I Claim Justice


This writing has no pretension to literary style or eloquence, and the reader will likely find grammar and fluency defects.

It constitutes however a simple, individual “voice”, arising to denounce a Great Injustice and total misjudgment by public opinion today concerning “the Qur’an”; it seeks to present irrefutable scientific evidence that, not only the information currently diffused concerning the Qur’an being “man’s word”, is totally wrong and unjust, but in fact the Qur’an is, without any doubt, the Creator’s Word.

Thus, no matter how improbable it is for this single, low “voice” to be heard amid the cacophony of a mass of loudspeakers…even if one person were to hear this, God Willing, he or she will undoubtedly recognize and distinguish the Truth, and the objective of this “voice” is attained.

The intention is by no means to convince. For God Has Given man “free will”. But to claim justice for a Book, that is one of the Greatest Miracles and Blessings of Almighty God to humankind in All Times. I simply want people to be aware of the Evidence and the Truth, after which each of us may our way.

Never on earth has a book or an author been subject to such oppression and unfair judgment. Be it for ignorance, politics or material interests, wrong information is being given to the public -as publishing “experts” have lately concluded on the falsehood concerning The Qur’an–. So The Truth must be known.

While the media, the knowledgeable, experts and researchers on the Qur’an and Islam, are today quite aware that “Muslims” have abandoned the Qur’an as their only source of Religion for, at least the past 1200 years, following their religious instructions only from “Narratives and Traditions/ Hadith & Sunna”; yet every false movement and demonstration, war, terrorist act or judicial and religious sentence pronounced by anyone in the name of “Islam & Muslims”, is unjustly attributed to the Qur’an…. Why?

It is so unfair to judge a book without having knowledge of its contents. Today I am accusing publicly such prejudice and injustice towards the Qur’an.

Worse still, the so called “experts”, judge the authenticity of the Qur’an by the quality of Its paper… and paintings on the Book… And they seem to have no problem with their conscience in simply and loudly declaring It to be “only man’s word”

Please refer below to (74:18-25), verses of the Qur’an concerning the appraisal of such so called experts

*74:18 “For he thought, and appraised,”
:19 “Then woe to him, how he appraised….”
:20 “Yea, woe to him how he appraised,”
:21 “He glanced at,”
:22 “Then he frowned and scowled,”
:23 “Then he turned back and arrogantly,”
:24 “He said, ‘this is just clever,”
:25 “In fact this is nothing but man’s word.”

A Mr. J. Smith is diffusing –via Internet– pages on the resolutions of such “researchers” and “experts”, as Dr. John Wansbrough, Michael Cook, Patricia Crone and many other references… whose resolutions are supported by qualifications from such impressive institutions as Oxford, Cambridge and Jerusalem universities

–I quote– “These are highly qualified experts on Qur’an-ology and Islam-ology, who declare after deep… research on the Qur’an that their conclusion, from the quality of the paper of copy of the Qur’an in the Topkapi museum, and paintings in the Samarkand manuscripts, is that these are from the 7th or 8th centuries and thus: the Qur’an is not a Divine Book; It is not written by just one, but different persons; It has literary defects; Its content is obtusely arranged and grammatically incorrect….” –Unquote–

While it is abominable that in politics, materialism and the love of power, has never been absent, the aim and decisions of guiding public opinion, those concerned do not realize their heavy responsibility when dealing with affairs pertaining to God, and His Book of Commandments.

Firstly, God’s Book is not valued as a painting or piece of tapestry to be recognized and appraised by the quality of Its paper or tissue….

And regarding their criticism on Its literary style, repetitions, the beauty of its poetry etc.; The Qur’an is not a Book of poetry, nor –in my humble opinion– God Deigns to compete with a bunch of molecules of “poor mortal men” in poetry and writing… The beauty of the words of God is in their simplicity, straight forwardness, leveling the intellectual power of humankind for understanding. God’s object is not to beautify and adorn His Word. God’s Book is just for human’ needs and his survival on earth and the hereafter. Nonetheless, God being Omniscient, He Responds to these ridiculous critics with some verses below:

6:38 “We have not placed a single thing in excess in the Book”.

39:28 “It is a study Book without any crookedness therein, in order that they may guard against evil”.

31:26 “Of All’h is all that is in the heavens and the earth;in fact All’h Is the Wealthy, the Praised;”

31:27 “Even if all the trees on earth were pens, and the ocean supplied them -as ink-, followed by seven more oceans, yet would not the Words of All’h be exhausted; for All’h is Almighty, full of Wisdom.”

(The entire universe being His Work… If He Wanted to compete with men in poetry and literary style… He certainly Had the means and wisdom for it.)

However, if God Challenges man, Saying:

*17:88 “If all the humans and all the jinn banded together, in order to produce a qur’an (book of study) like this, they will surely fail, no matter how much assistance they lend one another.”

Such challenge is NOT for the style of writing or poetry… but it is for a mathematical coding of the Book, that is inaccessible to man, in order to assure him that “it is not man’s word”:

“THE OBJECT OF CHALLENGE: The Great Event of 1974”

So, apparently while these eminent experts and researchers went way back to 7th and 8th century, juggling with the quality of paper and paintings as “proof”, to declare It “unauthentic” … they missed the Great Event of 1974 in our own time. – Or did they…? –

The Great Event (also being Mentioned in the Qur’an: S.78) was that for the first time in history of humans on earth, Almighty God Presented His Signature on His Book, through a superhuman mathematical composition. Every element of the Qur’an is mathematically composed. In other words, for the first time in All Times, we possess an undeniable, infallible “Physical Proof” of the Existence of “God the Creator”, and a scientific evidence of the authenticity of the Qur’an as the Word of the Creator.

God Almighty, Foreseeing the present state of the World regarding the loss of “the Religion”, the deviation of people from His Word, and the whole world being plunged into idol worshipping, He re-Opens the Qur’an and Unseals the 14 centuries hidden mysteries of It as His last Guidance for us people of 21st century, and the era of the end of the World.

But first, as in all times, He Presents the Proof of His Word for people, to clarify and facilitate the recognition of His Word for them, to distinguish the Truth from falsehood.

The mathematical Miracle of the Qur’an was discovered by, Dr. Rashad Khalifa, in Tucson AZ, in 1974; and he was killed by “Muslims from Libya” in the year 1990. (May the Almighty Bless his soul)

Dr. Khalifa, a biologist and at that time working at the “Chemical Institute of Phoenix, AZ”, was of Egyptian origin. He realized in 1968 that the existing translations did not present the truthful Message of God. So, he decided to translate the Qur’an himself, and vowed to God he would not overlook anything he did not understand. His work was stopped at the second surah/chapter that begins with the “Qur’anic Initials” (A. L. M.).

During the next years of research on these “Initials”, that had remained a mystery for the last 1400 years, he found out that, apart being known as “the secret” of the Qur’an, nobody knew anything about them. This is how he began to search into the only chapter by such name inside the Qur’an, surah (74, Al-Muddathir “the Enveloped,” “the Concealed”).

God Willed that he be enlightened by verses (29-30) concerning a mathematical coding with the common denominator of (19); and the “Qur’anic initials” constitute the basis of such coding.

I briefly quote below some of the information from his book (for full details of this tremendously Great Miracle, contact: Masjid Tucson, AZ) –

But first I would like to cite the Qur’an’s Word on the “experts” who declared that the Qur’an is “man’s work and the work of more than one person, copied from the tales of antiquity etc…”

*25:4-6 “And the misbelievers say: No, this is not but lie and his own fabrication, and others have helped him at it. In fact it is they who have put forward inequity and falsehood.”– “And they say: Tales from the past that he wrote down; they were dictated to him, day and night.”

– “Say: -The Qur’an- was Sent by Him, Who Knows ‘the secret’ in the heavens and the earth; verily He is Forgiving, Merciful.”

(This last sentence is addressed to our “experts”; that if by examining this Miracle, they realize and declare their blunder… Then God is Forgiving, Merciful.)

One of the Great Miracles (74:35):

In Surah 74, Al-Muddathir “The Concealed,” “The Secret,” in verses (:16-28), God Speaks about :

“The one refractory to His verses; that soon he will have mounting calamities, Woe to him for he thought and estimated; woe to him, he frowned and scowled and haughtily said: This is nothing but magic derived from old, this is nothing but man’s word; soon I will connect him to scorching (burning inside/regrets/humiliation etc..)”

*74:28 “Nothing leaving behind, nor neglecting”,

*74:29 “Signaling for the humankind,”

*74:30 “Over it are 19.”

And then (:32-33) God’s Oaths by “the Moon” and “the Night” that:

*74:35 “This is one of the Great Miracles”,

*74:36 “as a Warning to humankind”.

(NB: The common denominator “19” is in chapter “74”, and the year this Miracle became manifest on earth, was in 1974.)

(Refer to The mathematical coding “Miracle of the Quran” by Dr. Rashad Khalifa. 739 E 6th Street, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA).

So, when Mr J. Smith and these knowledgeable persons and experts haughtily conclude by asking: “Where indeed is the evidence for what they believe?”

Here is the answer, if they really want to know…

– First, they can contact the above-mentioned address, concerning the mathematical Miracle of the Qur’an.

– Secondly, read my presentation to know about the third Dimension of the Qur’an’s Knowledge; things about the Qur’an, unknown hitherto.

The mathematical “Evidence” as mentioned before, is kind of an alarm “bell” drawing people’s attention to the re-Opening of the Qur’an; a Guidance or Message of our Creator for people of 21st century.

Therefore, everyone who wants to benefit from the Concealed part of the Qur’an, must get acquainted with this Miracle, the “Evidence”.

Surah 74 is the Command of the Almighty to the “Envelope”, containing and concealing the secrets of the third dimension of Knowledge of the Qur’an for our Time and era, to re-open.

And here I solemnly declare, loud and clear, that we, the people of the 21st century are witnessing ONE of the Greatest Miracles of all times.

In this book I shall unveil the Facts, showing the real personality and virtue of the Qur’an that has stayed unknown.

The Qur’an is “The Throne of the Word of God” on earth. And as It is for mankind, It is programmed in conformity with planet Earth, under the same Rules and Regulations:

*35:43: “No change will you find in the Almighty Lord’s System of Creation…….”

Meaning: The same way as “planet Earth”, whatever we need, we find inside the Qur’an Itself. And everything inside, is specific to Itself: the meaning of Its words, Its grammar and vocabulary, literary style, etc. Everything we need to know, we find inside the Qur’an, because they are specific to the Qur’an Itself.

So, if you want an answer from the Qur’an, you MUST get it through its OWN CHANNEL that is inside the Qur’an Itself. Or from any other way than the Qur’an, it will only increase the deviation from Its Knowledge.

Moreover, the Qur’an, like planet Earth, is Its own producer of energy and is self-sufficient.

But It has been closed for, at least, the last 1200 years and the people of the world do not use It; they do not activate It for their religious rules. Even “Muslims” have abandoned the Qur’an, following and practicing instead such books as “narratives & customs” (Hadith-Sonnat), and yet they embrace and worship Qur’an’s name and cover…:

*25:30 “And the Messenger will say: O my Lord. my people embraced this Qur’an whereas abandoned.”

So naturally the “Light” and “Energy” of the Qur’an have remained confined and unused.

Hence the miseries and pollution in both our World of inside the body, and outside, today.

Thus in this book (the FurQan of the Quran), you see the Word and Commandments of the Qur’an ONLY.


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