11. Discernment of the First Verse of The Qur’an

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: The first verse  (1:1) of The Qur’an:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

(Bsm All(a)h, Al-R(a)hm(a)n, Al-R(a)hÏm) (B(y) Name الله The Bi-Merciful, The Merciful)

The first verse of The Qur’an Consists of 4 words and 19 letters.

The verse that Starts The Qur’an, BSM ALL’H Al-R’HM’N Al-R’HÏM, is the MOST Important one, consisting in Wholeness and Entirety (explained below.) It is constituted of 19 letters (19, the key code of the mathematical composition Miracle of The Qur’an .) It is composed of code words. Therefore, it is of prime importance that the number of letters and the EXACT spelling be strictly respected!

1. Bsm/بسم:

The word of the START, “B(y) Name”, exceptionally spelled as one word: (Bname).

The rest of the time in The Qur’an, it appears  as usual in Arabic grammar, in two words: “B-Ism” (باسم)/”By Name.”

The one exception appears in this statement, in connection to the Name “All’h”!

2. All(a)h/الله:

This Word in Arabic is formed of four letters (the “a” is a sound); plus an “emphatic” sign over the two letters “L”!

The four letters of الله Conform to the four symbols by which Science introduces the four essential forces of the Unique Power of Creation; Represent The Creator of All things in The Qur’an (Discerning the Definition of Science)! Each letter standing as a “pillar” of force, together they Form the four invisible Pillars of the structural formula of the World, all Universes above and their inhabitants (See below):

13:2 “الله Is The One (Power) Who Raised the heavens without pillars that you can see. Then (the Forces) Established on The Throne (of Authority); He Subjugated the sun and the moon, each one running for a term appointed. He Regulates all affairs, Explains the verses in detail, so you may be certain of meeting your Lord.”

3. The Bi-Merciful/الرحمن:

Descriptive of The Creator, toward the two entities of jinn and Man and their two planets, only!

Thus, concerning only this material World.

4. The Merciful/الرحیم:

Descriptive of The Creator toward every existing soul (Man, jinn and angels) and their states of being: that is, be it in this World for mankind, in order to clean the pollution/sins off his body and soul, to live long enough up to his determined time Fixed for the Test and/in the Hereafter life toward the Believers. As the general particularity of the basic forces of Creation is containing and surrounding all the particles of Existence (due to Science’s discovery); this four-word verse consists of:

“The Creator (الله), Encompassing all His Creatures; and His two Quality-Nouns toward His Creatures.”

Thus, this verse contains the Whole of Existence! Everything, absolutely Everything of Existence, The Creator, Creation and the Creatures, all Stated in this one verse.

For this reason it is being Repeated, in parenthesis (without being numbered as a verse), over every other Chapter (except one) of The Book to recall the importance of the Fact that: “The WHOLE EXISTENCE, AND STATE OF BEINGS, IS ENCLOSED IN THE PERSON OF ONE LORD CREATOR, and NOTHING EXISTS BESIDE HIM”!
(Except Chapter 9, Signaling an act of intrusion and illegality into the Chapter. Details follow.)

But the statement of (بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم), “missing” from Chapter 9, appears in Chapter 27:30 as an individual verse; thus completing the number of its appearances in The Qur’an as 114 (19×6) times.

Discerning: “Bsm.بسم

“Ism/اسم ” = Name in Arabic

“B.ب” = Letter of connection (in Arabic grammar)

بسم” = “Bname”, the word of the Start (unusually spelled)

No doubt, such an exception should arouse curiosity!

For what reason is the letter (alif ” l “) cut off from: (B-Ism.باسم), to appear in one word, without separation and gap in between. (Bsm.بسم)?

And why should it appear only in this statement, and only in front of the Name All’h?

Let us start analyzing this exception that reveals divine, superhuman information.

Bب = the letter of the Start; is a letter of connection in Arabic grammar! And it relates to “Ism/name”, exceptionally exempting the “alif” of ” (I) sm”, connecting directly to name (“Bsm بسم/Bname “) in wiping out all gaps and separation in between.

(“alif (I) ” = Is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, written as a straight line, drawn downward! This letter does not relate to any letter, but can be related to. Thus, if it appears in the middle of a word, it splits and causes a separation in that word.)

The exception of this word, appears only three times in the whole Qur’an; and only in the statement relating to the Name All’h (الله):

1:1 “Bsm All’h, Al-R’hm’n (The Bi-Merciful), Al-R’hïm (The Merciful).”

11:41 “So he said: Embark you on (the Ark) Bsm All’h be its sailing and its mooring … .”

27:30 “(The letter) Is from Solomon and is (as follows): Bsm All’h, The Bi-Merciful, The Merciful.”

Why this exception?

The removal of a letter unduly from a word, in a Divine Text, is certainly for good reason! Most certainly, the reason cannot be in respect to the mathematical coding of The Book (as some people think)!

God Is Without any Needs and Above Falsifying and Manipulating for His Purposes.

Please pay attention to the following:

The Awesome Indication!

The Qur’an is the “Word” of The Creator (referring to the Mathematical Miracle)!

And the Whole Creation has started by the Word/Verb/Command of The Creator:

“Be! And there was.”:

40:68 “It Is He Who Gives life and death; when He Decides upon an affair, He Says to it: Be! And it is.”

Thus “B”, the “letter” of the Start (Bsm), symbolic for “the Start of Being” (be it for the Creation/The Book), is connected directly to the Name (All’h).

In other words:

The Start of Being is in relation to “the Name”, without any splits or sutures!

The Creation is strictly connected to the Name (الله)!

Not only is the letter “B/ب” in Arabic “a letter of connection”, but in English it is pronounced “Be” (the Command of God for the “Start”)!

Moreover “B/ب”, equivalent to “by” or “the cause/the reason” in English. As the first word of The Qur’an being the Symbol of the “Start of Creation” indicates:

“The cause of Creation and Start of Existence, being Directly in connection to “Name/Ism” (الله), is without any break or split (of molecule).

Today, through Science, we know the Name (الله) is composed of the four Identical symbols of the four Forces of Creation Definition of Science), then the flashing indicator for this exceptional spelling starts blinking, and makes it quite clear that:

“The Start and the cause of Creation is in the Name الله.” (Praise Be All’h)

The other Awesome sign:

If you take the “alif” of “Ism” (name) away; then the Name is not presented complete with its full letters/elements.

And as the Name الله, represents only four of the Forces of The Almighty Lord (as every letter being representative of a force); this Informs us that The Almighty Lord Has Used only four of His Forces, and that His Full Forces are not Used for the Creation! (Refer to FurQan part 10, concerning the words “Rabb (Lord) and All’h” in The Qur’an)

Science informs us that for the Creation of our Universe, the four essential forces were separated from other forces.

If this agreement is not the Greatest Miracle ever, then I don’t know what could be.

Remembrance and recitation of the verse “Bsm All’h, Al-R’hm’n, Al-R’him”
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم for protection and preservation

As one of the substantial aspects of the Name الله (Forces of Creation) is “Surrounding and Protecting all the particles of Existence”, the fact of this verse: “Bsm All’h, Al-R’hm’n, Al-R’him” being Repeated at the beginning of a Chapter, also indicates “Protection and Preservation” of that Chapter.

It is for this major reason that such a statement is missing from chapter (9).

Chapter (9), is the Chapter in which the followers of Prophet Muhammad, after his death, trespassed by adding two extra verses (verses 128-129).

They thought by adding more praise and commendation of the Prophet, it could be more convincing for their invitation to “Islam” in faraway lands, where the Prophet was unknown!

The missing “Bsm All’h, …” from chapter (9):

a) Comes as a Warning from All’h, that some falsehood has entered into the Chapter! Furthermore, it is confirmation of the verse below for the people of the 15th lunar century, when through Science and discovery of the mathematical Miracle of The Book, the Coding of The Book would disallow the two extra verses, preserving The Qur’an from falsehood after 14 centuries:

15:9 “We Have, no doubt, Sent down the Message; and We certainly Will Preserve It;”

b) Confirmation of the statement in (15:9); that time is not a factor for the preservation of The Book, and God still Can Reveal any trespasses after so many centuries.

Please pay attention to the number of the Chapter (15), being addressed to people of 15th century, and the number of verse (9), indication to Chapter (9) where the trespassing has taken place!

The text of the Chapter (9:1 and 2) starts with an Ultimatum/Warning from All’h, Giving a respite to those who associate (words with the Word of God), to go back and forth on Earth, for a length of time (“four months”, Indication for being a fair length of time for any sort of respite) before the dissolution of the agreement obligations; knowing that no matter where and when, they’ll have no escape from All’h/The Law of Nature.

9:1 “An Ultimatum of exemption from All’h and His Messenger to those who made an agreement with you, of the idolaters;”

9:2 “then roam the Earth freely four months and be aware that you do not overcome All’h, but in fact All’h Humiliates the rejecters.”

The falsification committed in The Book of God, associating two verses to God’s verses, went back and forth roaming the Earth in The Qur’an for 14 centuries, before the solution of its mystery, found in 1974, in the 15th lunar century, by Dr. Rashad Khalifa.

Remembrance and recitation of this first verse gives The Creator’s Protection and Preservation, purification from pollution and disease, Particularly at our time when predictions of The Qur’an have been realized, such as: “the air, soil and water will be polluted” .

30:41 “The pollution has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of people have earned. That may give them a taste of some of their deeds, in order that they may return (to The Creator/الله, Alone)

Today the meat of livestock, poultry and fish are polluted; and the vegetables and fruits lack the necessary vitamins for health:

88:6 “No food will there be for them but of the dry state of plant”,

88:7 “that will neither nourish, nor satisfy hunger.”

Therefore, remember and recite this verse “Bsm All’h, Al-R’hm’n, Al-R’him”:

  • When killing/sacrificing livestock and the quarry hunted by your trained hunting animals (see 22:34 and 5:4 below)
  • To keep away from pollution and disease (see 6:118 and 6:121 below)
  • When “starting”, “inaugurating”, all kind of efforts and decisions involving danger and risks before traveling and new adventures (see 11:41 below)
  • For reduction on the “payment” of our sins/pollution (see 4:28 below). For this we need the beneficiary/(“insurance policy”) of “Believer’s Reduction.”

22:34 “To every people We Have Appointed rituals to commemorate the Name of All’h over the substance He Gave them from livestock; but your God Is One God! Then submit to Him, and give good news to the humbling ones.”

5:4 “They ask you what is lawful to them (as food.) Say, lawful to you is (all) good pure things, and from the seize of your trained hunting dogs as All’h’s Teaching to you; then eat from what they catch for you and mention All’h’s Name over it; and fear الله, for All’h (Forces of Nature) Is Swift in the account.”

6:118 “Then eat from that upon which All’h’s Name has been Reminded if you are Believers of His Signs (Verses)”

6:121 “And do not eat that upon which All’h’s Name has not been Reminded (what has been forbidden), for it would be vicious (slighting God’s Order); the evil ones inspire their friends to argue with you; and if you obey them, you’ll be of the idolaters.”

11:41 “And he said: ‘Embark on it b(y)Name بسم الله, for its flowing and its anchorage; in fact my Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.”

4:28 “All’h Wishes to Reduce for you, as Man was Created weak.”

Anything Prohibited by God, is that which His Name has not been Reminded upon; so the verses mentioned above (6:118 and 121) inform us that we can eat from all foods except the Prohibited ones, the four things following:

6:145 “ … Dead meat, blood poured forth, the flesh of swine for it is an abomination, or what is impious, on which a name has been invoked other than All’h’s; but in compulsion, without willful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, then of course your Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.”

“We harvest, what we plant”:

  • As a matter of nature, we are bound to “pay the weight on the scale of time”; that is the burden and consequences of our actions, words, belief etc., each of which produces a sum of energy (be it positive or negative) in our inner and outer worlds
  • The “wheel” of time will eventually, surely, bring us the “bill” to regulate the “expenses”
  • Most of the time the “bill” is high, due to all the harm we do, willingly or unwillingly, to ourselves and our environment

We need the “Believer’s Reduction” (4:28 mentioned above) to survive from the actual pollution of our World.

God Almighty Comparing life on Earth as a period of trading and commerce for mankind:

2:16 “These are they who bargained the straying instead of Guidance; as a result their trading was profitless and they were not Directed.”

61:10 “O you who believe, Shall I Lead you to a trading that will save you from a grievous penalty?”

Then God Lowers the “prices” for believers, Benefiting them with a reduction of their charges.

No doubt, the “scale” of “belief” never goes wrong!

To benefit from such “Reduction”, reciting this verse (and generally any kind of prayer) comes into effect only if accompanied by sincere belief and certainty.

AS “الله ” REPRESENTS THE four PILLARS OF EXISTENCE, pronouncing and praising His Name brings strength and duration for the foundations and constructions, i.e. mosques, places of worship and homes:

  • “La Elaha Ella-All’h.لا اله الی الله“/There is no god but The God/Creator
  • “Alhamdul-All’h.الحمدلله”/Praise be The God
  • “All’h-o-Akbar/الله اکبر”/The God Is Above

The Essential point in “places of worship”, is to praise the Name “الله(The God Creator) ALONE; so if invoking ANY other name beside Him, the fact of associating, prevents the pure effect of the Power of the Name, be it for the strength and duration of the foundation, or any other cause:

72:18 “And the places of worship are for الله (Alone); thus do not invoke ANYONE along with الله”

Everywhere on Earth is a place of worship/prostration; thus we cannot name ANYONE with Him anywhere!

22:40 “Some are expelled from their homes unjustly, just for saying: Our Lord Is (only) الله! Did Not الله Evacuate some people by means of some other, there would surely have been demolished monasteries and churches, connecting prayers/Salats, mosques (places of prostrations), wherein the Name of الله is commemorated abundantly. الله, certainly, Helps those who help Him; surely الله Is Strong, Almighty.”

9:108 “Never set up (the connecting/Salat) in such (mosque). The mosque whose foundation was based from the first day on piety, it is worthier of your setting up (the connecting/Salat) therein. In it there are men who love to be purified; and All’h Loves those who purify themselves.”

And in homes:

24:36 “In houses, الله Has Permitted to be raised (olive tree symbolic for “light of Guidance”) and His Name is commemorated therein; in them He Is Glorified day and night.”

Pronouncing the name “الله“, produces Energy of The Spirit of God into the environment; particularly prayers and praises pronounced by groups of people in community.

Science has proved the above fact today; Prayers in groups produce energy! We can even see such great positive effects and sometimes even “miraculous” reactions of the people. This occurs with strong personal belief, no matter what they believe in. Even if their belief is directed in the wrong direction, believing in the wrong gods, still it works, but only for a short while as everything false is ephemeral.


12. Discernment of The Bi-Merciful/Al-Rahman

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