13. The Mystery of the Creation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: (… The Bi-Merciful/الرحمن … ) (Continued)

The incontrovertible scientific proof for The Qur’an as The Almighty Creator’s Word.

The Mystery of the Creation

The mystery of the Creation and what happened between God and the angels, is the Key to understanding all about the Creation of Man on Earth, Man’s promotion to humanity and his taking over the responsibility of his world in hand, by his own will and free choice of action; also all the miseries he has caused for himself in it, ever since. No doubt, the above information has been in our possession ever since 14 centuries ago, through The Qur’an. Even so, only today’s Science could bring the key for the discernment of the Verses concerned. Thanks to Almighty Lord, we now have the answers to all unanswered questions about the event of the start of the Creation!

To have a full understanding of The Word of God; first we must go over the discoveries of contemporary Science, for this matter: The Start of the Creation (Discoveries of Science.) Here is a summary of information brought to us by modern Physics, concerning the origin of the Creation of our Universe. This will enable the readers to compare the Word of God, Sent to us 1400 years ago and the actual discoveries of Science.

The Big Bang Theory

The event that happened about 13.8 Billion years ago, was a gigantic Explosion, causing the birth of our World/Universe, and the expansion and amplitude of matter, in other words, whatever we see today in this World. Astrophysicists have determined events back to  10-43 seconds (one second divided by “10 followed by 43 zeros”) after the Explosion! The Universe, at such an extremely young age, with all its future containing galaxies, planets, Earth, trees, flowers etc., was the size of an unimaginably small button of 10-33 centimetres, Billions of times smaller than an atom. In such a state, the temperature of this newly born Universe was such that it cannot be held in the imagination: 1032 (10 followed by 32 zeros) degrees Celsius. Here we are facing the Heat Wall, or the extreme border of heat. The energy of this newborn is monstrous. As to the matter, if we could call it so, it is a kind of soup of elementary particles, the original ancestors of quarks, the particles that are constantly in interactions.

In this state, no differentiation has yet happened between these particles, and they all interact in the same manner. The four essential interactions (gravitation, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force) have not been distinguished yet. They are compounded in The One Power of Universe. And all this is happening in a World that is Billions of times smaller than a needle point. But at this time, that was the most extraordinary time of the Universe, the speed of the action of the events was absolutely delirious; in such a way that what happened in this time much less than one second, has been much more than what occurred during Billions of years after.

For a better idea of these delirious events, imagine the event of a flash of a camera would be equal to Billions of years in the new born World. This is because the tremendous amplitude of the events on that time caused the inversion of its time. Thus, during the period of the start of creation, that is a period Billionths of a second, was enough for the Universe to reach a tremendous revolution, that the scientists have called it the inflationary period. In a period of 10-36 to 10-32 of a second, the Universe inflates at a factor of 1026. From a size much smaller than an atom, it grows to the size of a large orange, about 10 centimetres wide.

Put in another way, a delirious expansion far greater and more important than from the inflationary period up to now. Because, the present magnitude of the World has only expanded 55 x 1012 times, approximately 1014 times. Proportionately speaking, the difference between the first particle and the orange (1026) is far greater than the orange and our World today (1014.) So, in such a miniscule time, 10-32 seconds we are facing a World as big as an orange, containing of a soup of electrons, quarks, neutrino, photons and their antiparticles. If someone could have seen this little World at this time, they would see that the exterior of this orange is an unequal and irregular plowed ground, being more condensed in some places. Our existence is connected with these original irregularities; much and much later on, these plowed traces will expand to form the stars and planets.

In fact the paving of the World, or whatever we are acquainted with in our World, was created in Billionths of a second. It was in such a time that the strong force (which is responsible for protons and neutrons holding together), was separating from the electroweak force (that separates later into the electromagnetic force and the weak nuclear force, responsible for radioactivity). Now the World is very big; from one side to the other side is 300 metres. Inside it there is an unimaginable temperature. The time passes in 10-11 of a second, the electroweak force will separate into two distinguished forces: the electromagnetic force and the weak force. Therefore the photons with other particles, quarks etc., will not mix.

Thus the four ESSENTIAL FORCES are separated now and distinguished. Between the next 10-11 and 10-5 seconds, another essential event happens: quarks form neutrons and protons; most of the antiparticles have vanished, making room for the actual particles of our World. In one tenth thousandth of a second, the elementary particles, in a space that is organized, have been formed. The World continues to widen and cool. Approximately 200 seconds from the start, the elementary particles unite to form isotopes (forms of elements with the same and/closely related chemical properties and the same atomic number but differing atomic weights) of hydrogen and helium. Every element of our World gradually takes its place; and all this in approximately three minutes.

From now on the events take place much more slowly. For 10 million years, the World was covered with radiation and storms of gas. After 200 million years, the first stars were formed out of giant storms of gas. This is the time when the World was essentially formed of giant hydrogen clouds dissipating, producing heat, and finally shining; that was the formation of the first gigantic stars. We can compare these stars to some giant furnaces specialized for making cells of heavy elements, that are formed of the mixture of hydrogen and helium atoms; a necessity for the progression of matter mingling, weaving together; and at the end of their short life, not more than few hundred years, these stars have exploded, spreading some necessary elements for the formation of smaller stars, called 2nd (3rd and 4th) generation stars, their planets and metals they contain.

Thus, 10-12 Billion years ago, due to these big explosions and heavy elements that have emanated from these stars, a cloud containing iron and heavy elements necessary for the construction of our planet Earth and solar system, floated in space. THUS THE IRON ATOM, ONE OF THE STRONGEST ELEMENTS OF THE WORLD, THAT WAS THE NECESSARY ELEMENT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF OUR PLANET EARTH AND SOLAR SYSTEM, BILLIONS OF YEARS LATER, DESCENDED FROM THE HEAVEN DOWN ON EARTH.

Please recall the words in capital letters, that are particularly necessary for comparison with verses of The Qur’an, concerning the descent of iron etc.

Scientists still have no idea about the cause of the start of the World, and their knowledge does not go further back than 10-43 seconds after the start of Universe, coming across a barrier which is called, the planck wall. The planck wall is the wall of Gravity, named after the well-known German physicist Max Planck, who was the first to have noted: “Science has no possibility to explain the way the atoms behave in the situation that the “G” is in its extreme force.” At the beginning, in that microscopic World, the “G” had not a big part to play, as the stars and planets were not formed yet for “G” to perform its force on them. Nevertheless the force was there, and was meddling with the elementary particles that normally are connected to electromagnetic force and nuclear forces. Thus, the planck wall and time (10-43 sec.), is the border of the Knowledge; as the “G” force has formed an impenetrable wall that has closed every “door” to research for the scientists to know what went on before this time.

Due to the theory of quantum mechanics, the physical World or whatever is visible, is but a sum of moving to and fro on a giant ocean of energy. Thus the elementary particles and the World, HAVE NO OTHER SOURCE THAN the “OCEAN OF ENERGY.” Also due to the same theory, in this World there is no empty space, that is totally empty of matter and energy; in each vacancy, exists sedimentary energy  that, through the moving action, has the possibility of being converted into matter; and so new particles can germinate out of nothing. Up until now, whatever is said about Big Bang, it is a pattern accepted by all astrophysicists. But is there solid proof that the events happened exactly as described? Has there been a Big Explosion at all?

There are at least three signs that support the theory of the Big Bang

    1. Proof from the age of the stars. The oldest has been shown to be 13 to 15 Billion years old. This period confirms the age of the Universe from the time of its birth
    2. Proof from the analysis of the light that is spread from galaxies; the analysis of this light shows that the galaxies separate from each other; and the speed of their separation increases as they get farther apart. This proves that at the beginning, somewhere in space, 15 Billion years ago they were gathered together.
    3. The last proof and the most convincing one; in 1965, all over the World, background radiation was discovered by scientists, that is comparable with a very low temperature 2.7 degrees over absolute zero. This radiation is the fossil light and cosmic background radiation of the first flood of energy of the elementary moments of the construction of the Universe.

(The information above is quoted from the book God and the Science, by: “Grishka and Igor Bogdanoff”, doctors in astrophysics and theoretical physics.)

Such was the limit of scientists’ knowledge (before they formed the M theory recently) and the conclusion of their theories concerning the beginning of the World, without being 100% sure about it! But what scientists do not recognize or admit yet, is that Science is from God! And so, today through Knowledge of The Qur’an, we can distinguish that their theories are based on the truth, as they corroborate with the Word! This in no way being extraordinary as it is God’s Will and Mercy that Science brings, 14 centuries later, confirmation for His Word, so that people might believe! Especially concerning their latest discovery: The String Theory; that clarifies, at last, the meaning of one of the most perplexing and puzzling allegorical similarities in the verse (7:40, below) that, not being understood, was the subject of mockery from unbelievers.

Here is another example: We have known all along about the existence of other Universes (the abode of the angels) beyond the planck wall. Scientists and physicists have denied the possibility of its existence up until now (due to the intensity of Gravity on the planck wall). Today, through the latest discovery, The String Theory, they have come to the conclusion that such a possibility exists, and there might be other Universe(s) beyond ours.

Followings are some verses concerning the actual scientists, indicating:

  • The limit of their findings
  • Their arrogance to believe and connect their knowledge with God
  • That no matter how many Miraculous Signs, God Shows them in Opening the gate of heavens for them, and Allowing them to continue ascending (their knowledge), they are still unappreciative, thinking it is due to their own intelligence
  • That people who believe, are but bewitched and simple minded, etc. (15:14)
  • Due to The Qur’an; above all the heavens and our Universe, exist the Dominion of All’h, and the angels, in different Universes; and that which becomes the eternal abode of the Believers, in life Hereafter! Between them, there is a border fixed for non believers, those who reject the Signs/Verses of All’h:

15:14 “Even if We Opened out to them a gate from Heaven and they were to continue ascending therein (they would not have any recognition for God)

15:15 “They would only say: ‘Our eyes have been intoxicated, nay, our people have been bewitched.”

15:16 “It is We Who Have Set out the Zodiacal Signs in the Heaven and Ornamented it for the beholders;”

15:17 “and We Have Guarded it against every evil accursed.”

THE LATEST DISCOVERY OF SCIENCE, AND AN INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF FOR THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE QUR’AN: the verses below, concerning scientists who after all will pass the border  (of our Universe), and discover other Universes beyond ours.

7:40 “In fact for those who reject Our Signs and treat them with arrogance, there will be no opening of the gates of Heaven, nor will they enter the Garden until, the camel passes through the eye of a needle; and such is our reward for the culpable”.

7:41 “For them there is Hell as an abode, and folds and folds of covering above them; such is our requital for the (definite) transgressors.”

Note how extraordinarily well described are the time and the object of the New scientific discovery!

In (7:40), the time Given for scientists to find out the secrets of heavens, the existence of Universe(s) beyond the planck wall, is: “Until the camel passes through the needle’s eye!” the word “until” shows, such a time is to come, or else it would be: ” … there will be no opening for them.” God NEVER Mentions unnecessary words! Thus up to now they could not find out about them. But in the 21st century (the camel passed through the needle’s eye visually through electronics), they opened “the gates”.

This symbolic phrase (seeming particularly naïve to so many) in fact indicates there will come a time for the happening of improbabilities. (Praise be The Almighty God)! Which is today’s latest discovery of Science: the String Theory/M-Theory/The infinite probabilities. Which is the exact definition of the improbability of a camel passing through a needle’s eye. NOTHING is Mentioned in The Qur’an without reason!

Nevertheless, if “a gate of Heaven” has been opened for them, and they continue to ascend therein until discovering other Universes; not all the gates will open! And unless they believe and pass through The Gate of The Qur’an, they will never enter the Garden, to know what is on the other side of these gates! This in fact is a last chance and a Great Mercy from The Lord for such people.

(7:41) “And if, with all these obvious Signs, and ascending over our Universe, they still deny the Verses, then their arrogance will bar their knowledge from passing through the Gate of Reality. They will stay in Hell, that is the lowest of the low places of existence. The Hell, is of course, the Earth  (or whatever is going to become of the Earth at the end of the World), and the phrase: ” … being covered by folds and folds … ” is only a scientific sign of the Earth, its exact situation in our Universe; and as described in The Qur’an, the “Lowest of the lows”/(asfal-al-saféleen, in Arabic)” (95:5).

Moreover, the most important aspect of the String/M. Theory (that was the dream of Einstein), is the Relativity between the smallest (quantum mechanics), and the biggest in our Universe; and this proves the principle of Oneness in The Qur’an. One Creator, Overwhelming His Creation and All Creatures.

In summary

Only Believers, who enter through the Gate of The Book and the Verses of All’h, their knowledge passes through all the Gates beyond the Wall, to know All about the unknown, or the Universes of Eternal life. Therefore at this point, I would like to reassure the honorable readers, that through The FurQan, thanks to Almighty Lord, they will enter the Gate, through the Verses of The Lord Creator, Only! And apart from some scientific narration for better distinguishing the comparison with the Word of God, no narration/hadith other than The Qur’an, will they encounter:

7:185 “Don’t they look into the government of the heavens and the Earth and what All’h Has Created out of particles? And whereas their term of life may well be near? Which narration after this will they then believe?”

So, by God’s Will, let us open these Gates one after the other, comparing the Verses with scientific findings of our time. The first and the most important verse that mentions:


(that today through scientific discoveries, its Miracle is undeniable! Who could be aware of such information 1400 years ago, but The Creator Himself?)

(57: 25): “The Iron”

“We Sent our Messengers with clear Signs, and Sent down with them The Book and the Balance that people may uphold the Justice. And We Sent down the Iron, in which there is intense hardness as well as benefits for mankind, and for All’h to Acknowledge who helps Him and His Messengers in secret; for الله All’h Is Powerful, Almighty.”

Please pay attention to the numbers of chapter and verse (Remembering the key code of The Qur’an “19”): Number of chapter 57 = (19 x 3.) The element of Iron has 3 different capacities: 3 (x19=57/the number of the chapter), 2 and 5. 25 the number of the Chapter Al-FurQan). Moreover, the atomic mass of isotope 57 of Iron (57Fe) as found on Earth, is 57 Da. It is no more than 50 years or so since Science discovered about the element of Iron being descended from Heaven, causing Life of Man and all living things on Earth etc. This in itself is irrefutable Proof!

Moreover in this verse, in the past, the mention of “Sending down the iron”, and its connection with The Book, the Balance, and defending God and His Messengers by faith and belief; has been interpreted as making armor for war against unbelievers. As, at the time of Prophet Muhammad, defending God and His Messenger had been through various wars, all of which being forced on Muhammad by the pagans! But that Period of time of the First Opening of The Qur’an is over! And for the following reasons:

  1. As mentioned in Al-FurQan (Ch. 1, on this same blog), The Qur’an is Planned for two different eras and generations (35: 31, 32);
  2. The Qur’an, being the last Divine Book, Prophet Muhammad was the last of the Prophets (33:40).

And the Order for war with weaponry, can ONLY be given by a Prophet, who gets direct Orders and Revelation from God! Thus for our time that we have no more the presence of the Prophet between us, there cannot be an order for war with weapon!

A very important point to discern in the verse (57:25) above, is the difference of the title, “Prophet” and “Messenger”, that I repeat here: “Prophet”, is a Messenger who brings a NEW BOOK; and a Messenger (without the title of “Prophet”), is one who teaches the Verses of The Book amongst the people of the preceding Prophet.

Undoubtedly, the verse (57:25), is for the second Opening of The Qur’an; a verse for the people of the 21st century, at a time that Science discovers the iron being descended from Heaven. As mentioned before, the Opening of The Book of God Is always at the level of the insight and knowledge of people concerned. Today, knowledge and perception have grown at a very much higher rate than at the time of Prophet Muhammad. The level of our insight, through electronic eyes, has penetrated into our inner world, has split the atom, giving us knowledge about human cells. Today the Word of The Almighty God concerns our inner world, human cells, atoms and quarks.

The Commandment for “efforts/jihad“, is only on the level of the human cell and the inner world of humans, their inner belief, thoughts and minds. The Command for effort, is to clean and tidy up, putting in order our inner world as to our belief, wiping out all sorts of idolatry, cleaning our consciousness and mind, following the Instructions of our Only Lord! This is the only way to survive the chaos of our world today! (As Science also, has discovered today the relativity of the outside and inside world). Today we can perceive the Great Miracle of this verse; that the mention of “Sending DOWN the Iron”, is information relating to the essence of the construction of our solar system; the start of life, and Man on Earth; and the sum of interior “faith and belief” of each of us.

Here is the meaning and the interpretation of this verse by today’s knowledge and Science

“The iron that has been descended from Heaven, is the heavy element of the essence and the pillar of the construction of Man’s inner and outer world; in order to make known whoever in his lifetime follows The Book (Qur’an), then the Balance (the Discernment/Al-FurQan ch.25, for discerning the Verses equivalent to the knowledge of the time), and who merits the unseen life of Hereafter that is based on supporting God and His Messengers through belief and inside conviction of faith.”


One of the important points in this phrase to consider and keep in mind is the word: “Messengers with The Book.” As mentioned above, a Messenger who brings a new Book, is called “Prophet” (3:81):

3:81 “And when All’h Took the ‘Covenant of the Prophets’ (from Man) that is, whenever a Book and a Wisdom came to you, and then comes to you a Messenger certifying (The Book) that is with you, you would believe in him and render him help; (God Said): Do you agree and accept this as My Binding on you? They said: We agree; He Said: Then bear witness and I Am with you among the witnesses.”

The verse 3:81, The Covenant of the Prophets, is about a Messenger that comes to people certifying The Book which they already have in hand, brought by the last Prophet. In verse 3:81, as v.57:25, The Book concerns particularly The Qur’an. Because The Qur’an is the only Divine Book, that is certified by a Messenger; (Dr. Rashad Khalifa, who brought the mathematical coding Miracle of The Qur’an in 1974; moreover, “Time and Science” as Messengers, besides the mathematical Proof, have brought clear Signs that the secret of the essence of existence lies in this verse (57:25), thus certifying the Divinity of The Book.” THE “BOOK” AND THE “BALANCE”, THAT MEN MAY UPHOLD JUSTICE.”

The word “Balance” that is, “means of measure”, comes after “Book”! So, first comes The Book/Qur’an, then after, comes Its Balance/means of measure. So 1400 years after the descent of The Qur’an, the people of “after The Book” (like people today) could also have an equivalent/balance Book for our own time and knowledge. In other words, the “Balance” helps us “understand our Book/The Qur’an, equivalent to Science and knowledge of our own time”, and thus follow the prescriptions of The Book for health and piety (in agreement with Knowledge of the time), know the measure and limit of things, and choose the right weight, on balance, for finding the middle path.

Last but not least, to be able to distinguish/(furqan) the Word of God, and set aside hundreds of years of fallible human words and unreliable narrations. This verse, about the iron, shows The Unlimited Force of God and His Giant Power for Creation. It shows the Creative System of God that Is Based on the same fashion and Never changes, be it for material world or spiritual. As the essence of the World is based on iron, which is one of the strongest elements of the World; the condition for an everlasting life with happiness, is also weighed by the amount of strength and stability, on the balance of faith. (35:43 ” … You will find that God’s System Is never changeable.”) Thus “Sending down the iron”, was in connection with the construction of the World, both the world outside and the world inside of Man and his needs.

The aim of that construction being that the worthy man, strong and steady in his faith, defending All’h and His Messengers, be Rewarded by All’h, that is being honored and esteemed, both in this life and the Hereafter. As such, it is only in the Ability of God Who Can Do whatever He Wants, the conclusion of the verse is: “FOR الله/ALL’H IS POWERFUL, ALMIGHTY.” So the key, or the Sign in this verse, is the information about the origin of Iron, that came down from the sky; the Key of the mystery of the Creation of the World, the Creation of the planet Earth, life of humankind on Earth, and the conditions for an everlasting life for him in Hereafter.

The verse 57:25, is the absolute Proof for being the Word of God! (As no one could have known about the relation of Iron, and the construction of the World, 14 centuries ago.).

This is particularly interesting and educational for some people who consider The Qur’an Man’s work, and repetitive, judging The Book very superficially. It is a fact that some verses, as the verse above, could not have been understood deeply and thoroughly without the interpretation of Science. Not everyone knows that the repetitions have their particular reasons! Not only it is not as naïve as it appears to them, but most certainly Miraculous! They shall be mentioned and explained as we come across them, God Willing.

I sincerely hope with the above evidence, such people would consider their mistake and realize the Grandeur of The Qur’an, and would race and hasten toward the Forgiveness of Their Lord, in order to enjoy the great Promise awaiting for them (3:133), in this life as well as the Hereafter.

3:133 “Hasten toward Forgiveness from your Lord and for a Garden whose width is that of all heavens and the Earth, Prepared for the righteous”


Now that the verse Iron has been discerned, thanks to Almighty Lord, let us start the discernment of 14. The Secret of the Creation


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