Part IV: Salat, Purifier of Sins and Pollution

Salat, Purifier of Sins and Pollution

–        Purifier of sins and pollution

–        Preventive of diseases and calamities

–        Cure for sadness and opener of the captivating ties of problems in our lives

Devoting the Religion purely to the Creator Alone

However, the healing of Salat applies only by devoting the Religion purely and sincerely to the Creator Alone (39:1-4).

39:1 “Revelation of the Book from All’h, the Powerful, the Wise”

39:2 “In fact We Sent you the Book (concerning) the truth, so worship All’h, devoting purely the Religion to Him (Alone)

39:3 “Is not the Religion purely due to All’h? And those who take other protectors beside Him, (saying), “We do not worship them, but (we only call them) in order to bring us closer to All’h.” In fact, All’h will Judge between them in that wherein they differ. In fact, All’h does not Guide those who lie and are ungrateful.”

39:4 “Had All’h Wanted to take to Himself a son, He would have Chosen as He Wished out of those He Creates, Glory be to Him (He is above such things), He Is All’h (the Power of Creation), the Only Conqueror.”

The verses (1 and 2) are the Commandment to devote the Religion exclusively and purely to God. The Religion belongs to the Only God Creator, as in fact the real meaning of the Religion is the law of Creation/the universal law, and who is apt to bring a Religion when none other than the Creator has created a thing? Verse (3) concerns Jews and Muslims who are substituting their Book for narration and customs of their Prophets and pollute the Religion of God; or calling on prophets and imams, for help or as intercessors, saying, “Nay, we do not worship them but only call on them to bring us closer to God.” God Rejects such an excuse. Verse (4) concerns Christians who openly commit idolatry by saying Jesus is God or the son of God.

God Is above all that. He Is “the Intensive forces” (53:5) and “Light” (24:35). No one is equal to Him to be even named beside Him. So, the Religion must be purely devoted to Him Alone and this for the sake of our own selves, the sake of body and soul.

53:5 “He (Muhammad) was taught (the Revelation) by the Intensive forces,”

24:35 “All’h Is the Light of the heavens and the Earth ….”

51:56 “I did not Create the jinn and Man but (systematically) to worship Me (Alone)

Faith and following the Instructions of God

Faith, and following the Instructions of God is only the way to survive the body and soul for human and jinn. The only way to charge the Light of the Spirit in us humans is to follow the Instructions, that serve to fortify the faith in us and thus fortify the immunity system of the cells. This is the real meaning of the verse above (51:56), which most people misunderstand, saying, “Why does God Need so much our worshipping Him?”

God Has no need, but we need to worship or follow His Commandments (35:15).

35:15 “O you Men, it is you that have need of All’h, and All’h He Is Self-Sufficient, the Praised One.”

Salat, Zakat, Fasting and Hadj are all curing Instructions for us. And the explanation for the curing qualities of Salat is evidently in the discovery of science on light. Today, with lasers, radiation and radiotherapy they treat cancer and many other diseases. And when we know that by Salat we go through the Radiant Energy of God’s Light (and this is a certainty), then all we must do is to refer to our senses.

If by artificial rays’ people can cure diseases, shouldn’t we trust God’s Rays as means of keeping our cells in good health for a strong immunity system? Moreover, the Radiation of God is Preventive, while human medical treatments follow afflictions and often come too late to heal.

I must repeat here the condition for such treatment:

Pure Religion and Pure Salat:

Never, nowhere, naming anyone beside the Almighty Creator.

72:18 “And the places of worship belong to All’h, then do not invoke ANYONE with All’h.”

God Be Praised

Ramadan and Fasting

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