What Does God Say About Paradise?

What does God Say About Paradise?

Q: “What does God Say in the Qur’an about Paradise?”

A: The word “paradise” in Arabic, means “garden.”

The Almighty Lord Informs us that two Gardens for humans, parallel to two for jinn, on the highest heavens, their permanent residents, are awaiting the Believers. Everything about these Gardens has been Said symbolically, for the reason that we cannot possibly imagine their identity and contents, due to the fact that we have never seen or lived anything like it.

What we know about them is that they are extremely green and fertile, with abundant water and provisions, where there is no pollution, no misery, no fear and worries, no old age, no hunger or lack of water. Everything one wishes for, one can get. Total happiness and comfort, without banning the sex appeals.

The advantages of the higher Heaven’s Gardens (one for human and one for jinn), are of course much more than the lower ones. Symbolically, if in the lower Heaven you must meet your needs yourselves, in the upper Heaven everything is served to you by “butlers wearing white gloves”.

The fact that we all must pass through Hell (19:71) as Stated in the Qur’an is also that we better appreciate Paradise. Hell of course being the Earth, the lowest of the lowness livings, with all its pollution and miseries, and Paradise is all one’s dreams and wishes, that cannot be realized on Earth.

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