Salat/Connection 1

بسم ﷲ الر حمن الر حیم


Part I

–        One of the most important commandments in the Religion of the Creator

–        Salat, purifier of sins/pollution

–        Preventive of diseases and calamities

–        Cure for sadness and depression

–        Opener of binding ropes and problems in our lives

–        How to establish connection with God’s Light/Up-righting Salat

The four parallel Instructions

The Religion of the Almighty Creator consists of Directions and Instructions for health, health of body, mind and spirit, and most certainly one never goes without the other. If the body needs four things to stay alive: breathing, eating, eliminating and sleeping; the mind and spirit also need the same number for survival. The four parallel Instructions Commanded for training and exercise, cleaning, feeding and charging the mind and the Spirit are:

  1. Daily Salat = (Provision of Light)
  2. Monthly Zakat = (Eliminating/cleaning)
  3. Yearly Fasting = (Sleeping/resting)
  4. And Hadj once in a lifetime, that is a visit to the Source, Land of Light and Energy

Hadj symbolically shows the order and discipline of the Creation, when we turn around the Ka’beh (the square room) as electrons around the nucleus. And the System and Order of the Creator never changes.

35:43 “… No change will you ever find in All’h’s tradition (System of Creation), nor will you find any turning off in All’h’s tradition (System of God’s Guidance for His Creatures).”

Like the system of an atom, where electrons spin around a nucleus, everything in this world is Created under the same system, from an atom to the Solar system. Precisely the same goes for spirituality. An establishment of method and system as to conduct in worship. We, the electrons, must turn around our nucleus, the Spirit of God, for the growth, development and charging the Spirit.

Today, the FurQan brings the significance and reason for the worshipping system and Religious practices, that serve precisely as training sessions of exercises to develop one’s mental strength and ability over the system of communication with cells, resulting in the preservation of the natural discipline concerning the command/instruction of the brain, and the receptivity of the cells,  preserving the good immunity system of the body, as well as good clear-sightedness of mind.

Salat, which is only a terrestrial exercise, its vital importance for the health of body and spirit, during our lifetime on Earth, and closeness to God in the hereafter is explained in here, as one of the most important pillars in the Religion of Almighty Creator. Nevertheless, the three other pillars should come as support for the construction of a sound and strong mental and spiritual condition. Humankind is the only creature that carries the Spirit of the Creator, and the survival of the Spirit in humans, can only be fed or charged through the Creator’s Light/Energy. Otherwise, we abuse this great Capital and lose our privilege over all other creatures.

Salat is not a prayer

The word Salat in Arabic means “connecting.” It is connecting oneself to the (plug) Light of the Lord, for charging His Spirit in ourselves. The root word of Salat in Arabic is wasl-tawassol /توصّل meaning connection / connecting / conjunction.

Salat /صلوٰة is not a prayer but Connecting — through seven verses of code words — to the Light upon Light of the Creator.

It is absolutely wrong to consider Salat as any ordinary prayer. Many people say, “We pray in our own way. Why should not we pray and demand our wishes from God in our own words, in our own language and at our own time, rather than pronouncing words that we don’t understand? This is for nothing but the advantage of Arabs and Arabic language.”

The most important thing to know is that the Word of God Is all coded words no matter the Language He Uses. “When God Says “Be” and there is.”

By using the following example, and due to the verse (35:43 above) concerning tradition of God for Creation being the same, I hope to be able to clarify the distinction between Salat and the usual prayers.

Let us set the example of electricity. To provide electricity for each room of our house, first we need to establish the connection to an electric generator for the whole house, and once we establish the connection to electricity, then we wire the system to each of the rooms. Salat is the establishment of Connection to the Source of Energy/Electricity, then we can light the rooms/spaces of our imploring and prayers, with assurance and sound speed.

33:43 “He it is who Connects unto you and His angels, to Take you out of the darkness into the Light, and He Is so Merciful toward the Believers.”

The Insurance Policy for next Life

Connecting must be set up regularly, and in their own code words, to benefit from a sound and steady Electricity for clarifying our way, instead of any other light that could go off by the first blow of the wind and leave us in the dark, as it is Said in the verse below. In fact, the benefit of Salat is like the benefit of an Insurance Policy.

2:17 “Their example is of one who kindles a fire, and when it shed light around him, All’h (the forces of Nature) Takes away their light, leaving them in darkness, so they cannot see.”

For Believers, establishing the Connection with the Creator has been fixed five times a day, at the 5 different positions of the Sun. In other words, the Sun is the “conductor of the symphony of the world,” as mankind is not the only creature that Connects, for getting the Energy/the Light.

24:41 “Don’t you realize that it is for All’h the Praises of all beings in the heavens and on the Earth, and the birds in ordered ranks, all knowing their Salat and praise, and All’h Knows well what they do.”

All’h, Being Light and the Source of Perpetual Energy, by the first verse of the Qur’an:

Bsm All’h, Al-Rahman, Al-Rahïm

-By Name All’h the Creator, the Merciful to two (jinn and Man in this material world), the Merciful (to all). He Informs us that He Is the Only Provider of Life and Provision, through His two kinds of Light, Visible Light, and the Invisible Light (Light upon Light).

A) Al-Rahman the Merciful (to two)

This Light of His Mercy concerns His Visible Light, specifically for this world of matter, and we get it through the Sun for our physical life, it is indicated Merciful (to two), concerning the “two principal populations of the world, Man and jinn (extraterrestrials).

13:15 “For All’h they prostrate whichever beings there are in the heavens and the Earth, willingly and unwillingly, and their shadows, by the mornings and the setting of the sun.”

The times given in the verse above, indication for moments of the visibility of shadows being fallen on the ground in sign of prostration, show clear evidence of receptivity to the Light of Life.

Today through science we know that Earth has the power of magnetism on the current of electricity. Planet Earth is the receptor of God’s Light/Electricity, and the shadows lying on the ground reveal the prostration of the creatures, receiving their life-Light/Provision from their Lord Creator.

I draw your attention to the number of surah and verse; it is not by chance that the act of prostration of the creatures in receiving their share of the Creator’s Light should be in surah Al-Ra’d, The Lightening. Nor the number of the verse (15), as only in 15th century science brings explanation for it.

(1 = God, 5 = knowledge, wisdom, perfection, pillar, also the frequency of Salat five times a day.)

B) Al-Rahïm/the Merciful (to all)

This Light of His Mercy is Invisible. This Light wipes away sin/pollution from the soul and body of Man in this world, and in the hereafter, it is only a privilege Granted to Believers.

33:43 “He it is who Connects on to you, and His angels, to Bring you out of Darkness into Light, and He Is Merciful to the Believers.”

Benefitting from the advantages of such Light in the hereafter, contrary to the Visible Light, is only earned willingly. As humankind is the only Earthly creature to have been Granted intelligence and power of thought through the Spirit of God, hence having the advantage of free choice. The Believer is one who willingly chooses to strive and provide himself with the Light of Mercy for the hereafter, as well as Protection of God during this lifetime. Thus, if only Believers will have the advantage of such Light in the hereafter, it is because through their faith and effort in the Way of the Creator, they provision the required Energy in their lifetime. And through such Energy, they go high up and get close to the Source of Energy/the God Creator.

God Almighty Having Brought all kinds of signs and parables for us on Earth, the example for the above statement, could be the example of Presidential Election. The Believer votes for All’h the Creator, he chooses His Reign and puts his trust in His Government. Believer thus follows His Guidance to benefit from His Defense and Protection on Earth as well as in the hereafter. But this Election takes place in the inner world of human beings and is completely personal.

Thus, by establishing the Connection to All’h and His Army (33:43 mentioned above), the Believers, on the one hand render their trust and support to God, on the other hand, they receive the Benefits of His Trust, which is the portion of the Invisible Light, through the angels.

Such Light being:

  1. Lamp for clear-sightedness, Guiding one on the Straight Path against the devil’s calamities and attacking armies during his lifetime on Earth.
  2. Purifying Light preserving the Connectors from early death caused by physical and mental pollution/sins on this Earth

14:10 “Their Messenger said, ‘Is there a doubt about All’h, Shaper of the heavens and the Earth? He Is Inviting you to Wipe away your sins for you, Delaying your (death) up to the Appointed Respite.’”

The four elements of  the purifying Light

Nevertheless, the (daily) Salat is only one of the four elements of the purifying Light, the three others are:

  1. Zakat (Monthly)
  2. Fasting (Annual)
  3. Hadj(Once a lifetime)

Through these four purifying elements, the Believer never stays unguarded against the calamities and dangers of this life, as well as provisioning and charging the Light of the Spirit in themselves for the hereafter life. A Believer uses the four ways, respecting their correct times, to get a full and complete benefit.

The Reason for performing Salat five times a day

As mentioned and detailed in Knowledge of the Qur’an and the discernment, in the Qur’an every digit and number have their proper meaning, and the digit “5” stands for knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, completeness, perfection, strength. (Through the discernment, you will verify that in the construction of the human body, as well as for the stars, God Almighty has Fixed the essence of strength and completeness on number “5.”)

The Hand, and its relation to Salat

The hand is one of the wonders, and one of the most significant organs of the human body. It is the means of identification of a person, symbolically stands for power and ability, control and responsibility, work, craft and skill, among other things.

When God Offered His Spirit as a Trust to the principal leaders of the world

33:72 “We did indeed Offer the (responsibility) to carry the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof, but Man undertook it, in fact he was tyrannical, ignorant.”

Man, by volunteering to carry the Trust, in fact was symbolically taking in hand the responsibility and control of his group (Earth, Heaven and Mountain). In fact, God Placed the globe in Man’s hand, to govern and take care of, through his own choice and free will. And, if we consider the hand and the five fingers, their disposition is specifically Designed and shaped to hold a globe. So, everything is in a Man’s hand, be it in this life or for the hereafter life. Today, by the discovery of the website and Internet, we are witnessing to what extent the globe is in Man’s hand and runs under his fingers. The term of the Contract/Allegiance of God with Man has been to hold firmly the Trust in hand by belief, and to follow His Commandments, and God’s Hand Is over Man’s hands.

48:10 “Surely those who pledge allegiance to you, pledge allegiance to All’h, the Hand of All’h Is over their hands.”

The Monogram on the Hand
This is the Signature of All’h on His Creation

This is the Signature of All’h on His Creation

And so, the Creator’s Signature on His Masterpiece Creation, Man, is placed on the hand (the fingers forming the Sign “” on our hand). Therefore, we can say that in fact everything in this world is symbolically placed in human’s hand. The practice of Salat, connecting to God, being for charging and provisioning the Trust, not only is one of the most important Commandments and the highest sign of belief, but also, the way to hold firmly the Trust in hand, therefore everything concerning the Allegiance and Salat is also marked in a human’s hand. The situation and positions of the fingers in our hand, shows the map of the position of the sun, indicating the time of Salat, as well as the sections of Salat. Moreover, it is important to know that Man is not the only creature that connects to God.

24:41 “Don’t you realize that it is for All’h the Praises of all beings in the heavens and on the Earth, and the birds in ordered ranks, all knowing their Salat and praise, and All’h Knows well what they do.”

Please consider the number of surah and verse surah 24 the Light, 2 + 4 = (6); verse 41, 4 + 1 = (5)

(5) = (besides knowledge, pillar and power), number for Salat, and (6) = number of the world: (6) the Hexagon, is the sign of our physical and material world. Refer to Miracle of the Numbers in Unknown Facts.

The symbolic relation between Hand and the Sun with Salat

Fajr “dawn,” Zohr “noon,” Asr “afternoon,” Maghrib “sunset,” and Isha “night”

The positions and dimensions of the fingers are Designed comparatively:

–        The Sun break, the shortest finger and the shortest Salat (Fajr- 2 rok’at/section)

–        At noon when the Sun is at its zenith (Zohr -4 rok’at)

–        The middle finger, the middle Salat (Asr- 4 rok’at)

–        Then at the declining of the sun, the finger and number of section declines to (Maghrib- 3 rok’at)

–        And at the end the “night”/the thumb (Isha- 4 rok’at), which has a unique, distinct position. It completes the day (or the four fingers), it stands for being in control and on guard, in other words, night watch or on patrol

–        So the four fingers representing the day (the four phases of the Sun during daytime) and the thumb, represents the night

81:17 “And the Night as it patrols”

It is during the resting at night that the benefits of the Sun grow in creatures.

In fact, each Salat and/finger has its specified force. They are linked to one another and are not complete without one another (this concerns those of us who establish the Salat only once a day, thinking it is enough.) Therefore, I would like to cite the following verse here:

2:256 “Let there be no compulsion in Religion. In fact, the truth stands out clear from false. Whoever rejects evil and believes in All’h, has gotten hold of the Firmest Handle that never breaks, and All’h Hears and Knows all.”

We must hold the Firmest Handle or Cable Rope of All’h, with our whole hand and the full strength of our five fingers/the five stations of the Sun for Connecting, in this way we can trust to get good hold of It and prevent ourselves from falling.

Dr. Rashad Khalifa, who found the mathematical Miracle of the Qur’an, discovered that the disposition of Salat, the way we perform it today, is the correct way, as it is compatible with Qur’an’s mathematical coding, 19, the daily sections of Salat: 2, 4, 4, 3, 4 = 24434 = 19 x 1286. By adding the digits of the result number, we get the number of sections of Salat per day, 1 + 2 + 8 + 6 = 17.

(Concerning the number of Salat per day and the right times for it in detail, refer to Salat, Purifier of Sins and Pollution and also Correspondence about Qur’an, “Letter to the Believers.”)

God Be Praised

Part II: Establishing the Salat / the Human Side

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