Chapter Q&A: FurQan Chapter Fifteen

What is “86 days the time of the coupling of The Spirit and corpse”? (The period of growing of the “fetus” is about 3 months and 86 days.)

Time for the baby (in the womb of the mother) is forming. Before that, it was in a state of plant.

What is the difference between “The Day of The Religion” and “The Day of Judgement” and “The Day of the Resurrection”?

  • The Day of The Religion: the coming out of the Truth about The Religion of All’h
    • On Earth, our time now.
  • The Day of Judgement: everyone getting Judged and Put where they belong.
    • The world of materialism will go away and we will see the jinn.
    • Minds will work 100%
    • Also on Earth.
    • Everyone gets their Records/Books (right hand for the Believers!)
    • Takes a long time.
  • The Day of the Resurrection: Rising of mankind from the dead to be Judged by God
    • Raise on Earth, not in Heaven
    • When you get your reward, you go to Heaven.
    • Trumpets … everyone gets up from the dead.
    • Takes a long time.
  • NOTE: There is no “Day of Judgement” translated in The Qur’an, it is translated as “The Day of the Resurrection”.

Is “Satan” considered a jinn even though he has no chance of redemption?

Yes, but he has no second chance. All the jinn come from him.

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