Are Homosexuals Condemned?

Are Homosexuals Condemned?

Q: “Are gay men destined to Hell? What does God Say about homosexuality?”

A: What is Forbidden for humankind by the Lord is but for preservation of his health. That is, to keep him clean from polluting his soul, as well as polluting his inner and outer world that, after all, affects everyone.

Violating God’s Commandments will not only affect Man himself but can affect several generations.

Today, mankind is witnessing the result of his disregarding the Lord’s Warnings against violating His Rules and Limitations. So, the sign of Hell is appearing more and more in his inner and outer worlds.

As to the Commandments and Limitations for sexual acts, they have always been the same, and clearly Indicated in all the Books of the Almighty Lord, Warning against the abuse of practicing sexual intercourse through:

–        Changing partners regularly and often

–        Any other way than the normal way for man and woman (7:81)

7:81 “For you practice your lusts on men instead of women, you are indeed a transgressing people.”

The verse above is about some people who violated the Rules and Commandments of God, but then their transgression does not only affect themselves, but unfortunately also generations after.

Thus, those who violate the Commandments of God today, they are paying the price severely through different kinds of disease, not only for their own violation, but also a heritage from the past, and for generations to come.

If many people think today that homosexuality is a fatality and genetic, most certainly such was not the case several generations before.

(Otherwise, how could the Creator Command for Man something that is out of his power, and the Creator Knows, Being Aware of Everything?)

Thus, this is only due to vulgarization of such sin/pollution in society, from earlier generations.

But today, homosexuality becoming genetic is quite a possibility. Please note well the verse below, that satan promises to change Man, even genetically (4:119).

4:119 “I will mislead them and I will create in them false desires, I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and I will order them to change the nature that All’h has Created them. Whoever takes satan for a friend instead of All’h, certainly has sustained a manifest loss.”

According to the law of nature, everything on this Earth undergoes a cycle of evolution, and thus genes can be ameliorated and changed. This, naturally, cannot be effective in a few months and years.

This is why the Lord Warns against sins that can affect several generations.

We, mankind, are in fact of animal nature, whose genes have been ameliorated by the Spirit of God. The Spirit, in fact is to keep a tight rein over our animal side.

If we do not benefit from this divine Gift and respect Its limitations, we enhance our animal side, soon we lose the habit to control our lust and worse for generations after, as “the time, will grow the monster.”

So, the start, and then, banality of a Prohibition–sin–is the most dangerous thing for a society.

This is the reason for the Commandment, “to hide one’s sin, and not to claim and vulgarize it publicly” (what is in fact considered hypocrisy today).

This is just like the case of spreading disease. The germ starts growing in a vulnerable atmosphere, and if it is not isolated, it starts multiplying, outranging human power, and affecting generations of people.

The actual generation suffers the propagation, then banality of homosexuality from generations before, and they are not able to control it.

Nevertheless, as the smallest thing is Considered by God and Judged justly and considerably, then this generation is certainly not going to be Judged as those who started to propagate and vulgarize the prohibition, when they were able to avoid it.

One thing is sure: God Is the Forgiver, the Merciful.

Believing homosexuals, practicing the Religion, following the Qur’an and respecting some limitations, certainly do themselves less harm than the non-believers, and God Is the Forgiver.

Yet the true strong believers, fearing God, do try to put a term to their lust, but if it is out of their power, God Knows best, He Is the Forgiver. Or, a non-believing homosexual, does not possess such strong motivation to overcome his lusts or desires. Therefore, lack of faith is the worst penalty, and most harmful.

The Man’s organism, his structure and functioning system, being combined on the basis of, following, believing and worshipping God Alone, cannot survive otherwise, and eventually will perish.

51:51 “And do not set up beside All’h another god …”

51:56 “I have not Created the jinn and Man, but (under the system) of Worshipping (Obeying) Me.”

God Is the Judge at the end.

In fact, in our days, Man is evidence against himself, he is quite lucid and perceptive about what he has done, the reason and the result of his behavior in the past over himself.

75:14 “But, Man will be evidence against himself.”

The Lord will Forgive. He Is all Forgiving. The only sin not forgiven by our system, thus due to our Creation, is idol worship, being unfaithful to our Creator.

God Be Praised

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