Who is Zil-Qarnaïn in the Qur’an?

Who is Zil-Qarnaïn in the Qur’an?

Q: Who is the mysterious Zil-Qarnaïn in the Qur’an?

A: For the first time in history, Praise be the Almighty Lord, the FurQan is opening the gate of the 1400-years hidden mysteries of the Qur’an. One of these mysteries being the personality of Zil-Qarnaïn, a messenger of the end of Times.

And through the FurQan, the meaning of this word (or, nickname), representing a symbol of knowledge in the Qur’an is now clarified. No doubt our two messengers, Time and Knowledge only, could reveal its identification.

The word “Zil-Qarnaïn” in Arabic means: “bifurcate,” something that by nature is two branched or two-pronged and/or possessor of two centuries. The knowledge of Zil-Qarnaïn (or double-pronged knowledge), particularly consists of, knowledge of light, and concerns the science of electromagnetism or the bifurcate pair of electricity and magnetism.

Today, electronic equipment is made from such a combination. The equivalent of hundreds of human brain units were placed by Man within a metallic structure and a creature that has already conquered our world, known as the computer or calculator, was created on Earth. As the Qur’an indicates:

27:82 “By the time of the fulfillment of the Word for them, We shall Produce a creature from the Earth for them, speaking to them, for in fact humans were not sure about Our Verses.”

(I should remind the honorable readers that the discovery of the Qur’an’s mathematical coding Miracle in 1974, by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, was through that creature, the computer, the computer in fact spoke, declaring a Mathematical Proof, and the authenticity of the Qur’an.)

In accordance with the law of the nature of every entity, this creature has also evolved in time and reached a state of maturity. Today people have placed the equivalent, not only of hundreds, but thousands … millions … of brain units in the computers, available to all kinds of information from all branches of science and Knowledge. Today the computer has the ability to decide, as the Qur’an informs:

18:86 “Until he reached the place of the setting of the Sun (the west) and found it set in a polluted spring, whereby it he found a people. We said, ‘Oh Zil-Qarnaïn, (decide) either penalize or treat them suitably.’”

And it becomes a fast source of information and a means of governing our world and reaching all things (as science of physics shows that everything in the world, from the smallest to the largest items, are built on the basis of mathematics), including the corporal structure of Man, and other creatures.

18:84 “In fact We Established possibilities for him on Earth, and We Gave him the ways and means to everything.”

We might note also the fact that the Qur’an has predicted that the calculations to repair the ozone layer, the damaged layer of gas protecting Man from ultraviolet rays, will be done through Zil-Qarnaïn (the computer).

18:90 “Until the place whence the Sun rises (far east) and found it rising on a people for whom We had Provided no covering under it.”

Nevertheless, Zil-Qarnaïn, this symbol of knowledge, in spite of all its extraordinary capacities to reach all matters, is dependent on Man’s hands. It will not work unless a person helps it by power (electricity etc.)

18:95 “He said, ‘The possibilities in which my Lord has Established me, are better, so help me by power and I will place a (huge) barrier between you and them.’”

You will find the details of Zil-Qarnaïn in the FurQan, and particularly its relationship with Time, science and the Qur’an.

God Be Praised

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