To the Attention of All

In the Name of God Creator, the Beneficent to both (jinn & human in the World); the Beneficent to All Spiritual states of beings.

On September the 17th, 2001, after reading an article in “Le Monde”, under the title of: “The Quran in question” –Concerning a certain researcher who found some old manuscripts of the Quran without any notation; and so who presented this as “evidence” for non-authenticity of the Qur’an…; and also in reference to the current events of terrorism of 11th September, that has shaken the world– I sent them the following answer and information, hoping they would be fair enough to publish both sides of the argument.

As I expected, once again, they did not publish this article. I have tried several times during all these years, through different channels of information, TV, radio, newspapers etc., to publish some facts about the Qur’an, but all in vain. In fact, not only they are not interested to know “The Truth”, but for some reasons they try to hide it.

So, by way of e-mail & Internet maybe, God Willing, I can get such information to people. I sincerely hope that you also, will send these few logical truthful words to others, and help me show the way to the Reality of the Qur’an.

After 27 years of close study of the Qur’anthe Basic Quranic Text, clean of any kind of human books such as “narrations” & “custom of the Prophet” etc.-, the following is a resume of Qur’an’s Facts and True Message:

Up to now, apparently the religions of the world seem not to differentiate “Man” of flesh & blood with all his human weaknesses, from A “Creator” of universes of Light and Energy capable of Creating billions of galaxies, planets and stars…

-Despite the current scientific knowledge, today one billion people still believe that such Energy could be placed into a human body to come on earth

-Other billions attribute superhuman powers to Prophets & Messengers, “saints” & Imams, who were all but human, thinking they could hear or raise up their prayers, even after being dead ever since thousands of years…. So, they keep on invoking and calling upon them instead of / and at the same time as God, in each of their prayers

-And billions & billions use human words and narrations of thousands of years old –by heaven knows whom.- as basis for their religion, as though it is “The Truth” and infallible as the Word of God.

Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that it is for more than thousands of years that people of the world are practicing idolatry on earth. And idolatry is the devil’s rule to pollute our inner/(inside the body) & outer World.

This is the only reason why our World is in such state of CHAOS and confusion today. All these natural and/ or man-made catastrophes, the miseries, disasters, droughts, starvation, wars and enmities are only the result of having left aside “The Religion” of the Creator, by following the rules of different man-made religion based on human narrations for thousands of years

To this day, we have not been using logic and good sense to find the Way of God. This of course is not totally innocent and disinterested since no other weapon has ever been stronger and more efficient for people than the weapon of religion, to justify their devious purposes be it political, economic, personal or otherwise.

But only if we reflect shortly upon it: how can all this be the work of the Creator of all Universes and yet lack so much discipline? How can the Word of our Creator have so many contradictions and be so illogical? How can there be no distinction made between His Work and human work?

“The Religion”, consists of Universal Law: Taken from the quark & atom of human substance to the solar system, heavens, earth and other planets, the whole universe is Created according to one, same and Unique System of the Creator – the Only God-, and MUST follow His Law/ Religion for their harmony and well-being.

The Books of Almighty God for the Religion have been Guides for the correct way and good functioning of the System. As for those of us who think they don’t need Religion, because they are good and honest people, they do no harm, etc.…. They should know that the cells of our body do not reason that way. They are Created/(Programmed) according to the System of the Creator -believing, worshiping, following the Rules & the Way of their Maker and will therefore, not function correctly unless they are treated in the current of His Religion.

A similar example to this is the case of a “robot”, which follows the exact same procedure

-following the rules of its manufacturing system for its correct functioning, and running a long “life”- Thus we have to refer to its guidebook and follow its directions in order to avoid using it against its nature, in which case it would eventually bring confusion and madness within its system.

This unfortunately is the case of human beings today, who has completely disrupted the System in his inner’ world, as well as outside world. (The world outside and inside the body being one and the same in terms of their elements, everything in this world is “One”, and related.)

Consequently, how can there be many religions when there is only One Creator? Besides, how could human being, who has never even created a fly, constitute a religion?

On the other hand, we should expect God’s Religion to be perfect, without fault, weakness, excess or defect; everything being perfectly measured and specifically accounted for in universe.

All was perfect before mankind interfered into “the Religion”. When God Entrusted the Earth to Adam & his “children”, this earth was a paradise – by the way, the idea that Adam was in a heavenly Paradise, is absolutely absurd, since the man’s body could not have lived in other dimensions than the Earth-.

The word “Jannat” –in Arabic– means “Garden”. The Garden God Gave to Adam, was full of fertility, abundant water, enough provisions for all of humanity, devoid of pollution and disease; the four seasons started and ended each at a precise month of the year; the earth dying and reviving at the right time; the sky also had its rhythm with the right quantity of rain; just the same as the inside world of human body that had its proper balance. All was in perfect discipline & harmony. The Instructions to Adam were precisely given, in order to avoid the violation of the Rules & Religion of God to preserve the harmony and balance of Nature or the System of Creation, while on earth.

The story of the (apple…) “Forbidden Tree” is only symbolic. and in fact this “Tree” was the Sacred “Genetic Tree” of the Spirit of God, which the “code” should never have been touched and violated.

Touching the Tree, represented the violation of Religion & the Law of Nature by humankind. In fact, this violation was the cause of the first shock and concussion in the balance of Nature –since Adam and his genetic descendants had to leave their paradise or “Homo Valley” because of an earth quake, and go up to the north of Nile; all of which is confirmed by Science today-.

So, with this first violation, human being placed the first brick of building his hell over his paradise. And despite several Warnings from the Creator, that the violation of Religion would end up in total pollution of his World, human being continued violating the Rules of the Creator, building his own hell in his outside world, as well as polluting his spirit and body from inside. Today, his work is coming nearly to its end; a few more strokes, and his Hell will be perfectly accomplished…

Ironically no one suspects anything about all this in spite of the evident lack of balance in the inside & outside World. They have split up the Religion, and now each party rejoicing with what they have (Ch:30:32), confident to be on the right path -especially if some disaster hits other parties-, continues with its idolatry & narrations.

Today our world being “highly civilized”, the up to date words are: “tolerance”, or “that is their problem…”. Shutting our eyes and playing deaf and dump where about The Religion, we give priority to other preoccupations. But we do not realize that Everything is related in all our World… “Their problems” eventually become also our problems.

To find the cause or the solution to all current problems in our World, we always look anywhere but where we should. We have never realized that the matter of Religion is the matter of life & death for all of us. The catastrophes, every day events, happiness, sickness, accidents are all a matter of our (wrong) religions.

For more than a thousand years, the World has been running against the System & the Religion of God. His Guide’ Book is here, within reach of everyone, BUT ignored by some; and some other, they only worship Its “cover”, name and paper…, abandoning the Book by following the rules on “narrations & customs” of the Prophet, instead.

And besides some recitation of verses, no one opens the Book to follow Its Commandments, and yet everyone is complaining: “Where is God? And Why Doesn’t He Do something against all this misery?” etc.

Being mankind’s Creator, God Is surely quite Aware of His creature’s limited possibilities and poor capacity.

Is it logical to think that God would purposely Confuse mankind in His Guidance for finding His Way…?

Thus today, for this second time Opening and Inauguration of the Qur’an, to assure people of the world that His Book has been preserved during the last 14 Cs; and to facilitate for people finding His Way and Guidance, the Creator Presents His Book with His Own “Signature” within (an inimitable and beyond human power Signature). And the Text after 1400 years, in perfect accordance with the level of knowledge and intellect of our Time….

The “Signature”, consists of a mathematical coding all throughout the Book.

(Below is quoted from the: “ Quran The Final Testament” by Dr. R. Khalifa, who discovered the mathematical coding of the Qur’an, concerning some information on the mathematical coding no. 19):

Every element of His Book is mathematically designed -all the chapters, verses, words, letters- The total number of the word “God”, of the word “Messenger”, the number of words from the same root, the number and variety of divine names, the total amount of numbers, everything is coded; and the number “19” is the common denominator. There are two major facets to the Book’s mathematical system:

(1) The mathematical literary composition;

(2) The mathematical structure involving the numbers of chapters and verses.

Because of this comprehensive mathematical coding, the slightest distortion in the Book’s Text and Its physical arrangement is immediately exposed.

The Scriptures are not the only mathematically composed Creation of God where the no. “19” is the common denominator. God Has Stamped His Signature upon All His Creation.

It is profound indeed that Galileo made his famous statement:

“Mathematics is the language with which God Created the universe.”

A plethora of scientific discoveries have now shown that the number 19 represents God’s Signature upon certain creations:

-The sun, the moon and the earth are aligned in the same relative position once every 19 years;

-Halley’s comet, a profound heavenly phenomenon, visits our solar system every 76 year(19 x 4);

-God’s Stamp on you and me is manifested in the fact that the human body contains:

-209 bones, (19 x 11) ;

-In the blood, “Fibrin” = 475 (angstrom) 19 x 25; amino acids = 1482 (19 x 78);

-Langmans’ Medical Embryology, by T. W. Sadler, is used as a textbook in most of the Medical Schools in the U.S.A. On Page 88 of the Fifth edition, we read the following statement:

“In general, the length of pregnancy for a full-term fetus is considered to be 280 days or 40 weeks after onset of the last menstruation, or more accurately 266 days or 38 weeks after fertilization.” The numbers 266 and 38 are both multiples of 19.

Why 19? The number 19 can be looked upon as the Almighty Creator’s Signature on everything He Created. Number 19 possesses unique mathematical properties beyond the scope of this Appendix. For example:

-It is a prime number;

-It encompasses the first numeral (1) and the last numeral (9), as if to proclaim God’s Attribute in (Ch.57:3) as the “Alpha and Omega.”

-It looks the same in all languages of the world. Both components, 1 and 9, are the only numerals that look the same in all languages;

-It possesses many peculiar mathematical properties. For example, 19 is the sum of the first powers of 9 and 10, and the difference between the second powers of 9 and 10;

We now understand that the universal coding of God’s Creations with the number 19 rests in the fact that it is the geometrical value of the word “ONE” in all the scriptural languages- Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic.

The number 19, therefore, proclaims the First Commandment in all scriptures: there is only “ONE” God.

To give you just an example:

“For the first time in history we have a scripture with built-in proof of divine authorship, a superhuman mathematical composition. Any reader of the Book can easily verify the Quran’s mathematical miracle.

The frequency of occurrence of the word “God” in the whole Quran is: 2698, or 19 x 142; furthermore, when we add the numbers of all the verses where the word “God” occurs, we obtain a total of 118123, also a multiple of 19 (118123 = 19 x 6217).

This phenomenon alone suffices as incontrovertible proof that the Quran is God’s Message to the world. No human being(s) could have kept track of 2698 occurrences of the word “God”, and the numbers of verses where they occur. This is especially impossible in view of:

(1) The age of ignorance during which the Quran was revealed, and

(2) The fact that the suras –chapters- and verses were widely separated in time and place of revelation. The chronological order of revelation was vastly different from the final format.

However, the Quran’s mathematical system is not limited to the word “God”; it is extremely vast, extremely intricate, and totally comprehensive. (Unquote)

The mathematical code, has been found by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Tucson Arizona, in 1974 (number 19 is only mentioned in Ch.74 of the Qur’an.)

This is the first time in history that we have a PHYSICAL evidence of the Existence of AlMighty Creator, our Only God. This is the greatest scientific discovery of all Times! but strangely enough no one seems to be interested about it. Up to now, faith has been out of instinct; today it can be a matter of knowledge. It is absolutely GRANDIOSE.

Even though the Scriptures –by Moses, Jesus and Muhammad- have all been coded, today only the coding of the Qur’anthe exact name being: “Ghur’an”, meaning = Study to keep in mind, to be memorized- is intact and has stayed whole and untouched, as it is announced in the Text (Ch15:9); and it is Stated precisely that some pages of the Torah had been torn for personal benefit by some people after Moses’ time, and Jesus’ Book -Engeel or Gospel- was never to be found until the Time of the end of the World . As the Time of the end of the World has started more than 14C ago, most probably It has already been found by now, and kept in secret… Consequently, the actual Qur’an, as It is today, with Its number of Chapters (114 = 19 x 6), and Verses (6346 = 19 x 334), total number of Letters (329156 = 19 x 17324), and with Its actual notation, is exactly what the Almighty has Planned and Projected for Humans to find in this 21st century.

As for Its lack of notation at the beginning of revelation -that the researcher thinks to be a new discovery and evidence against the Qur’an, in “ Le Monde” ‘s article- is a well-known fact , and not a new discovery. Many historians and researchers know this fact, for decades. For their information, notation is to simplify the reading of the text, and in no way to change the signification, or the number of Letters and Words. But the divulging of this observation, at the present time, is not without reason and is part of God’s Plan.

Today, on the re-Opening of the Qur’an, and -this second time- being especially for all the intellectuals of the world, apart from the INFALLIBLE mathematical PROOF, it is also important that they should be reminded of what indicates a sign of the “evolution” in the Book. It signals the two different stages of the Qur’an: Qur’an of before evolution, and of after evolution.

God’s Proofs as well as whatever directly comes from Him, are always solid and infallible, seen from every angle. THE PROOFS ARE HERE NOW for everyone who seeks “THE TRUTH”.

The Quran, as the Torah, has been programmed for two different eras (Ch. 35:31-32). And as previously mentioned, the Scripture of God Opens each time around in accordance with the level of knowledge and intelligence of Its Time.

The second time, or the re-Opening of the Book -as for the Torah-, is called: The “Discernment” /(Furghan), that is the discernment by Knowledge & Science of our time, for the Book.

Therefore, now that through a mathematical code, the authenticity of the Book is proven, It re-Opens for the second and the last time -as it is Said to be the last Book-, along with the interpretation, confirmation of current scientific knowledge. Of course, the letters & the words that have been preserved for the last 14 centuries, without any change, and remaining the same, the time has developed and completed their context (6:115).

Consequently, as today the level of our Science has penetrated through “electronic eyes” into the world of cell, atom, and knowing all about “smaller than atom”;

The Commandments of the Book also apply to “human’s” inner world, to each “human cell”, individually, and not to each man –as the time of Prophet Muhammad-, and in general.

Therefore all the wars & efforts are to be done in our inside world of body & mind. We should only “kill” the straying cells in our inner world (to avoid cancerous tumors).

The “Miracles” of God also, all throughout the History and without exception, have always been Performed to a level equivalent to the knowledge, comprehension, custom & method of life of people at their time.

The Miracle of our Time is obviously “Science”, which is the greatest Miracle of all Times, corroborating all other Miracles of the past:

– Confirmations of a “path through the sea”; of a “virgin bearing a child”, or the cure for leprosy and some kind of blindness, etc., are no longer mysteries and have all been possible by Science of our Time.

As for the Stories of the Book concerning all the Prophets and their Miracles; they are admonishment for us today, as History surely repeats itself although with evolution:

Here are some examples:

-The Story of Abraham is repeating itself for each of us, in our inner world. If we abolish today all our idols and their statues from our minds and worshiping places, cleansing and sanctifying ourselves by worshiping only the One God Creator, the “fire” of our World –inside & out- will not harm us no matter how strong the “flame” of pollution and the risks of contamination may be. We will be saved from burning in the hell of our World.

-The Story of “Noah”: The big Drowning of the World has already started; so if each of us as Noah, under the Direction of the Lord’s Word, start at once to build our salvation boat , then we will avoid being submerged by the deluge and flood of the events, when the “hour” comes.

-The Story of Joseph, for instance: “the seven meager cows”; the world Economy takes a blow; and seven years of crises are to come

-The Story of “Moses”: the time of “magic & sorcery”; water pollution and food contamination; attacks by insects and bacteriological epidemics.

-The Story of Jesus: The time of “Manna” and provision sent down from above; the time of the “word/Verb All’h الله” (as the four symbolic physical signs of the Creator, by Science) (Jesus was called the “verb of God”, as he had been conceived by God’s Word: “Be. And he was”) Multitude of people await the arrival of Jesus, in flesh & blood, 2000 years after his death… (and the reason of so many claims of being Jesus who could recognize him, anyway?).

Nevertheless, it is a matter of fact that the “word/Verb” arrives at the end of Times.

And It is already here. In a form confirmed by our contemporary Science, acknowledgeable and recognized by all intellectuals.

The “Word” of God, is the word: “ALL’H/ الله”. Up to now known as the Name of the Lord in the Qur’an since the last 14 Cs. God Has Chosen such in His last Scripture, as only the Science of the end of the World was to bring confirmation for “The Creator of All beings”.

1400 years ago, at the first inauguration of the Qur’an, revealed to Prophet Muhammad, the level of Knowledge being low, the word “All’h” represented the Name of God for them, as well as in the last 14 centuries. But today, this is what Science declares concerning the Creator of Universe and All things:

“An unlimited Power, composed of 4 essential forces; first has created everything from infinitely small particles, then has given shape to them.

These forces, infinitely intense, encircle all particles; all-knowing, protector and defender to every particle, nothing is lost or vanishes within this Power.

The first force -first to be discovered by man- the force of Gravity, is separated from the three others;

The second & third, from the same root, are the two Nuclear forces, strong & weak;

The fourth is Electromagnetism; which is related to the two Nuclear forces by Strong & Weak Interactions.

The symbolic signs to design these forces in Physics are: Gravity: a straight line drawn from up downward, ( l ) ;

For the second & third, the sign of Strong and weak Waves of Interactions, (W- w);

For the fourth, the internationally known symbol for light: ( c )

In the Qur’an:

A Word consisting of 4 Letters:

The first letter is a straight line written from up- downward, and is separated from the three other letters which are related to one another: ( ا )

The second & third letters of the same root, in the shape of a “wave” when related: (لل ), over which the sign of extreme, force (of pronunciation) by the form of a small wave: ( لل )

The fourth letter is written in the shape of semi circle when attached to other two: ( c )

_ Each letter representative of a pillar of force, forming the 4 Pillars of Universe (Ch13:2).

He Who Has Created everything -atom & smaller than atom, 10:61-, then He Has Formed them into heavens, earth, human, vegetation, etc. (42:11).

ALL(a)H, the Unlimited Power, Intensive Force (53:5); Source of every other force (2:165), and there is no other God but He.

All-Knowing of every particle (2:231); All-Surrounding every particle (4:126) ;

All- Protecting every particle (34:21); All- Defending every particle (6:102);

He Keeps account of every particle (4:86); not one particle is outside His Knowledge (3:5); etc.

The explanations of today’s Science, to the last detail, concerning the four fundamental forces, creator & former of all particles of existence, confirm the Word, the Creator & Former of every atom and smaller than atom (10:61), in the Qur’an.

Now, concerning the Word “Jihad” (meaning = “Effort”); and all other wars and battles mentioned in the Book:

The Commandment of Jihad as for a collective war, IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE today.

Because this Command should only be pronounced through a Prophet (alive).

A Prophet is a Messenger who brings a new Book-.

Muhammad was the last of the Prophets –because the Qur’an is the last Book of God-.


On the other hand, this Commandment applies to our world inside –the body– and each of us individually. We have to fight against the incredulous, unbelieving cells of our inner world, and kill them whenever we meet them -whenever they appear or attack our minds, to tempt us-

ALL VIOLATION OF OTHER PEOPLE’S RIGHTS IS PUNISHABLE IN THE RELIGION OF GOD/ THE FORCES OF NATURE-. Be it in this World, or after death where the spirit gets tormented through regrets for the bad deeds.

ALL the Commandments given in the “Qur’an” today, concern only us and our “inner world”. In no way can we force them on other people: “There is no compulsion in The Religion….” (2:256).

Nevertheless, the “Discernment” of the Qur’an, that is the re-Opening and the second inauguration of the Qur’an, is a study to keep in mind for everyone (38:87), intellectuals, searchers, scientists as well as ordinary people in search of “The Truth”; anyone who wishes, will fulfill his needs. But evidently, everything is to be re-studied in the Qur’an from A-Z, because:

It has been “closed” for the last 12 or 13 centuries;

The time of Its re-Opening has been Planned for only our Time.

The Religion of the “Ghur’an/Qur’an”, is the same Religion Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, were submitted to. Before this, Abraham called It “Submission”-Islam (22:78).

But today, that Help from God -the Evidence for the Book- has come along, It is called:

“The Religion of The Creator”, and those who follow It are called: “Believers”.







Respectfully ,


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