Why is Pork Prohibited?

2:173 “He Has only Forbidden you: dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine and that on which other name has been invoked besides that of All’h.”

Question: Why is the meat of pork prohibited?

Answer: More than 3000 years ago, that is at the time of Prophet Moses, some people, after seeing several Great Miracles from God, nevertheless violated and transgressed the Commandments, such as: worshiping of the calf, the matter of Sabbath, etc. So they were transformed into apes and swine!

5:60 “Say: Shall I inform you of a worse evil than this, as retribution received from All’h? They are those whom All’h Has Cursed, and upon whom He Brought His Wrath, and whom He Transformed into apes and swine, and who serve the devil. These are in worse situation and far more astray from the even Path.”

So, naturally the meat of pork was forbidden for Jews; and also prohibited in the Books of Jesus and Muhammad.

Today, at the event of the Second Opening of The Qur’an, and the time of maximum development and maturity of Science, the reason for such prohibition is explained through The FurQan (/the interpretation of science of The Qur’an) . Up to now, we thought the reason for the prohibition was because of Trichinella spiralis, referred to as Pork worm! Although this has been also one of the reasons, but through medical research that has found the antibiotic for it, pork has been clean of such disease for some time now. Nevertheless, Jews have kept their tradition and they don’t eat pork; Christians abandoned this Commandment several centuries ago, anyway; and quite a number of Muslims have abandoned this Commandment, thinking as it was a matter of trichinosis disease, today there is no reason for such prohibition.

But the fact lies in the light of Science, that brings confirmation for the Word and information of The Qur’an concerning the race and lineage of pork, that used to be mankind!

  1. First of all; these last few years, researches and inquiries in the media on this matter, have informed that the lineage of pork before the time of Moses was nonexistent.
  2. Or that a baby pork in the womb of its mother, till the 8th month is exactly the same as human baby; then only at the eighth month it starts to have hooves instead, and its nose flattens. (Such documents and pictures were published in Paris Match magazine some years ago.)
  3. And most of all, medical research confirms the above fact today by transplanting mostly the organs of pork for graft of organs in surgery on man’s body. The fact that the body does not reject, or rejects less, the organs of pork in transplantation, is most significant.
  4. Last and certainly not least; the discovery of such disease as creutzfeldt-jakob / the mad-cow disease, caused by eating from one’s own substance, cleared the fact of such prohibition!

Thus, as the race of Pork used to be the same as mankind, its meat is prohibited, because eating from our own substance is the cause of several diseases!

Nevertheless, today after 3000 years, the harm is much less (genetically) than the time of Prophet Muhammad, a thousand and four hundreds of year ago; and for this reason it is in the verse below, that if it is either by necessity, nor willful disobedience and excessive use, just once in a while, then God Will Forgive:

(5:3; 6:145; 16;115)

6:145 “Say: I find not in that which is Revealed to me aught forbidden for an eater to eat thereof, except that it be what dies of itself, or blood poured forth, or flesh of swine, for that surely is unclean, or what is a transgression, other than (the Name of) All’h having been invoked on it. But whoever is driven to necessity, without willful disobedience, nor exceeding the limit, then surely your Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.”


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