17. Conclusion of the Pact of Iblis

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

” … The Bi-Merciful … /الرحمن” Discerning: (Continued)


Now that we know the right meaning, and distinguishing the difference between the

  • Day of the Resurrection
  • Day of the Religion
  • Day they are raised (ref. in Ch.16)

We realize, we have entered the era of: Day of the rising up  (30:56) ! The rising up of the Three Messengers of God: Time, Science and the Book

30:56: “And said those endued with knowledge and faith: in fact you tarried due to All’h’s Book till day of ‘the Rising up’, then this is ‘Day of the Rising up’, but you, were not aware.”

Time and Science (the first two Messengers) bring Knowledge and clarifications on The Religion (the Creator’s Universal Law/ the Rules of the Creation of Everything) for people of our time; and the misdeed of having deviated from the Rules / Religion of God becomes more and more visible in terms of pollution inside the body and outside world; all this will eventually awake people of our time to realize that they are witnessing the result of rejecting the Creator’s Way and Religion and having instead followed satan’s way. And for this reason it is that the damnation of Iblis is established till Day of the Religion.

Meanwhile, before our Time and Science; people were to be reminded of the defects and blemishes of Satan, by following words in succession that he was, execrable, Damned and Exiled by God, and that his way leads man to annihilation, all through successive generations.

This was to become a trademark until the Time that Knowledge reveals the Facts. Today, Knowledge forbids ways of Satan by revealing the cause of physical, mental and spiritual sickness of man. Science, revealing and confirming the Word of God, makes it apparent that man has been responsible for the pollution inside his body, as well as his outside land, air and water by following satan’s way!

30:41: “Pollution has appeared on land and sea because of (the deed) that the hands of humans have earned; (God) Makes them taste some of their deeds that they may return (to God).”

Today through medical knowledge, human is aware of the terms of well-being and health; science reveals also the benefits of faith in God for remedy of most diseases!

81:14: “Each one will know what it has put forward.”

So, even if it is only out of fear for their own life, people, more or less, will avoid the wrong (satan’s) way. Therefore, those who still reject faith in following Satan’s way, regardless of what Knowledge reveals as Proofs (of the Book) ; or the benefit of faith in God over the nervous system and organism; or the Right Way of living to avoid pollution and diseases; then such are the “Eternally Seduced” ones, mentioned below:

15:42: “In fact over My servants you shall have no authority, except those who follow you of the eternally seduced ones.”


“Servant” means a person who serves and follows the rules and orders of the master. A servant of God means he who worships God Alone, purely and sincerely, that is without associating any other with Him, following His Book and Commands Only and sincerely. All believers today, Jews, Christians, Muslims etc., take the meaning of the Commandment of: “worshiping God Alone sincerely” for granted, they see it no different from their own way of worship. Or, today the majority of the people of the world who “believe” are idolaters, associating other (gods) with God.

12:106: “And the majority of them (believers) do not believe in الله / All’h, without associating ( partners) with Him”.

Yet, the way of pure and sincere worship has been indicated very clearly in the Qur’an.

72:18: “And the places of prostration -worship) belong to الله (The Creator) Alone! Therefore do not invoke ANYONE along with الله“.

It is noteworthy to realize that in this verse, “Places of prostration,” being put in plural, does not only refer to particular places (such as “mosques”, churches and monasteries, synagogues), but rather to any place, and anywhere in this world that one could prostrate/worship God; therefore, EVERYWHERE in this World. So, NEVER, NOWHERE, NO ONE SHOULD BE INVOKED ALONGSIDE WITH ALL’H/THE CREATOR. Yet in spite of the clarity with which this verse is emphasized in the Qur’an that: “To worship God, the name of NO OTHER should be mentioned with His”, even over a Billion Muslims in the World mention the name of the Prophet and Imams with الله . Even in the “mosques” they do not heed this verse.

Of the estimated 6 Billion people on Earth, about half (Jews, Christians and Muslims) commit idolatry in their faith by invoking help from other than God, or naming other beside God, or taking human as god, or following narrations other than God’s as their source of religion etc., and the other half have no faith or religion. So one can see how appropriate the use of “Majority” is in the verse (12:106): “The majority of them do not believe in God, without committing idol worship.” This is frightening in the sense that introduction of idolatry has been Satan’s goal, and that he has achieved his goal today.

So it is not in vain that God Almighty Has Planned a reopening of the Qur’an for people of our time. This reopening in fact, can be thought of, as the Instruction Manual for building a Noah’s Ark for each of us, who want to be saved from drowning into the marsh of idolatry.

The purpose of “The discernment of The Qur’an” is to give Instructions as to how to purify the worship, the faith, the body, and the soul, which have been polluted by satanic instructions; how to break off the bridle and tying rope of Satan. This is indicated by the ending verses of Chapter 38 (The last verses regarding Iblis in The Qur’an). This is a certainty, and soon shall be well known that The Qur’an is a Message of God for all people of the World! It is note-worthy, that in Chapter 39, right after (Ch. 38, “the end of Iblis”), verses begin regarding the Revelation of the Book, and purification of worship of God as the sign of: “The end of Satan’s work, starts with Revelation of the Book and الله (forces of Creation), and purification of the Religion for Him” (39:1-2-3):

39:1 “Revelation of The Book being from اللهAll’h, The Exalted in Might, Full of Wisdom.”

39:2 “In fact We Sent down to you the just of The Book; so serve -worship) اللهAll’h, devoting/purifying for Him the Religion.”

39:3 “Be careful, the Religion for الله should be unadulterated; and those who take for protectors other than الله (saying-: ‘We do not worship them, but only that they may bring us closer to All’h.’ In fact الله Will Judge between them in that wherein they differ; verily الله Guides not such as are false, ungrateful.”

(Purification, devotion in the Religion and worship God, is simply obvious: ONLY ONE GOD, THE CREATOR; AND HIS TODAY PROVEN COMMANDMENTS FOR OUR ERA, THE QUR’AN! )

The title of (S.39) is: The Crowds of people  (Al Zumar / الزمر), indicating different controversial groups and sects of the same religious doctrines, which is only the result of Satan’s work on Earth. Verse (3) points in particular to Muslims and Jews who have intercessors besides God.

(39:43: “What! Do they take intercessors besides الله ? Say, even if they possess nothing whatever, and no intelligence?”)

In (v4) pointing particularly to Christians etc.

39:4 “Had الله Wished to take to Himself a son, He Would Have Chosen to Create the way He Wanted! But Glory be to Him (Being above such earthly things), He Is All’h/ الله (the forces of Creation), The One and Only Conqueror!”

Humans are creatures of God! And ALL the Prophets, Imams, and Chosen people of God, were only mankind. The Creation of the whole World and all its creatures, are no more than a handful of molecules in His Mighty Hand:

39:67 “No just estimate have they made of الله such is due to Him: On “Day of the Resurrection, the whole Earth will be grasped and the Heavens folded, all in a Handful of His.”




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