12. Discernment of The Bi-Merciful/Al-Rahman

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: ” … The Bi-Merciful … /الرحمٰن”

Strangely enough, for the last 1400 years the word “الرحمٰن/ Al-Rahman in The Qur’an, meaning “The Bi-Merciful”, has not been translated exactly in its correct signification! This has been the cause for some deviation from the real meaning of the word. Not only in The Qur’an, but also according to Arabic grammar, the meaning of the word is clearly distinguished.

The word, Al-R(a)hm(a)n /الرحمٰن/The Bi-Merciful, composed of six letters (“a” is a sound), is the noun-quality of Beneficence (Mercy/رحم) of All’ h, for two entities. The “an/ان ” at the end of “R(a)hm./رحم”, grammatically being the pronoun of duality, particularizes the quality of Beneficence of God to the two principal populations of the World, namely Man and jinn (extraterrestrial) (55:17; 18:93), their two planets (matter and antimatter) and their (two different kinds of) provisions:

55:17 “(The Bi-Merciful) Lord of the two Easts and Lord of the two Wests.”

18:93 “Until, when he reached between the two close ups (obstructions); he found beneath them a people who scarcely understood a word.”

The reason that The Lord Creator Reminds Man and jinn of His Quality Name at the top of every Chapter, and Suggests calling Him by It (17:110), obviously is because of The Great importance this fact has over our comprehension for His Word and belief. The two entities, Man and jinn, must be reminded that: “Their Only Lord and Provider for all needs, Is ONLY “Al-R’hm’n/الرحمن.”

17:110 “Say, call “All’h” or call “Al-R’hm’n“, by whatever you call! For to Him belong the Names of qualities … .”

“Nouns of qualities”; given fact that all the qualities belong to God, thus, the nouns of qualities become Names of God, e.g. “The Wise”, “The Knower”, “The Merciful” etc … These Nouns come also in duality: “The Hearer-The Seer”; “The Forgiving-The Merciful”

51:56 “I Have not Created the jinn and Man, but (under the system) of Worshipping (Obeying) Me.”

51:57 “No substance Do I Require of them, and nor Do I Ask them to feed Me (by flattery).”

51:58 “For All’h Is He Who Gives (All) Sustenance, Possessor of The Perpetual Energy/Power.”

Concerning the verse (56); being wrongly understood, people very often ask: “Why Does God Need our worship, bowing and prostrating so much?”

In the verse (57), God Responds to such questions, that by worshipping Him He Is not Requiring them to feed Him with complements and flattery. But the fact is that our own system and morphology demands worshipping God. We have been Created (programmed) under the system of worshipping our Creator only; that is under the system of obeying, following His Instructions only; following the Rules of the system under which we have been Created. Otherwise, in going against the nature of our Creation, and causing malfunction of the system, eventually our cells will deviate from the Right Way, starting to disobey. And the result? The Cancer that today has overwhelmed our inner and outer Worlds!

Moreover, in studying The Qur’an, one should know that certainly nothing comes in a verse without reason; that is, if in some verses God Calls Himself: “Al-R’hm’n“, in some others, “Rabb/Lord”, or be it “your Lord”, or He Is Called by the “nouns of qualities” or “All’h”, it is because each stands for a particular reason of understanding. But before going further; to assure you on the meaning and explanations, given here on “Al-R’hm’n“, you must refer to:

25:59 “He Who Created the heavens and the Earth and whatever in between, in six days, then Established on The Throne, The Bi-Merciful; ask then about Him of one acquainted.”

God Informs us to get the information concerning “Al-R’hm’n“, from “one acquainted”!

And it is not accidental that such a verse would be in Chapter 25: “Al-FurQan/the Discernment.”

Thus, the information on “Al-R’hm’n“, forwarded in الفرقان here, has every reason to be trusted! Moreover, ” … ask then about Him of one acquainted”; “acquaintance” is “knowledge of something gotten from experience and study.”

The study of The FurQan, is the knowledge directly experienced from The Qur’an Itself. By studying other than The Qur’an (Hadith and Sonnat etc.), one does not get acquainted with The Qur’an! To discern the noun-adjective “Al-R’hm’n”, we must know about the mystery of the: “START OF THE WORLD.” the Name Al-R’hm’n, indicates particularly The Bi-Merciful quality of The Lord toward the two principal populations of our material World, namely: Man and jinn.

The Throne of Al-R’hm’n, is The actual Throne of God, that Has Been Set up, essentially and particularly for Governing the affairs of this material World for Man and jinn; and thus, at the end of this World, for the cause of Judgment of these two entities, whether they pass/fail their Test. (The test consists of having saved their faith to The God Creator Alone, when they pass over from this World to Hereafter life.) EVERYTHING concerning the affair of this World, that is, from the formation of the heavens and the Earth, to the air we breathe, water and food, Guidance, Messengers and Books, money and luxury, everything indispensable for living in this World is from the Channel of: Al-R’hm’n:

10:3 “In fact your Lord All’h Is The One Who Created the heavens and the Earth in six Days (periods), then Settled on The Throne, Governing the affairs; no intercessor except after His Permission; such Is All’h your Lord so worship Him, then why don’t you get admonished?”

20:4 “A Revelation from Him Who Created the Earth and the high above heavens;

20:5 “The Bi-Merciful (Al-R’hm’n) Settled on The Throne.”

Thus in some Chapters where The Lord is Recalled as “Al-R’hm’n(e.g. in “chapter 19: Maryam”) it is to Recall His particular Mercy and Miracle in this World to Mary (and Jesus), mother and son, concerning the particular birth and Messenger-hood of “Jesus.”

The Mention of “All’h” in the Chapters, is usually to Recall the System, Discipline, Rules of the Power of Creation. The Mention of Noun-qualities, is usually the quality Mentioned being concerned. So, at the end of this World, when the Test is over for Man and jinn, they will be Judged by “The Bi-Merciful”:

20:108 “On that Day, they will follow the Caller without disorder; and all sounds will be humbled for ‘Al-R’hm’n, so you shall not hear but low sounds;”

25:26 ” That Day, the kingdom being the right of ‘Al-R’hm’n’, thus a difficult Day it is for the disbelievers.”

Then The Lord of the universal people/رب العالمین — jinn, Man and angels, once the Judgment for the two, being over, will be praised by them, and the affair is over:

39:73 “And those who feared their Lord will be led, toward the Garden in crowds of people until they arrive there; its gates will be opened and its Keepers will say to them: Peace be upon you! Well done, then enter therein, dwelling Eternally.”

39:74 “And they will say: Praise be to All’h, Who Has truly Fulfilled His Promise to us, and we inherited the Earth, settling where of the Garden we wish; so how excellent a Reward for those who worked (effort in God’s Way).”

39:75 “And you will see the angels making a procession all around The Throne, celebrating by Praising their Lord; and the decreeing between them is done in justice and it is said: Praise be to All’hالله, Lord of the universal people رب العالمین.”

For better discernment of “The Bi-Merciful/Al-R’hm’n” in The Qur’an, first we must know about the theory of the Creation due to Science, which you will find in:

13. The Mystery of the Creation


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