1. Al-FurQan/The Discernment

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Al-FurQan/The Discernment

  • The Third Dimension Knowledge of The Qur’an;
  • The Birth of the VERB, ” الله“, the Four Fundamental Forces of Creation of the whole Existence;
  • The Greatest Gift and Miracle of God to humankind in History;
  • For the First Time in History, Science Brings Evidence For:
    1. The Word of God
    2. The Identity of The Only Creator and God
    3. And the Discernment of His Word and Message

Al-FurQan/الفرقان”, the Discernment of The Qur’an through Science and knowledge of our time, is “The Second Opening/Inauguration” of The Qur’an for our generation, and till the end of the World (as The Qur’an has been Programmed for two different eras and generations).

The Discernment, is a study that observes the maturity, changes of perception, and awesome up-to-date Knowledge, of The Qur’an, as it agrees with contemporary Science. The FurQan thus, re-Opens The Qur’an, for the people of the 21st/(15th lunar) century, conforming to our times and equaling the intellect of our own generation, as well as of future generations till the end! The Discernment, a new Envelope that has been sealed for the last 1400 years inside The Qur’an, conceals the greatest part of the Knowledge, till Time breaks it open by bringing the equivalent Science.

The FurQan, presents the pure Word, Message, Commandments of The Almighty Creator from The Qur’an, and Nothing but The Qur’an! It is the distinction of the right and wrong attributes to the Word of God. The FurQan, or a better discernment, that God Almighty Has Promised in the Chapter by the same name, “الفرقان/Al-FurQan“:

25:33 “And no question do they bring to you, but We Came to you by the Just (the entirety of The Book) and a better interpretation.”

The FurQan is the re-Opening of The Qur’an, being Programmed to Open a new time, 14 centuries after Its Descent, to introduce and release the concealed part of the Knowledge of The Book. At this Second Inauguration, to Assure the hearts of believers, and the whole people of the world, The Great Lord Brings Proof and Evidence of the authenticity, and the preservation of His Word, The Qur’an, for the last 14 centuries:

  1. By Revealing an inimitable mathematical coding, from the first to the last letter of The Book;
  2. Confirmation by Science of our time for His Own Identity in The Book.

The unique and unparalleled particularity of The FurQan

The Announcement of the Birth of the Verb “الله” (All’h/The Creator)

The four symbols represent “the four basic forces of Creation/The Creator of all Existence”! Up to now, the Name “All’h” has only been known as the Name of The God of Muslims!

But today, Science informs otherwise:

  • Through the discovery of the four basic forces of Creation (gravity, the two nuclear forces, and electromagnetic force)
  • The details of the characteristics of the forces, and the four symbols by which they are introduced in the books of physics
  • Every detail confirming the details of The Creatorالله” of The Qur’an

It becomes EVIDENT that not only the details of Science agree with the details of The Qur’an concerning the Identity of The Creator of All beings; but even their (4) symbolical physical signs by which they are known in physics, are identical as the four Arabic’ letters of, “الله

We know now, that the four-letter word “All’h”, in fact, Represents the four symbols of the essential forces of Creation, The Creator! The Verb, as expressing action of Creation!

We know now the reason for this Name in The Qur’an; that was meant to be Evidence for people of the 21st Century, at the Second Opening of The Book! And through such Scientific revelation, the belief of the awaited Verb, arising at the era of the end of the world, in most of the religions during the past centuries, becomes a fact and Establishes!

We also know, that “الله“, Represents only four of the Forces of The Great Lord, that have been Separated from His other Forces for the use of the Creation of all Universes and Existence! (Details in Chapter 7) Today, in fact, we are witnessing: “the Greatest Signs of our Lord” on Earth.

53:18 “In fact he was seeing the Greatest Signs of his Lord.”

The 19 parts/chapters of “The FurQan of The Qur’an” on this site, includes the discernment of the First Verse of The Qur’an; that concludes All of our existence, consisting of The Creator of the whole Creation (Encompassing), His creatures, and His dual-natured Clemencies toward them; and the complete information concerning life here and Hereafter!

So let us thank The Almighty Lord of all universal people, for this Greatest Blessing of all times, and open this Envelope, to learn things from The Qur’an that stayed unknown for the last 14 centuries! Verses that time and Science only, were to clarify their meanings; and all about the actual events concerning us, and the way to save ourselves from drowning in this beginning of the flood and revolt of our World today. And follow this Guidance of The Lord for making our own Ark of savior with appreciation. Praise to All’h, The Lord of universal people.


Dear Readers!

As explained above, the Discernment of The Qur’an, is the definition of the Glorious Word of All’h, The Qur’an, through Science and Knowledge of our time. Thus, right from the start, it miraculously enlightens the reader’s mind through the light of Knowledge, and as a result, extends the field of his comprehension for the Word of The Creator, to a vastness as never before!

What is meant by the light of Knowledge, is the scientific discoveries of the last two centuries, clarifying, confirming and defining the Word of God today; through which Man can get better acquainted with his Creator as to His Power, His Qualities, His Name, and especially, the reason for the Name (All’h/الله), and the reason this Name appears only in His last Scripture, The Qur’an, and not in His preceding Books Torah and Injeel (The Book of Jesus).

Another particularity: the word “furqan/فرقان” means “discernment”; it enables the reader to differentiate and distinguish God’s Word and the “Right Heavenly Message”, from falsified verses and false human narrations, added to the Word of God, becoming undue sources of religion for, at least, a Billion people in the world today!

I replaced the “gh/ق” of “furghan” by the letter “Q”! As “gh/ق ” in Arabic is commonly pronounced in English as “Q” (e.g. Qur’an, FurQan.) In fact, these two words are pronounced as “ghur’an/قران” and “furghan/فرقان.”

Concerning the Word/Name “All’h”: I have replaced the “a” by ” ‘ ” as “a” is not a letter in Arabic, but only a sound, and “All’h/الله” is only composed of four letters! In all my writings, words related directly to Almighty God, are capitalized, e.g.  His Book; His Facts; His Religion and Commandments; He Said … ; He Is … etc.

All the words and verses of The Qur’an are displayed in blue. Two numbers separated by a colon refer to chapter and verse numbers (CC:VV) of Qur’anic verses; and as discerning is the essence of this book, it is of prime importance that verses be carefully compared, on the spot, with authoritative sources for the best results.

The word “furqan” in Arabic, means: “discernment”; and “Al-FurQan/the Discernment” (with the prefix al-/the) is the Discernment of all the verses and words of The Qur’an. The FurQan is The Almighty God’s Own Interpretation and Definition of The Qur’an through Science of our Time (Chapter The FurQan 25:33). The Revelation of The FurQan, has been hidden in the words of The Qur’an, till Time brings enough development and maturity for Knowledge to approach the Word of God. Released at this Second Opening of The Qur’an, The FurQan purifies the false attributes of men made toward the Word of God during at least the past 12 centuries.

25:33 “And no question do they bring to you, but We Came to you by the Just (the entirety of The Book) and a better interpretation.”

Thus, “Time and Science” can be recognized today as the two Missionaries of The Creator; and their Mission has been to germinate The FurQan from The Quran’s “cell”, presenting The Creator’s Word to people of the 21st century, under its new aspect of evolution. According to God’s “Tradition of Creation”, which is always the same and never changes (35:43), everything brought to this world must undergo a cycle of evolution. Qur’anic words have grown and attained maturity in the same inevitable way, developing in time under the same Divine Law of Creation:

35:43 “Concerning their arrogance on Earth and evil plotting; but evil plotting fall back on those who plot them; then are they expecting other than Tradition for the ancients? No change will you ever find in All’h’s Tradition; nor will you find any turning off in All’h’s Tradition.”

Thus, the Mission of Time has been to bring maturity of “Science” during the past 14 centuries; and the Mission of Science, to light up the way for discerning, clarifying and defining God’s Word. In fact, The FurQan is but the pair, the second branch, and the third dimension of Knowledge of The Qur’an.” With “the Pair”, and the Knowledge of The Qur’an completed, The Qur’an proclaims as “the Word of The Creator” for all people of the World (38:87); belonging no longer to any particular nation, but to all intellectuals, believers, scientists and those in search of the Truth and Reality.

38:87 “This is but a Reminder for all people of the World.”

As recalled in the verse below, Knowledge of The Qur’an has been Programmed for two different eras, and most of It was yet to come:

17:85 “They ask you concerning ‘The Spirit’; Say: ‘The Spirit of Command’ of my Lord, and of the Knowledge you have been given but a little.”

Thus, The Book has been Programmed to Open/Inaugurate in two separate Times (35:31,32):

35:31 “That which We Have Revealed to you of The Book (O Muhammad), is the Just (of The Book; entirety of The Book) confirming what was (Revealed) before It; as in fact All’h, concerning His Servants, Is Knowledgeable, Insightful.” (God Considers the level of insight and knowledge of His Servants.)

35:32 “Then (after you Muhammad), We Bequeathed The Book unto those of our Servants Chosen (Messengers); so, among them wronged himself; and among them being on the average; and among them anticipated the good events (of The Book) by All’h’s Leave, this is the High Grace.”

Further evidence for the authenticity of the ‘FurQan/Discernment’: it carries the Signature of The Almighty God! Put in other words, its delivery to this World has the Stamp of The Creator’s Tradition: the delivery of The FurQan, the pair of The Qur’an, has occurred in the same way as all other creatures on Earth. All creatures and mankind on Earth, are born from a single cell, and its pair has sprouted from within itself (39:6):

39:6 “He Created you from one single self/cell, then He Established its mate from itself; and Sent down for you eight cattle in pairs (refer to 6:143-144). He Creates you in the bellies of your mothers, a Creation after (the first) Creation, within triple darkness; such Is All’h, your Lord; Dominion belongs to Him; there is no god but He; how can you be turned away?”

The Qur’an also was Created in a single cell; then Its pair, The FurQan, after 1400 years, is now emerging out of Its own cell (the 25th Chapter, inside The Qur’an, is Named ‘al-FurQan’). The dual nature of God’s Book is so entirely natural, that it is a wonder one has not thought of it previously. In accordance with the Tradition of God, everything in this World has been Created in pairs (36:36) and two pairs (51:49).

36:36 “Praised be He Who Created all in pairs, from whatever the Earth germinates, as well as from themselves and things of which they have no knowledge.”

51:49 “And of everything We Have Created in two pairs, that (through Science) you may receive Instruction.”

Obviously, it is only through the dual-missionaries, Time and Science, that we have come to understand the nature of all things on Earth to be as ‘pair and double pairs’; without Time and Science, it would have been impossible for us to comprehend the profound meaning of these Qur’anic statements.

If one considers the picture of “DNA” (the life factor within human chromosomes), one sees that it consists of a pair (similar to a pair of intertwined springs), and two pairs (the number of amino acids within each loop on each strand: ‘Adenine’ ‘Cytosine’ ‘Guanine’ ‘Thymine’, or A.C.G.T., the four DNA letters). Again, the structure of most parts of the body is in the combination of a pair, for example: the two sides of the face, or the heart and the brain, hands, feet etc. It is also this same Knowledge that has enlightened us to the fact that each cell doubles from inside itself.

After centuries of ignorance of the Creation of mankind (when we thought that Eve’s body had come out of the side of Adam’s body, as shown today in old paintings and church murals), now we understand the true nature of this Creative Process. In fact, Man was Created (after Billions of years of evolution) out of that ‘single living cell/self’, Created in old marsh and black mud, from which, millions of years later, its cell-mate emerged from its side (Ch.39:6), and millions of years later, they germinated as a plant from the Earth (Ch. 71:17) etc., to be explained in more detail.

39:6 “He Created you from one single self/cell, then He Established its mate from itself … ” (Mentioned above)

71:17 “And All’h Germinated you plant out of the Earth.”

Also for this same reason the particular name of “Eve” is never mentioned in The Qur’an, but instead: “mate”, “pair.” the other reason is that the name “Adam” means “human/بشر, which is for male and female. Let us refer again to (36:36):

36:36 “Praised be He Who Created all in pairs, from whatever the Earth germinates, as well as from themselves and things of which they have no knowledge.”

Whereby, God’s Law of Creation (in pairs) applies not only to Man, Animal and Plant, but to many other “things of which they have no knowledge. Electricity, for example. At the time of Muhammad they had no knowledge of it, yet today through discoveries of Science, we know that it is one of the things among others, created by pairs of negative and positive charges; or, The Book Itself, that at the time, there was no knowledge of Its mate, the FurQan.

The paired nature of The Qur’an is certainly in accordance with the Law and Tradition of God in this World and it is quite a natural matter.

” … Its pair or mate emerging from Itself today … “, also is in accordance with the same Law of nature. This Pair will cause the engendering of multitude of Blessings, and the benefits of full Guidance to spread over the Earth, and The Lord Willing, become accessible to all those who seek the Truth.

The Discernment in fact, distinguishes and introduces The Qur’an by the light of present and future Knowledge. The example of The Qur’an and FurQan (again according to this unique method and Tradition of the Creation), is like the anode and cathode of the electric battery for conducting the Electric Charge of God’s Light to humankind. Science and Faith intertwined, forming the two-components, each connected to the prong of the plug, conducting God’s Light of Guidance to humankind.

The Electricity of The Creator’s Light, The Perpetual Energy, is most certainly the only way to eternal life for humans. If one considers the verse below now, its meaning is clarified by the light of Science (21:48)

21:48 “As a matter of fact We Granted Moses and Aaron the furQan/discernment, a light and a Reminder for righteous (people);”

The definition of “bifurcated/two-pronged” is “Two forces from the same root.” the role of The FurQan as the pair, or in the two-pronged “Qur’an-FurQan” combination, is to reveal and clarify the second force and branch of Knowledge of The Qur’an, that remained hidden in The Book and could not have been revealed, but through the Time’s Experience and Knowledge. For example: (as mentioned before) the maturity of biology has revealed that everything is created in pairs and has a bifurcated nature. This discovery has clarified the miracle of the 1400 year old prediction in the verse (51:49)

51:49 “And of everything We Have Created two pairs, that (through knowledge) you may receive Instruction.”

” … that by the instruction and confirmation of Science for this verse, people may take heed, come to believe, and become certain that The Qur’an is the Word of their Only Creator” (Who else could have been aware of such thing 1400 years ago, but The Creator Himself?). Or, the knowledge of electricity, for instance, that has provided evidence of “bifurcated nature” of creatures, allowing us to know that it is the means of connection for electricity and light; and as the life of all creatures on Earth and in heavens, depends on the Light of The Creator, everything is created in a binary or bifurcated combination, giving them the means to attract the Light.

Note well that the Light of The Creator is also bifurcated: the Light of Life and the Guiding Light, “Light upon Light” 24:35:

24:35 “All’h Is The Light of the heavens and the Earth; the parable of His Light is like a concave vault where in a lamp is alight, the lamp is enclosed in a glass, the glass brilliant as a star; its fuel is from a Blessed oil producing Tree, which is neither of the East nor of the West; its oil is almost self-radiating although having no contact with fire. Light upon Light, All’h Guides to His Light whomever He Wills. All’h Sets parables for the people, and All’h Is Knower of every particle/thing.”

(Further explanations on the Light of All’h, in the following Tree of Knowledge)

The binary nature of all creatures is the means of “reproduction and reinforcement or supply of Energy/Light.”

The law of electricity, for example, enlightens us on the purpose of: “The connecting of the two Collections of Qur’an and FurQan.” We understand now that the combination of the two forces from the same root is aimed as formation of a plug, allowing a better and stronger condition for Connection.

The purpose is the establishment of the Guiding Wire for completing and perfecting an Electric current Connection, to the Light of Guidance, for all believers. Therefore today, through the FurQan, the two branches of the Guiding Wire, Connecting us to the Light upon Light, or The Creator’s Guiding Light, is getting ready. The fact is, unless the link connecting the two Collections of Qur’an-FurQan is respected, the plug of the Guiding Wire for Connecting to the Light of All’h, will not be complete as confirmed in the following verse (2:185):

2:185 “It is in the month of Ramadan that The Qur’an was Sent down as:

(1) a Guidance for the people,

(2) and a guiding Evidence,

(3) and The FurQan/Discernment.”

In this verse it is quite clear that Qur’an’s Guidance include, (3) three different stages:

  1. A Guidance for the people: (1400 years of Prophet Muhammad’s era)
  2. An additional guiding Evidence: (Its mathematical Evidence, discovered in 1974 by Dr. Rashad Khalifa)
  3. The FurQan/Discernment

Since we have already attained Its Guiding Evidence, All’h Be Praised; then today is the day of Discernment, allowing us to reach the complete Guidance of The Book, discerned and measured by the scale of Knowledge of the time and the insight of people. Notice now how the miracle of the following verse becomes clear:

6:115 “And the Word of your Lord finds Its fulfillment, justifying and equivalent (to knowledge of the time) with no modification for the words; and He Is The Hearer and The Knower.”

Also, the significance of Day of The FurQan is clarified (8:41):

8:41 “And you should know that anything out of the booty that you acquire (in war), a fifth of it is assigned for All’h and for the Messenger, for the relatives (in need) and orphans, and the needy and the wayfarer, if you do believe in All’h and what We Revealed on Our Servant Day of The FurQan (discernment) , Day of the meeting of the two Collections (forces) and All’h Has power over everything.”

Day/time, when the two Collections/Forces, Qur’an/FurQan, meet one another. Today is the day that the Collection of The Qur’an (discerned by the ‘light’ of Knowledge) is revealed through the Collection of The FurQan; and so Its troops/verses will be comprehended (26:61):

26:61 “And when the two Collections sighted one another, people of Moses said: now we are surely comprehended.”

The link and common denominator between “Moses’s collection” and the “FurQan’s collection” is that Moses’s people are assigned by The FurQan: 21:48

21:48 “As a matter of fact We Granted Moses and Aaron the furQan/discernment, a light and a Reminder for righteous (people);”

The FurQan/Discernment in fact will provide a key to the pious and all people of knowledge, allowing them to grasp what may be understood in The Qur’an that agrees with the actual Science, and open the gates to Qur’an’s hidden mysteries (81:24):

81:24 “And nor It is parsimonious over the hidden (mysteries).”

The Discernment reveals secrets of The Book that have been hidden for the last 14 centuries, and teaches people matters they did not know before (2:151)

2:151 “(Blessings) As Sending you a Messenger of among your own, reciting to you Our Signs and purifying you (from pollution/sins) and instructing you The Book and the Wisdom, instructing you that of which you had no knowledge.”

The Discernment lightens the path of acquaintance, close association, intimacy and ‘connection’ with The Creator. Through this light, the scientific contents of the Word/Qur’an, through Science’s discoveries of our time, are clarified for those who seek them.

This also shows the way for such people to purify themselves from the pollution of this world, by informing and explaining about the Prescribed method of purification such as: Salat, Zakat and Fasting etc. (Here I would draw the reader’s attention to the word Salat that means/= Connecting, which is precisely the process and the reason for the five-time customary Connecting prayers, or getting Connected to the Light and Electricity of All’h. Refer to explanations of Salat.)

Thus, for the first time in History, praise to Almighty Lord of universal people, The FurQan is opening the gate of hidden mysteries of The Qur’an, for all the pious and seekers of knowledge of this world.



2. Zil-Qarnaïn/Bi-furcate

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