Why Is There So Much Misery in this World?

Why Is there So Much Misery in this world?

Q: God Being Compassionate and fully Aware, can you explain why there is so much injustice, misery, pain, diseases, famine and wars in our world? Why would a Compassionate God let us go through all these calamities?

A: The answer to this question is found in the reason for the Creation, its constitution, and the aim of our life here on Earth. So, we must start from the beginning. (Refer to Chapter 8 of the FurQan). We are Created in this world, as the God Creator, Merciful, Knower and Just, Is Light (24:35).

24:35 “All’h Is the Light of the heavens and the Earth, the similitude of His Light is like a concave vault where in a Lamp is alight, the Lamp is enclosed in a glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star, the fuel thereof supplied from a Blessed “oil generating Tree,” which is neither of the East nor of the West. Whose oil is almost self-radiating and yet without being touched by fire. Light upon Light, All’h Guides to His Light whomever He Wills. All’h Cites similitude for the people, and All’h Knows of all things.”

His Energy (ﷲ “forces of the Creation”) Is Creative by Nature. A sum of God’s Energy (being the four fundamental forces of the Creation) was Separated from His other forces for the cause of the Creation, Giving life and existence to all actual living creatures. Various creatures, of course, according to the level and force of the Energy.

From the extreme heat/force of the Energy, the universes above our world have been Created, namely: the Gardens of Eden and their population, mainly the angels (15:27), the reason for the extreme vastness (3:133), fertility, greenness of vegetation (55:46, 48, 50,64) and abundance of the nature of such creatures, in every way.

15:27 “And the Jâan (angels) We had Created them before, from the fume (tempest) of fire.”

3:133 “Hasten toward Forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden whose width is that of the heavens and the Earth, Prepared for the righteous,”

55:46 “And for such as fear/reverence the Standing of their Lord, there will be two Gardens;”

55:48 “Containing all kinds (of provisions);”

55:50 “In them, two springs flowing;”

55:64 “Dark green color (vegetation);”

As the Energy cooled off, the world with its seven heavens and their planets, was Created.

The planet Earth with its Heaven and population, mainly mankind, being situated at the lowest part of the world, got the weakest share of the Energy, and thus is closest to the fire. (95:5 “Then We Passed him to (the) lowest of the lowness ….”)

Lacking the necessary Energy, mankind’s brain is limited to the level of animal. He is “ignorant and of oppressing nature” (33:72 below)

The Great Lord, out of His Infinite Mercy, to adjust this imbalance of Creation for these most unfortunate creatures that is, the planet Earth with its Heaven, its stabilizers the mountains, and principal inhabitants, mankind, He Proposes to them some of His Own Spirit instead, but only as a deposit in Trust.

33:72 “We did indeed Offer the (responsibility) to carry the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof, and Man undertook it, basically being oppressor, ignorant.”

This would adjust and equalize the balance of the Share of mankind to the angels. the Creator, out of His Infinite Knowledge, Knew that all of us, mankind, are not rejecters/losers of Light, and some of us could have the aptitude to consume the highest degree of Energy if we had a chance, and even deserve to be closest to Him, the Source of Light/Energy.

Out of His Infinite Justice, He Gave the people of the world the chance to undergo the Test for the Meritorious Creatures. The Test for the highest rank of all creatures and the most honorable of them. On the other hand, there is also a very high risk of losing the Spirit/Trust during the period of the Test, which meant losing one’s whole share at God’s, which is the reason for the refusal of the Earth, Heaven and the Mountains for the Offer, being afraid thereof.

Through the Spirit, Man would have a brain and intelligence, and the extra Energy to live long enough necessary for undergoing the Test. And the Test, consisting of protecting and keeping the Spirit in him till the end of his lifespan on Earth (the reason for the Spirit as a Trust), as the only way to get close to God. Man had been Created by the cooling off the Energy, in another words, the weakest photons of the Light/Energy of the Creation, without the extra strength of the Spirit his Energy was doomed to go off, perishing before the term of life for the Test.

Without the Spirit, Man was bound to have problems living on Earth, such as shedding blood and killing each other for survival as animals (2:30), besides the problem of provisions, fertility of his land, etc.

2:30 “And when your Lord Said to the angels, ‘I Am Placing a vicegerent on the Earth’, they said, ‘Will You Place therein one who will make mischief and shed blood? And yet we celebrate Your Praise and sanctify for You?’ He Said, ‘I Know what you do not know.’”

Through the Spirit, God Gives a chance to the meritorious of us (33:73).

33:73 “For All’h Punishing the hypocrite men and women, and the idol worship men and women, and All’h Redeems (Turns to Mercy/Light) the believing men and women, and All’h Is Forgiving, Merciful.”

And a chance to all of us, all those who are savable to be saved, by preparing us on Earth to become consumers of Energy, to Bring us into His Light out of the darkness of the Earth and out of our real nature (2:257, 33:43, 57:9, 65:11).

2:257 “All’h Is the Protector of those who have faith, He Leads them out of the deep darkness into the light, those who reject, their patrons are the evil ones, leading them out of the light into the deep darkness, these are companions of fire, dwelling therein.”

All those who wanted to be saved and made the effort to charge their (share of) Spirit will enjoy being close, and closer to God, and the rejecters, those who had preferred to consume their Share on Earth on the period of their Test/lives are losers/perishable destined to darkness. Therefore, all the conditions of our life term here, such as time and place of birth, time and place of death, poverty, wealth, power and position, difficulties and facilities for living, are destined favorable to this preparation for attracting and consuming the Light, in every possible way (i.e., some will believe and call on God only in poverty, and some only in pain). This is the most and greatest Grace of God to us, mankind, Giving us a chance to save ourselves from the darkness of our nature. Unfortunately, by ignoring such facts, we are unappreciative/idolators (16:3).

16:3 “He has Created the heavens and the Earth for just ends. Far Is He above having (the partners) they associate with Him.”

As  to  the  Benefits  of  the  Spirit  of  God

It would serve exactly as a transformer, transfusing the Light of God into our inner world, helping us, the weak photons, to charge ourselves during our lifetime down here on Earth, preparing and enabling ourselves (provision of Energy) to join His Light in the hereafter and for Eternity. On the other hand, carrying such extremely precious Trust cannot be without danger and is a heavy responsibility. Particularly when we are Warned about a very powerful enemy, whose aim would be to distract us in every possible way for steeling our precious Capital from us, during our life term on Earth. Only the faithful and appreciative would survive.

The danger of infidelity, unfaithfulness and disloyalty toward such Mercy, and neglecting the Instructions and Guidance of the Lord for charging one’s battery of the Trust, would end up by consuming and losing one’s Capital/Light on deviations, that is irreversible and eternally loss for the trustee, thus fatal. Such risk of loss was that scared off the Heaven, Earth and the Mountain, (33:72, mentioned above). They accepted their lot and preferred to keep their share safe at their Lord’s, acting submissively to His Will. But Man was capable, so he accepted the risk of going through with the Test for achievement of the highest and most honorable rank of creatures at his Lord. So, he took the risk to carry the Trust, and work out to develop his share of Capital, by his own.

The fact of preserving the Spirit of God by staying faithful to Him till the end on the Earth, despite the condition (having all forgotten about the Covenant with God, never seeing Him while alive on Earth, and in spite of all the obstacles and temptations from a redoubtable and very powerful enemy as satan to deviate him from his Lord during his lifetime), naturally would give Man a higher rank of honor over Angels, who live beside the Lord, and see Him. So, staying faithful in their condition is not such a big deal. Beside the fact that Angels lack the Spirit of God, they are made from the Energy, only.

Moreover, through the Light of Spirit, the void of Energy being fulfilled, Man would be enlightened by the power of Knowledge, through which, under the Lord’s Instructions, he could keep the paradise on Earth (the condition of the Earth, in which Adam had started to live on), enjoying a comfortable life in spite of being situated so close to fire, and fulfilling the lack of Energy for the fertility of his land and the abundance of his water and provisions.

The share of Light/Capital of Man was put into his own hands, to run by his own choice. Through faith, he would charge his soul and his world by his share of Light and become a provider of Energy for Eternity. He would enjoy a good and easy life on Earth. If, however, he chose to run away as a rejecter, he would consume and waste his Capital by deviation. He would pollute his world to saturation, make a Hell of his original paradise and perish in eternal darkness. Faith and submission toward our Lord, this is the price of our return ticket back to the Light.

The condition of the Trust, that seemed so easy to Man to accept the risk. The merit for a position closest to the Lord, naturally has to be earned, depending on the degree of proven fidelity and loyalty. The general rule of Creation is that the creatures must go through a sifting and test, so that the good ones be separated from the bad and useless. This is what we are going through in this life. Through a test, just as the Angels had to be sifted out, before having their positions (18:51, 37:164).

18:51 “I Called them not to witness ‘the Creation’ of the heavens and the Earth, nor their own Creation, nor is it for Me to Take as helpers such as lead astray.”

37:164 “Not one of us, but has a place Appointed.”

Keeping in mind that God Is Light/Energy, we need to preserve and charge the Energy of the Spirit in each of us down here on Earth, to get back near Him. In other words, the accumulated Energy is our savior. And our position up there depends on the amount of Energy accumulated. The rejecters, lacking the necessary Energy, cannot get near the Light, and they themselves would be the ones to run away from the Almighty God, this being the worst and most unfortunate thing to happen to any of us.

Man has made a vow of fidelity to his Only Lord, the Creator of the world, and has witnessed his own Covenant with the Lord: He has made a vow of not being unappreciative of such a great Gift of His Lord’s Spirit in him, hence following His Instructions and Guidance every time God Sends one, which holds Healing and Peace for mankind (17:82), never betraying Him by wasting such a Light (of the Spirit) on ways of other idols and falsehood.

17:82 “And We Sent down of the Qur’an that which is a Healing and a Mercy for those who believe, to the unjust, it causes nothing but loss after loss.”

So today’s misery, criminality, natural catastrophes, all the pollution and diseases, are the result of having wasted and consumed the Energy of the Spirit, deviation from the Highway, getting lost on the deviations of falsehood, betraying our Lord by following other idols and lords, it is the result of bad management of the Capital and having lost our Energy or means of defense against the pollution of both, our inner and outer worlds, which has been brought to saturation.

Today the result of having lost the Spirit of God Is quite clear and evident. None of the actual religions are following the Path of God Alone. They all are practicing idol worship in the world by following books of traditions and narrations instead of the Word of God Himself. Not to mention all those who make no bones about it and worship Man as God and son of God. Yet we ask, Why all this misery?!

So, the question of “Why have we been brought to this Earth, in the first place?” is the wrong question. Because we were to be Created any way. We have been substantiated out of the Substance of God, and God’s Substance Is Creative.

In conclusion, the best example that I can give for this is the example of the inner world of our own body, some of the cells that are faithful and obedient to the main brain cell, following its order submissively, then everything runs smoothly, being the sign of healthy, strong body, and some others are rejecters and disobedient, so they go astray, these are the cancerous cells and responsible of all the tumors and pollution. Evidently, the cancer in both our inner and outer world is breaking surface fast today. Still, the Almighty Lord out of His Infinite Grace, Sends us this last Ship for our savior. Just as in the time of Noah, we must take this last chance or else we are going to be drowned in the darkness forever.

This last chance, being the re-Opening of the Qur’an, defined and explained by science of our time in the FurQan, explaining and directing the way of:

–        How to charge our empty batteries just before the End, for the Last Trip

–        It is about how to fight and win against the cancerous cells of our faith and our body.

–        This being the last sound of Warning Bell from the Almighty Lord, to save the humanity

We must respond to it, to save ourselves from such terrifying darkness and misery.

God Be Praised

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