Part II: Establishing the Salat / the Human Side

Establishing the Salat / the Human Side

Salat being only an Earthly duty is composed of six units (6/Hexagon is the shape and number by which anything concerning our physical and material world is represented.):

  1. Ablution/(Vothu)
  2. Tayamum (dry ablution: rubbing the hands and face with elevated dust or untrampled ground)
  3. Direction (Kibla)
  4. Words
  5. Action
  6. Time

1. Ablution (5:6)

Ablution is to wet/water some parts of the body making contact with the ground.

5:6 “O you who believe, when you stand up for the Salat, water (wet) your faces and hands up to the elbow, touch your heads, and (water) your feet to both the ankles. And if you are in a state of impurity (sexual intercourse) then purify (wash) yourselves. And if you are ill or on a journey or comes to any of you the need of excretion (urinary, fecal) or having been in (sexual) contact with women, and you find no water, then observe the Tayamum (dry ablution, touching with the palm of both hands) an elevated surface with clean soil/dust, touching over your face and (the back of) your hands herewith. All’h does not Wish to Make it difficult for you, but He Wishes to Purify you, and Complete His Blessing on you that you may be grateful.”

See the number of the surah and verse, 5 and 6, as Salat is a divine Spirit’s Alimentation or Connection to Light/Energy. “5” is also the number of surah Al-Ma’idah (Provision from Heaven). Moreover, the number “5” represents power of wisdom and spirituality, as well as the number of Salats per day. And the number “6” is the sign of the physical world/the Earth, and the 6 sides/rules for Salat.

Ablution before Connecting/Salat serves to let through the current of Light, as water is a conductor of electricity, and Salat is connecting to Light/Electricity. Today this fact is testified through cardiological and encephalogical sessions, that they wet the small plates in contact with the body to conduct the electricity. Moreover, there is also a medical explanation for it, that in cold weather, watering the hands up to the elbow with cold water is like preparing the body for outside weather and helps prevent catching cold.

Today, in the 21st century and the second Opening of the Qur’an, the reasons for the Commandments of God are discerned by Knowledge of our time, and we do not need to reason as people of 14 centuries ago did to understand the benefits to us. If, at the time of Prophet Muhammad, the ablution was a means of cleanliness, today Knowledge explains the necessity for it. Each ablution (also the same way as for electrocardiography), serves to let through the Light, and just for its own Salat, we cannot use one ablution for many Salat during the day. Nevertheless, we can perform an ablution before the time of its Salat (for example, if before the time of mid-day Salat we leave the house, knowing that we might not be able to perform ablution for it, then we can perform its ablution before the due time.)

2. Dry Ablution (5:6 above)

Dry ablution: is rubbing your hands and face with clean dust. Each particle of dust/Earth has the quality of a magnet on electricity. The Earth is a conductor of electricity, and the (elevated) surface holds (clean) dust. The particles of dust, when touched, potentially possess electromagnetic qualities. The action of touching the face and the hands promotes the magnetism for the passage of the Light.

Even to rub the hands on the surface of your clothes, would do. Thanks to Almighty Lord, He has Made things easy for us today.

3. Kibla “Direction”

2:149 “And from where so ever you go forth, (for Salat) turn your face/attention toward the Sacred Mosque. This indeed is the truth from your Lord. And All’h Is not Unaware of what you do.”

To perform the Salat, we should face the Sacred Mosque, and when we leave the house, turn our face/attention toward the Sacred Mosque/Mecca. Why? Because God has Appointed the Sacred Mosque as the center/transformer of His Light’s Energy.

As an example, if we place a piece of magnet beneath a plate containing particles of iron, we may verify that the particles like rays of sunlight arrange themselves around the magnetic field. The S. 37, Al Saffat, Those Ranging in Row, concern the angels that range (people and themselves for Salat) in a row. (Refer below to Time of Salat.) And when we are inside the Sacred Mosque, the same as electrons inside the atom, we turn around the Ka’ba/the square temple inside the Sacred Mosque.

Another example: When you wish to turn on your television by remote control from a distance, you must face your television, in other words, you must face the magnetic field of the apparatus. So, we must turn our face toward the magnetic field (when we stand still) and our attention (while we are on the go) to receive the Light of Almighty God. This is thanks to Al-Rahman (God’s Mercy in this material world).

4. The Words for Salat

The first surah of the Qur’an, called Al Fatiha, meaning, “The Opener/that which opens/the Key code”. This surah is also called “the surah of Praise” and it is the only surah that the Great Lord has Specified to Himself, and the reason that He Reminds us “the Praise” belongs to Him.

As mentioned before, Al Fatiha is the Key code to both the “Direct Highway/Sirat-Al-Mostagheem”/to “Light/Light” of the Almighty Lord, as well as His Word, the Qur’an. The words of this surah, which addresses the Lord directly (the remaining 113 surahs being addressed to humans), are code words to Open the Way to the Light of the Spirit of God.

This surah contains seven verses, as the number of heavens above us, each verse is the code or the condition for opening the gateway of the seven obstacles. A surah of Praise and gratitude from human to his Lord, attesting to His Beneficence, Mercy and Lordship, confirming and corroborating his vow to worship Him Alone, and seeking aid from Him Alone, and he asks his Lord to Open the gate to the Direct Highway to His Light and Guide him through It.

If we are sincere in what we claim, then the doors of heavens will open one after the other for us, and we get fully Connected to His Light. The discovery of the magnetic cards, or through a coding system for opening doors (and the fact that the slightest change on the card or in the code words or digits, nullifies the possibility of opening), clarifies and confirms the aim and purpose of this surah to be recited for Salat.

Unless we use the Key code, the gates/barriers do not open. In fact, rosary praises (that Muslims use for the third and fourth sections of Salat) should not be recited during the Salat, but after, throughout the whole day, reminding and rehearsing the brain to have the thought of the Creator in mind, in that way keeping the cells in order all the time.

It is quite clear now that this surah is the only one and the exclusive surah for Connecting/Salat. For this reason, we cannot replace it with other surahs, nor recite it in languages other than Arabic. The words of this surah constitute a code; therefore, it has to be recited in the code language.

Today, Muslims, have not only replaced (surah The Key) with words of rosary/chaplets for the third and fourth sections of their Salat, but they add S. 112 Al-Ikhlas, and other surahs in their Salat.

112:1 “Say, ‘He, All’h, Is One.’”

112:2 “All’h, the Perpetual”

112:3 “Never does He Engender nor was He Engendered”

112:4 “And there is no one like Him”

In Salat we are addressing God directly, so it is rather comical ordering God to “Say, ‘All’h Is One.’” It makes no sense. The essential point for the performer of Salat is to be conscious that he is Connecting to God Alone, that only from God does he receive the benefit of His Light, and that only from God does he seek His Aid. Therefore, it is a matter, strictly between him and his Lord, the addressor and the Addressee. By no means should there be any intermediary in this interaction. (72:18 see below.)

The words he uses for the Connection, are also specified, and should be purely and correctly as God has Designed them to be used. They are surely code words. Not one word more nor less. Adding anything to the code-words and especially citing a name other than God’s, certainly spoils the fluency of receptivity of the Light. Other words recited in Salat, are the words of testifying (tashahod), that is bearing witness: one testimony only, as to the Unity of God, and that He Has no associates (6:19).

6:19 “Say, ‘What is the greatest sort of testimony?’ Say, ‘All’h’s. He Is Witness between me and you that He has Revealed to me this Qur’an to warn you and all whom It reaches. Do you bear witness besides All’h to another divinity?’ Say, ‘I will not bear witness.’ Say, ‘In fact, He Is the Only Divinity, and I truly disown your way of associating others with Him.’”

Bearing witness to anyone or anything else, referring to the verse above, it is bearing witness besides All’h to another divinity. A second testimony in Salat (even to Prophet being the Messenger of God) is as though one testimony to All’h Alone is not enough. It is nothing but associating and thus polluting your Connection with All’h, and nothing but idolatry (Shirk), 72:18.

72:18 “And in fact the places of prostration (worship) are for All’h, so do not invoke/call on anyone beside All’h”

Muslims today actually bear two testimonies in their Salat: one to the Unity of God, and another to Prophet Muhammad being His Messenger. As if God Needs to be reminded several times a day that Muhammad is His Messenger, and He Could Forget it. The above verse is one of the most important verses of the Qur’an and the first Commandment of the Religion. We are clearly Commanded not to invoke anyone, any other name alongside All’h. Prostration is to acknowledge subjection, everywhere is a place of prostration, as our shadows prove.

(13:15 “Whatever beings there are in the heavens and the Earth, prostrate to All’h willingly or unwillingly, and so do their shadows in the mornings and evenings.”)

In no place, be it in Heaven or on Earth, should we invoke or call anyone beside All’h. (Rather astonishing with such a clear verse above in the Qur’an, that Muslims still invoke the Prophet and imams, in their Salat, and elsewhere.) There is no testimony higher or that can substitute for:

“I testify there is no god but ‘the Creator/All’h, He Alone without any associate for Him.”

And today, for the people of the Second Opening of the Qur’an, we must add the verse (17:111). Please reflect on verses below (17:110-111).

17:110 “Say, ‘Call upon “All’h” or call upon “Al-R’hm’n,”’ by whatever Name you call upon Him, for to Him belongs the Quality Names. And do not utter your Connecting (Salat) too loud, nor too low, but find a middle way in between them,’”

17:111 “And say, ‘The Praise belongs to All’h, who Begets no son and Has no partner in the dominion, nor does He Need a helper out of abasement and magnify Him’ (in saying All’h-o Akbar-altogether-)

5. The movement in Salat

Rokoo “bowing” and Sajdéh “prostration”

In these two postures, where the body is bent so that its two extremities get close to one another (like a horseshoe), the magnetic force is improved and the current of Light goes through better. 7 parts of the body (legs, hands, knees and forehead) are in contact with the ground for the passage of Electricity. And the words are Sobhana Rabbial Azeem, in the posture of Rokoo.

56:74 “Then you shall Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Great”

And Sobhana Rabbial A’la in the posture of Sajdéh

87:1 “You shall Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High.”

Before each movement in Salat and each change of position, we declare the zikr “reminder” of All’ho Akbar “God Is Above/God Is Greater.”

29:45 “Recite what is Revealed to you of the Book and up rise the Salat. In fact the Salat keeps away from shameful and unjust deeds, and that the remembrance (zikr) of ‘All’h Is Greater’, All’h Knows what you do.”

The above verse, by no means, signifies that remembrance/zikr of God is Greater than Salat (as it is most often understood), but remembrance of God during the Salat is Greater. For every movement and change of position we remind ourselves, “All’h Is Greater.” This is to remind us and bring us back to our concentration on All’h while performing the Salat (instead of just reciting the words and thinking about other things we do). It is especially effective in congregational Salat that they pronounce the “All’h Is Greater” aloud, not only for each change of position, but also to concentrate straying thoughts.

6. The Time of Salat

Salat removes sins and pollution. The Connecting prayer should be performed on time.

4:103 “So, when (the time) of the Salat drifts upon you (when the time of Salat comes to pass on you/when you must carry out or execute the Salat), then memorialize All’h standing, sitting and lying on your sides, but when you are secure (being home, having peace of mind or getting rid of illness) stand upright the Salat (in the usual and proper way, with rokoo/bowing and sajdeh/prostration). In fact the Salat is enjoined upon the believers at fixed (precise) times.”

For each Salat, a group of angels (missionaries, ranging people and themselves in row, as negative and positive charge, to connect people to the Light (God), and to collect that particular Salat) are Sent down by the Lord. Each group of angels, commanders of various power or number of wings, two, three or four (depending on the number of sections of each Salat) is Sent down to Earth, to accomplish the Connecting, and collecting people’s strain, stress, pollution/sin, from their system.

The angels, commanders of two wings, are tasked to connect only the two section Salat, those with three wings, the three section Salat, and four wings, for four sections. So at the appointed time, when they are nearest to people, they begin “connecting” and “collecting”, and as the time of Salat passes, they start their way back up, continue their connecting and collecting for those who are late, until time of the next Salat is due.

At that time, the other group of angels descends to connect and collect. (This fact is detailed with the number of surah and verses below). The example for this is that of a vacuum cleaner, they suck the dirt (pollution/sin, stress) out of the system of Connecting people. They are nearest to people who are raising their connection exactly at the appointed time. The closer they are to people, the stronger is the vacuuming.

And as the angels begin to climb their way back, the farther they get, the weaker their vacuuming power, until the time of the next Salat is due, and new missionaries arrive on time for the next connection and collection. At this point, no missionary of the last Salat being left to connect and collect, the late ones have missed their Salat (35:2 detailed below). This is the reason for the Commandment to perform the Salat on time.

The confirmations concerning Salat are in the Qur’an

Contrary to the belief of Qur’anic scholars that the directions on Salat, as to their number of sections, are not mentioned in the Qur’an, the surah 35 is precisely about Salat. It has to be clarified and discerned, as the meaning of the verses is somehow hidden and needs a great deal of attention and concentration. The reason is that the Commandment of Salat originally was Descended on Prophet Abraham, and not Prophet Muhammad to be detailed in his Book. Therefore, in the Qur’an the Commandment of Salat appears only as acknowledgement and Confirmation.

As mentioned before, a “Prophet” is a Messenger who brings a new Book from God, and all the new Commandments for him, are clearly and openly Detailed in his Book.

But if a Prophet (Muhammad) should continue with one or more Commandments of the preceding Commandments of a Prophet (Abraham), either with some modification, in which the modification is clearly mentioned (like for fasting, that some of its rules from the time of Prophet Abraham are changed in the Qur’an) or in the same way (i.e., for Salat and Zakat), that all the details are somehow Confirmed in the new Book (the Qur’an), but not repeated as in the preceding (Abraham’s) Book.

As Prophet Muhammad was to continue with the Salat, we can find all the confirmations concerning Salat, scattered throughout the Qur’an. What probably changed from the time of Prophet Abraham for us, are the words of Praise for our Salat. Our “Praise” / “Al Fatiha” / “The Opener” is the first surah of the Qur’an.

Below is the discernment of some verses of surah 35 “Fatir” (Former/Shaper) that covers very important information about Salat. Here are some of the verses as examples, but I am sure if the honorable readers study carefully the whole surah, they will find out even more by themselves.

35:1 “The Praise belongs to All’h, Shaper of the heavens and the Earth, who Appointed angels messengers, commanding (conducting/controlling) wings, be it two or three or four, Adding the Creation as He Wishes, in fact All’h Has Power over everything.”

“The Praise belongs to All’h”, although all Praises belong to All’h, because Every Blessing that we get in life, the Real Responsible for it is Him.

Nevertheless, this is not about any ordinary praising or thanking that we render to one another. “The Praise”(Al-Hamd), concerns the first surah Al-Fatiha in the Qur’an, known as surah “The Praise”, that we recite in Salat. And it belongs, only, to All’h, because it is addressed to All’h only, and it is for All’h only. “… wings of two or three or four,” voltage or electrical potential expressed in wings for collecting and connecting the sections of Salat by the messengers/angels.

The Praising of the first surah is confirmed to be specific to God and Salat. As mentioned above, this is the only surah that God has Attributed to Himself, so that the Believers address and connect to Him, renewing their vow and demand, day and night. Wings are signs of power and force, and you may have noticed that the enumeration of the wings conducted by the messengers is the same as the partitions of Salat (two, three and four).

God Has the Power over everything

By Reminding us that, “He Adds what He Wishes to Creation” right after the number of wings, this shows there is a special reason for the missionaries to have precisely this number of wings. Otherwise, He could Add as He Wished, and besides, why the necessity of such information for us humans if it does not somehow relate to us. In case we may perceive as unlikely the relation between forces of these messengers and the sections of Salat, we are Reminded that God Has the Power over everything.

35:2 “What All’h Opens for the people from His Mercy, none can withhold, and what He Withholds, there is no sender (of messenger) for it beside Him, and He Is Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom.”

-The start of this verse confirms the meaning of the preceding verse, concerning Salat and the first surah Al-Fatiha/The Opener. It is the Opening of the Light/Mercy of God for people who are Connecting. At the time of Salat and Opening (the gate Way) of the Light, no one can withhold it for those Connecting, and when the time of Salat is over and God Withholds – the messenger – none can send a messenger for Connecting as such Action occurs only from His Exalting Power and Full Wisdom.

35:3 “O men, call to mind the Grace of All’h unto you. Is there a Creator other than All’h to give you sustenance from the Heaven and the Earth? There is no god but He. Then how can you calumniate (slander)?”

In this verse, we are reminded of God’s Grace upon us, who else but God can give all our sustenance, feeding our spirit and body, from the Heaven and the Earth? None of course. Then how could we be deceived in invoking others beside Him in our testimony of Salat or in prayers?

35:10 “If any seek glory and power, Glory and Power are entirely from All’h, to Him ascend the pure words and the deed of righteousness exalts them, as for those who plot evil, they incur severe retribution, and their plotting will be void.”

-Glory and power (the Arabic word, “Izzat”) are from the Light of Mercy of God (as stated in verse 2 above) and it is in relation to Salat. The pure words also, are of course code words, God’s own words. They indicate to Salat and words of the Qur’an (also the prayers of the Qur’an). Although the pure words ascend to Him, then good and righteous work is needed to exalt the act of ascending. And those who perform the Salat (just to deceive others about their own person or intentions) will not only incur tough retribution on themselves, but their plotting will be nullified.

Concerning pure words, this does not mean that our personal prayers, wishes and demands from God are not rising up and responded to because they are not code words. God Is Most Compassionate and Merciful. The words addressed to God ALONE, any sincere personal prayer devoid of any association with human divinities, prophets, imams or combination with human narratives, are good words. But pure words only mean code words of God.

35:14 “If you call them, they cannot hear your call, and even if they were to hear, they cannot answer your prayers. And on the Day of Resurrection, they reject your idolatry (association) and none can inform you like one who is acquainted.”

Here again one is Reminded that invoking anything other than God, such as naming prophets, imams and saints is nothing but association and idolatry, and completely useless. These people, whom we are used to invoke in our Salat and prayers, cannot hear us, and even if they did, they cannot respond. And on the Resurrection Day, they will reject our friendship. Not only do they not know us, how could they? But when they lived, they preached invoking God Alone, never mentioning anyone but God. How could they accept our associating them with God? Never.

You are the needy one

And none can inform us like one acquainted and knowing, so, we should take heed.

35:15 “O you men, you are the needy one, toward All’h. And All’h Is the Needless, the Praised.”

This verse responds to the usual question of some people about Salat, such as, “Why does God Need so much our praise and prostration?” They are Reminded that He Is not the One who Needs their connecting-Salat-, but they need it to survive. As we need to be wiped and cleaned of our sin/pollution, bodily and spiritually.

35:18 “And no carrier of a burden/sin (beside the missionaries) can carry the sin of another, and if one heavily loaded should implore another to remove of his sin, not the least portion of it can be carried (by any humankind), though they be closely related. In fact, you can only admonish those who fear their Lord deep inside and establish the Salat, and whoever purifies, only purifies his own self, and toward All’h is the destination”

In this verse, all the above points on Salat are Confirmed. Only the angels, the Missionaries that carry the burden of people, can remove some of our sins. Many people are used to saying, “don’t worry about your sin, I’ll take it on me.” The only way to reduce our sins/pollution is in this lifetime, and through Salat. Those who do not remove a part of their sins while living here on Earth, apart from reducing their life span, will have a very hard time (after death) under their heavy load.

No matter how much advice or admonishment is given, only those who fear their Lord in private will take heed to perform Salat. Anyway, those who perform the Salat and purify themselves through the Light, only do so for their own benefit. Because the ultimate victory for humankind is to come out of the darkness (of the Earth) into the Light (of Eternal life).

35:19 “And the blind and the seer are not the same,”

35:20 “Nor (are the same) the darkness and the light”

35:21 “Nor the shade and the heat of the sun,”

35:22 “Nor are alike the living and the dead. In fact All’h can Make anyone He Wills to hear, and you cannot make hear those who are in the graves.”

These are the final words, the distinction of simple facts. It is useless to call on those who are dead, they cannot hear us, everything is by God and through God, and so is the end that we all refer to Him. Here concludes the hexagon/six human sides concerning the Salat.

God Be Praised

Part III: Establishing the Salat / the Creator’s Side

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