14. The Secret of the Creation

بسم ﷲ الر حمن الر حیم

The Secret of the Creation

Discerning الرحمن “…  the Bi-Merciful …” (Continued)

The Creation and The Event of God’s Covenant with Man

“’Be’ and there was,” and the Creation Started. And for this reason it was that some Energy/Light of God Almighty was Set apart for the cause (the four fundamental forces of Creation according to science). God’s Energy Is Productive and Creative by essence. From the tempest, rage and utmost heat of such Energy, the جان (Jâan) “angels” and their habitat, the (four) Gardens of Eden, were Created (15:27).

15:27 “And the Jâan (race of angels) We Created them before (Man), from the fume (tempest) of fire.”

Therefore, the angels, getting the utmost force/heat of the Energy, naturally are superior creatures concerning size, speed, intellect and power. Moreover, their habitat, the Gardens of Eden is symbolic of plenty, greenery, fertility, fruitfulness, vastness (55:64, 66, 68, 3:133).

55:64 “Both (Gardens), dark green in color,”

55:66 “In them (each) two springs pouring with water in abundance,”

55:68 “In them being fruits and dates and pomegranates”

3:133 “Be quick in the race for Forgiveness from your Lord, and for a Garden whose width is that of the heavens and of the Earth, Prepared for the righteous.”

These Gardens are situated — above the Planck wall — in two levels: higher level and lower level (55:46,62).

55:46 “And for those who feared the position of their Lord, two Gardens.”

55:62 “And below these two, there are two Gardens.”

And by the cooling off the Energy, our Universe (donia  “the world”) was Created with its seven heavens, galaxies and constellations; and the Earth. The Earth in fact, from the last and least left over of the Energy, appear with its four basic elements of water, fire, air and earth (confirmed by science). So, the poor planet Earth, being the lowest of the low, and getting the weakest share of the Creation, hence is the closest to fire — the center of the Earth being melted burning lava. And for this reason the Earth is referred to as asfal-al-safeleen /the lowest of the lowness in the Qur’an, which is a fact confirmed by science today:

    1. Lowness due to degradation of Energy of the Creation. According to scientific discoveries, the history of our Universe is the history of degradation of Energy, which according to the second law of thermodynamics is the reason for the weakness in comprehension of its inhabitant.
    2. Lowness due to its position, the lowest place of the Creation and Existence, farthest away from the Source of Energy/God. It is a general interpretation that asfal-alsafeleen is another word for Hell.

To begin with, the word lowest of the lowness for the Earth, certainly is Miraculous Evidence by itself, as no one at the time could possibly have knowledge concerning the Creation, beside the Lord. Asfal-alsafeleen being a synonym for Hell, signifies that mankind will eventually transform the Earth into Hell. The situation of such distance from God is darkness, as Reminded in the Qur’an. As to the creativity of the cooling off the Energy; the creatures lack the necessary Energy for comprehension. The more diminished the Energy, the lower the level of comprehension and the closer proximity to the fire. Such has been the case of the Earth and the terrestrials, whose faculty of comprehension was at the level of animals, before they received the Spirit from God.

4:145 “In fact the hypocrites in (the echelon of) comprehension, are situated the lowest of the fire, and no helper will be found for them.”

“Knowledge increases comprehension, cognizance, and closeness to God, hence, alienates one from the fire.” Louis Pasteur, the renowned French biologist and father of “the science of microbiology” — the study of microscopic organisms or microbes — and discoverer of the rabies vaccine in 1885, said, “Deficiency of knowledge alienates one from God, and the opposite brings one closer to God.”

The whole Content of the Agreement between God and Mankind

The Offer of the Spirit as a Trust (33:72-73)

The Trust, the great Test for Humans on Earth

The justice of God does not Falter an iota (21:47).

21:47 “We shall Set up scales of justice for the Day of the Resurrection, so that not a soul will be dealt with unjustly in the least, and if there be (no more than) the weight of a mustard seed, We will Bring it (to account), and enough are We to Take account.”

The last creatures of the Creation, that is our Universe and its people, unlike the angels, were to be Created in farthest distance from the Creator’s Light, hence in darkness, and degraded Energy. As God’s justice does not Falter one iota, He Assembled the representatives of the world, namely:

–        Heavens’ group — seven firmaments

–        Earth’s group- seven layers (65:12)

–        Mountains

–        Man — the head of animal family

Offering them of His Spirit (“Light upon Light”) in compensation, but only as a Trust (33:72).

33:72 “We did indeed Offer the (responsibility) to carry the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof, but Man undertook it, whereas he was tyrannical, ignorant (by nature, innately).”

65:12 “All’h/ Is He who Created seven firmaments and of the Earth a similar number, through the midst of them, descends His Command, that you may know that All’h Has Power over all things, and that All’h’s Knowledge Surrounds all things.”

Trust: an amount of Capital committed to someone’s care, over which he has only the power of disposition, and at the end has to be rendered. In (verse 72), the very important point to be understood concerning, “Whereas he was tyrannical, ignorant,” is that God Informs us that the real nature of Man, the head and representative of animals was savage and ignorant, before bearing the Spirit at the Covenant. This confirms the scientific name for the genus of mankind (Homo) and the species of intelligent human (Homo sapiens). This is another obvious Miracle of the Qur’an. Who could be aware of the number of heavens and Earth, 14 centuries ago, but the Creator Himself? And the Earth’s seven layers, discovered by science today:

  1. Grain: first nucleus
  2. Noyau: second nucleus
  3. Menteau Inferieur: lower cover
  4. Menteau Superieur: upper cover
  5. Croute: crust
  6. Oceans
  7. Atmosphere

The Trust and Its advantages

The Offer of the Spirit/Trust in compensation for inequality and the inequitable share of Creation, through the extra Energy of the Spirit of God, endowed the power of intellect and mental faculty. The span of life was extended for people of the world (whereas they had no such possibility due to their natural weak Energy) to have a chance to go through the meritorious Test. The Test consisted of fulfilling their vow for preservation of the Trust during the time of the Test on Earth, with all kinds of the difficulty and danger involved. Hence, they prove their great sense of steadfastness, loyalty and faithfulness toward the Spirit of their Lord and merit dwelling closest to Him, the highest rank of all creatures. Besides, with all the advantages of Knowledge, they live a comfortable and pleasant life during the Test on Earth. The Test classified people, determining their rank through their capacity of nature, settling them in the dimension and level of dwelling in the order of Creation (after their own choice and free will). It sifted the unfaithful, the ungrateful, hypocrites, idolaters and mean-natured ones from the noble meritorious ones.

33:73 “That All’h/ (The forces of nature) to Punish the hypocrite men and hypocrite women, and the idolater and idolatress, and All’h to Redeem the believing men and believing women, and All’h Be Forgiving, Merciful.”

God’s Soul or God’s Light upon Light (24:35) Is Higher in Honor and Nobility than God’s Light/Energy. It has been Granted to no other creature than mankind, neither the angels. The bearer of God’s Soul is on the highest level in the echelon of Creation, and those succeeding the Test, the noblest of all Creatures.

95:4 “We have indeed Created mankind in the best setting (in order of Creation);”

The bearing of the Spirit (power of intellect) is like having a kind of torch or flashlight inside to enlighten the mind and the soul. It has to be charged to expand the power of Light/Energy of the soul, multiplying the Granted Capital manyfold. The instructions for charging such a flashlight are only in the Books of Guidance from God, Sent through the prophets to people.

In following His Instructions and Rules, the Energy of their share of Spirit would multiply, illuminating the Path of the Lord for them to rise up above. This would merit the closest position to God, the highest level of the Creation. The stronger the Energy of God’s Soul gets inside one, the further away gets one from the fire, and the closest to God. God’s Soul, or our great Capital on Earth, if used in its current way, that is God’s Worship, God’s Law and Guidance (51:56), (without association, be it person, statues, books and narrations), its Energy and Light multiplies manifold, Enlightening the person inside out to see and find his way through to His Lord, the Source of Energy, and to get the closest to Him in the hereafter, that is the ultimate and permanent happiness and tranquility.

51:56 “I have not Created the jinn and Man, but (under the system) of Worshipping (Obeying) Me.”

The only way for one to provision enough Energy in one’s lifetime, enabling one to ascend and get close to the Lord, the Source of Energy is to follow only His own Channel (Book) for Instructions, keeping away from all sorts of narrations and customs of prophets. Those who have abused the Spirit, lacking the necessary Energy for ascending to God at the end, run away from God by themselves, they cannot bear the closeness to Energy, as the case of matter and energy.

The Risks of the Trust

This ultra-valuable and unparalleled Gift could help to reach the Highest position, above the angels, enjoying Eternal life. Moreover, ameliorating the hardship of life on Earth, with comfort and luxury. Yet, the risk was tremendous and highly dangerous. So much, that Heaven, Mountain and Earth refused to undertake it. The risk was to lose faith by being deceived through attraction to materialism and fascination for adornment on Earth. The risk of forgetting all about the vow and responsibility toward the Spirit and neglected to follow God’s Rules and Instructions for charging their Capital Light. By misusing and consuming the Light/Energy in idol-worship and the devious paths of falsehood during life on Earth. And at the end the loss of the Trust or having consumed all the Capital Energy, meant losing all means of getting the return ticket back to the Lord and away from Hell. It meant extreme misery and remaining in the lowest of the lowness abode, eternally.

95:5 “Then We Abased him (Man) to (the) lowest of the lowness.”

The Test for the bearer of the Trust was indeed difficult, keeping faith despite having forgotten all about the Covenant with God, and his own promise, once being born on Earth.

20:115 “And concerning Our Covenant with Adam in the past, he had forgotten, and We did not Find firm resolve on his part.”

Keeping faith, despite never having seen God. Staying firm toward all temptations and “a spoke in his wheel,” put in by a giant enemy as satan. Thus avoiding the risk of bargaining away one’s faith for the temporary material desires of life on Earth.

Being unappreciative of all the Blessings received from the Lord during his lifetime, worshipping idols and “false lords” instead. This would prove the nature to be weak, irresponsible, hypocritical, unappreciative, unfaithful and occupying the farthest position from the Source of Energy, God (9:67,68).

9:67 “The hypocrite men and hypocrite women, are like each other, they enjoin evil and forbid what is just, and are close with their hands (for charities, helping, etc.), they have forgotten All’h, so He has Forgotten them. In fact the hypocrites are perverse.”

9:68 “All’h has Promised the hypocrite men and hypocrite women, and the rejecters (of faith) fire of Hell, therein shall they dwell, sufficient is it for them. For them is the Curse of All’h and an enduring punishment.”

By losing Trust, Man loses all his share of Creation of God’s. Worse, he can no longer benefit from his preliminary compensatory share, like Heavens, Earth and Mountains; he envies the Earth, and wishes he were even a tiny mote of dust that had avoided the risk.

78:40 “Truly We Warned you of a Penalty near, the day when the person will see (the deeds) that his hands have sent forth, and the unbeliever will say, ‘Woe unto me would that I were mere dust.’”

By losing Trust, not only are they condemned to Eternal lowness, but to continuous miseries due to the pollution the unbelievers cause in their environment during their lifetime on Earth, through misusing the Spirit.

In fact, the cause of pollution is the failure to follow the Commandments of God which are only Instructions and Guidance for the health and survival of the bearer of the Trust and his environment. Hence at the end, the extreme and excessive abuse of the Energy of the Spirit on falsehood of people of the world, turns the Earth into Hell for its occupants.

The basis and foundation of Hell are formed by humans on Earth, not God. Every time a person disobeys God’s Commandments, he produces a sum of pollution in his Inner and Outer worlds, which is paving a brick building the Hell of his inner body, as well as the outside environment (30:41). The first brick of Hell on Earth started with the disobedience of Adam. And we, children of Adam, having carried out the construction without respite, today witness the result of our own deeds (78:40).

30:41 “Pollution has appeared on land and sea, due to what the hands of people have earned, this might give some of them a taste of their deeds, that they may return.”

78:40 “Truly We Warned you of a Penalty near, the day when the person will see (the deeds) that his hands have sent forth …”

The Offer of the Trust being made to the people of the world and between them only, Man accepted the responsibility of bearing the Trust; therefore, God Brought the world temporarily into materialization, Preparing a suitable abode for Man for the period of the Test.

The start of our Universe with huge clouds of hydrogen (41:11), and from their expansion, stars, planets, the Sun and the Earth appeared — the Big Bang theory — (21:30). The explosions of the Super Nova — first generation stars — and the exit of Particles of heavy elements — Iron — formation of second-generation stars and their planets (see Al-FurQan Chapter 13), and finally, the Earth in the lowest part of the world, far enough from the sun’s heat to allow rain and water, hence a suitable living environment for Man.

41:11 “Then He Turned toward the sky, when it was just smoke, and Said to it, and to the Earth, ‘Come both of you, willingly or unwillingly’, they both said, ‘We do come in willing obedience.’”

21:30 “Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the Earth were joined together before We Clove them asunder, and We made from water every living thing? Will they not then believe?”

God Created everything in pairs (see Al-FurQan Chapter 1), symmetry and in perfect balance, such as: the Sun and the Moon, light and dark, male and female. The Earth, separated from its pairing, the sky, became fertile through the rainwater. (31:10 “… and We Send down rain from the sky to germinate of every kind of pair, generously.”) God Fixed the mountains as stabilizers on the Earth (50:7).

50:7 “And the Earth, We Spread it out, and Cast therein firm mountains and Made grow therein every pair of beautiful kind.”

To keep it from buffeting and distraction (31:10).

31:10 “He Created the heavens without pillars that you can see, He Set on the Earth mountains for standing firm lest it should shake with you, and He Scattered through it beasts of all kind, and We Send down rain from the sky to germinate of every kind of pair, generously.”

God Gave the Earth its wide expanse (91:6).

91:6 “And the Earth and what expands it;”

He Spread it even (88:20) to prepare it for tillage.

88:20 “And the Earth and how it is spread out?”

Then comes the rain from the sky Charged with Blessing (50:9).

50:9 “And We Send down from the sky a Blessing water and We Grow therewith gardens and grains for harvest.”

And the seed of life was planted into the Earth for harvest. Thus, life was established on Earth.

55:10 “And the Earth He Spread it for the creatures.”

The Earth’s tillage continues, God Setting mountains, flowing rivers and fruits of every kind, everything in pairs — Sun and Moon, night and day, as examples (13:3).

13:3 “And it is He who Spread out the Earth and Set thereon mountains and rivers, and of all fruits He Made in pairs, two and two, He Covers the night with the day, surely in these things there are Signs for those who think.”

The sky’s pairing, the Earth, through the rain, impregnates with the seed of life, gives life to all the plants and gets ready for the harvest, and provisions for the sustenance of Man are thus prepared on Earth. God has Spread the Earth for you and Carpeted it for receiving its newborn baby (human), in the best and most beautiful way, and it is for this that the cradle is decorated. Truly God Created an excellent “cradle” (51:48).

51:48 “And We Carpeted the Earth, thus excellently Cradled.”

Then after Creation of the totality of elements of the Earth, God Separated the seven heavens.

2:29 “It is He who Created for you all things that are on Earth, then He Turned to the Heaven and Made them into seven firmaments, and of all things He has Knowledge.”

Adorning the sky with stars in magnificent beauty (37:6).

37:6 “We have indeed Adorned the sky of the world by (the beauty of) the stars.”

Earth was Adorned with absolute beauty, and specially endowed for life, unlike other planets in the solar system (18:7).

18:7 “We have Adorned that which is on Earth, in order that We May Test them as to which of them are best in conduct.”

In this respect, please note what Astronauts have experienced: “From space, the beauty of Earth with its blue sky and white clouds, which seems like a unique jewel veiled in a blue bubble, strutting gracefully around the Sun is breathtaking. This most beautiful Heavenly body in space, producing and breathing its own oxygen, putting nitrogen from the atmosphere into its soil, making water for its survival is the only life supporting planet in the solar system.” Note the following verse from the Qur’an (77:25).

77:25 “Have We not made the Earth self-sufficient, (yet how can they not believe?)

All these Qur’anic details on the beauty and fertility of the Earth are for us to know the very important fact that when God Gave the Earth to humankind, it was a paradise in the best of shape. Unpolluted, green, fertile, safe and with enough provisions for the whole people. If Man has transferred his paradise into Hell today, it has been totally by his own hands.

Then came DNA, from which sprang single cell organisms in the belly of the Earth. This first living organism, from the rainwater, was formed inside sounding clay, in old mud and marshes, and millions of years later, from its side, its pair has germinated (39:6), evolved into living vegetation, which in turn evolved into other aquatic organisms, then to animals and finally to Man. (See Al-FurQan Chapter 1.)

39:6 “He Created you (all) from one single self (cell), then of that, He Created its pair, and Sent down for you eight cattle in pairs (refer to 6:143-144), He Creates you in the bellies of your mothers, Creation after Creation, in three layers of darkness, such Is All’h your Lord, to Him belongs the dominion, there is no god but He, then how are you turned away?”

This is another verse where its Miracle is breathtaking and evident: “He Created you from one, single, self/cell”; “the singleness of one is repeated twice.” “He Creates you in the bellies of your mothers”; the word “bellies” instead of “wombs,” this verse is obviously telling us that our start has been through one single cell in the belly of the Earth. And the word “belly” instead of “womb” is only because we have various mothers, and not all of them possess wombs, like our first mother the Earth, and today laboratory tubes instead of human wombs.

Then He Creates you, after the First Creation (that is after your first mother, the Earth), in three layers of darkness. That is also scientifically proven (the membrane, the womb and the hollow in which the womb is enclosed). Moreover, this verse is for the second Opening of the Qur’an, at a time that science has clarified its meaning for us to understand that it concerns the single cell of life in general, and not the person of Adam and the absence of the name Adam in this verse (and the name Eve in the whole Qur’an, as Adam means human, male and female), points to the fact that for our time, the Advice and Commandments apply to the inner world of human nature, the human cell. The Book of God always Opens at the insight and level of Knowledge of the people of the time. With all these evident proofs how can we turn away?

From the single cell, its pair germinates from itself, and from the pair, everything else found on Earth today: first water, plants, animals and then Man evolved.

The  Evident  Signs  of  Failure  in the Test

The oppressing ruling of Man over his world

In bearing the Spirit, Man was promoted to human, securing the safeguard of the Trust and faith, and the responsibility of governing over his family, Heaven, Earth and Mountains, his inner (body) and outer world. Today, we are witnessing the failure of humans in the Test, we are witnessing the Revolt of the world: Heaven, the Earth, the Seas, the Mountains and inner world of Man. They are all revolting because they cannot take such unjust and oppressive government any further.

Among the signs of such revolt of his inner world are Depression, Cancer — to be explained later — and other modern diseases that humans struggle against today, which unfortunately increase more and more. Likewise for his outer world, the unjust ruling of Man is the cause of the revolt of Heaven, Earth, Mountain and Sea today. The signs of the irregularities and disturbances in the order of the Nature has become evident, there is no longer a predictable order in the seasons of the year, the frequency of earthquakes with higher and higher Richter forces, the seemingly unending rainfalls resulting in great floods causing catastrophic destruction, twisters etc. Seas and oceans revolting, and volcanoes scattering fire, are the signs.

Exactly the same as the tempests within Man’s body, that causes the depressions and other irregularities in the order of his health (recently discovered by science, the Relativity of the whole molecules of Universe). By betraying the Trust, taking directions other than God’s, hence wrong governing over them, Man has polluted his inner and outer world. His situation is far worse now than before, securing for himself a dark, painful and fiery place in which he has to live (without living), and from which he cannot escape since he has nothing left of the Capital to save him. He has condemned himself to Eternal darkness and damnation (through the Power/Energy of the Spirit, he will not die anymore) (20:74).

20:74 “Really he who comes to his Lord culpable, then there will be Hell for him, therein shall he neither die nor live.”

In 2010, the geneticist Craig Venter synthesized in laboratory the genetic code of an organism, making it live. This discovery is called, and it is the beginning of the Artificial Life (neither dead nor alive). Here is your proof of God’s Word, again. This situation seems totally hopeless today, but thanks to our Almighty God, who Proposes a way out, to each of us.

If those who deviated from God’s Path and the Religion by following false religions, hence committing idol worship, as is the case for all religions today. If those who lost faith come to their senses, reconsidering the faith through only the Word and the Instructions of God — proved through a mathematical coding — then truly repent and regain their faith — recharging their flashlight’s batteries — then there is still hope. For God Accepts repentance, Is Forgiving and Merciful to all Believers (33:73 mentioned above). What increases the Energy within humans is dependence and hope in God, and what takes away force and health is hopelessness and despair (15:56).

15:56 “He said, ‘And who despairs of the Mercy of his Lord, but such as go astray?’”

God Be Praised


15. The Trial of the Angels

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