Who Is Imam Zaman?

Who Is Imam Zaman?

Q: What about the 12th Imam of the Shi’ites, Imam Zaman?

A: A belief common to three religions of the world (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is the appearance of a Leader/god/Imam at the end of the times, to lead the whole world under the same religion. And the problem remains irresolvable as ever, as, naturally, each religion considers this Mission specific to their own Messenger/god/Imam. They are all waiting for the appearance of their dead Missionary after thousands of years.

–        Muslims awaiting their Imam al-Zaman “Leader of the Time,” to reappear after having disappeared 1200 years ago in a well

–        The Christians waiting for the reappearance of their god or son of God, Jesus, after having been crucified on a cross (as their belief) 2000 years ago

–        Jews, awaiting their Messiah

This common belief most certainly has a common genuine source. Christians, Jews and Moslems, each received it through their own Messengers, who were genuine Messengers from the Almighty God Creator. No doubt there lies some sort of fact behind it, a hidden fact disguised and covered by decades and centuries of various people’s opinions, interpretations and narratives. Thanks to Almighty Lord, today at the Time of discernment and distinction, this mystery also is Resolved. Once the problem is solved, and the pieces of the puzzle have taken their right places, then the whole thing seems unbelievably simple, and logical.

However, it stands to reason that for leading the whole world, it certainly would take a superhuman Messenger with extraordinary, unlimited powers of leadership. Up to now all Messengers of God on Earth, have been mankind, and the Power Accorded to them by the Lord, was limited to the performance of few, specific Miracles (all of which having been put in concrete form through science today.) Moreover, such a Messenger should be completely neutral for all parties to follow him readily and accept him without the usual prejudice and harm to their egos. Last but not least, someone overwhelming the whole people of the world, all and each individually, untouchable, unreachable, and none standing up to him. So most certainly no human can possibly meet such requirements.

In fact, the Messenger that has been Chosen for such a Mission is the only special phenomenon to possess all the qualities required. Someone with all the science and Knowledge of the world, possessing a terrestrial experience ever since the start of its Creation, and having reached everyone individually. Indeed, this Messenger is none but the Time/Zaman.

Today, at the period of the end of the world, reappearing with all its experience, science and Knowledge, bringing the Evidence for the Word of God, leading the knowledgeable toward One Single God Creator. The Best Leader of all Times. This explains all the ancient premonitions in this regard.

Everyone is unanimous that Jesus was the Evidence of the word of God “the verb” (“Be and he was”), and today the Evidence of the Word has appeared, which is none but the Miracle of a mathematical coding of the Word of God, the Qur’an.

And specifically, the Evidence of science for the Arabic Word (All’h) being composed of four letters, same as four symbols for the four forces of the Creation, in physics.

Evidently, “” Is the Verb.

And Imam al-Zaman in Arabic, meaning “Leader the Time.”

So today, the Time, through its Knowledge and science and the Book is the Leader toward the belief of the One God Creator.

(For full details, refer to Al-FurQan Chapter 5)

God Be Praised

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