4. The Mission of the FurQan in the Qur’an-FurQan

بسم ﷲ الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning the Mission of الفرقان  “Al-FurQan”

The root word of فرقان “FurQan” = فرق “Determining factor that makes for a distinct change, Difference” and the distinct change today consists of Time, people, and Level of science and knowledge. Al-FurQan, consists of the discernment of verses of the Qur’an through science as well as the definition and clarification of the prayers of the Qur’an, that are mostly for removing, distancing and protecting oneself from sins/pollution (8:29).

8:29 “O You who believe, if you fear All’h, He will Set up a discernment/furQan for you, and Divert your sins from you, and Absolve them for you, and Is the Lord Possessor of the Great Bounty.”

Activate the Energy of the Word and Its Blessings

Not only is each word and prayer the key to a particular effect, but their comprehension is necessary and of utmost importance in order to render the prayers effective, or rather to start activating the Energy of the Word and Its Blessings. Surely, it is only through Al-FurQan, that one can reach the necessary Knowledge of Certainty (102:5) for activating the Word for oneself.

102:5 “Nay, unless you have the ‘knowledge of certainty.’”

Knowledge of Certainty

Achieving the Knowledge of Certainty for anything can only be through the materialization and realization of it, and so it is for the Word/the Qur’an. Put in other words, one should see things with one’s own eyes, to achieve such Certainty (2:260), or else the mind will not reach the confidence and faith required for its fulfillment. The fulfillment of the verses and prayers of the Qur’an, also happens when the words produce the necessary Energy, and the Energy is only produced by comprehension, realization, visualization, and repetitive use, conforming to the science of our time.

2:260 “And when Abraham said, ‘My Lord, Show me how You Give life to the dead.’ He Said, ‘Do you not then believe?’ He said, ‘Yes, but for my heart to be certain …’”

Nothing is neglected or exceeded in the Qur’an (6:38).

6:38 “And there is not a creature on Earth, nor a flyer flying by its wings, without being communities like you, not a thing have We Neglected in the Book, then to their Lord they shall be gathered.”

Everything one needs (whether at the time of Prophet Muhammad or today) for surviving the sins (pollution) of this world in our lifetime, and reaching the happiness of the hereafter, is inside the Qur’an, only. Naturally, all the Muslims following narrations and customs (of Prophet) instead of the Qur’an, are ignorant and stay in the dark concerning all these Blessings (23:63).

23:63 “But, their hearts are so in ignorance from this (Qur’an), and as for their deeds, they are doing from other (commandments) than this (Qur’an).”

Unfortunately, for at least the last twelve centuries people have abandoned the Qur’an, by following books of narration and tradition of Prophet as the source of their religion, and they have undoubtedly extinguished the Qur’an in terms of productivity of Energy (25:30).

25:30 “And the Messenger said, ‘O my Lord, in fact my people adopted this Qur’an, abandoned’”

(Adopting the Qur’an, in abandoning Its contents.)

This is in no way a coincidence that such a verse should be precisely in surah 25 الفرقان (Al-FurQan) for this Second Opening of the Qur’an today. Unless the Qur’an is clarified, well understood and fully obeyed, it is just an unused power, switched off from producing Its Energy. Let us get on with the process of discerning, in order that, All’h Willing, the readers will become acquainted with the clarification of the Word, through knowledge of our time.

Discerning Qur’an and Al-Qur’an

  • قران “Qur’an” (without definite article)
  • القران “Al (the) Qur’an” (with definite article) and
  • The style and contents of the Qur’an’s Revelation

The word قرانQur’an means collection/book to be memorized/a reading or study to keep in mind. But
ال-قرانAl-Qur’an the specifying prefix “al/the,” specifies the Collection to the Creator. In the translations of the Qur’an, unfortunately, this difference either has been neglected or not considered as important. The slightest change in the Qur’an, has a meaning, and it is for a reason, the best example being the verse below. See to some extent a minor change can change the real meaning of the verse (17:78). This being precisely the role of الفرقان “the discernment” today, distinguishing the clarification of science, to perceive thoroughly the meaning of the Qur’an for our own time.

17:78 “Establish the ‘Connection/Salat’ for sun-down up to the darkness of the night, and the dawn qur’an (study), for in fact the dawn study is witnessed (registered into mind and memory).”

The word “qur’an” in this verse lacks the prefix (al/the), which is the clue to the verse that hitherto has been translated as: “… and read the Qur’an at dawn, for reading the Qur’an at dawn is witnessed (by angels, birds, etc.)”. The word simply “Qur’an,” mentioned in verse above, and some other verses throughout the Qur’an, means, any book of study or any collection to be memorized, such as academic books, files or poetry. The seemingly minor difference, consisting of the absence of ال “Al” prefix, not only signifies, any kind of study in general (instead of only the Qur’an) but indicates an awareness of what modern science has concluded concerning early morning study. The mind and memory, having rested at night, are apt to be better at registration and memorization at dawn. Any kind of study or reading to be kept in mind is better done at dawn, because dawn’s study is better memorized/witnessed by the mind.

The verse, in fact, is giving a piece of scientific information, which only now after 14 centuries is clarified and distinguished by science. There is no obligatory Commandment to read the Qur’an at every dawn, but a Guidance on dawn study in general, whether it be the Qur’an or any other important study to keep in mind. As mentioned in (6:38 above), never overlook the smallest detail in the Qur’an, because nothing is neglected or is without reason.

The style of Revelation of the Qur’an

The Glorious Qur’an, was Revealed by the Intensive Forces that are All’h (53:5)

53:5 “He was Taught (the Revelation) by the Intensive Forces”

Before this, they interpreted and it was believed by people that “the Intensive Forces” concerns angel Gabriel. But “the Intensive Forces” Is only All’h, the forces of Creation, the God Almighty, and none other. The Revelation took place on a single occasion (53:10), recording the entire contents of the Qur’an on Prophet Muhammad’s memory tape.

53:10 “So He Revealed to His servant as much as He (Meant) to Reveal.”

Here is the confirmation that “the Intensive Forces” are not angel Gabriel. Prophet Muhammad was not a servant of angel Gabriel. Angel Gabriel recalled the Revelation to Prophet Muhammad on Earth. This Revelation was composed of three different revelations in one, under the seal of Time, in other words, a composition of three revelations, registered on the tape, programmed to be released in three separate times:

  1. The first seal Opened the entire Revelation and Complete words of the Qur’an, in terms of justness and exactitude. This Revelation was released gradually through Prophet Muhammad, during 23 years of his lifetime.
  2. Then after 1400 years, the second seal was released: the Mathematical Coding Miracle, as the Proof/Evidence of the authenticity of the Qur’an.
  3. Then the third seal, the FurQan was to be released, enabling the distinction of the Qur’an for all believers and intellectuals, through scientific interpretation, and agreement with their own era and time.

The example for this manner of proceeding has already been shown in our Time. It is like pre-programmed recordings on a videotape, each piece to be unlocked at a particular time, when their contents will run. Thanks to Almighty Lord, due to such concretization through science, the fact of the style of Revelation becomes “knowledge of certainty” for us (102:5 mentioned above). The Revelation of “the just/right of the Word,” that consisted of all the words of the Book, containing a bifurcated/dual revelation (2:185), was recorded all on the Qur’an’s tape, each revelation programmed to release at a specific era and period of time.

2:185 “The month of Ramadan is in which the Qur’an was Sent down as

(1) a Guidance for the people,

(2) and Evidences of Guidance,

(3) الفرقان ‘the discernment’ so, any of you who witness the month should be fasting …”

This is how the Lord of the Universal people, Recorded the entirety of the Word onto Muhammad’s mind, Programming It to be released over 23 years, in order that the Word be registered on the pages of the Book. When events relating to each verse would happen, under the supervision of one of the most powerful angels, Gabriel (2:97), the necessary amount of the Word’s Revelation would be released from Muhammad’s mind, supervised by Angel Gabriel, so that the right words would fit into the pages of the Book, without mistake or omission.

2:97 “Say, ‘Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel, for in fact he has descended It on to your heart by All’h’s Will, confirming what had come before It, and Guidance and Glad Tidings for the (definitive) Believers.’”

The release of the Second revelation, that is the البینه (al-bayyena) “Evidence” consisting of a mathematical coding of the Word, was planned and set to run 1400 years later. At that time the computer would be discovered on Earth (27:82), allowing people of the 15th century to calculate the total words and letters of the Book, and find out about Its immense superhuman coding Miracle. Hence the Evidence of the authenticity and preservation of the Qur’an through the past 14 centuries.

27:82 “By the time of the fulfillment of the Word upon them, We Bring out for them a creature from the Earth that speaks to them, for in fact people were not assured about Our Verses.”

The Horizon of the Manifest

The Revelation of the Evidence has not been through the apparition of angel Gabriel (as for Prophet Muhammad). As the entire Word was previously Revealed to Muhammad, this Revelation was hidden into the depth of the Word. And the Messenger (Dr. Rashad Khalifa), had seen it.

81:23 “… he saw (the Revelation) by the ‘horizon of the Manifest’” /al-Ufuq al-Mubin/الافق المبین

Symbolically, the line of the Horizon = “A profound line relating the Heaven to Earth” and Al-Mubin “the Manifest” = the Qur’an. 16:35, 24:54, 26:2 etc.

16:35 “And the idol worshipers said, ‘Had All’h Willed, we would not have worshiped aught but Him, neither we nor our fathers, nor should we have declared any prohibitions other than His.’ So did their predecessors. Then is there upon the Messengers but conveying the Manifest?”

As to the discernment of such a profound and awesome phrase “… he saw (the Revelation) by the horizon of the Manifest.” The mystery is hidden in the definition of “horizon” that, apart from pointing out a profound and unlimited vast field (as the field of the Qur’an) is:

  • A far away line relating the Heaven and the Earth (an exact definition for God’s line of Scripture, relating to people on Earth)
  • A symbol of an open and distant perspective (a re-Opening after 1400 years). A future definition in the lines of the Book, (defining of the words through science)
  • Last but not least, the “horizon” is where the resurrection of the Sun takes place, and as the Qur’an is the Intellectual Sun of the Earth and the light for intellect, this indicates the resurrection of All’h’s Word, after setting for at least 1200 years.

After the Evidence, the seal of the revelation for the discernment is broken, bringing the explanation and definition of science for the Word of the Creator (25:33)

25:33 “And no question do they bring to you, but We Came to you by the just (the entirety of the Book) and a better interpretation.”

This revelation also has been seen by “the horizon of the Manifest.” Hopefully, the above explanations have been clear enough for honorable readers to distinguish the particularity of the Qur’an’s Revelation, Its contents and the way that has been Released. The key to this mystery has been through the video comparison. Materialization of programming Its Glorious Revelation for three different periods, and each revelation being released at a particular time, provides us with the knowledge of certainty. This is an example of how the Time and its science are the only way for us to reach the knowledge of certainty, and they are, incontestably, our principal Teachers today, through which we relearn the Word/the Commandments of God. Their teachings, interpretations, are comprehended through the FurQan.

The Day of Inauguration

Unless we get the key code through the FurQan, we will not know the way to open the lock on the hidden Knowledge of the Qur’an and will not have a part of the Festivity of this Second Opening (الفتح 48:1)

48:1 “In fact We have Inaugurated/Opened for you, a Manifest Inauguration”

Undoubtedly, the discernment is the ticket to Qur’an’s Festivity. Those among the people of the world who neglect or ignore it, on the یوم الفتح, “Day of Inauguration” it will be too late. On that Day, they will not get a favor, and will have lost the opportunity for participation (32:28-29).

32:28 “And they say, ‘When will this Inauguration be, if you are truthful?’”

32:29 “Say, ‘On “Day of Inauguration” the belief of those who had rejected, will no more be of use to them, and they will not be Favored a respite.’”

God Be Praised


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