Why Study the Qur’an?

Why Study the Qur’an?

Q: “I’m not a Muslim, but I worship God alone. When I pray, I direct myself to God and not to Moses, Jesus Christ or Virgin Mary. Is there any reason for me to study the Qur’an?”

A: You do not have to be a Muslim to be a Believer in your heart (49:14).

49:14 “The Arabs say, ‘We believe.’ Say, ‘You believe not, but you can say “We are Muslims” (we submitted), and until the belief enters your hearts. And if you obey God and His Messenger, He will not Belittle a thing out of your deeds, truly All’h Is Forgiving, Merciful.’”

A Believer is anyone who worships All’h “the God Creator,” alone, without associating anyone beside Him or calling on anyone else beside Him, in their thoughts, worship or prayers. Believers have different categories and have different abodes in the hereafter. Those who want the best abode, that is being the nearest to the Lord, must work to obtain the amount of Energy required. The more Energy you gather in this life, the nearer you can get to the Lord.

The first duty of a true Believer is to inform himself and study the Book of the Lord and to follow His Instructions, which are for nothing but Saving mankind, and Provisioning such Energy. The Lord’s Book for us today, the 21st century people is undoubtedly and evidently the Qur’an, through Its discernment, the FurQan, which not only brings scientific Evidence for Its authenticity, but is in accord with our time and contemporary science. Or else, what is the point of Bringing the mathematical Proof for the Qur’an in our Time, after so many centuries?

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