Letter to Khameneii: The Women’s Revolution

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Mr. Khameneii:

By now, you have probably been informed of the Qur’an’s Divine mathematical coding. Evidence shows not only that the contained 329,156 letters are coded, they are also based on other mathematical formulas such as “A/B x B/A=1.” Each surah’s number, consisting of two digits, is compatible and related to the oppositely numbered surah, e.g. 56-65, 19-91 and 81-18.

The reasoning of this letter, which bears Qur’anic Message, is based on the same observations.

Such Miraculous physical evidence, unique and beyond man’s power and reach in history, is meant for today. After 43 years of your covering the Word of All’h with a filthy, improper and illegitimate garment, abusing your privilege, He Calls the “Secret/code” (S. 74) to arise and warn, and to purify its garment (74:4) in order to offer the pure Word of its Lord to the people of the world.

“The Great Event” (S. 56) of today relates to “The Divorce” (S. 65) of women.

The women of Iran, identical to and symbolizing the Quran’s inhabitants, want to remove the false, illegitimate covering you forced on them. They demand freedom from your bond of despotism, unlawful rules and commands blackening their lives. Ironically, today your own garment has turned on you, wrapping around your neck and about to hang you.

Here is the Command and Warning of the Almighty Lord, concerning the demand of divorce (S. 65) for women:

The first verse is a Command even to the Prophet: In case of divorce, consider their waiting period and keep account of it; fear All’h and free them from the bond. These are the limits of All’h, and whoever trespasses the limit, has only wronged himself. You never know, perhaps All’h Will Bring a change of situation. (The change of situation is certainly going to be yours).

(Verse 2) “Once the term of their waiting period is fulfilled (that their waiting period is already over) let them free and behave honorably whether they want to stay in their home(country) or go away. This is Instructed to whomever believes in All’h and the last Day, and whoever fear All’h He Will Make for him a way out.”

(V. 8) “and how many a city/society rebelled against the Command of their Lord and His Messengers; so We took them to severe account and Punished them, a terrible punishment.”

(V. 9) “So they tasted the bad consequence of their affair, and the outcome of their affair was loss.”

The chapter ends with, “All’h Is over all things Competent, and Encompasses all things in knowledge.”

God Is Aware of everything you do. If you don’t cease injuring, killing and burning these people immediately, and ask Forgiveness of God, He Will not Make a way out for you, and you will burn awfully with regrets.

There is no doubt that this Islamic republican government is bound to fall; this is mentioned in the last verse of chapter 47, relating to “The Secret”(S. 74): “…and if you turn away (from obeying) He Will Replace you with another people, then they are not like you (turbaned).”

You should fear All’h, as we have entered the Time of the “revenge of the oppressed over the oppressors.” This is a Promise of the Qur’an and an Event that most certainly will happen. Moreover, it is not without reason that in the last surah, in order of Descent (S. 11O), the Lord of people of the world Calls His Religion, “Religion of All’h/Religion of the Creator,” and no longer Islam.

By discrimination and idol worship, calling and associating the Prophet and imams with All’h, associating His Word with narrations and customs of the Prophet, going so far as to make them rules and regulations of the religion, substituting for the Qur’an, you have so much polluted the Religion that today the Almighty Creator Has Opened a Way for all those who want to follow His Religion, worshipping Him Alone. At this Time and for the people of our time, through 20th century scientific discoveries of the Power of Creation, He Brings the highest Miracle ever, that confirms His Name “All’h.”

The four essential forces, forming a unique Power that has created all the molecules of existence, are:

-Gravity, the two nuclear forces from the same root and the electromagnetic force

-Gravity being apart from the three other forces; the three other forces are related through long and short interactions. These forces appear by symbols in books of physics:

-Gravity, by a straight line drawn from up to down =

– The two nuclear forces from the same root, shown by long and short interactions =

– Electromagnetic force =

This awesome Miracle, particularly for the worshippers of The Lord Alone (S. 112), is for those who wish to follow the Creator’s Religion Alone, to have an aspect of His Power, to trust Him and His Word at a time when some have polluted the reputation of His Word in the worst way.

Finally, fear All’h, for He Has Announced His Help and victory for the oppressed against the oppressors.