Chapter Q&A: FurQan Chapter One

Everything in this World is Created using the same system! From the atom,  with electrons spinning around the nucleus, to the solar system, with planets turning around the sun. In our body blood circulates around the heart. What is inside man’s body, is exactly the same substance as the outside world. To make a lighting connection, usually you connect a two (or three) prong wire into the plug; spiritually and mentally things work the same way! For example, Qur’an & FurQan are the two prong wires that we connect to the “Plug” of All’h’s Electricity for Guidance. The Light that they both produce, lightens our mind, our work, decisions in life and prevents us from irreparable dangers! And the light of Science is what has been cleared, discovered through Science. And when the discovery of Science matches the Word of God, this is the work of FurQan to bring such conformation to people, to make them believe The Qur’an, being the Word of God!

What is the “space of The Qur’an” and the 19 hexagons by which it is marked?

A prominence, thickness, bigness, magnitude, size, is measurable by 19 hexagons. So the drawing on the cover of The Qur’an that I did for my translation shows the hexagons, on each corner (as the hexagon has six corners) is sitting a Sourat/Chapter, making 114 Sourates.

Why is it the work of The FurQan when Science confirms the Word of God?

The discernment is the better explanation; because it explains The Qur’an through Science and Knowledge of our time and era.

How does everything created in a bifurcated combo give them means to attract to the Light?

  • Look at the two prong wires and the 🔌. This is a bifurcated combination!
  • And God Says I Have Created everything under the same system!

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