18 (bis.) The Religion of God

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


The Religion of God and Day of The Religion

Faith keeps young, healthy and extends the span of life

Why “Jesus” cannot be God or the son of God

The Religion is the way, manner and institution of fundamental law of the Forces of Creation of all Universes and their inhabitants. And The Lord of universal people Has Based the construction of All existence under the same System/Religion. (35:43)

35:43 ” … No change will you find in All’h’s Tradition (System of Creation) nor will you find any turning off in All’h’s Tradition (System of God’s Guidance for His Creatures).”

From the system of an atom that consists of a complex arrangement of electrons revolving about a central nucleus, to the construction of the inner world of Man, the central “nucleus” being the heart, and the blood revolving about; and the revolution of the Earth about its central point; and the solar system, the revolution of the planets about the sun. All have been patterned after the same system; in other words, they are all under the same Universal Law/Religion.

Likewise, the inner world of Man’s body is a maquette of the outside world. From rivers and streams as veins and arteries to seas and marshes, trees, herbs and grass, plains and deserts, mountains and hills; and four kinds of water, sweet, salty, bitter and thick, that are found in the ear, mouth, eyes and nose. Moreover, all the animals of the outside world that have been genetically part of the evolution of Man, are found in the inner world of Man’s character.

Recently, Science has determined that the substance of the water bag, the fluid-filled amnion surrounding the fetus, is the same as sea water.

The threefold World of mankind, the world of the cell, the inner world and the outer world, are One/(wahid/واحد=19) and the same. All of them being related, placed inside one another, are made of the same substance. Under the same Law and Religion, they represent One and Unique Initiator and Creator. (67:3)

67:3 “He Who Created seven heavens one above another; you see no difference in the Creation of Al-R’hm’n (The Merciful to two) so turn your vision again: Do you see any flaw?”

5:32 “On that account, We Decreed for the children of Israel that if anyone murders anyone, unless it be for a crime or spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he murdered the whole people … .”

(I repeat) All our World, the world of the cell, the world of the body and the outer world, are One World and everything is related to one another. (Recently Science has discovered the relativity of everything through the string theory/M theory.)

Perhaps the World being three in one has been the source of confusion for Christianity with its wrong idea of The Trinity, believing God, Jesus and the Divine Spirit could be one and the same. Otherwise in this era of knowledge, when everyone is aware of matter and energy, and that the two substance cannot possibly approach one another; and God Being All Light and Energy, how could one possibly think and believe that God, All Light, Could Be Covered by some pieces of skin and bones and Come to Earth.? How could they continue to believe in Trinity?

4:171 “O people of The Book! Do not exaggerate in your religion and do not say of الله/All’h but the truth. In fact Christ Jesus, the son of Mary was a Messenger of God and His Word, which He Bestowed on Mary and a Spirit of Him; thus, believe in اللهAll’h and His Messengers, and say not Trinity, stop it! This will be better for you. For الله, Being One God, Glory to Him, Is Above having a son! To Him belong All things in the heavens and all things on the Earth; and Enough Is الله All’h as a Defender.”

And here is Confirmation from The Lord that the Energy and matter cannot be approached:

7:143 ” … ‘O my Lord! Show (Yourself) to me that I may look upon You! He Said, you can not see Me! But look upon that mountain if it could stay firm in its place, so you might see Me. Then when The Lord Manifested Himself to the mountain, He Rendered it as dust, and Moses fell down fainting. When he recovered his senses, he said: Glory be to You! To You I turn in repentance, and I am the first of the (eternal) Believers.”

Here, I would like to bring up the argument as to why “Jesus” cannot be God, nor son of God!

And for this, some questions are imposing:

  • Do we believe that God Would Lie to one of His Messengers?
  • Then why Does God Deny Himself to Moses, if He Has Appeared through Jesus to so many other people on Earth?
  • Why then Did not God Show Himself also to Moses in “Jesus’s body” and Avoid this unnecessary confusion for more than one billion Christians?
  • And if His Appearance to the mountain, caused the mountain to be reduced to dust, how could a body of flesh and blood endure such Energy?
  • And how on Earth did all the people (who saw Jesus) survive, when mountains could not?

This concludes the reasons “Why Jesus cannot be God and/son of God.” The reason is simply because he is not made of the same Substance.

Today, through Science, we can realize the extent of the superficiality of our Universe. We can realize the Greatness, Unlimited Power of Creation, and the extreme complexity and intricacy of Ruling over it! In fact, all human beings and their planet, all together, are but a Handful of molecules.

It is easy to realize that only the Law and Religion of this Super Power Creator is the Right Law and Religion. (3:83)

3:83 “Do they seek other than Religion of الله? Yet whatever in the heavens and the Earth, willing or unwilling, are submitted to Him; and to Him they all be brought back.”

Furthermore, Science has clarified for everyone that the working system of the World – the threefold world of cell, body and outer world – how intricately it is Based and Ruled on a numerical, Specified Discipline. ANY violation in their Rules/Religion will unbalance, and eventually cause the loss of All of them. This is a reality that we are living by ourselves today–the growing incidence of cancer and diseases, Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the unbalanced weather conditions, warming of the planet etc. (55:7-8)

55:7 “And the Firmament Has He Raised high and He Has Set up the Balance,”

55:8 “in order, that you may not transgress the due balance.”

NO ONE has ever created a single thing, and yet we have so many different religions today. (22:73)

22:73 “O people! Here is a parable set forth, so listen to it: those on whom you call besides الله/All’h, cannot create a fly, (even) if they were all gathered for the purpose. And if the fly should snatch a thing from them, they have no power to release that thing from it; weak being the seeker and the sought.”


As religion means general rules or universal law, and as there is Only One Creator, there could not be any other religion but The Religion of The One and Only Creator (الله), for all existence. As to the meaning of “Day of The Religion,” the word Day symbolizes light, clearing up and elucidation. “Day of The Religion” indicates a period of time that is illuminating, ending the night and darkness of ignorance of The Religion.

For at least the last twelve hundred years, people have been living the period of the “Night of The Religion.” We are in complete darkness concerning the Way and belief in God. (35:20)

Having different religions today, and naming our religions after our Prophets instead of our Creator, is the best evidence that justifies the above statement. Some of us have taken a man Prophet for God and son of God; and some attribute superhuman power to our Prophet, as to pray and call them for favors, just as though they are still alive and can hear us thousands of years past their death, or that they have any power to fulfill our wishes. (35:22)

35:20 “Not the same are darkness and the light;”

35:22 “And not the same are those alive and those dead; although All’h Can Make any that He Wills to hear, but you cannot make hear those in the graves.”

If by such clear verses in The Qur’an as above, one billion Muslims today still invoke the Prophet and Imams, then what else could explain it other than being completely in darkness concerning the Commandment of God and His Religion, due to following other books (Hadith and Sonnat) than The Qur’an?

If we suppose that people have not seen these verses, then what about those who teach The Qur’an?

Have they also not seen them? And if we have ignored, or have simply not seen these verses during the past 14 centuries with The Qur’an in our hand, then that is undoubtedly clear evidence that the world is suffering from the complete darkness of the “Night of The Religion”!

But “Day of the Religion,” that is enlightening by the sunrise of Science, and the Knowledge of the Book, is going to clarify all the obscure points on The Religion for all people of the world. (61:9)

61:9 “It is He Who Has Sent His Messenger with the Guidance and The True Religion, to make It appear, rising over all other religion, even though the idol worshipers detest it.”

It is remarkable that the numbers of the above (61:9), concerning The True Religion and the verse (6:19) below, are of the same digits, as the sign of confirmation!

The verse 6:19 concerns the “Testimony (of Oneness) of All’h” that has to be declared to All’h “Alone”; and that any “testimony” to other than All’h, or any being named with All’h, is considered as “shirk”/associating idols with The Creator. Hence, “The True Religion” consists of calling upon اللهAll’h “Alone”, without invoking anyone with Him!

6:19 “Say, ‘What is the highest testimony? Say, ‘All’h Is Witness between me and you! And this Qur’an has been Revealed to me that I may warn you and those whom It reaches by It. Do you bear your witness to All’h with other deities? I will not bear witness!’
Say, ‘In fact, He Is The One God, and I am innocent of that which you join with Him.'”

Today through Science we know that the only source of Infinite Energy or Eternal life, is the Power of the forces of Creation, The Creator, Surrounding all particles of Existence. Thus if we call upon The Creator Alone, only and sincerely, without associating ANY other name, as in the Commandment below (40:65):

40:65 “He Is The Living, there is no other god but He. Then call upon Him, devoting sincerely The Religion to Him. All Praise (only) to الله All’h, Lord of the universal people.”

Only by following “The Right/True Religion” will the particles of the body function correctly and move toward Health and Energy. In this way only, the particles will run in the direction of the current of their basic system of Creation. This is due to the right Law/Religion under which they have been Programmed, Patterned and Disciplined.

The fact is that the Creation of Man and jinn, their Health, has been Based on the system of serving The Creator. That means following His Way/Religion. This is the current and definite direction to flow smoothly and healthily. Any other way, is running against the current or the nature, thus exhausting one’s resources. (51:56)

51:56 “I Have not Created the jinn and Man, but (under the system) of Worshipping (Obeying) Me.”

Today, thanks to Almighty God and His Messenger, Science, that has brought (through mathematical coding and the physical symbols of the Forces of Creation) irrefutable proofs, we are able at last to distinguish The Right Religion, and our Only Lord, distinguishing the Truth from falsehood (2:256):

2:256 “There is no compulsion in The Religion! As (today) following the Right Way stands out clear from being deceived. Whoever rejects evil and believes in الله, in fact has grasped to the Trustworthy Handhold that never breaks; and All’h Hears, Knows (all things).”

He who has faith in All’h, The Creator, never fears nor despairs! And faith, relieving the anxiety, brings joy. The nervous system, being in serenity and tranquility, is the basis of good health, youth and long life. This is surely certified by Science.

Whoever or whatever we call beside All’h/الله (The Forces of Creation), or alongside of All’h, is not but outside agent, parasite and superfluous, and only disturbs the discipline and order of Creation of our inner and outer worlds! As All’h Is The Only Creator and Founder of The Religion, the functioning system of everything is under His Name Alone!

“Day of Religion” is the era when, from atom and infinitely small to infinitely Grand, the four forces of Creation would be discerned and clarified through Science. “Day of Religion” is the Time when the result of the deeds of Man in his inner world as well as outer world “make day”, becoming evident and manifest. It is the Time when Science brings out the Reality that:

  • Lack of Faith, obstinacy in what is forbidden by God and violating the limits
  • Deviation from The real Religion of الله, by following man-made religions
  • Practicing the religion in following “Narrations” and “Customs” of Prophets
  • Associating man-made law with the Law of The Creator
  • Devoting themselves to Prophets, “saints” and “imams”, as much as forgetting to be thankful to God instead. (which are the signs of our Time)

are the cause of people’s despair, fear and stress; that weakens the immunity system of the body against the uncountable diseases and pollution of our Time. (82:3-9)

82:3 “When the seas are suffered to burst forth;”

82:4 “And when the graves are turned upside down;”

82:5 “Each soul has knowledge of what he has forwarded and kept back.”

82:6 “O you mankind! what makes you haughty toward your Lord The (Infinitely) Generous?

82:7 “Him Who Created you, then Sorted you out, then Equilibrated you,”

82:8 “In whatever face He Wills He Composed you;”

82:9 “Nay! but you do reject The Religion.”

Moreover, the reasons specified above are the causes that connect to the fire kindled deep inside, which is the meaning of the word “jaheem” in The Qur’an, deriving from deep sorrows, unhappiness, stress and of diseases (82:14-15)

82:14 “And the debauchees in deep kindling fire,”

82:15 “that Day of The Religion will connect them to.”

And then their money, power, children or even Science with all its fore-running would not be able to save them! Then and there, it becomes clear for human beings that the power and kingship of all things, the cure for anything, is through Faith, and only by the Hand of God Alone (82:16-19)

82:16 “And they will not be absent therefrom.”

82:17 “And you do not realize what Day of The Religion is.”

82:18 “Again, you do not realize what Day of The Religion is”

82:19 “Day when nobody can help anybody; and it is when the Command Is Only (The Command/Religion) of All’h”

Today, we people are only at the daybreak of the light of Knowledge, and gradually getting clarity on the real meaning of “Day of The Religion”:

  1. We can now distinguish it from “Day of the Resurrection” which everybody, up to now, thought meant the same; thus we still have time to turn to God
  2. And realize that The Only True Religion has been the Command of God Creator; and no one can help anyone against the harm that we have done to ourselves and to our environment, but our Lord, The Only God

The explanations given in the last 8 Chapters (12th-18bis), have been for discerning and distinguishing the right meaning and the reason for the use of the Name-adjective: The “Bi-Merciful/Al-R’hm’n“;

Reminding again: the Name “Bi-Merciful” indicates the quality of circumambient Mercy of The Lord concerning the two-entities of jinn and Man, their two planets and only for this material World.

I hope that by now you know that every time this Name-adjective is mentioned in The Qur’an, it is an indication to the Mercy of our Lord, specifically to us in this World. Thus, it is “Al-R(a)hm(a)n/The Bi-Merciful” that Has Taught the Knowledge of The Qur’an or other preceding Divine Books. It is He Who Has Made human beings out of Man, Giving him intelligence and Teaching him the speech (55:1-4):

55:1 “It is Al-R’hm’n,”

55:2 “Who Taught The Qur’an.”

55:3 “He Created the man,”

55:4 “He Taught him the speech”

It is “Al-R’hm’n” Who Has Made the Sun and the Moon computed, so that human beings could calculate his days, months and years (55:5):

55:5 “The sun and the moon being computed,”

He Has Brought the Star (the content of Heaven) and the Tree (the content of Earth) to prostration and obeisance to human beings:

55:6 “And the stars and the trees in prostration,”

Al-R(a)hm(a)n Has Spread out the Earth for creatures as to produce good fruits, plants and cereals (55:10-12):

55:10 “It is He Who Has Spread out the Earth for the creatures”

55:11 “Therein is fruit, and date palms producing spathes (enclosing dates)

55:12 “And the grain with its blade, and sweet-smelling plants”

Al-R’hm’n Raised high the sky and Set up the Balance; a balance for the World.

55:7 “And the Firmament Has He Raised high, and He Set up the Balance,”

55:8 “In order that you may not transgress in (the limit of) the balance.”

But then every time that the two of them (jinn and Man) served/followed Satan for any matter, they disturbed some of the order and arrangement in the balance of the Heaven and Earth, polluting their own environment until today that the balance is completely unbalanced and the order of everything, in inner and outer worlds is disturbed. So, day by day, more and more of mankind will be connected to the fire and Hell due to their own deeds (36:60-64)

36:60 “Did I not Make covenant with you, O you children of Adam, that you should not serve the Satan, that he was your manifest enemy?”

36:61 “And that you should serve Me, this is the Straight Path?”

36:62 “But he did lead astray a great multitude of you. Did you not then understand?”

36:63 “This was the Hell of which you were promised (constantly warned)

36:64 “Be connected to it this Day, due to what you turned away from”



So, this ends the discernment of Al-R’hm’n.
And now, we start the discernment of 19. Discernment of Al-Raheem/The Merciful

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