Chapter Q&A: FurQan Chapter Four

To achieve the “Knowledge of Certainty” for anything, is only through the materialization and realization of it, and so is for the Word/The Qur’an

  • Meaning to see it with your own eye to get the knowledge of certainty. Otherwise, there stays always a kind of doubt, no matter how small … For instance for the Qur’an, through Its mathematical Miracle(19), we get the knowledge of certainty; meaning again: as no mankind ever can produce such work/miracle, we get the certainty that it is the Word of God, and no doubt stays in our subconscious anymore!
  • Only through FurQan, confirmation of Science & Time, that one can reach the necessary “Knowledge of Certainty” (102:5), for Activating the Word for oneself! The fulfilment of the Words & Prayers of the Qur’an happens when the words produce the necessary Energy and the Energy is only produced by the comprehension, realization, visualization and repetitive use.
  • See things with your own eyes to achieve “Certainty” (2:260) –realization.

“Horizon” is where the resurrection of the sun takes place; As the Qur’an is the “Intellectual’ Sun” of the Earth and the “light” for intellect, this indicates the resurrection (revival) of All’h’s Word, after setting, at least, 1200 years

  • Because we presume that for the 200 years after the death of Muhammad, people had not strayed from the Qur’an yet; their deviation from the Qur’an, to narrations and Man written books, started after 200 years.
  • “The Manifest” is a nickname of the Qur’an;
  • “Horizon” is a far line connecting Heaven and Earth. This is an interpretation for the line (of words) of the Qur’an; as the Qur’an connects the Heaven to Earth!

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