Chapter Q&A: FurQan Chapter Eight

How has the Tree discovered all of this and what is the planck wall? What is on the other side of the wall?

The Tree is the tree of Knowledge! Today Science has reached very high in knowledge! The infinite Possibilities, or by its other name, the M theory is the latest of Science findings! The M theory proves that all is One! God! The planck wall is the wall of gravity that up to now was impenetrable … ; but now with infinite possibilities, they think there could be other Universes on the other side of the Wall … We, through The Qur’an we know that they are the abode of the Angels, and the heavens Promised to Believers!

I thought you said in your blog that nothing could exist on the other side of the wall?

Yes! But with the discovery of M theory, their estimation only goes over it … they think now that everything is probable, even the existence of another Universe on the other side of the wall.

Are Zil-Qarnaïn and the Tree of Knowledge the same thing?

The Tree is Science and Knowledge in general; Zil Qarnain, that means double branch, being the sign of Computer, is the last branch of the Tree (Science)!

What does (55:46) mean? And how do each of the Gardens differ?

On the other side of the planck wall there are two Universes, one on top of the other. In each Universe, there are two Gardens, one for humans and one for the angels. The upper Universe is the domain of the best believers! The downer one is for those who believed but did not nourish their soul through God’s Guidance!

Then, once his shape was completed, God Breathed some of His Spirit into him, Spreading and Paving the field of his mind for intelligence: (15:29)

This « shape » concerns man’s shape!

God Leveled man’s shape through evolution, out of that single living cell. The evolution starting from that cell, inside the « belly » of Earth, coming out of the Earth as plants … etc., … etc.; until the shape of Man was leveled and perfected (called by Science: Homo sapiens), then Blew into him of His Spirit (Homo sapiens sapiens), Giving him intelligence.

What do you mean when you say 3 and a half billion years ago (about water) because wasn’t the Big Bang Theory 13.8 billion years ago?

This is not the Big Bang! This is when evolution was passing the stage of water … Then, after these digest, the preparation of the Earth for living, has taken some 10 billion years … !

How did TK find the atom? And how did it conquer/split the moon?

TK, Tree of Knowledge, symbolically is the growth of Science and Knowledge on Earth, ever since the first one, « the Knowledge of the names », that God Taught Adam …,. Till now, our own period of time, that the last « double branch of the Tree », the electro-magnetic Knowledge is settling on Earth, through which,  the computer etc. …

Now, TK finding atom, moon, etc, is the discovery of all this in different period of time on Earth.

(53:16) What does surah 53 verse 16 mean and what does it mean that TK grafts and marries Faith?

Meaning through Knowledge, the True Identity of God will be unveiled, discovered! (This being the meaning of v 16,) and TK marries Faith, Science will agree with Faith!

The end of the adventure of TK, is celebrated by the birth of its ultimate bifurcate branch /Zil-Qarnaïn, born out of combination and union of Knowledge & Faith. Is this because TK has reached the point of Science?

The end of our era, Science and faith will marry, will agree, meaning people will scientifically believe. Meaning Science will lead people toward God and belief. This is the end of TK.

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