8. The Story of the Tree of Knowledge

بسم ﷲ الرحمن الرحیم

Relating the Tree of Knowledge and its ultimate ذیالقرنین (Zil-Qarnaïn) “bifurcated branch”

The Reason for Creation

When science reaches the point of discerning the Creator’s Word, Name and Identity, the Time has come. The Time, when the top gates of Knowledge are conquered, opening and unsealing the mystery of the Truth and Reality, the distinction of right from wrong. And by Looking through these gates, we perceive the Miracle Tree, a huge, ancient Tree with a multitude of branches and leaves, emerging from all dimensions, covering up all the angles of our planet Earth, breaking through the lands, oceans, humans, animals and birds, discovering the mystery of infinitely small particles and sub-particles, atoms and quarks.

The Tree has grown higher and higher, discovering all about the solar system, the seven heavens with all their suns, moons and galaxies, growing high up even to discover the Big Bang and the start of the world, the four basic forces of Creation, the Planck wall and the wall of Gravity. In short, encompassing the whole of the world. And when it was thought that the Tree had reached the zenith, surely nothing could exist on the other side of the wall, the Tree grew even higher, discovering the Relativity of Everything, the String theory or infinite probabilities. Thus, the increased probability of finding other universes on top of our world.

This is about the adventure of the Tree of Knowledge (TK), the Hero of our story. Time having developed and brought about its maturity and blossoming, then it is Time to benefit and enjoy its luminous Fruits. This is the Time that everyone from all religions and faith, has been waiting for. Time for all people of faith and wisdom, to come and benefit from the marvelous, miraculous and luminous Fruits of this divine Tree.

Time today introduces TK, the hero of our story, and identifies this source of light, which the Creator and Lord of people of the world has Granted to mankind, to Help him out of the darkness of ignorance, as well as the darkness of his abode, the Earth. Thus, a multitude of thanks and appreciation to our Lord and Master for such a great Blessing, before relating this adventure. As everything must be confirmed by verses of the Qur’an, before relating an account concerning TK, I call your attention to the verse below (15:38) that is the confirmation for our Time: the time of Knowledge.

15:38 “Till Day of the time the Knowledge is reached (Day of the time the knowledge is surrounded).”

This is precisely about our time today when everything is known, from the atom and smaller, the morphology and structure of humankind, animals, plants, and insects. Knowledge about the Creator (the forces of Creation), the start and the end of the world, the truth concerning the God, the only Lord of the people of the world and the Religion. Let me relate you the adventure of the Tree of Knowledge (18:83) from the first day that Lord of universal people Planted its Seed into human’ mind on the Earth (2:31): “And He Taught Adam the names of all things”; until today, when it has turned into a tremendously huge ancient Tree, establishing its last Zil-Qarnaïn on Earth.

18:83 “And they ask you concerning Zil-Qarnaïn, say, ‘Let me relate you about it.’”

Once upon a time, of Infinity and Eternity, there was no one but the One and Only God.  He, the Almighty, all Powerful, all Knowing, all Light and Energy, Creative and Merciful by Nature, Spared some four of His forces for the Creation of all His creatures, Naming the forces (). The forces of Creation (/All’h) Created all the particles of Existence of the actual living things.

Why Did the Almighty God Create?

For the simple reason that He, Being all Light/Energy, Is Creative by Nature. Moreover, He Is Just, therefore, He Wishes to Give the meritorious of His creatures the enjoyment of an Eternal life of joy, peace and happiness.

So, the first part of Creation, that is from the utmost heat of the Energy of the forces, the Angels, their abodes, the universes above and the four Gardens of Eden have been Created.

15:27 “And the Jâan (race of angels) We Created them before (Man), from the fume (tempest) of fire.”

Those universes (situated above our world) and their populations, are billions of times bigger than ours, considering the size and capacity of the angels, the Gardens of Eden and the color and fertility of their vegetation, and the abundance of provisions.

55:64 “Both (Gardens), dark green in color,”

55:66 “In them (each) two springs pouring with water in abundance,”

55:68 “In them being fruits and dates and pomegranates”

3:133 “Be quick in the race for Forgiveness from your Lord, and for a Garden whose width is that (of the whole) of the heavens and of the Earth, Prepared for the righteous,”

55:46 “And for those who feared the position of their Lord, two Gardens.”

55:62 “And below these two, there are two Gardens.”

By the cooling off the Energy, our Universe, “the world/دنیا” was Created with its population: the seven heavens, galaxies, suns and moons.

And finally, the lowest part of it (95:5), the Earth, the abode of Man and all terrestrials.

95:5 “Then We Passed him to (the) lowest of the lowness …”

The difference of Shares of Creation, between the upper and lower universes, is enormous. Besides, the worldly creatures lack the necessary Energy, so their life span is too short to go through the Test for the meritorious. They have no chance to prove their merit. This is what the Lord, out of His Infinite Justness, Calls the principal factors of the world, namely the Heavens, the Earth, the Mountain and Man, Proposing of His own Spirit to them, but only as a Trust (33:72).

Those who want to go through the Test for the meritorious, could therefore have sufficient lifespan on Earth. The condition of the Trust was that they had to keep the Spirit safe till the end, staying faithful to the Lord of the Spirit, proving a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty, no matter what. The great risk was the loss of the Spirit or Faith. That meant the loss of all their share of the Creation, hence living in the dark of the lowest of the lowness place, eternally. The Heaven, Earth and Mountain, getting scared of taking the risk of losing their share of the Creation, refused. But Man accepted to undertake the Trust/Spirit with all the accompanying risks and prove his merit and superiority over the Angels.

33:72 “We did in fact Offer ‘the Trust’ to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof, and Man undertook it, whereas being tyrannous, ignoramus (nature wise).”

Man, as all animal nature, was tyrannous and ignorant, before accepting the Spirit.

The Creation after the Creation

God Prepared the conditions for the Test of the Meritorious creatures. Making Man’s abode habitable for him, He Spread out the Earth and Extended it, Set the mountains as stabilizers upon it to keep it firm.

15:19 “We Extended the Earth and Set stabilizing mountains in it and Grew therein of all things in due balance,”

Then He planted the seed or the cell of life into the Earth’s belly.

39:6 “He Created you (all) from one single cell/self: then Made from it its mate, and Sent down for you eight cattle in pairs (refer to 6:143-144). He Creates you in bellies of your mothers, a Creation after (the first) Creation, in triple darkness. Such Is All’h, your Rabb/Lord, to Him belonging the dominion, there is no god but He. Then how can you turn away?”

This verse is about the beginning of life on Earth, and everything being Created from that single self/cell. The translators, thinking it needed rectification, changed the word “bellies” into “wombs.” Yet this verse is one of the greatest Miracles of the Qur’an.

First, it confirms that our Creation has been from one single cell/self. And obviously one single self (the unity is confirmed twice) is not pointing to Adam, because a human body is not of one single but compound and composed cells. This is about the one single cell. And its mother, having been the Earth (clay and mud), obviously could not have a womb, but a belly. And so, this has been the First Creation.

Then, after the First Creation (in the belly of the Earth), we are born through humankind and marriage. Thus, the meaning of “a Creation after Creation.” The word “mothers” (in plural) is absolutely compatible, and the reason is that Man has not only one kind of mother. The first mother has been the Earth, then through evolution, then humankind mother, and nowadays even laboratory tubes are mothers. So, you see this verse is absolutely another Miracle of the Qur’an. Hence, the meaning of “… then how can one turn away” with all such scientific evidence, is quite clear.

Adam becomes the Khalifa

From this living cell, that had come to life in clay and mud, God Started the evolution of shaping mankind.

15:26 “And in fact We Created Man of sounding clay, of aged (stagnant, black) mud,”

The evolutionary process of Man on Earth had numerous phases and various shapes.

71:14 “And certainly Created you evolutionary,”

The fully developed and leveled Man (genetically complete) is one that has been separated from other Earthly creatures.

15:29 “Then when I have Leveled him and Breathed into him of My Spirit, then befall (happen/occur in status of respect) the prostration for him,”

That is, having completed all previous stages of:

–        Water (21:30) (three and half billion years ago)

21:30 “Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the Earth were joined together (as one unit) before We Split them asunder? And We Made from water every living thing, do they not then believe?”

This verse also, obviously Miraculous, confirms the Big Bang theory.” Do they not then believe?

–        The stage of plant

71:17 “And All’h Germinated you out of the Earth, plant.”

–        Then, the stage of animal

33:72 “We did in fact Offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof, and Man undertook it, being tyrannous, ignoramus (by nature).”

Then, once his shape was completed, God Breathed some of His Spirit into him, Spreading and Paving the field of his mind for intelligence.

15:29 “Then, when I have Leveled him and Breathed into him of My Spirit, befall the prostration (status of respect) for him,”

This is how the gene of the first human or intelligent mankind (called by science, species “Homo sapiens”), was perfected out of the leveled shape of mankind (genus Homo) on Earth. Once the divine Spirit was Entrusted to Man, he assumed the responsibility of becoming human, and deserved an identity, so the Lord Called this first human (Homo sapiens), “Adam.” The word “Adam” means human and stands for both “male” and “female.” Then the gene of “Adam” (male and female) germinating out of each other, giving birth to the actual genes of human race on Earth. This is how we are all in fact children of Adam (Adam’s genes), on Earth. This stage of Creation was called the “Primary Creation.” Adam became the خلیفه “Khalifa” or, “the head” and “successor” of all animals and living things on Earth (2:30) (more detail in the following Scientific Discoveries)

The adventure of TK

2:30 “And when your Lord Said to the angels, ‘I Am Placing a “successor” on the Earth,’”

, Having Prepared the field of Adam’s mind through His own Spirit, Giving him intelligence for learning, now Planted the first seed of our Hero, TK, into his mind and Taught Adam the knowledge of the names.

2:31 “And He Taught Adam the knowledge of the names of everything, then Presenting these things to the angels, Asked, ‘Tell Me the names of these if you are right?’”

This was how TK, found its way through Adam’s mind on planet Earth, and his adventure begins from there. The Tree was irrigated with water of life and fertilized with the passing of time and human experiences. Then it strengthened and started to foliate. Its branches and foliage covered all the angles of the Earth, as well as all things concerning human body and nature. One day, TK found the atom, and once splitting the atom, found even smaller particles, proton, electron and quark.

10:61 “… nor is hidden from your Lord, the weight of an atom, nor smaller than this, nor …”

TK gained access to all kinds of energy and forces, and discovered electricity. Then, TK started toward the sky, found the moon and so conquered the moon.

54:1 “The Hour has approached, the moon was split”

Then TK grew higher and higher, found seven heavens and millions and billions of suns, moons and stars. TK  Grew still higher in space, went up to the top and found that there was a limit. TK came across a Wall of gravity that none could penetrate (37:7), called it the Planck wall.

37:7 “And (the Heaven) for guard against all rebellious devils.”

But then, TK did penetrate the wall too; there it found the probability of other Universe or universes, found the Relativity, of all being One, found the “infinite probability” (7:40) and named it the M theory (the String theory).

7:40 “To those who reject Our Signs and treat them with arrogance, no opening will there be of gates of the Heaven, nor will they enter the Garden, until ‘the camel passes through the eye of the needle’ (infinite probabilities), and this is how We Requite the (definitely) guilty ones.”

This again is another example of the greatest Evidence. The M-theory/the Infinite Probabilities is the latest discovery of our contemporary science. Meaning Everything becoming probable, even “a camel passing through the needle’s eye.” The word “Until” in the verse above, confirms that such time will come. Up until now, scientists could not find out about the secrets of heavens, the existence of Universe(s) beyond the Planck wall. But in the 21st century (the camel passed through the needle’s eye, visually through electronics), they opened “the gates.” There and then, TK gained a new understanding of universal Energy. TK had grown to find out about the forces of Creation (), and their illimitable Energy, as well as the Root of these forces, and to whom they belonged. At last, our TK had reached the Truth. And the truth was that the Source of these illimitable forces, as well as its own Source, was One and the Same. Now TK was searching to find out about its Lord. The Lord Creator of the world and all its population, the Intensive Power ().

53:5 “He was taught by the Intensive Power.”

This was the time that TK discovered that only such Power could Sustain eternal life and illimitable Energy and happiness. TK realized, that with all its discoveries about electricity and other resources of energy, there was no other way for salvation, but to connect to its own Lord and Master, the Creator (), who Is the Source of Permanent and Infinite Energy, in order to enjoy an everlasting Energy, for Eternal and everlasting life.

51:58 “In fact Provides all Sustenance, the Source of Infinite force.”

This was the era of the end of its quest and investigations, and TK was reaching the period of the end of the world. Now TK had found out about its own Source of Energy and Lord. TK had reached the Truth, and through wisdom, knew that such Great Creator and Lord, with such Infinite Mercy, would never Leave His Creatures in the dark, without Guidance. TK started looking for the Signs of its Lord on the Earth, such as His Name, His Characteristics, His Message. TK needed to know more about its Creator, as well as its own source and identity. Then TK finds His Lord’s Book on the Earth, finding its own name in the Book and all about itself, founds all the answers. At last, TK had seen of the Greatest Signs of the Lord (53:13-18):

(13) “And he saw Him at latter Descent,”

(14) “By the Lote-Tree of the extremity,”

(15) “Near which is the Garden of Abode,”

(16) “When Covered the Lote-Tree, whatever Covered,”

(17) “(his) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong.”

(18) “In fact, he was seeing the Greatest Signs of his Lord.”

Prostrating and bowing in submission before the Immense Grandeur of the Creator (), TK grafts and marries Faith.

The birth of Zil-Qarnaïn

The end of the adventure of TK is celebrated by the birth of Zil-Qarnaïn, born out of the combination and union of Knowledge and Faith. This Zil-Qarnaïn represents:

  1. Bi-centenary scientific experiences and discoveries of the last two centuries on Earth, particularly concerning the four forces of the Creation.
  2. The bifurcate or dual knowledge of electromagnetism, which is the science of light.
  3. The symbol of bi-corned plug of electricity, being the zenith and the peak of the knowledge for Man on Earth, bringing him knowledge about his Lord’s Power and Light, and the means of connecting to Him.

Thus, the ultimate Z-Q or the bifurcate branch of science and Faith of the Tree of Knowledge  began to be established on Earth. The Knowledge of Light, combined with Faith, and directed by the Word of the Creator, enabled the establishment of the two-pronged wire of the plug, connecting to the Light and Electricity of the Lord from the Earth. The Mission of this Symbol of Knowledge, the ultimate Z-Q is:

  • To announce the last two centuries of the world
  • To introduce the Signs and Miracles of the only Creator (), and Lord of the population of the world and all universes
  • To direct toward the Lord Creator, and the right way of worshipping Him Alone, denouncing the idol-worship of all religions on Earth
  • To show the ways and means to all ends through science

18:84 “In fact We Established his power on the Earth and Gave him the ways and means to everything.”

  • To show the way to eternal life and happiness, to all people of knowledge and people of faith
  • To warn the people and those who use TK’s knowledge for wrongdoing that, not only will they be punished in this world, but after will suffer even severer punishment, unknown before (18:87-88)

18:87 “(ZQ) said, ‘But whoever does wrong we punish him, then he shall be sent back to his Lord and he will be punished with a punishment unheard of (before).’”

18:88 “But whoever believes and works righteousness, he shall benefit from good rewarding and we transmit for him facility of our affair,”

Z-Q, with the collaboration of its complement faith, under the guidance of Time, carries the Mission of All’h and becomes His Messenger on Earth, guiding those inclined to wisdom and knowledge toward “A Sole Creator” providing them with all its scientific advantages (18:90,95).

18:90 “Until when (ZQ) reached the place where the Sun rises (far East) and found it rising on a people for whom We had Provided no covering protection under it.”

18:95 “(ZQ) said, ‘What my Lord has Established me in, is better, just assist me through power, I will place a barrier between you and them.’”

Science and Faith unite

The fruiting of this Z-Q or duo-branch, that for the first time on Earth and in history, would unite science and Faith, which was, of course, tremendous and never existed before. This generation of foliation and fruiting of TK was the Best Ever. All of which guiding toward () All’h, the Creator and the Lord of the universal people, ensuring the enjoyment of this world, and the hereafter for an eternal life. And the guided ones, most fortunate, All’h Being Satisfied with them, and they, being satisfied with their Lord.

5:119 “() All’h will Say, ‘This day the truthful will benefit of their truth, theirs are Gardens with flowing rivers beneath, in which they will abide eternally,’ () All’h Being Pleased with them, and they pleased with Him, this is the great Salvation.”

And so, they lived happily ever after. Reminding once more, the Spirit of God Is the aforementioned Capital (in TK relate), that the Lord of people had Offered to the principal factors of the world (the heavens, the Earth, Mountains and Man), as a Trust. Man, as all terrestrial animals, being ignorant and tyrannous by nature, took the risk and accepted the offer, to come out of his ignorance and tyranny. He accepted all his share of Creation, to work and manage his Capital on his own, even at the risk of losing it all on Earth. The aim was to cultivate this Capital on Earth, then harvest and benefit from the light of its fruits/knowledge to enlighten the darkness of his mind as well as enlighten the darkness of his abode (7:10), to establish a comfortable and enjoyable way of living during his hard passage on Earth and enlighten the Way up to his Lord after his life on Earth, to the Eternal Happy Life.

7:10 “Surely, We Established you on the Earth and Placed for you therein with means for life, how little you appreciate.”

God Be Praised


9. Continuation of The Tree of Knowledge

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