What does the Qur’an Say About Jihad?

What does the Qur’an Say About Jihad?

Q: What does Qur’an say about the Jihad?

A: For us people of the era of the end of the world, and the time/era of the FurQan of the Qur’an, the commandment for Jihad comes in the last surah of the Qur’an (in order of descent). In the Qur’an, the word “Jahd” signifies “Effort, Struggle, Strive,” the word “Jihad,” “Striving generally, collectively, wholly and entirely with persistence.” The word “Harb” means “war, battle.”

Never in the whole Qur’an can you find two different words meaning exactly the same thing. We must be very careful and pay a lot of attention to the words, as every word has its own specified reason and purpose. The word, struggling, striving or making effort is always either for achieving something, or, for not losing something that we already have. As, the word “Jihad” only comes with the word “faith” and “for the Path of God in the Qur’an, then it means:

9:123: “O you who believe, fight against those of the unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you, and know that All’h Is with the (God) fearing ones.”

There are however, two major factors today to be taken into consideration:

1) The Commandment of Jihad for a collective war is absolutely impossible today. As this Command can only be delivered by a Prophet who receives the Order directly from God to his people, in his own time (a prophet is a messenger who brings a new Book). (9:73)

9:73 “O Prophet, strive (jihad) hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be firm against them, their abode is Hell, being an evil refuge indeed.

2) Muhammad being the last Prophet (as the Qur’an was the last Book), no one today is apt and in such a position to command Jihad as religious war in the name of God.

On the other hand, at our time when the Qur’an re-Opens (35:31-32) for Its second time, revealing its third Dimension of Knowledge, as already mentioned before, every time that a Book of God Is Sent or re-Opens for people, it is at the level of their general knowledge, and understanding. Our knowledge today has reached the level of electronic eyes, through which we have penetrated the inner world of Man’s body and explored the human cell. Therefore, be it war, killing, fighting and struggling or other Commandments, they are generally applicable at the level of the human cell today, and not necessarily the human fellow. (Beside the fact of specified verses, indicating to belong specifically to the time and/the person of the Prophet or specifically named someone, and not to people of all times.)

Due to the reasons above, today the Commandment of Jihad applies specifically to the inner world, and the collectively of human cells inside each of us individually. We must fight against the incredulous, unbelieving cells of our inner world, the cells that go astray (kaffir in Arabic). We should kill the unbelieving cells (2:54) whenever we come across them, that is, whenever the temptation of letting go appears in our mind, otherwise they will increase — into tumors — and they will kill us (9:125).

2:54 “And when Moses said to his people, ‘O my people, you have indeed harmed your selves/cells in adopting (worshipping) the calf, thus return to your Initiator, and kill your selves/cells, such is better for you due to your Initiator, then He Turned to you, indeed He Is Oft-Returning, the Merciful.’”

9:125 “But those in whose hearts is a disease, it will increase uncleanness to their uncleanness, dying in state of unbelief.”

All violations of other people’s rights are punishable by the Religion of All’h — the forces of nature, be it in this world or after death where the soul gets tormented by the regrets of its bad deeds. All the Commandments in the Qur’an today concern only ourselves/cells and our inner world. In no way can we command/execute them on someone else; there is no compulsion in the Religion. “Let there be no compulsion in the Religion.” (2:256). Nevertheless, for this second Opening of the Qur’an through the discernment, a Study to be memorized by everyone.

38:87 “In fact this is a Reminder for all people of the world.”

Intellectuals, searchers, scientists as well as plain ordinary people, the Commandment of our Almighty Lord to us people of our Time, concerning the Jihad, lays in the last surah (by the order of descent) and placed in surah 110 of the Book.

110:1 “When comes ‘Help’ of All’h (the Evidence, the Proof of the Creator) and the Opening (of the Qur’an by its discernment/the FurQan)

110:2 “And you see the people entering the Religion of All’h, in crowds;”

110:3 “Then celebrate by Praising your Lord and pray His Forgiveness, in fact He Is Oft-Returning.”

Please note that in this last surah, Indicating the ultimate Opening of the Qur’an being for the people of the end, the religion has been Called: “the Religion of All’h”.

–        The Religion of every true believer of One God Creator Alone

–        The Religion that gathers all the believers of the world under the same flag of One and Only Lord and God, the Creator

–        The Religion of the Creator that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were submitted to. Before this, Abraham had called It “Submission” (Islam) (22:78).

(Remember the meaning of “the Religion of All’h”: the Religion = universal law, All(a)h = the Creator/the four basic forces of Creation of all universes and their population.)

22:78 “And strive in All’h such as is due to it, He has Chosen you and has Imposed no difficulties on you in the Religion, the cult of your father, Abraham, he called you “Muslims” before this, and in this, so that the Messenger be a witness for you, and you be witness for mankind. So establish the Connection (Salat) and give the regular charity and hold fast to All’h. He Is your Protector, the Best of the Protectors and Best of the Helpers.”

Today the Help of God — the divine mathematical Evidence of the Book — has come, and the — ultimate — Opening of the Qur’an is proceeding. This being the Religion that people will enter, in crowds, God Willing, and we are about to witness such an event. Then, our Commandment for Jihad (in surah 110 above) is to be part of this and start purifying our inner world by glorifying (Salat) in praising our Lord and asking Him forgiveness to Erase our sins.

2:256 “There is no compulsion in the Religion, now that the way of guidance (the Word) is distinguished from the fraud (imposture), thus, whoever rejects the evil and believes in All’h (the Only God Creator) holds indeed unto the most Trustworthy Handhold that shall never break. And All’h Is all Hearing, all Knowing.”

God Be Praised

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