15. The Trial of the Angels

بسم ﷲ الر حمن الر حیم

Discerning الرحمن  “…  the Bi-Merciful …” (Continued)

The Angels’ Antagonism and Dispute

The Testing of the Angels

Under the Covenant of God with Man, Man agreed to bear the Spirit and uphold the Religion (Rules) of God during his span of life on Earth. Due to such agreement, God Established Himself a Throne of Authority for regulating worldly affairs and Judgment.

10:3 “Verily your Lord Is who Created the Heaven and the Earth in six days, then He Established Himself on the Throne, Regulating the affairs …“

God Being Light and Energy, the material world cannot endure the nearness and vicinity of God. The assistance and intermediation of angels is needed for regulating worldly affairs and deeds, such as organizing, approaching and relaying His Commandments to Man. Moreover, no creature being above God’s Law, the angels, same as humans, must be tested for their trustworthiness before being Assigned to their tasks and ranks for assistance in their worldly missions (22:75, 37:164).

22:75 “ Chooses Messengers from angels, as well as mankind, in fact, ﷲ Is Hearer, Seer.”

37:164 “(Angel said) not one of us but has a place Appointed (by God).”

And here are two additional verses in justification for the above statements:

1.       God generally Distinguishes the faithful and the loyal from the unappreciative and the faithless. So, God Is “Tester.”

23:30 “Verily in this, there are Signs, and in fact We Are Tester.”

2.       The trustworthiness among the angels and the unsteady ones had to be distinguished. God would never Choose an assistant from those who lead astray

18:51 “I did not Call them to witness the Creation of heavens and the Earth, nor their own creation, nor is it for Me to Take as assistants such as lead astray.”

Other information to keep in mind from the verse (18:51) is that the angels were not present on the occasion of the Creation of the world and the structuring of heavens and Earth. They had not witnessed the Covenant of God with man. So, the subject of their Test was the News of Man’s vice-regency on Earth. The Test, although seemingly simple and easy, was extremely tricky. Angels were indeed facing a very difficult test, since only the submissive and most faithful of them would be spared:

–        Those who totally trusted their Lord, never doubting His Wisdom, Choice and Decision, staying firm in their loyalty, in no matter what

–        Those firm in their belief for keeping a tight bridle on their jealousy and pride in complete submission to their Lord

So, the only ones with such qualifications have had the honor of being God’s Assistants; and now let us examine the way in which this News was Announced to angels, and the way in which the Test was Conducted by God.

The Test started with God Revealing the information concerning His Choice of an Earthly creature as His Vicegerent on Earth. This information was Given in three different stages of announcements, and not all at once. The trick of the Test was concealed in the way the news was Announced.

The Grand News and the Angels’ Antagonism and Dispute (38:67-68-69)

38:67 “Say, ‘That (the story of the angels and the Creation of Man) is a Supreme Information,’”

38:68 “From which you turn away.”

38:69 “No knowledge could I possibly have, concerning the High above Assembly, when they started antagonizing among themselves.”

The three Stages of Announcements

First Announcement

God Almighty Announces to the angels the news concerning Promoting an Earthly creature as Vicegerent on Earth. But at this point, He Conceals the fact of having Granted him some of His divine Spirit, hence bridling his savage animal nature (as all terrestrial creatures) through power of intellect.

2:30 “And when your Lord Said to the angels, ‘I Am Placing a Vicegerent on Earth,’ they said, ‘Will You Place one who will commit corruption therein and bloodshed, whereas we do celebrate your praises, sanctifying for You?’ He Said, ‘In fact I Know what you do not know.’”

The news of Placing an Earthly creature in the position of Vicegerent and Successor on Earth, had indeed been awesome and grand for the angels. Although the angels had not witnessed the event of the Creation, they were aware that the Earth, being the lowest part of the Creation, was lacking the necessary Energy for faculty of intellect and sagacity. So, an Earthly creature was naturally ignorant and savage as all animals, and in no way capable of governing, but committing corruption and bloodshed. This news (the Choice of God) appeared so unfair and unjust to them.

Placing an animal to represent God on Earth, Promoting him over they (angels), who were knowledgeable, strong, praising and sanctifying God continuously. Certainly, one amongst themselves deserved more such honor, and they were much worthier for this task than the ignorant terrestrial. The Choice seeming extremely unfair, they were perplexed and started to doubt God’s Choice.

The opposition of the angels (as in the verse above), was that they were ignorant of God’s Contrivance in the Test for all of them. Thus, the reason for God Saying, “… in fact I Know what you do not know.” So, the News instigated a reaction amongst the angels, dividing them during secret meetings. Iblis, one of the most powerful and knowledgeable leaders of the angels, whose pride was extremely hurt by God’s Choice to privilege a lowly Earthly creature, considering himself more deserving and suitable as Vicegerent, proclaimed his candidacy and started instigating the angels to follow and support him to that end.

34:20 “And on them did Iblis prove true his idea, and they followed him, all but a party of the Believers.”

Iblis convinced a large number of angels to join him, but not all. The firm believers, with strong faith amongst them, never doubted their Lord’s Choice, even though Iblis’s argument for the incapacity of an Earthly creature as Vicegerent, seemed quite obvious and logical. Their trust in God was not shaken. They believed God must have His Reasons, so they never doubted their Lord’s Choice, and Iblis could not persuade them to join him.

17:65 “As for My servants, no authority you have over them, Sufficient Is your Lord for a Disposer of affair.”

As you notice in verse above, God has not Granted Iblis any authority over the angels — nor on humans. Those who followed him did so by their own choice and decision, “God Is Sufficient for a Disposer of affairs” (the true believers trust their Lord’s Decisions). God’s Law Is the same for all, be it Man or angel. In the freedom of choice, it becomes clear who has strong faith, and who doubts the Lord. God Almighty Is the Guardian of all things and no one’s rights will ever be trampled upon.

34:21 “And he had no authority over them, except that We might Test who believes in the end from whom is in doubt concerning it, and your Lord Is Guardian over everything.”

And this was how the antagonizing and disputing amongst angels started, in secret meetings.

Second Announcement

The second stage of Announcement happened during the process of creation and evolution of Man on Earth. Now that the right angels were distinguished from the doubting ones, the second announcement of the News to the angels revealed more explanations and details about the Earthly creature: It was that Man was being Created from aged and stagnant black mud.

15:28 “And when your Lord Said to the angels, ‘I Am Creating a human from sounding clay, and stagnant aged mud.”

Then, once God has Equaled, Completed and Perfected him, He would Breathe into him of His Spirit, Qualifying him for the angels to befall prostration for him.

15:29 “When I have Leveled him and Breathed into him of My Spirit, then befall prostration (status of respect) for him.”

During the period between Creation of a living single cell organism, throughout its evolution (the stage of plant, then animal and finally man/Homo), the Spirit of God Is not yet Breathed into him, not until he had completely equaled all these stages, becoming perfect in the form and shape of man.

7:11 “And in fact We Created you, and then We Shaped you, then We Told the angels to prostrate for “Adam,” so they all prostrated except Iblis, he was not amongst those who (ultimately) prostrated.”

Likewise in the womb. As long as the fetus has not acquired a complete man’s shape in its mother’s womb to hold the Spirit, the fetus is considered in the growth process of evolution (as a plant) and is not yet a human being. Please note that from this verse, the question of abortion is resolved. Abortion before the preliminary evolutionary stages (refer to below) cannot be considered murder. Furthermore, in confirmation of the statement above, if you note (in 15:29) God has not yet Given a name to human before he is complete: “When I have Leveled him, and Breathed into him of My Spirit, then befall prostration for him.” The period of growth of a fetus is about 3 months, 86 days according to the Qur’an (46:15, 2:233).

46:15 “The carrying of the (child) to his weaning is thirty months.”

2:233 “The mothers shall give suck to their offspring for two whole years.”

As noted by Edip Yuksel, 30-24 = 6 months/180 days, the bearing time = 9 months/266 days, 266-180 = 86 days the time of the coupling of the Spirit and body.

It is during the second Announcement that the news of the Spirit of God being Accorded to Man is Revealed to the angels. This Revelation being the key to the mystery, now clarifies for the angels what they did not know (2:30 “I Know what you do not know”), concerning the reason for God’s Choice of Man as the Vicegerent on Earth. Now after this clarification, the angels who had at first agreed with Iblis and revolted against God’s Choice, realized their mistake and regretted their doubts. This stage of Revelation served as a Grace period, and a last chance for the diverted angels to repent. A deadline to recognize their mistake and repent by prostrating, acknowledging the higher status of humans over themselves. The Grace period is from the time of the second Revelation up to the time of completion and perfection of Man, genetically.

15:29 “When I have Leveled him, and Breathed into him of My Spirit, then befall prostration for him.”

The Third Announcement

At the third and last stage of Announcement, in which God Assembled the angels, He had already Breathed of His Spirit into Man, hence Elevating man into human – the first genetically complete man (Homo sapiens), Giving him personality through the name, “Adam”. It is of utmost importance to know that ادم “Adam” means human, and this is a word standing for male and female. Through the Spirit, Man’s mind was leveled and prepared for comprehension, speech and intelligence (55:3-4), and so, God Almighty Planted the first seed of knowledge into the ground of Adam’s mind (2:31 below).

55:3 “He Created the man,”

55:4 “He Taught him the speech.”

At this stage of Revelation, when the whole secret of Creation was Revealed to angels, God Brought into their perception and visualization the Heavens, the Earth and the Mountains (of which they had not witnessed the Creation, 18:51, mentioned above), and Asked them to tell Him the name of these, now that they take so much pride for their knowledge, and consider one amongst them more suitable for such a task.

2:31 “And He Taught Adam the ‘names’ of all things, and He Placed them before the angels, and Said, ‘Tell Me the name of these if you are right?’”

The angels who did not know the answer, then admitted to the limitation of their knowledge and praised the Lord for His Knowledge and Wisdom.

2:32 “They said, ‘Glory to Thee, we have no Knowledge, except what You have Taught us, verily it is You who Is Perfect in Knowledge and Wisdom.’”

God Called the human by his Given name, “Adam,” and Asked him to inform the angels about the names of the things on Earth, and Adam did so. The rebellious angels were Reprehended by God.

2:33 “He Said, ‘O Adam, tell them their names.’ When he told them, He Said, ‘Did I not Tell you that I Know the secrets of Heaven and Earth, and I Know what you reveal and what you conceal.’”

God had Told the angels that He Alone Knew the secrets of Creation. He had Warned them that whatever they did, secretly or openly, would not be hidden from Him. Still, some allowed themselves to keep secret meetings, to be influenced by the Iblis’s arguments, and to vote in his favor (34:20 above) against their Lord’s Choice and Wisdom. Now that the rebels, the weak and doubtful among angels, were distinguished, they had but two options. They were to decide either

  1. To repent and obey their Lord by bowing to Adam
  2. Or to disobey and become of the کافرین “definitive/eternal infidels”

Having realized their mistake, the rebellious angels joined the other angels in obedience to their Lord’s Command and bowed to Adam, all of them except Iblis. Iblis, due to his arrogance and egocentrism, refused to obey the Lord and became definitively and eternally infidels (kafirin/کافرین).

2:34 “And when We Said to the angels, ‘Prostrate to Adam’, they prostrated except Iblis, he refused and was arrogant, he was of the kafirin (definitive deniers/rejecters).”

A basic rule in the Qur’an: all the adjectival pronouns only, ending with “ین/in” (i.e., مو’منین (Mo’menin) “Believers,” Kafirin “Disbelievers”) indicate an eternal and definite position in the hereafter life, and all the adjectival pronouns ending with “ون/oon” (i.e., مومنون, کافرون kaferoon, Mo’menoon etc.), indicate the present position in life, and is not a definitive quality, it could be changed until the end of life. Unfortunately, up to now, no one has differentiated the real significance between the two, if not for a conjugation reason. More explanation in Some Unknown Facts.

Let us turn our attention to the repenting angels who finally prostrated to Adam, along with the rest, the believers, of the angels. Since any disobedience of God’s Command constitutes and forms a portion of pollution, that infects the inner and outer environment of the person, it would take a certain time for the repentants to redeem/cure, themselves. In other words, for one to cure oneself of the disease caused by the pollution of any sin in his inner and outer environment, one needs time and effort to strengthen his resolve, and to prove it by staying clean and firm against future temptations. There are so many who repent, but then cannot resist new temptations, and break their vows.

30:41 “Corruption has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of people have earned, that may give them a taste of some of their deeds, in order that they may turn back (repent).”

God Gives the repenting angels time to redeem themselves, but the period of redemption could not be effectuated in the upper Heaven, where they used to be-since the Gardens of Eden are free from pollution. The angels, therefore, were exiled. They had to descend from their place and start self-healing on the Earth to earn back their way up from the lowest of positions, a position wherein by betraying their Lord, they had chosen to be. Through hardship and time, they must prove their resistance and firmness, to cure this self-imposed disease, doubt. This is the explanation for the word “repent” or “return.” God Commands the repenting angels to Descend from their position. This Command puts a great fear and sadness into the repenting angels. But then, God Gave them the good news that everything was not lost for them, and because of their ultimate repentance, they still had a chance to regain their status. So, they should not fear nor grieve if they follow God’s Guidance on Earth.

2:38 “We Said, ‘Descent from there, all the crowd of you, but then as My Guidance comes to you, whoever follows My Guidance, shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve.’”

But this Descent was not just from a high place or the deprivation of the dainties of Eden, it was also a deep fall of rank, from the status of جان (jân) “angel” to the status of جن (jn) “jinn” — the fallen angels on Earth (18:50 mentioned below). In Arabic, the difference between the two words of جان “jân” and جن “jn” is just the letter الف (alif) “â”, that writes a straight line from up, downward: (I) This straight line, symbolic for “height,” was removed from the fallen angels. The loss of their height is shown by the absence of الف “I” in جن “jn” for falling down to Earth. So, the jinn are the fallen angels (extraterrestrials), due to their unfaithfulness, weakness in being influenced by Iblis, and ingratitude toward their Lord’s Dainties up in Heaven. As for God’s Guidance on Earth, the conditions are the same and alike for Man and jinn.

55:39 “On that Day no question will be asked of Man and jinn as to his sin,”

Success in resisting satanic temptations to stay faithful to God is also the same for Man and jinn. The race of jinn, coming down to the world, forget all about their past, as Adam did.

20:115 “We had already, beforehand, Taken the covenant of Adam, but he forgot, and We Found on his part no firm resolve.”

And they came to the world as satan’s progeny and generation.

18:50 “And We Said to the angels, ‘Prostrate to Adam’, they all prostrated except Iblis; he was of the Jinn, having revolted from the Command of his Lord. ‘Will you then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than Me and they being enemies for you?’ Evil would be the exchange for the transgressors/oppressors.”

If they do not redeem themselves during their allotted time on Earth, they will remain as satan’s army (26:95), and together with those of humans gone astray (26:94), they will all be definitely in Hell.

26:94 “Then they will be thrown headlong into it, them and those straying in evil,”

26:95 “And the whole crowd of Iblis’s army.”

Unlike Iblis’s case, the word “expel” is not used in the Qur’an for this group of angels, because there’s still a chance for them to return to their original position and place. The way to ascend, for them as for the humans is to stay firm in their faith in God, while down here on Earth, by worshipping Him Alone, following His Word, and to avoid falling into satan’s trap again (15:40-41).

15:40 “Except, those of your servants among them being purely devoted to You only.”

15:41 “(God) Said, ‘This would be the ‘Straight Path’ to Me.’”

As mentioned before, worshipping God Alone is the only way to increase the Light, and store the Energy of inside Man and jinn, whose Creation are based on worship or subjection to .

51:56 “And I did not Create jinn and Man but (systematically) for worshipping Me (serving/following My Rules Alone).”

Iblis, the only angel who disobeyed the Lord up to the end

Iblis refused the Command for prostration to Adam even at the deadline and was eternally condemned for his pride, arrogance, ad ambitious desire in the higher heavens, where Grandeur is only deserved by God.

A) He was demoted, scorned and expelled eternally.

7:13 “(God) Said, ‘Descend from that, it is not for you to be arrogant in there. Therefore you are expelled, for you are of the (definitive) contemptible.”

B) Blamed, he was expelled from heavens.

7:18 “(God) Said, ‘Get out from there disgraced and expelled. If any of them follow you, Hell will I Fill with the crowd of you.’”

C) He got the title of “stoned–rejected.”

15:34 “(God) Said, ‘Get out from there, for you are “stoned” (rejected).’”

D) He was damned till Day of the Religion.

15:35 “And the curse shall be on you till Day of the Religion.”

E) Then Hell would be, for him and his crowd (jinn) of followers, an Eternal place

15:43 “And verily, Hell is the Promised abode for the whole crowd of them.”

F) His falling to jinn (from angel) would be without any chance of redemption, since he is an Eternal criminal.

G) As he continued disobedience and blaspheming till the end, he has also the stamp of infidelity in his file, thus an Eternal infidel

38:74 “Except Iblis, he was haughty and became of the (definitive) infidel.”

The issue of Iblis’s expulsion has been repeated many times in the Qur’an, but there is a very strong reason for it. Far from the understanding of those who consider these repetitions a deficiency, coherent in each repetition in God’s Answers, there is a new meaning and purpose hidden, in every one of them.

Of course, these new meanings and purposes only become clear through trust in the Flawlessness of God’s Word, and through deep and repeated study. One of the simple reasons for repetition of some verses is that the believers open the Qur’an from time to time, and the repetitions help to reorient them. Each individual’s take of the Qur’an depends on the individual’s intentions. Those who open the Qur’an intending criticism and with only an eye for criticism, will find that. Yet those who open the Qur’an, trusting Its Greatness and enthusiastic toward Its Knowledge, find themselves facing an Ocean of Knowledge without borders, in which the deeper they go, the more they gain.

The occurrence of Iblis

And the reason for some repetition of his event

Iblis, who had failed God’s Test, and was humiliated by losing his high rank and honor with angels, was obviously full of rage and vengefulness. He felt vindictive and rancorous toward God, for being outwitted by His Wisdom. He felt vindictive toward Man, for he considered Man responsible for his misfortune. He felt vindictive toward the angels. Not only that he was degraded and belittled in front of them, but he felt malevolent, especially toward those angels who at first joined him in his rebellion against God’s Choice, giving him reason and inflaming his ego to go against God’s Command, and then abandoning him, leaving him to face the Eternal damnation alone. Iblis asks the Lord for a respite, and he claims the right of revenge.

Meanwhile, the fallen angels and humans must prove their steadfastness on the Earth during this Granted delay and become worthy to return to their place in High Heaven above. The Contract for this Granted delay, Giving Iblis the right of revenge from God, from jinn (exiled angels) and from human, is thus based on three Covenants between God with the exiled angels, God with Man, and God with Prophets and Messengers. (Messengers being God’s Representatives on Earth. Thus, revenge from them is in fact revenge from God.)

These Contracts and Agreements that are mentioned in three different surahs and groups of verses (7:11-18, 15:26-43, 38:71-85), are exemplars of the Three separate Covenants. Such fact may be comprehended in the questions and answers between God and Iblis.

In surah 7, reference is to exiled angels, In surah 15, to humans, In surah 38, to Prophets and Messengers. In four other surahs, the statement of “when We Said to the angels, ‘Prostrate to Adam,’” serves only as the title/reminder of the issue, and some more information as accomplishment of the event of the three Covenants above, i.e., Information on Adam: 2:34 and 20:116, information on Iblis, and the way he manipulates: 17:61, 18:50.

In these three sets of verses, as in the case of any contract, the condition of the Contract has been clearly defined, separately, repeated (but with slight difference) for each group. Meanwhile, each group had to witness Iblis’s confession to blasphemy, jealousy, arrogance and animosity, in order to be registered in their subconscious, so that when Reminded by God’s Word (Book) on Earth, it would have more admonitory effect on them. As a result, in all three times, for each of the three Covenants, God Asks Iblis the reason for his disobedience, but as you note below, each time the question is put differently, so that the difference of the Covenant and the Covenanters be clear.

7:12 “He Said, ‘What prevented you from prostrating, when I Ordered you?’”

15:32 “He Said, ‘O Iblis, what is your reason for not being among those who (finally) prostrated?’”

38:75 “He Said, ‘O Iblis, what prevented you from prostrating to what I have Created with My own Hands?’”

In (15:32, 38:75), as it concerns Man, Iblis is called from a distance, i.e., “O Iblis.” As a result, the answer of Iblis is also three times confession to his rebellion.

7:12 “He said, ‘I am better than he, You Created me from fire and Created him from mud.’”

15:33 “He said, ‘I am not to prostrate to a human whom You Created from clay, from aged mud.’”

38:76 “He said, ‘I am better than he, You Created me from fire and Created him from mud.’”

The interesting point to note in (7:12): As this group of verses concerns the Covenant of the exiled angels and not Man, the answer of Iblis on the subject of Man, does not come in a whole, individual and separate verse. Or, in the two other groups of verses, as they concern the Covenant with Man and the Prophets, then the subject of Man is discussed individually, in a separate verse (15:32-33) and (38:75-76).

The Statement concerning the respite to Iblis

“Give me respite till day they are raised up.” This statement has been proposed three times by Iblis: in the verses of surah 7, concerning the raising up of the exiled angels, in surah 15, concerning the humans, and in surah 38, concerning the Messengers of All’h and their rising up for Messenger-hood.

The Statement concerning the seduction of Iblis

“… since You Tricked me.” This has been mentioned twice in the Qur’an, as Iblis was seduced by two motivations: Angels (7:16) and humans (15:39).

7:16 “He said, ‘As You Tricked me, I will lie in wait for them on Your Straight Path.’”

15:39 “(Iblis) said, ‘O my Lord, as You Tricked me, I will adorn for them on the Earth, and trick the whole lot of them.’”

Before going into details about these three Covenants, let me remind you of the fact that has been mentioned before in Secrets of Creation. “The Creation of Man and his evolution to humanity, has occurred on the planet Earth and not in the High Heaven and the Garden of Eden, as believed hitherto …” It is a natural fact that the physical build-up of Man does not allow him to exist in the Higher heavens (or, on the other side of the Planck wall, as described by science). Furthermore, the Qur’an never speaks of Man’s Soul having been in the Garden with satan, but rather, God’s Soul Being Blown into Man, after completion of his physical–genealogical–evolution. His physical evolution could not have been anywhere else than on Earth, as has been clarified by science today. Therefore, one must forget the myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, before coming to Earth. The word جنت “Jannat” in Arabic means “garden/paradise.” The garden in which God had Placed them was nowhere else but on planet Earth, which at the time was a garden with abundant fruit, water, shade, and green, and was free from all pollution. A real paradise.

God Be Praised


16. The Covenant of God with Iblis (satan)

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