The Secret Book Within The Qur’an: Understanding Your Spirituality and Removing all Doubts about The Religion of The Creator

Author Soussan Releases New Book Empowering Readers to Tap Into Power

– THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN reveals how the latest breakthroughs in research are making it possible to maximize the energy and light of the Spirit to strengthen faith and prevent disease

– THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN contains the breakthrough work and expert insights of many scholars

– THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN is available for pre-order and releases in paperback and Kindle on March 8, 2022

Soussan, creator of the blog, announces the release of THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN, her latest guidebook to living a fulfilled, prosperous and joyful life through faith in the Creator.

THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN (March 8, 2022/$19.95 paperback, $6.99 Kindle) showcases how modern science, mathematics and computer technology confirm the validity of the Book, empowering people to tap into the power of their own faith to rejuvenate their bodies as well as their spirit.

The Secret Book Within The Qur’an link:

Page after page inside The Secret Book Within The Qur’an contains the latest breakthrough research, technology and codes occurring within The Qur’an, and expert insights to help readers better navigate the revolution of understanding.

In this book, Soussan guides readers in finding the answers to some of life’s most important questions about their beliefs, their health and wellbeing as they individually master their mind and body to undertake their own personal journey.

World-renowned leaders in science and mathematics are featured in the book, providing the public with hard-to-access, potentially life-changing, cutting-edge information.

“‘The Secret Book Within The Qur’an’ showcases the breakthroughs in understanding the Religion through modern science, computer science and mathematics. This powerful book delivers actionable strategies to keep us healthier and happier.”

“You will not regret buying this book. It is full of the latest, but importantly, scientifically grounded, facts aimed at reinforcing one’s faith, with all the attendant benefits. The book is actionable and practical as well as inspirational. Bottom line: you will be changed by this book, and so much for the better.”

“In her new book Soussan brings you the most important resources that can help anyone bring tranquility into their heart, blessings into their home while leading a healthier and more vital life.”

“In ‘The Secret Book Within The Qur’an’ you’ll find the latest breakthroughs and mathematical codes available to help you remove all doubts about the Religion. They will dramatically enhance your life!”

The 558-page book is written for everyone from students to scholars to the average person who wants to increase their energy and strength or better bulletproof their immune systems. Those looking to learn the truth and ways to activate the energy of the Word and it’s blessings, to heal better, can follow the ways shown in The Secret Book Within The Qur’an. link:

THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN is the result of Soussan going on her own life changing journey. After being told that her faith was untenable, she experienced firsthand how modern technology helped her strengthen her faith and made her more confident than ever before.

Along the journey, Soussan learned about The FurQan, the secret book hidden for 1400 years in the depths of the Word.

In example after example, THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN shares how the real-life heroes in Quranic studies and science made convention-shattering discoveries, created technologies as predicted in The Qur’an, and evolved methods that continue to develop.

THE SECRET BOOK WITHIN THE QUR’AN provides many actionable health and wellness insights including:

  1. Secrets of great importance, kept for 1400 years, now revealed
    1. Be among the first to find the hidden message of the Creator for us, the people of the 21st century
    2. Open the hidden door and find the book within The Qur’an and the third dimension of knowledge revealing all the unknown secrets of The Qur’an
    3. Learn of the latest and greatest signs from the Creator
    4. See, for the first time, the name of the Creator as formed by four symbolic signs in physics of the forces of Creation
    5. Activate the energy of the Word and its blessings …
  2. Strengthen your faith and reap the benefits
    1. Reinforce your spirituality and faith with irrefutable mathematical proof that miraculously connects all the words, letters and verses of The Qur’an
    2. Use scientific principles to identify the fundamental forces of Creation
  3. Make a difference in this world
    1. Get the tools you need to fight ignorance and injustice
    2. Identify the causes of pollution, misery and injustice, and avoid them
    3. Help resolve differences and conflict in this world
    4. Help those who hunger
    5. Build an Ark of Salvation to escape the current and future flood of calamities
  4. And the next world
    1. Lead a healthy life and accumulate energy for the hereafter
    2. Secure an “insurance policy” for the next life
    3. Get the “believer’s reduction” to escape pollution, to survive the chaos of our world today, and to gain an everlasting life with happiness …
  5. Increase understanding of your spirituality
    1. Remove all doubts regarding the Religion
  6. Learn to distinguish truth from falsehood
    1. Distinguish right from wrong and avoid the books on the Prophet’s narratives and customs
    2. Go to the source, The Qur’an instead of relying on translations of translations.
  7. Produce the energy and light of The Spirit in your world
    1. Bring tranquility into your heart by adding faith to your faith
  8. Receive God’s blessings
    1. Receive joy from the word of the Almighty God
    2. Enjoy the light of the Creator’s word, approaching the heavenly joy of God.
  9. Achieve the knowledge of certainty to activate the Word for yourself
    1. Reach the confidence and faith required for fulfillment
    2. Reach the “knowledge of certainty” to gain confidence and faith
    3. Eliminate all questions about whether The Qur’an is God’s message to the world
  10. Gain the Lord’s blessing.
    1. Find the path for people toward the right and only God and His Commandments
    2. Cut the spiritual ropes that bind you
  11. Get the things you want
    1. Effectuate your wishes and desires
    2. Increase your productivity and prosperity
    3. Fulfill your desire to have children
    4. Obtain bounties without measure
    5. Achieve the rewards of patience and perseverance in your overall success
    6. Obtain and maintain a blessed home
    7. Reduce the risks of travel and adventure and more fully enjoy them
  12. Improve your mind
    1. Advance your intellectual power
    2. Emerge from the darkness of the 21st century
    3. Develop your mental strength and agility
    4. Master your own mind and body …
    5. Cure sadness and depression
    6. Improve difficulties in speaking
  13. Improve your health
    1. Fight cancer
    2. Prevent diseases and calamities
    3. Purify sins and pollution
  14. Learn the benefits of fasting for body and mind
    1. Facilitate expulsion of heavy metals from your body
    2. Lose weight
    3. Purify yourself from the pollution of this world

And much more!

About the author

Soussan is the creator of the blog, where she shares her research and findings from the study of The Qur’an. While studying at the College of Art in Bournemouth UK her serious interest in The Qur’an began. The Secret Book Within The Qur’an represents 30 years of continuous and meticulous study and research based solely on The Great Qur’an, thanks to Almighty Lord. Her work is unconnected with official Islamic scholars or any Muslim governing body. She belongs to no political, religious, commercial or other organizations. As she writes, “My aim is only to share the fruit of my 30 years’ study of The Qur’an with all of you, and the joy that I have received from the Word of the Almighty God the Creator.”

About the book


Author: Soussan

Pub Date: March 8, 2022

Publisher: FurQan3dQuran Publishing

Price: $19.95 paperback. $6.99 Kindle

Pages: 558

ISBN: 978-8-4122-1348-4 link: