Can God Help Me Be Even More Successful?

Can God Help Me Be Even More Successful?

Q: “I’m a successful person. Materially speaking I have what I want, and I believe I’m happy. How Could God Help me to be more successful in my everyday life?”

A: God, of course, Can do Everything. But success in life is according to desire, work, persistence and effort spent for it, and the more we strive for what we want, the better chance of success we have (17:18-19).

17:18 “Whoever wishes for this fleeting life, We Grant him in it, as We Wish, to those We Will, then We Provided Hell for him that he will join, disgraced and rejected.”

17:19 “And whoever wishes for the hereafter, striving therefore with all due striving, and have faith, they are the ones whose striving is Gratified.”

But there is something that working, effort and desire cannot prevent, and that is the danger of the “Wheel of Nature” (18:32-42) in this world. That is, catastrophic events and accidents that could happen at any time, to anyone, and annihilate all their efforts.

18:32 “Set forth to them the parable of two men: For one of them We Provided two gardens of grapevines and Surrounded them with date palms, and in between the two, sown field.”

18:42 “So his fruits were all wiped out (over the night through catastrophe), and he remained twisting and turning his hands over what he had spent on his property, which had tumbled to pieces to its very foundations, and he could only say, ‘Woe is me. Would I had never set besides my Lord anyone.’”

So no matter how powerful and successful you are or how wide your kingdom be, the protection of your success cannot be assured, unless you put yourself in accord with the Protection of God and set yourself beyond the wheel of haphazard.

God Can Help by Protecting you and your success in your everyday life. Applying for and obtaining the Insurance of God, one usually has to fill out the application form, that is, every day’s Salat, every month’s Zakat, every year’s Fasting and once a lifetime, if one can afford it, the pilgrimage of Hadj. Your good deeds will accelerate your success, paying out fully and safely your efforts, in this life as well as for the hereafter (35:10).

35:10 “If anyone seeks for glory and power, glory and power totally belong to All’h. To Him mount up the pure words, and the righteous deed exalts it. Those that lay plots of evil, there is terrible calamity for them. And the plotting of such will be nullified.”

(All of the above statements are fully and scientifically explained in the FurQan, the discernment of the Qur’an.)

God Be Praised

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