7. All’h, the forces of the Creation

بسم ﷲ الرحمن الرحیم

All’h, the forces of the Creation

With all the proofs in the slightest details, brought in the precedent chapter 6, there can be in no possible way doubts whatsoever that All’h Is the forces of Creation and He Is the Unique Power to have Created everything from the atom and smaller (particles), then Giving them shape and form, such as heavens, Earth, mountains and trees. Today the bifurcated science of electro-magnetism/ science of light, discovered in the last two centuries, clarifies for the first time, the verses of the Qur’an, concerning the Light of All’h, our Creator. This explains also the mysterious character of (ZQ) of the Qur’an (Zil-Qarnain).

Today the science of (ZQ) introduces the Power, and the only Power, which is aware of every molecule of our existence, protecting every one of them, and no molecule is lost or neglected in this Power — the only Power that all particles of Existence are entrusted with, and into which the rights of every particle are safeguarded. These forces that God has Separated from His other forces, are just for the structure of our world and other universes, and their inhabitants. He has Named them All’h , so when the science of the end of the world brings the symbolic signs of the Power of Creation, people will recognize the Signs of their Only Creator and Lord, from His final Word, the Qur’an.

Likewise, statements such as, “We have Elaborated our verses for the people of knowledge,” or “everything We have fully Elaborated” (17:12), are now becoming discerned and clear.

17:12 “We have Made the Night and the Day as two Signs: We Obscured the Sign of the Night, while the Sign of the Day, We have Made to Enlighten, that you may seek bounty from your Lord, and that you may know the number of years and the count (of days), and all things We have Elaborated in detail.”

Such elaborations were, no doubt, meant for us, for a time when science provides the knowledge to realize how far God’s Signs and Verses are ahead of the scientific discoveries of our time, thus assuring their veracity. It is also the Design of God, that through science we may become familiar with our Creator, appreciate some of His Infinite Power and the extent of His Knowledge and Mercy. And in our time, most people know that the said elaboration of verses that defines the Power of All’h over every object and particle, is in keeping with scientific phenomena. Today the language of science, mathematics and scientific symbols are the only common language between people of the world. In fact, the majority of people know how to read and count. And it is for this reason that God brings His Miracles through mathematics and physics, as Evidence for the Book and Himself, for people today. Let us recapitulate concerning His Power:

“ﷲ” Represents the Power and the Law of Nature of the Creation.

–        Everything belongs to This Power and runs under Its Law of Nature.

–        This Power Is Seer, Hearer and Knower of every molecule of Existence

–        Having account of every molecule that are by a specified quantity

–        This Power or the Law of Nature is Vengeful, meaning “whatever one sows, one harvests.” In other words, if we do wrong in this life, we must undergo the Penalty of “”/the Law and forces of the Creation but then only the Almighty Lord/Rabb Can Avert this Penalty (see the verses below).

–        Our life and death, our provision, all are through this Power’s Law up to the end when He Gathers everyone for Day of the Resurrection.

All’h is only  four  of  the  forces  of Rabb “Lord”

The distinction of the two words, concerning Rabb and All’h in the Qur’an is that  All’h is only four of the forces of the Almighty Rabb. The word Rabb comes with “universal people”; Thus, “Lord of universal people” has Separated four of His forces for the Creation of our universe and those above, and their inhabitants; Naming the forces All’h and All’h Is our Rabb.

At the end of the world, as All’h is Gathering everyone for the Resurrection Day, the last Judgement, the Decision for punishing, forgiving, ranking and placing jinn and Man is with Almighty Rabb. Here I would like to point out for the honorable readers, that until the 1950s science did not seriously consider the existence of other universes besides our world. But recently with the discovery of the “M Theory/ infinite probability/ String theory”, they think of the probability. Or we know from the Qur’an, that there are four universes above ours, as the abode of the angels and the believers in the hereafter.

The Almighty Lord has Inscribed Mercy and Justice for His forces. If we follow and put our trust in All’h, making Him our Lord/Rabb/Master in this life (that is following His Rules) then we have nothing to worry about down on this Earth, and neither for the hereafter as, surely, we have the Best of Protectors. If we don’t, then most certainly we have harmed our souls and will be the big losers in the end.

The word رب, “Rabb” means “Lord/Master (of the land).” Indications to the Earth as a farm, and human, as farm-bailiff, and his choice of Rabb or master to serve, for cultivating the fields of his soil and soul. “” Is (only) four of the forces of the Rabb. Praise to , the Creator and Rabb of universal people. Please pay attention to the following verses (6:12-19). I am sure now they are quite clear, and discern the above statements for you, concerning the words “Rabb” and “All’h” in all through the Qur’an. May I also remind you that the explanation Given on “All’h” in the verses (6:12-19), are precisely followed by the verse 6:20 below, concerning the Jews being aware of this word/Name.

6:12 “Say, ‘To whom belongs whatever in the heavens and the Earth?’ Say, ‘To . He has Inscribed for Himself the Mercy, He will Gather you together for the Day of the Resurrection, no doubt about it, those who lose their souls, are those who do not believe.’”

6:13 “And to Him (All’h) belongs all that dwells in the ‘Night’ and the ‘Day’, and He Is the Hearer and the Knower.”

6:14 “Say, ‘Shall I take a protector other than Shaper of the heavens and the Earth, and He ( ) who Feeds and Is not Fed?’ Say, ‘I have been Commanded to be first to submit and not to be of the (eternal) idol worshipers.’”

6:15 “Say, ‘I would fear, if I disobeyed my Rabb/Lord, the affliction of a great Day.’”

6:16 “If it is averted from any on that Day, it is only due to (Rabb’s) Mercy, and this is Manifest Success.”

6:17 “And if Touches you with affliction, then none can remove it but He (Rabb), and if He Touches you with Blessing, so He (Rabb) Has Power over everything.”

6:18 “And He (Rabb) Is Conqueror over His worshipers, and He (Rabb) Is the Wise, the Informed.”

6:19 “Say, ‘Which is a higher testimony?’ Say, ‘ Be Witness between me and you, and this Qur’an has been Revealed to me to warn you, and all whom it reaches, in fact you testify to other deities besides . Say, ‘But I do not testify.’ Say, ‘In fact, He ( /Rabb) Is the Only God, and I disown whatever you associate with Him.’”

Jews will very well recognize this Name, as they were the first to have been informed about its Signs (6:20, 2:146). They have been informed about a secret Name for God to come: “Tetragrammaton, the Four Letters”.

6:20 “Those to whom We have given the Book they recognize it as they recognize their sons. Those who wrong themselves, refuse therefore to believe.”

2:146 “Those to whom We have Given the Book they recognize it as they recognize their sons, but some of them conceal the truth and they know it.”

Two other verses in this section, clarifying the above statements concerning “All’h Being forces of the Rabb”:

10:85 “They then said, ‘We put our trust in All’h, our Lord/Rabb. Make us not a trial for people (eternal) oppressors’”

7:89 “Indeed we would invent a lie against if we returned to your religion, after has Rescued us therefrom, and we never return thereto, only if it be the Will of , our Rabb; our Rabb Amplifies His Knowledge of all things/particles, to we put our trust. Our Lord, Open the truth between us and our people, and You Are the Best Opener (of the ways).”

Now, does not the word () open a perceptual highway in our mind allowing us, at least in part, to understand the Immensity of such word/Name and the Power It represents? This is the Greatest Gift and Blessing of the Lord to us, and we are the most fortunate people ever on Earth, as we are witnessing clearly and for the first time, physical Signs of the Almighty God in all the history of mankind on Earth, thanks to Him. Today, for the first time we have physical proof of His Existence (6:104). With all these evident Proofs, if one still denies God, then it is to his own detriment:

6:104 “Now have come to you visual Proofs from your Lord, if any sees, then (good) for his own; and any pretending blind, to his own (harm) and I am not a keeper over you”

53:18 “In fact he was seeing the Greatest Signs of his Lord.”

81:27 “Verily, this is no less than a Message to all the people of the world.”

9:33 “He Is the One who Sent His Messenger with the Guidance and Religion of the truth, to manifest it over all other religion, even though the idol worshipers may detest (it).”

God Be Praised

8. The Story of The Tree of Knowledge

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