sight and settled in their actual shape, the Creation of the single cell of life started through rain, in old aged mud, inside the belly of Mother Earth. Millions of years later, its pair, the female cell, germinated from its side. (refer below to 39:6) So from the pair of the cell, Billions of years later, Man /Homo sapiens, that had been separated from other Earthly creatures through evolution, was completed and, once genetically completed, The Spirit of God was Blown into him. Thus, out of Man, God Brought forth humans, or Homo sapiens sapiens, with the power of intelligence, scattering them on Earth. (30:20)

30:20 “Among His Signs, that He Created you from soil and then Making you humankind, Scattered (on Earth).”

The evolution of mankind started as soil and genetics. Then through the bond of marriage and mating, the human race has multiplied.

25:54 “It is He Who Has Created humans from water; so He Established him genetically, and through relation of marriage; and your Lord Is Omnipotent.”

The generation of Homo sapiens (man/Insan), gradually vanished from the Earth due to their weak nature. Humankind or Homo sapiens sapiens (Bashar), strengthened by The Spirit of God, has been forming the population of the Earth ever since. The verse below is evidence of the Greatest Miracles. The topic of verse (39:6), confirming contemporary Science’s discoveries about Man’s origin, concerns the start of the existence of Man from one single cell on Earth, and then developing through evolution. Let us discern this Great verse once more (for those who missed it in F-Q:17).

39:6 “He Created you from one single self; then from the same self He Made his pair. And Sent down for you eight cattle in pairs (refer to 6:143-144). He Created you in the bellies of your mothers, a Creation after Creation, in three darkness. Such Is الله/All’h, your Lord! To Him belongs the Dominion. There is no god but He! How do you then turn away?”

The noun-adjective “Adam” does not appear in verse (39:6), and the name “Eve” does not appear in the whole Qur’an.

The reason for this is that the word “Adam”, which is known to be the name of the first genetically human, is a noun-adjective qualifying male and female humankind nature! If it is not mentioned in this verse, it is precisely because it concerns our Creation at the stage and phase of the single cell of life, which the female cell, or its pair has germinated from its side! (Is it logical to think Eve’s body coming out of Adam’s side, as believed and shown in mural frescoes in churches etc.) So He Created Man from one single self/cell; and from the same cell, He Brought out its pair.

The eight cattle in pairs were “Sent down.” This shows they were not included in the evolution of Man on Earth. Therefore, their meat is allowed for eating. And now the most important part and the key to the mystery of the verse (39:6):

39:6 ” … He Created you in the bellies of your mothers.”

The word womb is not used here, and mothers is plural. The reason is, if it were the case of our one kind of mother, that is man-humankind mother, then the sentence would have been: “He Created you in your mother’s ‘womb’.” Moreover, it shows that before our animal, mankind and humankind mothers (which possess wombs), we have had other mothers, namely Earth, plant and today even laboratory tubes, for which only the word belly is appropriate, considering they do not possess wombs! Thus, we have been Created from several mothers, which did not possess wombs!

For additional Justification the word womb by itself, already exists in The Qur’an.

3:6 “He it is Who Shapes you in the wombs how He Wills; there is no god but He, The Almighty, The Wise.”

39:6 ” … He Created you … Creation after Creation.”

First Creation, is all the way from the single cell and its pair in the belly of the Earth, and through evolution into vegetation and plant. (71:17)

71:17 And الله/All’h Has Germinated you plant from the Earth.”

After Completing all other phases of Earthly creatures, Man genetically completed his human shape. The process of evolution of the single cell till it becomes Man is called The First Creation. The Creation after Creation is, through marriage, being conceived in the womb, and born from mankind and humankind mother. See verse below; during the First Creation God Brought us forth from “the bellies” of our mothers; while we were “without sense of knowing” (in a state of vegetation and state of animal).

16:78 “It is He Who Brought you forth from the bellies of your mothers when you knew nothing; and He Gave you hearing and sight and affection, may you be thankful.”

39:6 “… in three darkness … .”

Our World is situated at the lowest part of Creation, at the farthest distance from The Light/God, thus, in darkness! Therefore the existence of Man is in three layers of darkness: the world of cell, the world inside the body, and the world outside (that are exactly of the same substance); and the three layers of darkness covering the embryo: the placenta, the womb and the belly.

For additional examples in confirmation of the reasoning above, concerning the words belly and womb; we can refer to verses below: (6:139, 143). From these verses, we learn that the use of the word belly in verse (39:6), is CERTAINLY not in vain, and PROVES the reasoning above, concerning the human race having had several mothers, not all of which possessed a womb!

6:139 “And (the ignoramus) said: ‘what is in the bellies of such and such livestock is reserved for our men and forbidden to our spouses … “

6:143 “Eight kind (of livestock) in pairs; two of the sheep, and two of the goat; say: is it the two males that He Has Forbidden or the two females, or the contents of the wombs of the two females? Tell me with knowledge if you are truthful.”

The two verses above indicate the ignorance of primitive people, who lacked knowledge of the use of wombs (instead of bellies) in the case of female livestock. In conclusion; mankind was Created, through different phases and faces, in the bellies of his various specimens of mothers:

82:7 “Him Who Created you, then Separated you, and then Equaled you,”

82:8 “in whatever shape He Willed, He Composed you.”

Genetically, the pair “Adam”, and the Children of Adam, were spreading out on Earth. At first they started their lives on Earth in a Garden-like (Jannat) atmosphere. (This also has been proved Scientifically today. The first humans were living in a valley near the “Nile River”, between Kenya and Tanzania, in Africa.)

The environmental condition for these people at first, was in fact paradisiacal! The Earth was a real Garden with perfect and safe conditions for living. No pollution, no contamination, free of disease; fertile soil, healthy vegetation, water and fruits in abundance; free of hunger, nakedness and misery; good weather condition, no extreme heat and cold, lots of shade, and no harshness of life. Everything needed for sustenance was gathered for humankind. When God Almighty Consigned the Earth to “Adam” (human), it was in a Paradisiacal situation! (20:117-118-119)

20:117 “Then We Said: O Adam! Truly this is an enemy to you and your wife, so let him not get you both out of the Garden or else you be in hardship”

20:118 “There is therein (enough provisions) for you not to go hungry nor to go naked,”

20:119 “Nor to suffer from thirst, nor from the sun’s heat.”

When Adam’s genes and generation were in perfect health, without defect or damage, God Warned them against Satan:

  • That he was their enemy who would go so far as to change their genes. That he would prevent them from finding the Truth about their Lord and Real Master
  • He would be an obstacle to their survival to Eternal life and the Happiness of the Hereafter
  • That following Satan, not only prevents them from having a happy healthy life on Earth, but drags them into the everlasting agony of Hell
  • That their only way of survival is to follow the Admonitions of God, The Only Creator.

In spite of all the Warnings, by the First Commandment of The Creator to the pair Adam/(human male and female) against the forbidden Tree, we started on the way to fulfill Satan’s ambition.

2:35 “And We Said: O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Garden and eat of the bountiful things therein as you wish, where you wish; but do not approach this Tree or you become of the oppressors.”

20:120 “Satan whispered evil to him, he said: O Adam, shall I direct you to a Tree of Eternity and an imperishable kingdom?”

Concerning the alteration of genes; and the Apple Tree, refer below. Each Transgression of God’s Guidance/Command causes oppression and injustice, hence pollution. In other words, each sin/subordination, produces a sum of pollution in the inner and outer nature of Man’s environment.

30:41 “The corruption has appeared on land and sea, the result of what the hands of people have earned; that He May Give them a taste of their deeds in order that they may turn back (from their errors)

The “triple world” of Man is “One” and the same (Donia/World)! Thus whenever we disobey our Lord in any of His Advice, be it in thought or in action, we produce some pollution in our “triple world,” causing the disorder of our cells, and unbalancing the order of the atmosphere surrounding us. Satan caused Adam to commit sin and pollute their environment. Due to the Rules of “All’h”/(Forces of Creation, the Order and Composition of Nature), they fell from their high position of the paradisiacal Garden. They were chased from it, falling from their high state of ease and comfort, to a lower state of difficulty and calamity (2:36).

2:36 “Then the Satan caused them to commit that mistake, and get them out of the state in which they had been; so We Told them: ‘Fall off with enmity with each other! And on Earth, you shall have dwelling and means of livelihood for a while.’”

Such exile has also been discovered through scientific research. The first men on Earth had to leave the Valley after a while because of several Earthquakes and bad living conditions. Some of them went toward the north of the River Nile, and some went toward the south. Only those of the northern part survived (who were the Homo sapiens sapiens, or Adam and children of Adam).

The Arabic word, “hobut/هبوط”, that is used in the verse above, meaning “falling off and getting down of something,” does not necessarily mean to fall from High Heaven down to Earth.

Who can resist such a fall? The fall is from a higher, better position to a lower and worse position. Such as (2:61) below, which is falling from the advantages of freedom, into the lowness of slavery.

2:61 ” … (Moses said) Will you exchange the better for the worse? Go down (هبوط/hobut) to any town (and/Egypt) and you shall find what you want.”

The Facts Concerning “Adam” and the Apple Tree.

Important information about the Tree forbidden to the pair Adam/human: Hitherto, all the interpretations, concerning the kind of Tree, has been mostly “Apple Tree” and some also said, “Wheat” (although wheat does not grow on trees.) However, there is no mention of “apple” or “wheat” (or any other specific kind) in The Qur’an for the Tree. This is for the simple reason that such items, as apple and wheat, are good and lawful nutrients! It is quite illogical and absurd to think that God Has first Forbidden them, then Changed His Mind and Made them lawful, ever since. In fact, there was nothing special about “the Tree” to arouse their curiosity and temptation to touch it. God Does not Make things difficult for Man, Knowing the level of his weakness and understanding. And God never Forbids something without a good solid reason behind it. There is no mention of fruit for the Special Tree; the word is: “not approaching; not touching”!

The reason behind strictly Forbidding to approach the Tree, was by far more important. It was most dangerous and disastrous to touch it. The Tree, was none other than the Genealogical Tree! The Tree of Nobility, the Substantial Heredity to humankind through The Spirit of God! Thus, touching it, was breaking the “Seal”, and transgressing the “code” of the ” Perfect Gene of Nobility”/the Property Transmitted to mankind through The Spirit of God! (The change of genes is shown today by the extent of deficient nature and imperfect disposition, misery, disease etc., in mankind and our society; as well as the disorderly balance of Nature, Earth, sky, oceans, volcanoes etc. It remains the favorite question of people: “Why Did God Create so much misery?”)

The Tree was a symbol of the Sacred, Inviolable Commandment of God! By violating It, in fact they broke evil and moral guilt free! In other words, they opened and untied the devil on Earth. By disobeying God’s Order, “the seal of immunity of the respect for God’s Commandment” was removed; and once the way for pollution opened, it started to appear in both, inner and outer worlds of the pair Adam! For this reason, they immediately lost the protection of the “Seal of immunity, purity, chastity, innocence.” Their shame and nudity was revealed to them, as it was hidden from them previously. (7:20)

7:20 “Then Satan started whispering suggestions to them in order to reveal to them their shame that (previously) was hidden from them. He said: Your Lord Did not Forbid you from this Tree, but to Prevent you from becoming angels or such beings as live forever”

7:22 “So he reasoned them by false hopes, and when they tasted of the tree, their shame became manifest to them and they began to sew together the leaves of the Garden over their bodies. And their Lord Called unto them: Did I not Forbid you from that Tree, and Tell you that Satan was a manifest enemy to the pair of you?”

Violation of God’s Commandments opened the gate of sin/pollution into the World (inside and out) of Man. The impurity first broke through their minds, making them conscious of each other’s nudity, causing them to cover themselves. This first sin was the first step to today’s polluted World of human nature. In other words, the first brick of the construction of Hell was placed. All misfortunes, pollution, diseases of people of the World, be it then or be it today, are the result of deviating from God’s Advice and Commandments. Adam regretted and tried to repent; but they did not know how. The Merciful Lord Taught Adam the words of redemption. (2:37)

2:37 “Then learnt Adam from his Lord words, thus He Redeemed him; in fact He Is The Redeemer, The Merciful.”

Thus through these words they asked forgiveness, and The Lord Accepted their repentance:

7:23 “They said: Our Lord! We have wronged our souls! If You Forgive us not and Bestow not upon us Your Mercy, we shall be among the losers.”

Reminding: Through these verses The Lord Teaches us that in this World we must use special words for the elevation of the prayers, demands and imploring.

Look at the numbers of the verses, 2:37 and 7:23. They have the same digits, thus confirming each other.

The World is Programmed on the basis of a Mathematical Coding System; consequently everything is in accord with its specifically fixed amount and measure (54:49), hence coded! As the Heredity code, and the Noble genes of humans, were touched and changed (by human/Adam); thus the Rules and coding system of things were disturbed. Today we witness the unbalanced order of the world. Nevertheless the coding system of The Qur’an, proven to be intact, untouched and unviolated, is still safe thanks to Almighty Lord! Thus, the words of The Qur’an coded, the prayers in verses, are the opener of the way for elevation of the words. A Great Blessing of God is close at hand for the believers! (Refer to QF “The role of The Qur’an.”)

54:49 “In fact, all things We Have Created in the precise amount.”

Discerning: -“The Civil Code for a Proper and Clean Society; -The Dress Code for “Children of Adam”

Gradually increasing on Earth, they did not benefit from the same conditions as their parents (Garden and purity)! Therefore, God Sent down garments for them. (7:26)

7:26 “O you children of Adam, We Have Sent garments upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the garment of righteousness is best. Such are among Signs of الله/All’h, that they may receive admonition.”

God Had Gathered from the first to the last of them, telling them how Satan had caused the exile of their parents from the Garden; Warning them against being duped by Satan to lose also their garment of righteousness and be afflicted to moral Nudity (7:27):

7:27 “O you children of Adam, let not Satan seduce you, in the same manner as he got your parents out of the Garden, stripping them out of their garments to expose their shame. In fact he and his tribe watch you from somewhere you cannot see them; We made the devils friends of those who do not believe.”

Thus in the Sight of God, Nudity is the lack of righteousness! As you can see in v.27 above, it is spoken about the couple Adam being “stripped out of their garments.” They had no clothing or garments on!

In (v 7:26), the “Item Sent” is: “clothe/dress/garment”; which is used to cover the body! There is no question of covering the head, face or both, for the following reasons:

a) For covering the head, hair or face, we use the word: “veil/scarf etc.”; and nothing of the sort is mentioned here! And as the verses of The Qur’an are fully “detailed”, then there is NO DOUBT that veiling over the body, or the head and face is not the Commandment of God, or else it would be mentioned beside garments!

b) the second and obvious reason is that the head, hair, and face are not considered to be the “shame parts/private parts” of the body.

Verse (7:26) is the highest evidence against those who invent lies by pretending that covering the face, head, and hair of women is a Commandment of God, as mentioned in The Qur’an!

As for the word “Hijab/حجاب”; the propagation of this word as a dress code for women is nothing but DEVILISH! The word “Hijab“, appears 8 times in The Qur’an (7:46; 33:53; 38:32; 41:5; 42:51; 17:45; 19:17; 83:15)! Never concerning Women garments, but always as a screen! Nothing to do with veiling the head or face!

7:46 “Between them shall be a screen (Hijab); and on Al-A’raf (The Elevated place) will be men who would know everyone by their marks; and they will call out the Residents of the Garden/Jannat: “Peace on you.” They have not yet entered (the Garden), though they hope.”

33:53 “O you who believe! Do not enter the Prophet’s house, until leave is given you …  And when you ask for anything you want (from his ladies), ask them before a screen (Hijab): that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs … “

38:32 “And he said: ‘Truly I love the good things on account of the remembrance of my Lord!’ Until (the sun) was hidden behind the screen (Hijab) (of night).”

41:5 “And they say: our hearts are under veils from that to which you invite us; and in our ears is a deafness; and between us and you, is a screen (Hijab). So do (what you want) and we shall do (what we will).”

42:51 “It is not (tolerable physically) for a human being that All’h Should Speak to him (directly), but through Revelation, or from behind a screen (Hijab), or by Sending a messenger to Reveal, by His Permission, what He Wills; for He Is Most High, Most Wise.”

17:45 “When you read The Qur’an, We Put between you and those who believe not in the Hereafter, a concealing screen (Hijab);”

19:17 “She placed a screen (Hijab) from them. Then We Sent to her Our Spirit, appearing to her as a human being in all respect.”

83:15 “Never! In fact from their Lord, that Day, they shall be screened (Hijab).”

The reason for such lies is that we do not estimate God at His Right Estimation (39:67). God Is not like us! He Is far, far, far beyond Being Concerned in our physical matter, clothing and looks. Before developing this subject, I bring to your attention, through the verse below, a glimpse of the correct estimation of God Almighty.

39:67 “They do not make an estimate of الله, at His Just Estimation; the whole Earth is just a Handful of His on Day of the Resurrection, and the heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand! Glory to Him, He Is High Above what they attribute to Him”

We do not estimate God at His Right Estimation! We people, and our Universe all together, are but a Handful (of molecules). The simile of mosquito in The Qur’an is a perfect comparison, enabling us to have a faint idea of the size of the difference and Greatness of God in our “estimation”!

Let us consider the dress code for mosquitos. Whether they wear a veil, or a burka, or a swimming suit, could it be of our concern, interest and importance in any way? Well, this is the same as far as our dress code is to God.

2:26 “In fact All’h الله Disdains not to use similitude of a mosquito or be it any bigger. Those who believe, they know it is the reality from their Lord; and as for those who do not believe, then they say: What Means All’h by this similitude? By it, He Causes many to stray; and by it Guides many; but He Causes not to stray by it, except the perverse.”

The deducing arguments above, concerning the similitude of the mosquito and the dress code, are also indicated in their common number of verses: 2:26 and 7:26 (above)!

Human dress codes, as far as God Is Concerned are to keep a society clean: “garments to cover the private parts; and the garment of righteousness is best.” (7:26 above) It is only a matter concerning humankind, and depends on their society, country, customs, climate, time, etc. The reason for God’s Advice is not to indicate the way we should dress, but to keep the garments of morality and proper behavior for the preservation of a clean society, which is far more important and effective than the way we dress!

The two verses below are placed in Chapter The Light (24). The Intention and Purpose is to Illuminate the limits of righteousness to be respected, for preserving a good clean society concerning sexual relationships between men and women. Trespassing these limits eventually leads to obscenity, disease and perversity (as shown today). The Advice is a Warning against having sex with different partners that is not hygienic for a society, and against seduction and provocation.

24:30 “Say to the believing men to lower from their gaze (staring), and guard their private parts, this is cleaner for them; and الله Is well Informed of what they do.”

24:31 “And say to the believing women, they should lower from their gaze, and guard their private parts; and not to display their ornament except what appear thereof, in covering their bosoms; and not display their ornament except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or their maids, male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the sex of women; and they should not strike their feet to make known their hidden ornaments. And all of you, turn toward All’h, o you the (actual) believers, that you may succeed.”

Discerning: the verses above are for both eras: the time of Prophet Muhammad and our time. They show that seduction and provocation starts in the gaze, in the way of looking at someone! On the other hand, “Lowering from their gaze” does not mean avoiding looking into someone’s face (as some think that is a sign of righteousness). Exaggeration is only damaging and spoiling.

In fact, what is meant by: “lowering from their gaze”, is to not stare. Staring could be provocative and seductive. The meaning of “guarding one’s private parts” is also clear: keep away from sexual relations with different partners, as that is hygienically dangerous, and is the way for propagation of various diseases in society. “Not to display their ornament, except what appear thereof”; Here again, it is illuminating the limits of sexual provocation, especially for married women. The hidden ornament of women is whatever is not apparent, such as underwear, or whatever they put on (artificially) as a charm and attraction to adorn and promote their femininity to seduce. And covering their bosoms is an Order! (Today they wear transparent coverings over the bosoms, or topless swimming suits etc.)

The word “Khumurohinna خمرهن”, means “their covering” (no mention of the kind of covering, be it for “head/face.”) This is a Commandment that goes for both eras of time, without Specifying the manner of dressing for women. Whatever their “outer-wear” being; and their natural and ordinary way, without displaying their femininity: as ornamented “underwear”; or their hidden beauty as an unnatural charm for seduction.

In other words, “Provocation” in any way, be it by dress or behavior or seduction arousing sexual desire, is the key to problems, in every society. The “outer-wear” is “what appear thereof”! The “underwear” and what displays their femininities, should not be displayed, except to their husband, and to those they are sexually exempted from etc.

“And they should not strike their feet to make known their hidden ornaments.” This also depends on the fashion of the time. At the time of the Prophet, women wore ornaments on their ankles. By twinkling them they drew attention to themselves. In our time they should not strike the covering (shorts/skirts etc.) as high on the legs as to show what is hidden under or the underwear (fancy panties, showing under skirts and shorts) The Qur’an has been Programmed for two different eras! The words for Prophet Muhammad, his people, his time etc., is specified by “O you the Prophet.”; “O Muhammad … “ such as below:

Chapter 33: “The Parties/Confederates/Crowds/” 33:59: This verse as you see below, is in the chapter of Different parties and crowds of people because it is a verse (a group of verses) specified directly to Prophet and his wives, his daughters, and the wives of the believers in his time and neighborhood. In these series of verses, you gather that some people in the neighborhood of the Prophet, who had not joined him in faith, were spreading rumors, insulting his wives, daughters and the wives of the believers, concerning their outfit. This is an Advice for lowering their jellabah (the special Arab style of out-wear/overalls), for being recognized as believing women, and to avoid being insulted.

33:59 “O you the Prophet, tell your wives and daughters and the women of the Believers to lower their Jellabah  (overalls): this is closer for them to be recognized, and avoid to be insulted; and All’h Is Forgiving, Merciful.”

Although the verses “specified to the Prophet” (that is when his name is called), belong to his time, and do not directly concern us, they are admonitory for us and our time. In their time, lowering their jellabah was to cover the ornament on their ankles/ In our time, it is lowering on the legs to hide the underwear, if we want to avoid insult, or give the wrong impression of ourselves. As you notice, the extent or limit for lowering is not Mentioned!

This concludes the matter of dress code in The Qur’an.

IN CONCLUSION: We, Adam’s progeny, have been duped by Satan; and more or less have violated God’s Commandments, which is all for preserving a good and clean Nature; hence we are all responsible for the pollution and construction of our Hell today on Earth:

20:123 “He Said: Get both of you down of it, all together, enemy to one another; but if, as is sure, there comes to you Guidance from Me, whosoever follows My Guidance will not be lost, nor fall into misery.”

Therefore, each of us, Adam’s children and Adam’s progeny, be it then or be it today, if we had, or if we do follow God’s Guidance, will not lose our way, nor fall into misery!


18 (bis.) The Religion of God

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