7. Definition of Science and The Qur’an for The Creator

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Discerning: Comparing the verses of The Qur’an about The Power of Creation, and the four symbols (الله) of the fundamental forces of Creation, by Science (continued from part 6)

The details revealed by Science concerning “the four forces of Creation,” confirm the details revealed by The Qur’an concerning The Power الله, The Creator of All things! Science identifies the “four fundamental forces of Creation,” Intensely Powerful and the source of all other forces of Nature. Refer to verses of The Qur’an below for Identical descriptions to the last detail of Science for The Creator: describing الله as “Intensive Forces” and “Source of all other forces.”

53:5 “The Intensive Forces Instructed him,”

2:165 “Certain people take (for worship) others besides الله as equal, loving them as loving All’h, but those who believed, their utmost love is for All’h. If only those who transgressed could see (themselves) when they would face the retribution! In fact the force is totally of الله, and All’h’s Retribution is Intense.”

الله, The Invisible Pillars of the structure of Universe:

13:2 “All’h Is The One (Power) that Raised the heavens without pillars that you can see, then (The Forces) Established on The Throne; and Subjugated the sun and the moon, each one running for a term appointed. He Regulates all affairs, Explains the verses in details that you may be certain of meeting your Lord”

الله Having Power over everything/every particle:

65:12 “الله Is The One Who Created seven Firmaments and of the Earth, likewise; the Command descends through the midst of them that you may know that الله Has Power over all things, and that All’h’s Knowledge Surrounds every particle/thing.

الله, Witnessing every particle:

85:9 “Him to Whom belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the Earth; and الله Is Witness to all things/particles.”

الله, Safeguards every particle:

34:21 “And he (Satan) had no authority over them, except for Us to Make known who believed in the Hereafter and who is in doubt about it; and your Lord Is a Guardian over every particle.”

All particles are at الله‘ Sight in due proportion:

13:8 “الله, Knows what every female bears, and what the wombs diminish, and what exceed; and all particles at His Sight are in proportion.”

الله Has the account of all particles:

4:86 “When a (courteous) greeting is offered you, return the greeting more courteously or equally; truly All’h Has the count of every particle/thing.”

الله Surrounds (Encompasses) all particles:

4:126 “And to الله Belongs whatever in the heavens and whatever in the Earth, and الله Encompasses all things.”

Not an atom or smaller (quark) are hidden from الله on the Earth, nor in heavens:

10:61 “In whatever rank (business) you might be, and whatever portion of The Qur’an you recite, and whatever deed you may be doing, We Are Witness thereof when you are deeply engrossed therein; nor is hidden from your Lord (as much as) the weight of an atom, on the Earth or in Heaven, not smaller than this and not greater, but being clearly recorded in a Book.”

الله Is Cognizant of every particle and sub-particle:

2:231 “And know that الله Is Cognizant of all things.”

He Is Defender over every particle:

6:102 “Such Is الله your Lord; there is no god but He; He Is The Creator of all particles, then worship Him Alone; and He Is Advocate over every particle (Safeguarding the rights of every particle).”

The word/Name “الله/All(a)h”, in The Qur’an (the correct spelling is: ALL’H), consists of four letters, as the(a)is just a sound (‘) and not a letter! Four letters, plus an orthographic mark of emphasis (w) over the two: (LL/ل ل). This mark usually is denoting the repetition of a letter. Or the (L) in “ALL’H” is already repeated! Surely there is a particular reason for this “double” emphasis? Please refer to the monogram below:

  • The first letter ‘A’, in Arabic (alif), is a vertical line drawn straight from up, downward: (ا) This letter stands apart from the three other letters (as Science says: “Gravity”, the first force, is not related to the three other forces, and its symbol is a straight line starting from up-downward.)
  • The three other letters, relating to one another; (as Science says: the three other forces, relating to one another through long and short interactions.)
  • Two of them, are of the same letter (as Science says: two of them are of the same root, strong and weak nuclear forces—more detail further below.)
  • Letter (L), called “lâm: ل ل ” in Arabic, looking like: “W(with round angles), symbolic of wave of strong interaction.
  • The mark of emphasis (w), which looks exactly like a small “w(symbol of weak interaction.)
  • The last letter (ha/ه), when attached to a letter, has the shape of a semi-circle, (c) (the sign of electromagnetism.)

This is the shape of the word All’h/(الله) in Arabic!

The four letters, forming a word/Name, represent the four forces, or the Power of Creation; and no doubt that the reason for four-letter word/Name, is not in vain (as everything concerning God has its reason), and each letter symbolizes and stands for a force. Thus each letter is a pillar of force, forming the four invisible pillars of the Power of structure of the heavens and the Earth:

13:2 “All’h Is The One (Power) that Raised the heavens without pillars that you can see, then (The Forces) Established on The Throne; and Subjugated the sun and the moon, each one running for a term appointed. He Regulates all affairs, Explains the verses in details that you may be certain of meeting your Lord”

All’h الله, The Power that Has Created everything from the atom and particles smaller than the atom, then Giving them shape and form, such as heavens, the Earth, mountains, trees, etc. Today, the Science of Zil-Qarnaïn ذی القرنین (or the scientific discoveries of the past two centuries) has clarified the true meaning of these verses. Today, Science clarifies the Power, and The Only Power, aware of every object/particle, protecting and safeguarding their rights. Thus, The Only Power that all the particles of Existence are entrusted with, and into which their rights are safeguarded, are the four basic forces of Creation (the four signs/letters of the monogram above), that The Lord of people of the World Has Separated from His other Forces, for the use of the structure of this Universe (and those above) and their inhabitants. He Named the forces, All’h الله, so that when Science brings the symbols of the creator of Universe, people would recognize the Signs of their Only Creator, from His final Word, The Qur’an. Likewise, statements such as, “We Have Elaborated our verses for the people of knowledge”; or “everything We Have fully Elaborated” (17:12), are now becoming discerned and clear!

17:12 “We Have Made the Night and the Day as two Signs: We Obscured the Sign of the Night, while the Sign of the Day, We Have Made to Enlighten, that you may seek bounty from your Lord, and that you may know the number of years and the count (of days); and all things We Have Elaborated in detail.”

Such elaborations were, no doubt, meant for us! For a time when Science provides the knowledge to realize how far God’s Signs and Verses are ahead of scientific discoveries of our time, thus assuring their veracity. It is also the Design of God, that through Science we may become familiar with our Creator, appreciate some of His Infinite Power, and the extent of His Knowledge and Mercy.

Every knowledgeable person today knows that the said “elaboration of verses”, that define the Power of All’h over every object and particle, is in keeping with the scientific phenomena of our time concerning, the four fundamental forces, creator and constructor of Universe; and the extent and scope of such Power on the existing particles and molecules! In addition to all these elaborations, under the Name الله All’h in The Qur’an, The Lord Creator, Reveals undeniable Signs of Himself.

By Revealing Himself through the four symbols in physics (denoting the creator of Universe), He Leaves no more doubts for the knowledgeable of our time! Symbols in Science are the only common language between all people of knowledge in the world! The Lord of people, Provided first the Evidence of His Book in mathematics; the mathematical code of The Qur’an found in 1974 (as mentioned before), and now He Presents His Name in The FurQan, through  the physics of our time. This being of His Greatest Signs, set on His Throne of Word on Earth:

53:18 “In fact he was seeing the Greatest Signs of his Lord.”

Now if we position the four symbols as to Science’s discovery:

  • The first force discovered was “gravity”, standing apart from the others; (ا )
  • The two signs of “waves”, symbol of strong and weak interactions; (W) (w)
  • The symbol of light (c),

Consider the result and compare it with: الله

Do you see any difference between the symbols and signs of the creator of Science, and the word for The Creator in The Qur’an? Please refer again to the definition of Science about the characteristics and working method of the creator, and The Qur’an’s definition of “All’h”, and compare them, repeatedly. Using one’s own perception, can one see any difference between the two descriptions?:

67:3 “The One Who Created seven heavens one above another; no difference will you see in the Creation of The Bi-Merciful; so refer to your perception, do you see any flaw?

Examine them with care repeatedly! Your gaze will return reduced and tired.

67:4 “Look again and your vision will come back to you indisposed and being worn out.”

(For further explanations on the characteristics of the ‘Forces of Creation’, see section on “scientific discoveries.”)

In addition, if (c) is attached to a wave (w), it becomes the symbol of the particle (cwلله); and referring to quantum mechanics, this symbol presents: “matter and energy”, the characteristic of all beings and Existence. Besides, these two signs are the characteristics of the four forces that consist of particles and waves!

NOW! Does not the word (الله) open a perceptual highway in our mind, allowing, at least in part, to understand the Immensity of this word/Name and the Power It represents? Then Praise to (الله), for He Is The Creator and Lord of people of the World. We are the most fortunate people ever on Earth! As we are witnessing clearly, and for the first time, physical Signs of The Almighty God, in all the history of mankind on Earth, thanks to Him! Today for the first time we have physical proof of His Existence. The explanations above also contain answers to certain questions that people may have asked themselves such as:

  • Why Has All’h Chosen This Name for Himself?
  • Why should This Name be only in The Qur’an, without being in His previous Scriptures, so that all people of Scripture would know Him by the same Name, and avoid having differences on the matter of Religion?
  • Why Is He named by this Name only in His last Scripture?
  • How can The Qur’an become a Source of Guidance for all people of the world and prevail over all religions? (81:27; 9:33)

81:27 “Verily, this is no less than a Message to all the people of the World.”

9:33 “He Is The One Who Sent His Messenger with the Guidance and Religion of the Truth, to manifest it over all other religion, even though the idol worshipers may detest (it).”

Today Science and Knowledge provide answers to the above questions, and clarify the mystery:

  1. The Qur’an was the last Divine Book to be Revealed for people of the World; and as only the Knowledge of the end of times was Ordained (by God) to be to the level of clarifying the meaning of the Name, naturally the absence of the Name All’h in previous Books is due to the knowledge of the time.
  2. The Qur’an provides the Proof of the authenticity of Its verses; and the identity of Its Author through Science (of the end of the World.)
  3. And as Science is an international “language”, belonging to no nation in particular, then The Book of (الله) no longer belongs to Arabs or any particular nation, but to different variety or population of human beings, of all thinkers and knowledgeable of the World. Thus a Reminder for any people of the World! (47:38 and 81:27)

47:38 “Hey, it was you who were invited (first) to spend in the Way of All’h, then among you were those who were stingy; and anyone being stingy, is only being stingy to himself; All’h Is Needless, but you are the needy, and if you turn away, He Will Substitute another people in your stead that they would not be like you.”

81:27 “Verily this is no less than a Message to all people of the World”

Recapitulating: the Identity of the Creative forces, and The Lord (Rabb) of people of the World. The “Four letter word/Name”, “الله“, represents four of the Forces of The Almighty Lord (“Rabb /رب“), forming the Power of the Creation of every molecule of Existence of our Universe and, above it (the Universes above our Universe, the abode of the angels). Jews will very well recognize this Name, as they were the first to have been informed about its Signs 6:20; 2:146! They have been informed about a secret Name for God to come: “Tetragrammaton/The Four Letters”!

6:20 “Those to whom We have given the Book they recognize it as they recognize their sons. Those who wrong themselves, refuse therefore to believe.”

2:146 “Those to whom We Have Given the Book they recognize it as they recognize their sons; but some of them conceal the truth and they know it.”

الله“, Represents: The Power and The Law of Nature of the Creation.

  • Everything belongs to This Power, and runs under It’s Law of Nature.
  • This Power Is Seer, Hearer and Knower of every molecule of Existence
  • Having account of every molecule, that are by a specified quantity
  • This Power, or the Law of Nature, Is Vengeful, meaning, “whatever one sows, one harvests”; in other words, if we do wrong in this life, we must undergo the Penalty of “الله “/The Law and Forces of the Creation; but then only The Almighty Lord/Rabb Can Avert this Penalty (see the verses below.)
  • Our life and death, our provision, all is through this Power’s Law, up to the end, when He Gathers everyone for Day of the Resurrection.

The Almighty Lord Has Inscribed Mercy and Justice for His Forces. If we follow, and put our trust in All’h, making Him our Lord/Rabb/Master in this life (that is following His Rules), then we have nothing to worry down on this Earth, and neither for the Hereafter, as surely we have The Best of Protectors; If we don’t, then most certainly we have harmed our souls and will be the big losers at the end!

The word “Rabb/رب” in Arabic, means “Lord/Master (of the land).” Indications to the Earth as a farm, and human, as farm-bailiff, and his choice of rabb or master to serve, for cultivating the fields of his soil and soul … . So, “الله“, Is (only) four of the Forces of The Lord/Rabb, that have been Separated from His other Forces, forming the Power for the Creation (of our Universe and above it, the Gardens of Eden and the angels). Praise to “الله“, The Creator and Rabb/Lord of people of the World. Please pay attention to the following verses (6:12-19). I am sure now they are quite clear, and discern the above statements for you, concerning the words “Rabb” and “All’h” in all through The Qur’an.

May I also remind you that the explanation Given on “All’h” in these verses, are precisely followed by the verse above 6:20, concerning the Jews being aware of this word/Name!

6:12 “Say: To whom belongs whatever in the heavens and the Earth? Say: To الله. He Has Inscribed for Himself The Mercy; He Will Gather you together for the Day of the Resurrection, no doubt about it; those who lose their souls, are those who do not believe.”

6:13 “And to Him (All’h) belongs all that dwells in the ‘Night’ and the ‘Day’; and He Is The Hearer and The Knower.”

6:14 “Say: Shall I take a protector other than الله Shaper of the heavens and the Earth, and He (الله) Who Feeds and Is not Fed? Say: I have been Commanded to be first to submit and not to be of the (eternal) idol worshipers.”

6:15 “Say: I would fear, if I disobeyed my Rabb/Lord, the affliction of a Great Day.”

6:16 “If it is averted from any on that Day, it is only due to (Rabb‘s) Mercy; and this is Manifest Success.”

6:17 “And if الله Touches you with affliction, then none can remove it but He (Rabb), and if He Touches you with Blessing, so He (Rabb) Has Power over everything.”

6:18 “And He (Rabb) Is Conqueror over His worshipers, and He (Rabb) Is The Wise, The Informed.”

6:19 “Say, ‘Which is a higher testimony?’ Say, ‘الله Be Witness between me and you; and this Qur’an has been Revealed to me to warn you, and all whom it reaches; in fact you testify to other deities besides الله.’
Say, ‘But I do not testify!’ Say, ‘In fact, He (الله/Rabb) Is The Only God, and I disown whatever you associate with Him.'”

Two other verses in this section, clarifying the above statements concerning “All’h Being Forces of The Rabb“:

10:85 “They then said: we put our trust in All’h; our Lord/Rabb! Make us not a trial for people (eternal) Oppressors”

7:89 “Indeed we would invent a lie against الله if we returned to your religion, after الله Has Rescued us therefrom; and we never return thereto, only if it be the Will of الله, our Rabb; our Rabb Amplifies His Knowledge of all things/particles; to الله we put our trust; Our Lord! Open the Truth between us and our people, and You Are The Best Opener (of the ways.)


8. The Story of The Tree of Knowledge

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