Is God a Human Fabrication?

Is God a Human Fabrication?

Q: Is it not egocentric of us human beings to believe that God has Given us all these powers, while we, human beings have been around on this planet for such a short time and our planet is so small in relation to the galaxies surrounding us? Is God not a human fabrication?

A: Are the sky and galaxies a human fabrication or the Earth and the terrestrial’s human made? And what about the air we breathe? And if not, who is the power behind these? And Man, as a terrestrial, where did he get his power of intellect? The Power is the forces of Creation that has been confirmed scientifically. So, call Him All’h, Creator, or call Him God, He Is the Unique Power! And all Man’s power is due to the Spirit that He has Entrusted in him. Otherwise, Man was only the perfected specimen of animal on Earth and his power of mind did not surpass that level.

As to the Power of Knowledge Granted to him by the Creator, through His Own Spirit, as explained in Why Is there So Much Misery in this world? In return, Man gave his word to keep his faith in the Lord Creator, following His Guidance only, as to the use of such Energy/Power, and never abusing such Power against His Will, on wrong and false idols. This Power was supposed to be used for his comfort and wellbeing during his lifetime on Earth, besides accumulating the Energy of the Spirit as his mean of transport back to his Lord, the Source of Light/Energy after death.

Man has promised his Lord Creator, that every time a Prophet was Sent with a Reminder/Instructions for the protection and the right way of using the Trust (Spirit/Power), he would obey and follow the Lord’s Commandments. To be near God, that is the object and design of Creation, should be earned, and only the faithful can stand such a level and state of Purity and Nobility for such an Honor.

Such Honor has been Placed within reach of every human being. It is evident that only those who really wish it and make the necessary effort and sacrifice for it, attain it by staying on their guard and remaining conscious of their faith, following only the Guidance of the Lord of universal people for using their Power the right way, that is for the accumulation of the Energy necessary to get them back to their Lord.

Those who have forgotten their Real Lord, and their faith, are those whose mind and desire go for other “gods” (materialism and enjoyment of life). They consume their Power/Energy on deviations, following wrong directions rather than the Lord’s. They have betrayed the God and they abuse the Power Entrusted to them.

The love of materialism, games and other toys and means of attraction can easily distract them from the right Path, forgetting all about their Real Lord, their faith and vow of fidelity to Him. These people are not accumulators of the Energy. They are also losers and rejecters of Light. “They are those for whom there is nothing in the hereafter, staying on the low level and standing of living, and calamities-signs of which we see, more and more, in our daily life today on Earth, they have misused their Power, and all their designs on the Earth are in vain, and their work will be completely nullified” (11:16).

11:16 “They are those for whom there is nothing but fire (burning, suffering, calamities), vain are the designs they frame therein, and nullified will be their deeds.”

So, in fact Man has no power of his own, all Power is the Creator’s, and at the end everything will be returned to Him (11:4)

11:4 “To All’h is your return, and He has Power over Everything.”

Man with his planet Earth and all the galaxies, planets and heavens of our Universe is nothing but a Handful of particles in the Power of God (39:67).

39:67 “No just estimate have they made of All’h such as is due to Him. The whole Earth, on Day of the Resurrection, will be but a Handful of His, and the heavens will be rolled up in His right Hand, Glory to Him. High Is He above the partners they attribute to Him.”

The condition for the Capital/Power Given to Man was that after being used for enlightening his soul, the Capital be rendered back safely to His Owner. Now frankly, is there anything here for Man to be egocentric about? The length of time for our life on planet Earth is just the right length, measured by the Almighty Creator, and out of His Infinite Mercy, at the most convenient moment for human nature to be pronounced as an accumulator or loser. And as for “God being a human fabrication,” today science has brought the answer to this.

The mathematical code found in the Qur’an by the computer in 1974 is above all human possibilities and power. All capabilities of humans and their machines put together could never create such a Miracle. Moreover, and still greater Evidence is that today science introduces the Name of the Creator through four symbols, identical to the four-letter All’h in Arabic, with all the details of the functions of these forces that are again identical to Qur’an’s description of All’h (explained by details in this book).

God Be Praised

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