Q&A: Verses of The Qur’an

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(Ch 1) does each verse of chapter 1 (the Salat) open a gate to heaven?

I am sure that as it means somehow « the Key » this if there are seven verses, it is also meant for seven heavens or skies above us. Thus each key for a heaven.

(2:25) What do the fruits symbolize? Do they symbolize the righteous deeds and rewards of the Righteous Believers? The verse also mentions a similitude? Similitude of what?

It doesn’t symbolize anything. After death, for the believers and the doers of good deeds, gardens with fruit, it will resemble what we have today on earth, with purified spouses…

In (2:34), who is “We”?

Someone could be bringing The Word of God to the angels (like maybe another angel)

(2:40) Who are the Children of Israel?

Children of Israel: people living in Israel with Moses.


At the time of Moses, nobody had named them so they were called the Children of Israel.

After generations, they became jews.


Some people are not grateful enough and just want more and more and more.

God Punished them because they turned their backs to The Word of God, and they were unjust and revolted.

(2:70) I thought there was not supposed to be any intermediary between someone and God?

Right, there is not supposed to be an intermediary between someone and God.

The people ask Moses to pray because he is the Prophet and the Prophet can pray to God to Help.

The Prophet who is living is different from the Prophet who is dead. (once that Prophet dies, you can not ask him, you only pray to God directly)

(2:72-73) What is the situation going on in these verses?

It’s about the vaccine mentioned in the blog, they killed someone, they blamed each other. In verse 73, God Tells them what to do; to strike/ touch the slain man with a part of the cow. And, God Brought the dead person back to life, so he (the dead person) could inform them of his murderer.

(2:74) What is the relationship between the hardened hearts like rocks and the rocks which gush forth water?

Lately science has come to find that inside stones are water… These symbolic parables are signs for people to believe. Who could have imagined, 1400 years ago, such a thing…?? And the subject is people who have hearts like stones, but stones are not completely closed but these people are!

In (2:87), it says that Moses was given the Book and after him there was a succession of Messengers, but why doesn’t it talk about Abraham since he was the “Father of all religions” (first)?

Abraham was before Moses! After Moses was Jesus, then Muhammad,…! otherwise, all Messengers Mentioned in the Qur’an, were before Moses!

Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. They are mentioned as example and here Moses is not in particular; because Jesus is mentioned after him; and then Muhammad is not mentioned, not necessary as the Qur’an is the representative of Muhammad.

Moses AND Jesus are mentioned (being the two “recent” prior to Muhammad.

(2:102) Who are the angels Harut and Marut in Babylon?

These angels came down to earth and taught evil ones magic and sorcery, as a trial/ means of testing them. They also taught how to create conflict between man and wife yet couldn’t harm anyone except under God’s Permission.

In (2:106) Are Revelations Miracles, Books or both?

Refer to Messages or Books. Depends on what you’re reading.

In (2:127), what service is Abraham and Ishmael asking God to Accept? And what are the foundations of the House?

This is when they have finished building the Mosque of 🕋 Mecca.

In (2:138) What is another translation of the “Baptism of All’h”

God’s System. The System/Way of God’s Creation (with God’s Books, Laws)

(general Q) Since Muhammad wrote The Qur’an at 40, what Book did he and his people follow before then?

They didn’t have a Book and that is when he soon came with The Book.

In (2:143), what is an ummah? (and what is going on?)

Ummah means, Nation

This is the time when God Had Changed the Qiblah towards Jerusalem ; it was a test for those with Muhammad, to see who are really the submitted ones.

In (2:145) who are the People of the Book referred to as?

People of the Book, in time of Muhammad, were Jews & Christians; today Muslims too.

(2:149-150) What do you think is the significance of the repetition? Do you think it is similar to the repetition in (5:93) in the sense that you have many chances to turn to the Sacred Mosque?

There were 2 Directions for prayers that God Changed from Mecca to Jerusalem for awhile as a test then He Changed it back to Mecca and this repetition twice means they were 2 Directions and it’s confirming it, it is symbolic

In (2:158), what are Safa and Marwah (who are among the symbols of All’h)?

Safa and Marwah are the names of a place in Mecca, which all pilgrims have to pass by!

(2:177) What does turning your faces towards East and West signify?

Turning your face toward east or west or Mecca or Jerusalem is not what is the most important, what really matters is to be good people, believe in All’h, the angels, the Book, and prophets….

(2:187) What does this mean: “until the white streak of dawn appear to you distinct from the blackness of night”

This is Fajr (the dawn Salât). At this time if you happen to look at the sky, you would see a « thread » of white of dawn, breaking the black cover of night. And this is the sign of dawn/Fajr.

Hadj is mentioned and in 2:196, it is mentioned what to do for not completing the Hadj. An “offering” of shaving the head is mentioned, is that regarding the time in the past, before us? So what would be the offering for not completing the Hadj?

2. All the Commandments are for keeping the hygiene; so in any case these are the rituals for men. These are the rules if anyone could not go to pilgrimage , to nevertheless send the offering of a sheep and men shave their head. I really think is hygienic

In (2:203) Which are the Appointed Days?

During the Hadj.

In (2:228) Why do men have the degree of advantage over women? In one Translation, it says in terms of pregnancy?

Men have to pay for women when pregnant. Need to do the duty towards the family and baby; provide and pay.

(2:235) What is the prescribed term that must be fulfilled before and what does the secret contract mean as well?

This is referring to getting engaged, don’t meet with them in secret, don’t sleep with them before getting married and if it’s with a widow wait until 4 months and 10 days have passed before getting married.

In (2:238), why especially the “Middle Prayer”?

The “middle Salat”, is the Salat of the middle of 5 Salats!

And, the reason for being Reminded in particular is because it is the only Salat that its time is not marked by a particular event (like the sun “rising” and “setting”, or the noon that is lunch hour, and the night by getting dark); but the afternoon is t

What does (2:243) mean?

And 2:243 Is about some thousand people who ran away from their homeland, fearing death (because they thought they could avoid death, when God Has Ordered). So God Says die! (because people need to take heed (attention, listen) and know that Every Power is in the Hand of God, and they cannot run away from it!) They died and then God Restored them to life again!

In (2:248) What is the Ark of the Covenant and why would there be relics within?

This was a big wooden box, containing things from the time of Moses, as well as Signs of God (a Miracle from God) that was brought by angels for people at the time, so that they believe.

(2:251) What does Power of the redundancy mean?

It’s exactly the same with your cells, they have to get killed every day to avoid excess and pollution. In the world if some people don’t get killed by others, then the pollution will take over and kill everyone.

What does (2:259) mean, what is the significance of the donkey, and who is “we” (mentioned near the end of the verse)?

On this verse (it is an example for people to consider)

God Is Showing to someone passing through a ruined town, and saying to himself, how Will All’h Bring this town and its inhabitant to life after death?

So, God Puts him to death for 100 years…Then He Revived him, and Asked him: “How long have you remained? “A day, or a part of the day” he said.

“But rather, you remained 100 years. Look at your food and drink; it has not changed with time. And look at your donkey; And We Will Make you à sign for the people. And look at the bones (of this donkey)) how We Raise them and then Cover them with flesh.

And when it became clear to him, he said : “I know that All’h Is over all things Competent.”

The “We”. (How We Raise them), is through the intercession of the angels.

In (2:260), how is the bird example a demonstration of how God Gives life to the dead?

The birds are dead (possibly cut up) before Abraham calls them.

It is a Miracle from God!

(2:262) What is an example of how charity can be followed by injury?

The people who do charity and don’t put pressure by reminding them of their act of charity and ask for nothing in return, their reward is with All’h. The injury refers to reminding someone of what you have given them.

In (2:282-283) What do these verses mean talking about financial transactions?

Means to put in writing any kinds of business transactions, and the scribe should be honest and a believer. Also should have two witnesses to confirm the transaction (2 men, or 1 men and 2 women –2 women because a woman can seduce a man so 2 is needed to

In (2:284), of course to All’h belongs all in the heavens and on the earth but why not also mention the other planets in the galaxy (because All’h Creates all)?

All other are part of Heaven

We have seven heavens above us; each surrounded by the next one; and each containing millions & Billions of suns, moons and planets!

There are seven heaven/sky over us, one above the other. Whatever is between them, are suns, moons, stars or planets.

At the start of Big Bang, seven heavens and at last the earth was Created. This being our World; at the end of the seventh one, there is a “wall” of gravity, (the Plank Wall), over which the scientists thought, nothing could exist! But we knew from the Q

In Ch 3 “The Family of Imran”, what does “Imran” and “the family of Imran” mean (like in 3:33)?

Imran, it is the family name of the parents and descendants of Mary, Zakaria, etc.

(3:7) Will true Believers also find some of the Hidden Meanings?

True believers will compare the Qur’an’s words with science discoveries and they will know and recognize the Signs of God.

In (3:52), who are the “Disciples”? Are they only followers/believers?

Disciples are the close followers of the Messenger, his companions!

What does (3:65) mean? And is “the Law” “the Torah”?

Take the Religion of Abraham.

It’s not about your christian book or your Torah.

It should be about One God Alone. The Religion of God. Truth and Straight. As long as you submit to One God Alone.

“The Law” refers to “the Torah”

(3:72) What does this verse mean?

This is some people who cheat God and themselves, that they advise others to believe and do what they want in the morning and when you come back home at night, do what you like, they are two-faced.

(3:97) What is the Station of Abraham?

Since he tended Mecca, he had a small station/area within where he would be/stay.

Is (3:106) regarding our time that we are living or on the Day of Resurrection?

Possibly in our time! InshaAll’h

(3:130): What is usury?

For example, when you lend someone 20 dollars but say in a month you have to give me 20+2, etc.

(4:1) What does it mean through Whom you demand your mutual (rights)?

God Says to be cautious, fear your Lord, The One you swear by His Name to each other, when you want to persuade someone that you swear by Him. Fear the One you believe to be So Important as to swear to each other by His Name when you want to and take care of your family, and don’t forget He Is Watching over you.

What does (4:3) mean?

God Says that you may marry multiple women if you are just and equitable with each of them, but in (4:129), God Says that you will never be able to be equal with each of them so you may not marry multiple women.

(4:16) Why leave the men alone? What does that mean exactly?

Both did bad so punish them, if they repent, then leave them alone as don’t punish them anymore and let them go. It does not apply for men alone, it is for a couple. It is translated as “And the two who…” not “If two men…” .

In (4:22) and (4:23), what does it mean: “except for what is past”?

It means from now on, because when the Qur’an came out, many people were already married. So this is the rule now.

(4:22) From now on, don’t marry the women whom your father married…

(4:47) What does “before We Change the face and fame of some beyond all recognition” refer to? Does it refer to the Day we are Judged or in Heaven with different shapes?

These are the Jews. God Has Turned some people into pigs (5:60) and apes (2:65); and also He Cursed the people of Sabbath. This verse is a warning for them to come and accept The FurQan !

(4:58) What do the Trusts signify → “All’h Doth Command you to render back your Trusts to those whom they are due”?

The trust means if someone leaves you something to keep for him, to give it back as it was given to you and when you judge do it justly. The Best Gift is the Teachings of All’h and His Admonitions.

The angels on your sides record all your deeds, but do they record also your thoughts? Everything gets recorded right? You only get a consequence from your actions right?

What you earn; your deeds; yr doings. So nowhere is said you will pay for your thoughts!

The thought is private and only God Is Aware of your privacy !

Now, sometimes you think of doing something, whether you achieve what you aimed to do is by God (16:9)

(4:81) ) the angels only record your deeds. Thoughts are private between you and All’h.

(16:9) ) the aim of your thought becoming realized depends on All’h. Some thoughts could realize and some could not (become true/reality)

(4:83) What does this verse mean?

A lot of people gossip and spread matters they have heard, not knowing if it is true or not. It is bad to spread rumors. Instead you should ascertain the truth first.

In (4:91), It states an exception for when you are allowed to kill someone, but I thought that no one was allowed to take the lives of others?

Only if someone is attacking you.

(4:103) What is the difference between (congregational) prayers and regular prayers?

Congregational prayers: prayers enjoined by groups of people altogether

Regular prayers: Salat done by oneself

(4:150) Is this verse also regarding people who believe but don’t follow the Scripture or Salat? Or just those who completely reject The Signs once being Revealed to them?

Yes, in order to be considered a Believer, you cannot believe only halfway and follow the middle course. Must follow God’s Commandments entirely.

In (4:154), what is a “Sabbath”?

The Jews did not follow the rules of Sabbath, so God Made some of them apes (2:65) (7:166)

In (4:163), what are the “Psalms” given to David?

It was a Book.

(4:174) Which is the convincing Proof? The Qur’an? The mathematical coding confirmation?

God Talks about the convincing/conclusive proof which is the Mathematical code/ Miracle of the Qur’an, and then He Sent a light which is The FurQan.

In (5:5) it says that women who are chaste before marriage are lawful, so should women be virgins before getting married? or is that mostly for the older times and marriage could mean loyalty and devotion to someone who you really love? Does it mean women

it means loyalty and devotion for someone you really love, and to be really loved. And the sign of true love from someone, is when he asks you to marry.

There is no limitation of age for marriage.

Two people who really love each other and promise loyalty to each other in taking God as witness, are married-to one another. Having a license for it or making it official, etc , is only social wise.

(5:5) Why is the difference to marry chaste women among the People of the Book before you as compared to chaste women who are believers?

They don’t have to be of the same religion, yet should be chaste and most important to just believe in God!!

(5:31) raven or crow?

Black crow

What does (5:31) mean?

The raven hinted to one of the sons of Adam (the one that killed his brother) that when someone dies, you bury them in the ground.

Then he regrets that he killed his brother, he feels shameful.

Meaning of this verse: Ch. 5 verse 32:

→ “On that account, We Decreed for the children of Israel that if anyone murders anyone, unless it be for a crime or spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he murdered the whole people;”

Confusing translation though means for example if someone is doing corruption to a land, and someone else kills that person as a means of defense, then it is okay → soul for soul; self-defense.)

Continued: “if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people” → everything is connected, good deeds result in good for the whole people.

In (5:82), why are Christians seen as those who are loving towards the believers and devoted to learning and not arrogant?

Jews are all about money and they are stubborn. Christians have some groups like monks who devote themselves to studying, and they are closer/ have more in common to the believers and more of a chance of understanding the Truth if you tell them. Monks have renounced the world, sacrificing themselves to get closer to God.

What is the significance of the repetition in (5:93)

(Also the time when I asked this question was 9:35)

“There is no blame on the believers (who do right deeds) for what they eat (even if it’s the forbidden) as long as they control themselves and believe (the commandment concerning what they are eating). Then, afterwards in case of repetition, continuing to

(93:5) Confirms this!

(5:96) Why was hunting forbidden during Hadj?

4 month a year hunting is forbidden because God Gives time to animals to multiply each other and also it’s time to focus on Hadj

(5:101) clarification of the translation

When it is time for you to understand, then you will understand (something you are confused about)

Don’t go looking for answers from other areas than the Qur’an like other books.

If the answer to your question isn’t in the Qur’an, then it isn’t important

(5:103) what does this verse mean?

All these examples were superstitions in the past where people thought it was good omen to do such blasphemies, yet they created these superstitions and made them up themselves, there are blasphemes and lies.

What does (5:118) mean?

God Is The Most Powerful. God Is The One Who Decides.

This is the prayer of Jesus for those who have called him god or son of God; if You Punish or Forgive, depends on your Exalting Might and Wisdom, they are Your Own creatures. Servants in this verse are creatures.

(6:75) Can you explain this verse?

The verse doesn’t begin with “So also…” but with “this is why…” It continues with “…that he becomes one that has Certainty.” If you are certain, you can do anything with your mind! God Says in The Qur’an: “Not until you have the Knowledge of Certainty” (102:5).

(6:128) Would some people not dwell in the fire forever?

Hell is the earth as the earth is on top of fire. The disbelievers will live on earth. And dwell on it for ever, unless God Forgives some of them.

(6:141) What do you pay when the harvest is gathered?

The verse means to pay the fixed price, it is talking about an exchange when buying the produce.

(6:146) As the Jewish people are Forbidden the animals with undivided hoof, can they also not eat animals with divided hoofs (like pigs)?

No, just because they aren’t allowed to eat swine/pigs (6:145) that doesn’t mean they can’t eat any other animals within that category of having divided hoofs.

(7:46) “on the Heights will be those who would know every one by his marks…” means:

This verse is talking about people who are in Purgatory and can see those in Heaven and Hell.

(7:46) “on the Heights will be those who would know every one by his marks…” means:

This verse is talking about people who are in Purgatory and can see those in Heaven and Hell.

In (7:48), what does “marks” mean in “they will know from their marks”?

From their signs. The way these people act and go about.

In (7:57), who is “they” in “they have carried the heavy-laden clouds”?

They are the angels. Heavy clouds full of rain. God Decides where He Wants to Drop the rain. If there is dead earth, He Blesses it.

In (7:85), what does “Give just measure and weight, nor withhold from the people the things that are their due” mean?

In the old times, there were no banks, so some people would go to others to hold their money. People need to be just and give the same and right amount that they held for others. Don’t lie or steal (money, other things from others). Give the right measure.

What does (7:95) mean?

Even though God Gave them prosperity, the people went back to their own ways and they were ungrateful and thought their success was their doing.

In (7:108), what does a white hand mean/symbolize?

Moses had a disease on his hand, or maybe it was all the freckles of the sun…at least this is what I think it was. Today with Laser (Light), they remove the freckles and make the hand white again. When he took out his hand, it was free from the blemishes. So white means without the blemishes.

In (7:142), what term was completed in 40 days?

The 40 days was the time that Moses met The Lord for the 10 Commandments!

(7:145) How did Moses receive the Torah?

Moses got the tablets in 40 days in the mountains. We don’t know how he got them.

(7:155) Why did Moses take seventy of his people? Where and for what?

Moses took seventy people to take with him to the meeting place with God. This after some people betrayed Moses and started to worship a calf.

In (7:157), does “unlettered Prophet” mean a Prophet who is illiterate?

“Unlettered Prophet” means a Messenger who had not received the Book (of their time).

(7:161) What is the “word of humility”?

Translation: “when they were told, dwell in this town, and eat there in whatever you wish; if you speak in good terms and with humility, and enter the gate, respectfully, then We Forgive your faults and Increase for the righteous.”

This verse is a lesson for the emigrants who have to respect the priority of the town they reside and their people.

What do (7:163) and (7:164) mean?

The ones who didn’t follow the rules of the Sabbath were punished by not finding fish to eat. It was a Trial/Test for them, because some people could be patient and say it is whatever God Wants, but others could get mad.

They were not supposed to work on Sabbath, but some of them still fished (that’s transgressing).

God Sends a Messenger to everyone, so they don’t say that they weren’t given a chance nor a Messenger.

In (8:15), why not turn your backs on the unbelievers when they are hostile?

When meeting the disbelievers in battle, do not turn your backs on them. Face them. God Is on the side of His Believers.

(8:39) Is this verse referring to our time as well: having to fight the unbelievers?

Fighting nowadays is not physical /forcing.it’s at the level of your own cells, Can be seen as fighting cells within or having a heated discussion and staying strong. Also, you can defend self or step away with respect.

In (8:41), is the “Day of The FurQan” the day that The FurQan comes out and becomes known? Is it a day?

“Day”, in the Qur’an, means: period/era/time.

And yes, it is the period and era of The FurQan

In (9:3), what is the “day of the Great Pilgrimage”?

Journey to Hadj.

(9:36) What are the months for the sacred months of pilgrimage?

These months are lunar months so they are never the same with solar months. As lunar and solar are ten days different. So to know exactly when they are we refer to lunar year. (7,11,12,1)

What does (9:36) mean?

There are 12 months in a year (for the lunar and solar calendars, only 10 day difference).

4 months are sacred means that there are 4 months to do the Hadj (7, 11, 12, 1)

(these are lunar months, so they are never the same with solar months)

In (9:60), what does “those whose hearts have been (recently) reconciled (to Truth)” mean?

Give charity to the Believer that believed before and now believes again. They realize they need to focus on All’h and keep Him in remembrance.

(9:86) Did the Surahs came down one by one back then?

The whole Qur’an was put on Muhammad’s mind at once when he was taken high up, as in Ch. 53. But when he came down he did not remember it. So at every event to happen, angel Gabriel reminded the Prophet the verse. So in fact all the verses were sent down.

It took him 23 years to write on paper through angel G. on earth, so the whole took 23 years to come out!

(9:123) is Jihad

“Jihad” means striving generally, collectively, wholly and entirely with persistence.

The word “Jihad” only comes with the word “faith” and “for the Path of God” in the Qur’an.

Why is Chapter 10 called “Jonah” when he is only talked about at the end of the chapter?

The story of Jonah is relatable, and when you see number 10, you could think of the story of Jonah. It could be a Message to you.

Not all the titles relate so much to the chapters, but they could be Messages that pertain to a specific number.

(10:50) Why would the sinners want to hasten The Punishment?

It is like a challenge for them. They are making fun and trying to defy it.

(10:71) What does this verse mean?

When Noah was preparing his vessel, he was going by The Direction of God, and God Told him not to worry about others mocking him. In this verse, Noah tells the others that if they don’t believe him, then they should bring him the worst plan they could. Noah is challenging them because he is certain that he has The Protection of God.

In (11:6), what is a “temporary deposit”?

It is a grave, which is temporary (not final). Everyones gets up during the Day of The Resurrection (only some will for the Day of Rising Up). We all return to All’h in the end.

In (11:7), what does “His Throne was over the waters” mean?

Heaven is over the waters (like the ocean, all the waters, etc.).

In (11:49), what are “some of the stories of the Unseen”?

These are all the stories in the Qur’an. There are stories that God Tells us and more that He Hasn’t Told us. But God’s System of Creation is the same for all, so the stories repeat themselves.

(11:69-78) In the story of Lut, who are referred to as the Messengers?

The angels came as humans to give a message.

(11:87) Are the Madyan people agreeing with Shu’ayb about his delivering of The Message?

No, they are mocking him.

(11:107) Will the heavens and the earth endure forever?

No they will not remain forever. This verse is talking about before the Resurrection, meaning on this earth during the Day of Religion. This is the time they bring heaven near the earth (for example with the gardens… there are gardens in homes now and of course Gardens in the Hereafter. It will keep getting better and better for the Believers that at one point, all the Signs will become obvious to the unbelievers.). When the Believers will have a light in front of them, the disbelievers will be in the dark (which is hell) and they will remain on the earth until the earth doesn’t want to endure anymore. This verse is not talking about the Hereafter. It is about the time on earth, before the Day of The Resurrection.

(12:32) Why would they imprison Joseph if he was proven innocent?

Joseph wanted to go to prison so that he could stay away from the woman of the house who wanted to seduce him. He didn’t want to do anything wrong when he was around her (12:33).

In (12:67) and (12:68), why did Jacob want his sons to enter by different gates?

In 12:67, Jacob wants to avoid the harm of the wicked eyes. If everyone entered from one gate, the evil eye could be on them. In this world things are programmed in their order. The reason God Has Indicated the way to counterattack, the prayers especially against them.

(13:3) What does it mean “two and two” according to fruits?

Fruits created in pairs male and female “and of fruit of every kind He Made in pairs two and two” (13:3)
Fruit is the end product of reproduction of the superior plant, the stage preceding fruit is flower which has male and female organs or stamens and ovals. Once pollen has been carried to the flower they bear fruit which in term matures and freezes it seed. All fruits therefore imply the existence of male and female organs a fact that is mentioned in this verse. In certain species fruit can come from non-fertilized flowers, parthenocarpic fruit, like bananas, certain types of pineapple, figs, oranges, vines, etc. They also have definite sexual characteristics.

Does (13:11) mean that we have angels in front of us too? (“before and behind him”)

2 angels behind us and then sometimes God Adds more angels to be with us.

(13:17) What does the foam parable mean!!?

Whatever is real stays but what is false goes away, like the scum will disappear but God’s Creation, the water, will stay. The scum represents what is not real.

Truth stays while falsehood perishes.

(13:21 + 25) What has All’h Commanded to be joined?

We have made a covenant with God that when He Sends a Messenger, to join him and help him.

In (13:39), what would All’h “Blot out”? Does “the Mother of the Book” mean The Qur’an?

God Is The Mother of the Book, He Is The Source, Nucleus, Creator of the Book.

He Blots out anything negative that could happen to the Book or to His Believers. He Does What He Wants. He Can Stop negative things that could happen to His Believers, or Can Let it happen for a test.

In (14:48), are both the earth and the Heavens going to be changed during Ressurection Day? What are the 7 Heavens? I know they are before the Plank Wall. Do they all have planets in them?

There are 7 Heavens and after is the Plank Wall.

After the Plank wall are the 4 Gardens of Eden.

In each Garden, there are different levels.

2 Gardens for Jinn. 2 Gardens for humans.

The Earth is changed into hell. There will be no more mountains, it will be flat.

The 7 Heavens are guarded.

Some of the 7 Heavens have planets in them. We only know of the ones closest to the Earth, but there might be more

so since there are 7 Heavens, does that mean there are 7 skies?

Yes on top of each other. And each surrounding the other, like drawing seven circles inside one another.

What does (15:8) mean?

The Test would be over if the angels came down clearly to the unbelievers.

What does (15:21) mean?

Everything belongs to God, and He Is Aware of everything. We depend on Him.

In (15:22), what does “fecundating winds” mean?

They are producing winds (fertilizing). Wind is a messenger. It causes growth as the dust, particles, and grains get moved by the wind and then become plants and fruits.

(15:23) Who is “We” referring to?

“We” relating to life & death refers to God and the intermediary of the angels, and “We” relating to the inheritors refers to God and the believers of humankind.

What is the difference between the 7 Gates (15:44) and the 7 Heavens?

The 7 gates are to distinguish between the different levels for people to enter wherever they are supposed to be. Gates are doorways, so they could be for the Gardens or for hell.

(15:61-79) Why does Lot offer his daughters for marriage?

Lot was living in a society (of homosexuals). The custom at the time was to honor mostly the guests! Angels went to Lot’s house as guests, disguised as young men. The people, seeing these handsome young men, lost control and went after them into Lot’s house. So, Lot, in order to avoid their transgressions towards his guests, he offers his daughters to them (the people of the town) instead!

(15:76, 79) What does a “high-road” mean? What is its significance?

The translation is not a “highway”! It is a way, way to see the ruins of those towns. In other words, the ruins of their towns are on the way clear for everyone to see. The ruins of the two named towns have remained and are printed in history, so they are Signs for Believers showing the Punishment of the town.

It is located between the highway of Arabia and Syria. To the traveller in the neighborhood of the dead sea, the whole region presents a sense of dismal isolation.

In (16:70), what does it mean to be “sent back to a feeble age”?

It is the cycle of life. Many elderly people become weak and incapable of taking care of themselves, kind of like babies.

(16:126) What does it mean if ye do catch them out, catch them out…

Meaning if you punish an enemy, punish them the same way of that which you were harmed by them, not exceeding.

But it is twice added here and in v.127 that if you show patience when you have the upper hand, it is better for the patient. “For All’h Is with those who restrain themselves and do good” v.128

In Ch 17, what is the “Night Journey”?

Moses’s soul travelling in one night to Jerusalem then ascending up to Heaven to see God!

(17:1) Is the “Farthest Mosque” referred to Jerusalem or Heaven?


(17:20) In Arabic it’s the same word repeated twice “haaulaai wa haaulaai.” Who are “these”? The different groups of people?

The Blessing of God is for everyone, even if good doers or bad doers, meaning God Will Give anyone time with His Blessings for people to prove themselves. These and those are referred to good people and bad people

What does (17:36) mean?

In 17:36, it is stated that we should not follow any way that we have no knowledge of. God Has Given us eyes, hearing and mind that all will be responsible for it (for your action).

In (17:58), does it mean population of wrongdoers?

Yes, everywhere that has done wrong, the punishment descends on them before the Resurrection Day, and this is decreed and written.

What does (17:60) mean? What is the “Vision”? What is the “Cursed Tree”?

God Surrounds everything. The “Vision” is Muhammad seeing God! God Shows him part of hell in which he saw the tree of “zaqqum.” It is a test for people to see if they will believe in the Signs of God and the Vision. The “Cursed Tree” is mentioned in (44:43) as the tree of “zaqqum” in hell.

In (17:71), what is an “Imam”?

In this verse it means their teachers/Messengers/leaders.

In (17:79), what does the “small watches of the morning” mean? And what is the “additional prayer” referring to?

Sometimes during night time to pray to arrive to a praised state (additional prayer).

Praised state means to be appreciated, by everyone…

What does (17:98) mean?

Those who have strayed and rejected His Signs will get a big punishment. The unbelievers reject that after death, everyone will be Raised up (after the end of the world) and be Created in another form, even though this event is true! They have rejected the Truth.

(17:101) What are the nine Signs? –also mentioned in (27:12)

There are 9 Miracles shown to Pharaoh: 5 calamities (7:133), the hand (20:22, 26:33, 27:12), the snake (20:20, 26:32), the removal of the penalty (7:135) and drowning in the sea (10:90).
In (27:12) God Says: go to Pharaoh with 9 Miracles. The rest of the Signs were for the children of Israel.
The rest includes Elevating the mountain on their head (7:171)(2:63)(2:93)(4:154); road into the ocean (26:63); rendering them into pig and monkey (2:65)(2:166); sending food Manna and quails for them (7:160)(20:80), finding wells of water (2:60)(7:160) …were for children of Israel!

When something great happens, we say AlhamdolAll’h, for example. How come we don’t reference Al-R’hm’n, the Bi-Merciful quality of The Lord?

In 17:110 He Tells you to call Him whichever you want, Rab, All’h, AlRahman it is the same!

What does (18:9) mean?

Introducing the people of the Cave. They are wonders because they slept in this cave for 309 years because God Told them to go in the Cave in order to protect themselves from the unbelievers of the town at that time. When they woke up, their bones were still strong/the same, and their food was still there. They are a Sign for the Believers so they know that the Promise of All’h Is True. There can be no doubt about the hour of Judgement.

(18:9) What is the Inscription?

V. 9= Al) Raghim, is the plaque on which the name of the seven youngsters of the cave and the date they entered the cave and the date they woke up from sleeping ! And also the name of the cave they were in.

In (18:19), why would it be bad if anyone in the town knew about the youths in the Cave?

They wouldn’t believe that they were sleeping for 309 years and would stone them.

In (18:21), is it supposed to be the “Hour of Resurrection” (instead of Judgement)? And why would some people want to build a building over the youths?

(18: 21): This is about the seven young people of the Cave; in their memory, the unbelievers of their story asked to build a barrier around their cave, saying God Knows whether their story is the truth; but the believers who were certain of the truth about them said we build a mosque over their cave for them.

(18:60) What was Moses’ doing/his goal when saying he would not give up until… What was he planning to do?

Until he found the place where he would meet his teacher. Messengers get Inspirations, Messages from God and Moses knew this was the place where he would meet the man endowed with Knowledge from God, who would teach him.

(18:61) Is there a reason they forgot their fish?

Where they lost their fish, was at the junction of the two seas, where Moses was supposed to meet his teacher; thus losing their fish was a sign directing them to their meeting place.

(18:87) How could ZQ –the computer-) punish the wrongdoers? (or benefit the righteous)

For example, when you park your car, you pay for your parking ticket and it says it’s for 2 hours, after 2 hours you get a penalty for not respecting the time frame, so you have to pay for the excess of what you have done.

In (18:91), why did he leave them as they were?

And 91, God Had the Control of Zil Q.’s knowledge/ computer and knowledge and abilities.

but why were the people who had no covering protection against the sun, left as they were?

This concerns the hole in the ozone layer that protects the whole people from the sun. Or else we were burnt right away ! And in the future man will find out and mend it through the computer !

(18:97) Did ZQ and the people end up successful and what does it mean in correlation to verse


God Has made our planet parallel to jinn’s planet, one on top of the other. It is like a seashell, one side « matter » and the other « antimatter » , which the scientist Sakharov (Russian), has described as if you put half an apple on a mirror.

Ok, The jinns, at the era of the end of the world ( since Prophet Muhammad, we have entered this era), the jinns will succeed to break the wall separating us and the jinns. They penetrate our planet, as they lack water, their sustenance, and they will take ours, besides other injustices.

So through the computer, the broken wall will be mended as in verses 96 & 97 and in 98, as God Has Decreed, this is a Blessing of All’h to people of the earth, to get rid of jinns. And when His Word (Decree ) Comes , He Destroy it.

In (19:62) it mentions “morning” and “evening” when referring to the Gardens of Eternity in the Hereafter. Does that mean there are days in the Hereafter? Or is this, again, symbolic?

This might be symbolic. Apparently there is a specific time for eating up there, and to make us understand maybe morning and night is used.

But honestly I am not sure of my answer…. ! But then, this shows there is an order for things up there!

(20:9) Qur’an + FurQan (9 letters) + 9 planets. How does this relate to the verse?

Verse number 9 is about “the Revelation to Moses and his brother”. This verse correlates with the number of letters of Qur’an-FurQan in Arabic being 9, as well as the number of Planets.

The reason for the story of Moses being Reminded in this Chapter (and more than any other Prophet in the Qur’an) is because of the similarity concerning the two Books. Previous to the Qur’an, Moses’ Book is the only one that was combined with the “FurQan/Discernment” (21:48).

In (20:59), what is the Day of the Festival?

(20:59) Day of Adornment, used to be a festivity of that time.

(20:104) Who would the leader most eminent in Conduct be referred to as?

The ones who are nearer to reality, who have the knowledge, who know best, the ones who say you have tarried/ remained but one day, when the others say you remained for ten (days).

(20:128) Is this verse talking about ghosts?

No, it’s warning you as: Isn’t it clear how many generations have been destroyed before them as they walk among their dwellings, don’t you take heed and understand? They are signs for those of intelligence.

“Can u further explain (21:17) to me? What does it mean “from the things nearest to Us”

“In short, this is not a game! If it were, I Would have done it by Myself, near myself without involving anyone… in fact when u want to play a game on internet, you do it by yourself and through an engine or a mean near yourself, no?”

(21:48)”in the past We Granted Moses & Aaron The FurQan and a Light and a Message for those who do right” . The FurQan is FurQan/ Discernement. The Message refers to the Torah

and the Light? Is the Light referring to inner enlightenment of their soul, Faith?

The Books of God are Referred as the Sun on earth and the Light is the Moon /FurQan on earth.

(21:56) How is Abraham a witness to God’s Creation of the heavens and the earth?

Abraham witnessed the Creation of God in 6:75.

(6:75) “So this is why Did We Show Abraham the power and the laws of the heavens and the earth, that he becomes one that has Certainty.”

In (21:103), does “The Great Terror” mean “The Day of The Resurrection”?

Yes definitely !

In (22:2), it talks about how some people will live through the earthquake but doesn’t everyone have to die at some point (21:35)?

Some people will actually experience the end and when everything crumbles, but after that they would die (have a taste of death).

What does (22:15) mean?

Not a literal rope, but symbolically, people need to cut themselves off from the intermediaries that they use/pray (ex. hadith and sonna, idols, the Prophet, etc.).

They need to pray and worship Only All’h and then All’h, of course, Will Help His Believers. No longer will the things that annoyed them annoy them because God Is With them.

The meaning of this verse is: If anyone thinks that All’h Will not Help him in this world and the hereafter, let him cut off all ties with messengers/ idols and install a direct rope connected to God Alone and let him see whether he will be happy with what he chose.

In (23:6), why is it ok to have sex with “those whom their right hands possess”?

These are women that either their husbands or keepers in the family had died in fighting the believers; or the women who ran away from their family wanting to join the believers. As women at their time could not earn their living, And if they had children, God Had Permitted men’ believers to take them as their spouses. So in short you should have sex with your husband or husband to be. This to prevent sex with different people because it is a great danger, diseases, sida etc….

(“those whom their right hands possess” refers to the slaves of men in the past (ref. to Ch 4) (4:25) )

(23:17) Which seven tracts are being referred to? (seven heavens or seven levels before the heavens?)

This verse, the seven skies or heavens, is Called by The Lord, Seven Roads/ways. Because man has to accomplish the seven Ways to reach the highest degree of the Creatures, that are: pure faith without associating; accepting the Qur’an and all the Qur’an, as the Religion of God; righteousness; Salat; Zakat/charity; fasting; Hadj pilgrimage!

And as you read right after, God Is Never Unaware of the People, as to what they think and what they do!

(24:2) What does “flog each of them with a hundred stripes mean”? And why 100?

“Flogging in public used to be the way of punishment; and 100, I suppose, presented the maximum number. This meant they deserve not only corporal punishment but public humiliation. Why so Strict? Because this was the base of all diseases… everything (or nearly) has started by mixed sexual relationships… today it is too late. But before if they had followed God’s Command they could have stopped today’s massive pollution in people’s society.”

(24:45) In a translation it says every animal is Created from water. In another translation (by Abdel Haleem) it says every animal is Created from a fluid, that is different from one another, making animals different?

In 24:45: the word is moving creature/ living creature. Us included of course. God Has Created every living thing from water.

(24:62) Why do the Believers need to ask for the leave of the Messenger? Also why would the Messenger need to ask Forgiveness for them consequently?

Out of respect.

Because the prayer of a Messenger is responded more quickly. The Messenger thinks of God the most and follows His Commandments the most, and God Has Chosen him for the Mission, so his prayers are more effective than others.

And as for “asking forgiveness”, Astarfar means taking the pollution away. By just breathing, you pollute, so we need to say AstarfarAll’h as much as we can to clean the pollution surrounding us and within us. The levels of pollution are so high, you don’

(25:6) What is the Mystery? Has it already been Revealed (math. coding?) and do we know or is it yet to be Unveiled?

The Mystery of everything in the Qur’an. Everything will be unveiled through Science by the Leave of All’h, as the Mathematical Code was Revealed in 1974 and as other Mysteries will be Revealed, (81:24)”And neither it is withholding any knowledge of the Unseen” meaning through The FurQan everything unknown will be Revealed, all the unanswered questions will be answered. Also this verse is in Chapt 25 “Al FurQan”/Discernment who will bring a better understanding of the verses of the Qur’an

(25:40) Which town was it that rained a shower of evil?

It could be of Ad & Thamud of the verse 25:38…
But then it can be anywhere in this world and anytime… bad kind of rain, unhealthy for people

(25:53) Where are the two seas that do not mix?

Gulf of Alaska. One sea is sweet and the other sea is salty. There is something in between them that makes the 2 waters not mix!

(26:84) What does “honorable mention” mean in this verse?

It means “a good name.”

Can you translate (26:193) please as there are different translations?

(192) “And in fact it is a Sending down of Lord of the universal people;”
(193) “of which He Sent The Trustworthy Spirit,”
(194) “into your heart to become a Warner;”
(195) “in clear Arabic language.”
The Trustworthy Spirit is the Qur’an. Because God for Creating anything, Uses some of His Spirit. The Spirit of God is like the capital of anything. Trustworthy Spirit, is the Qur’an, that through mathematical coding has become Trustworthy and no one can defeat or harm it.

What does (27:10) mean?

God Tells Moses to throw his rod and when Moses did so, he saw his rod turn into a snake. Moses became fearful, so God Said not to fear as Messengers have no fear.

(27:41-42) What was the purpose of transforming her throne?

The purpose was to see whether or not she had the Knowledge/Truth and whether she had more meaning to her, but she was too caught up in the materialistic life. Because her vision deceived her and she couldn’t recognize her own throne, she realized that she was in the wrong and needed to submit to All’h.

(27:42) What does it mean “we were given the knowledge before her and we had surrendered”?

They had foretold the Queen of Sheba that something like this was going to happen, she had heard that Solomon had jinns at his service, so when she recognized her throne she surrendered.

(27:87) who are “those who are in the heavens”?

Everything in the world is alive and has a personality. So at the end, the stars, suns, skies, earth, etc. will all be present at the Resurrection Day!

(28:23) What does this verse mean that the women couldn’t water their flocks because of the shepherds?

Because the shepherds were men, stronger and abused their power to make the women wait.

In (28:31), why does Moses retreat?

Because when God Told him to throw his rod and then it turned into a snake, Moses didn’t expect to see the snake, so he stepped back/retreated.

(28:32) As you have said drawing the hand over the heart helps with fear, it says in this verse to draw your hand by your side as well to help against fear?

Yes, put your hand by your side, such as your pocket, and it will also help against fear.

In (28:58), what does “We Are their Heir” mean?

Everything comes back to All’h and His Dominion in the end.

(29:25-28) Why do these verses switch off talking about Abraham and Lut? Why are their stories mentioned together?

They were near each other and at the same time. Lut is Abraham’s nephew.

(30:4, 30:14, 30:43, 30:57) What are the days mentioned in these verses?

(30:14) is about the day of the « hour »; this is the hour of annihilation of the World. (30:43) could be any day that one cannot change their attitude, Faith, deeds etc. (maybe at the death). (30:57) is about the day that one is standing for judgment after death.

(30:43) What is the “Day” mentioned in this verse referring to

This Day is after life, Day of Resurrection that no one can return from it. In fact God Says: stand up facing the stable/strong without weakness, Religion before the Day that you cannot go back (to take the right Way/Religion).

(32:29) Day of Inauguration is not right now because we are the dawn/beginning of the 2nd Inauguration of the Qur’an, is this referring to much later?

Yes it is! But not officially… We are living the beginning of the Day, the dawn, and day is when everything is clear out, when everything is lighted. I suppose it is when the “Festivity” of such Inauguration will start… for instance when the angels arrive to open the gates of garden for believers, Shab Ghadre/ Night of Power, and the recompenses for believers (which is another significance of Shab Ghadre/ Night of Power)…etc…

(33:6) What does it mean “Blood relations among each other have closer personal ties, in the Decree of All’h, than (the Brotherhood of) Believers and Muhajirs…”? What if blood relations someone has is with someone who isn’t a Believer?

The Prophet is above the believers(more respectful/ more important). And his wives have the position in relationship of their mothers; and (for inheriting) relatives of blood are more entitled than other believers and the Muhajirs/emigrants, unless some people are very close in friendship with them. (This is all about the time of Prophet and the people who emigrated with him because they wanted to become Muslim. So the decree about respecting the Prophet and his wives, and about what they leave behind as properties in the Law of God for these special people accompanying the Prophet.

(33:56) ) (Question from Correspondence: My Letter to Dr. A F) What is the “Takbeer” and “Salutation”?

As for the word « Takbeer » it is the verb of All’h o Akbar. In other words, when you say All’h o Akbar, you are doing Takbeer. Salutation, that means greetings, at the end of Salat , when you turn yr head to the right and left you salut either people in congregational prayer, standing to yr left and right; and when alone you salute the angels on each side, connecting you to God Almighty !

(33:73) What is the meaning of the repetition of “men and women”?

This is for hypocrites man & woman, those who associate of man and woman, and those who repent of man and woman. This is precision as to Leave no doubt as to equality of man and woman for the three matters concerned!

In (34:12), what is the significance of the Wind’s journey and the molten brass?

For Solomon, God Tamed the wind, one month in the morning and one month in the afternoon it was its journey. And He made flowing (liquid) copper for him; and some Jinns to be at his service, with His Permission. And who deviated from his command, was Punished by God severely.

The answer to your question on 34:12 &13: God Brought out for David a well of molten brass / copper to make overall of mail to cover them during the war. And Solomon had the wind at his command that was travelling a month in the morning and a month during

Why the wind? I suppose, for blowing the clouds to barren lands…

But if you do ask me why in the morning and late afternoon ? I cannot answer this question !

But there is something that I want all of you to know; that is, if something is in the Qur’an, it is for us to know. God Never Brings a Word above the knowledge of people! But His Word is discerned by science. So either is too early and science has not ye

The Miracle of this verse(due to internet information) is the time for the speed of the wind. So early in the morning and late at night, the wind is light.

So the time given in the verse, during morning and late afternoon.

The explanation for wind, air in motion, and all the benefits of the wind and its direction for a month from east, to west.. etc. Include the three suppositions of U.Ali, Edip Yuksel…; plus other beneficial things deriving from wind blowing. So the Miracle of the verse is in the time given in the verse.

In (34:13), were the jinns working for Solomon called the “sons of David”?

The children of David are the descendants of David And Solomon that God Told to work with all the things He Had Bestowed to their fathers (David, Solomon), and be grateful, not the jinns.

Some jinns also were at Solomon commands and they built things for him that men were incapable to do. All these for having facilities for living. So the descendants of David should be grateful to God.

(34:19) What is their complaint? What were they angry about?

The explanation of this is in Yusuf Ali, which is a historical explanation. The covetous people of Saba, were all the time asking God, never satisfied! They wanted longer distance to get more money from the visitors.

(34:44) It says in this verse that (the unbelievers) were not Given Books to study or haven’t been Sent Messengers as Warners, but doesn’t it say in the Qur’an that (along the lines –not verbatim) to every City/town, We Have Sent a Messenger and Clear Warner?

This verse says that no Messenger was sent “before thee” as Warners, meaning there was a Messenger but none before him. Also, in the previous verse it talks about the Clear Signs being rehearsed to them, but they denied those signs anyway.

(34:49) What does it mean “Falsehood neither creates anything new, nor restores anything”?

Falsehood will not start anything nor repeat anything, it has no power. When The Religion of All’h, and all the reality comes then falsehood will perish.

(35:9) What day is this referred to? It says Resurrection but it doesn’t pronounce like the Arabic word for Resurrection?

It is “Nushur”, which means to gather for the Resurrection. The meaning of the verse is for the Resurrection. It’s going to be the same as once the earth dies. All’h Sends forth the winds, raising the clouds driven into the dead land and, with the rain, revives the earth after its death. That is Nushur.

(35:27) What is the white and red referring to?

These are the different colors of stones that we cut from the mountains for houses, pillars (of marbles), etc…

(36:14-17) In these verses, which are the first 2 Messengers followed by which as the third? Is Science and the Book the first two Messengers and Time the third, or Science and Time followed by the Book??

The three Missionaries of our time: First is the Time that brings the Science (the second one) and then both will lead people towards the third one, that is the Book.

(36:26) It says that the man who was a Believer in God and Messenger was told to enter the Garden (after death) but isn’t it that the Garden isn’t open yet and will be at the Day of Resurrection?

It is not mentioned that the Garden is closed. And in some verses that concern the martyrs, they are there already. Concerning the verse above, it can be both ways, that is either now or after Resurrection.

In (36:39), what is an old date-stalk?

It is the shape of the moon when it is at its beginning and last phases. It becomes a thin bow or semi circular branch like the branch of date.

What does (36:68) mean?

You see, nowadays they are talking about prolonging life through science, which relates to the meaning of « some of you that might live the end »… But the verse you mention means that those who live a long life and are old, We Reverse his creation. Meaning he or she will become childish again. It is the cycle/circle of life. One starts as a baby, then grows older to be an adult, then older to be elderly and like a baby again.

(37:177) “but when it descends into the open space/ territory, then evil is the morning for those who were warned”. What does evil in the morning refer to?

Very bad, very tough!

So it will be tough in the morning, why morning? Will something happen in the morning? Or is it an expression?

A morning, meaning they make the day and find the calamity. “They are in a hurry for Our Punishment… when it falls down on them, they will have a hard, bad morning(day)”.

What does Sad mean (Ch 38 title)?

Sad is one of the letters of the Arabic alphabet, of which is built the essence of mathematical coding of the Qur’an.

(38:12) Is Pharaoh the “lord of Stakes” and why does it mention that name, and call him a lord?

That is not the right translation. “Pharaoh with all his power” is the right translation!

(38:24) Who are the Disputants and why did David end up asking Forgiveness of his Lord?

David was a Messenger known as the one who was repenting all the time! (Read a few verses before). Repenting, although it means asking forgiveness, it also means turning towards God. If u go to verse 19, the same word is used for the birds repenting to David. The disputants were the owners of (female) sheep who went to David asking him to judge between them. After judging, David suspected his judgment to be right, but he repented to God asking forgiveness in case he made the wrong judgment.

(38:34) What does this verse mean?

This was the trial of Solomon because he was Given extreme power (through the service of Jinns) and everything, but still everyone has to go through with the trial of God on earth. Go to some verses before, you will get it. Solomon loved horses. I think it was the head of one of his horses on his throne!

He realized he was too much attached to his horses, I suppose. Because in one of the verses, he neglects his prayer time because of them.

(38:44) Why is grass used?

I think he had made an oath towards probably his family (wife/ or other) to strike them. So God Tells him to take a bunch of branches of grass/ any other thin plants and hit, so he does not break his oath.

(38:52) Does that mean age is a concept in the Hereafter? How will we know the age of others?

As I said, everything said about high above, is symbolic. Over there there is no time running. And people are of the best spot of youth. If such a thing is Mentioned in the Qur’an; down here people, out of convenience, poverty and need, out of lust, etc. get married with years of age difference, old men with young girls, old women with young boys…. over there there is no such thing!!

(38:75) This verse is confirming that the angels were not involved nor present for the Creation of “man”, therefore why in some verses of The Qur’an does it say whom “We” have Created you? Does that mean God Created man with His Own Hand and the angels helped?

Angels are servants of God, performing the affairs of this world. Nothing in this world is done without the intercession of the angels and the reason for the “We” in the Book. The only thing that God Is Using “I”, is the stage between the time of man (insan) becoming human (Bashar).

In 38:71 (but in translations they have not respected such difference) here the word is Bashar/human. And in 38:75, there is no mention of man or human! But “….to one whom I Created with my hands”

Can you explain (39:42)?

God Has Explained in another verse, that sleeping is like dying; because when sleeping the soul comes out of the body, going up to God.

Now, in this verse, God Explains that those dying normally, God Takes their soul; and those who don’t, during their sleep, if their death is not decreed, God Sends back their soul, and if it is decreed God Keeps their soul. And in any case, in these, there are matters of reflection for people to meditate on every time to sleep….especially for those who do wrong and think they “never” die!

In (41:31), It mentions that the angels are our “helpers” in this life and in the Hereafter, so how would the angels help us in the Hereafter if they are in a different Garden?

They are not all of them in the different Gardens. Angels in the hereafter life, will serve people in their abodes.

(43:4) What does the Mother of the Book mean/signify?

Mother of the Book are those Commandments that do not change with the time and stay the same for every generation. Such as: God Is One, Salat, Zakat charity, righteousness, etc.


(43:31) Which are the two chief cities? Mecca and..?

Mecca and Ta’if

(43:36) Doesn’t every single person gets a jinn at birth no matter what?

The jinn satan appoints for everyone at birth! The one All’h Appoints is this one mentioned in (43:36).

In (43:59), why does it mention the “Children of Israel” while talking about Jesus being an example to them?

And Jesus was an example for children of Israel, because he was a Jew like them, but then they did not follow him.

And a very interesting point is the verse 61. Look up 43:61. In this verse it says that (Jesus) is the sign of the « hour » of the end of the World. 2280 years after the birth of Jesus, equivalent to 1710 lunar / after Muhammad. The difference between the two, is 570 years that was the time between the rise of the two Prophets. Also if you divide 2280 by 570 equals 4 and you divide 1710 by 570 equals 3, then 4 & 3 for Sura 43! Additionally, Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 AD.

–What made Jesus considered a Jew? didn’t he not categorize himself but just followed God’s Commandments?

Because he came from a family who were following Moses. Those followers of Moses were called Jews.

(43:86) what does it mean “only he who bears witness to the Truth, and they know (him).” ?

Those who call on others besides God will not own the intercession, they will not have any intercession for them and those who are invoked have no power of intercession. Only those who testify to the truth witness to a reality. For example, if someone saw a person do something wrong they will come and testify against that person.

In (45:27), what Day is being mentioned?

The Hour of Religion (on Qur’an.com the translation sound is “yaouma y deen”… Yaouma means Day, Deen means Religion.)

(47:36) In what way and when would some people have to give up their possessions?

If you believe & do righteous deeds, you will be paid your reward and you will be able to keep your possessions

In (48:27), why with “hair cut short”?

The “hair cut short” was the custom and requirement for the time of Muhammad & for the entering of the Sacred Mosque.

(51:3) what is the correct translation?

The three first verses of 51: the title is about the producers of energy and spreading things: in fact like helicopters, planes that by their wind they scatter things in the air. (2) That they can carry heavy loads; (3) they can move smoothly and with ease.

(6): is the Religion of God that will establish.

(51:6) refers to the Day of Religion: “And indeed, the Religion is to occur”

(53:7) is it the “Higher horizon” or “Horizon of the Manifest”? (53:8) I thought that God Does Not Descend (on earth because He Is So Powerful)? Did Prophet Muhammad go up to heaven to write the Qur’an? (53:9) What does this verse mean?

For the ascension of Muhammad, they took him to the highest heaven in the Garden of Éden. God Being in higher horizon, than the Garden, to make the Revelation of the Qur’an into Muhammad’s mind and subconscious, He descended as much as there were an arc (arc in sky, that comes after raining, usually) distance between God and Muhammad, and Revealed What was to be Revealed of the Qur’an. (He did not Descend to the earth….)

The reason why many translations use a lowercase “he” is because they think it is Angel Gabriel being mentioned. We know it is not Angel Gabriel mentioned because of verse 10 when the Qur’an says “His Servant”. Only God Has Servants.

(53:13) Is it “And now he saw Him at a second descent;” or “And he saw It at latter Descent,” ? “Him” or “It” ?

It comes to the same as there were two Descents. The first for Revealing the Qur’an, then the latter for Showing Himself on the tree to Muhammad.

What does “Him” and “It” mean? The Qur’an ?

He saw the It, the Light of God on the tree.

(53:14) What is the symbolism of the Lote-tree? Is it ‘TK’ (the Tree of Knowledge)?

It is the Tree of Knowledge. The Lote Tree is the Cedar Tree. It is in the Highest Heaven, where Prophet Muhammad saw God. God Appeared on that Tree to Muhammad, and the symbolism for this Tree is the TK, Tree of Knowledge. Through Knowledge we see the Highest Sign of God, All’h & the 4 Forces recognized by Science.

(53:19-20) who are al-Lat and al-’Uzza? And Manat?

some of the female idols arabs people used to worship before Muhammad:

Lât (goddess of the sun represented by a huge grey granite stone);

‘Uzzâ (goddess related to Venus/Aphrodite, represented by a 6 meter long granite block),

Manât (symbol of destiny & death)

(54:4) Which are the Recitals?

The Recitals are the warnings, and all the warnings have reached them already. This is the Wisdom of All’h, The Wisdom of Nature. They will be hopeless.

The Discipline of Nature is The Wisdom of All’h, as Nature is All’h.

(54:5) “Mature wisdom”?

This is The Wisdom of God.

(55:17) What are the two Easts and two Wests referred to?

The 2 East and 2 West refers to our world and the jinn world.

As taken from The FurQan Ch16: (7:17) The “rights & lefts”, being in plural, refers to the “two Easts & two Wests” of the two (parallel) planets (55:17) of Jinn & Man. The fact of Planet Earth being “egg shaped”(79:30) (and not round), due to Science, such cases after certain time, the planet will be reversed (east becomes west, west becomes east).

(55:33) what zones?

Zone of Plank wall, zone of heaven, the 7th heaven, pass beyond the plank wall & all others. It is by the Will of God that people have passed the layers (7) of heaven, they have passed it by knowledge, if God Didn’t Want they would not have…

(55:52) what does it mean “two and two” according to Fruits?

Refer to (13:3).

I know that everything regarding the Hereafter is symbolic, but I have an interesting question. I just realized that in (55:72&74) it mentions companions restrained (as to their glances) Whom no man or JINN before them has touched… Does this mean that Jinn can touch human beings?

The verse to answer this question is 17:64 so yes, satan has gotten children as of Jinns and humans

(56:29) What tree is being mentioned/referred to? The Talh tree or banana trees?

It is the banana tree that has a lot of leaves and shade. All these are symbolic for showing wonderful relaxing and joyful things for the right doers.

(56:75-76) What makes the setting of the Stars as witnesses a “mighty adjuration”?

God Is Swearing on the Stars, Stars symbolically are the Words of the Qur’an, that’s why the comparison and that’s why they are witnesses. It is a Mighty Oath because of the resemblance of the Stars & the Words of the Qur’an.

(57:20) Is this Similitude to say that the desires of life on earth are only temporary?

God Says it’s only a kid play, the life of this world, it’s a distraction & temporary illusion, an adornment.

In (57:28), when it says “believe in His Messenger” which of All’h’s Messengers is being referred to throughout the scripture? (the Qur’an)

His Messenger is always the Qur’an (the Book).

A Messenger can be the Book, Science, human nature, etc. Though, the Book is always His Messenger (Science and Time were not always Messengers, but only for our era going towards the Direction of God).

(61:6) Why did Jesus announce that Muhammad was the Messenger to come after him, rather than Moses (because was the order between them Jesus then Moses then Muhammad?)?

No, the order went from Moses to Jesus to Muhammad.

(62:9) Which is “Friday (the Day of Assembly)”?

Actually, the (Day of Assembly) /the Gathering doesn’t have to be on a specific day. The Day of Gathering is a Commandment of God for people to fix a day of “gathering” between themselves for the Salat and to Remember The Lord.

This day of gathering could be on any day. Praying together is powerful!

(66:12) Who is “We”?

It’s God & angel Gabriel

(67:5) why are the Lamps in Heaven needed to drive away the evil ones?

God Has Furnished the sky of the world, the one we see with the stars, but in fact these stars can be missiles to drive away the jinns who want to pass.

(68:42) what is the “Shin”?

“Shin” means the curtain will go away on the sins, everyone will be asked to prostrate but the unbelievers won’t be able to.

Chapter 69 is the only Chapter that mentions the Thamud before the Ad twice (verses 4, 5 and 6), why?

If Thamud comes exceptionally before Ad in Surah 69, it is because of the Reality (as the name of the Surah) of The Sent forth of God, having been slain by people. Thamud was the Camel of God, and in S69, the Messenger of God (v. 44-46).

The relation between this Surah and the Thamud’s case is that, in both, the “Envoyé/Sent forth” of God was slain by people!

(70:4) Does the Day of Resurrection take 50,000 years?

This is for the Day of Resurrection, all the people whose spirit can go up with the angels, they go up to God in a day that takes 50,000 years of our time, these are the people who can go up because their spirit have got enough nourishment/energy to go up with angels as they have followed the Commandments of God on earth.

(70:9) How do mountains become like wool?

They say it might be the Black Hole, and this description can only happen if the Mountains get sucked in or aspirated by this Black Hole.

Why the repetition in (74:18-20)?

This is the highest degree of God’s unpleasant swearing at someone, let us say. Repetition here shows the seriousness of the unjust evaluation of the Qur’an by some people. In fact it goes like this: «Thus, be you killed/slain for yr evaluation; again be you killed/slain how you evaluated… »

In fact this case happened; as some experts published their «evaluation» on the Qur’an, some years ago, saying it was not a Divine Book and was done by humans! I wrote them a letter, which you can find in my Correspondence on the Site, using the verses of this Chapter…

(74:31) How is the number a trial for the unbelievers?

The # 19 is a trial for the unbelievers and it is for the people who believe to add to their belief/faith & for people who have been given the Book to believe and those who already believe to take away all sorts of doubts from others (Christians, Jews). Also important to make clear the disease of suspicion they have, these people will say: “What Does God Mean by this number, so what?” So All’h Leaves to stray whoever He Wants and Guides to the Right Way whom He Wants. Nobody knows the number of His Army and 19 is a Warning for people.

(74:38) What does it mean “in pledge for its deeds”?

As God Is Just with everyone and Takes into account all things, every soul will be Taken into account as to which deeds their hands put forth. Everyone will be given a Just Punishment according to their actions/deeds. The Believers and Righteous will have a pleasing and enjoyable Reward and will be in Gardens.

(74:40-41) These verses mention that in the Hereafter, the Companions of the Right Hand will be able to converse with the sinners, right? How? I know the Believers can look below them and see those down below, but how could they communicate with them?

People in the Garden can visit those in purgatory, but those in purgatory cannot visit those in the Garden. And I am sure there is a way of communication similar to FaceTime!

(75:2) does the “self-reproaching spirit” refer to the soul?


(75:17) how could it be Collected? And what is “it”?

Collect means to place each chapter of the Qur’an at the right place. The Qur’an was Revealed in Muhammad’s mind all at once in High Heaven. But when he came back down, it took him 23 years, and little by little the partitions would be Revealed to him with the help of angel Gabriel, making sure of its revelation and the placement of the partition or chapter. For example Chapter 96, the first Revelation, was to be put 19th place from the last Chapter of the Qur’an (114). God Has Collected/ Placed the Suras/Chapters at the right place with the help of angel Gabriel.

(75:26) what does this verse mean?

This verse is explaining Death, how after one dies, their soul will reach to the collar-bone meaning rise and elevate out of the body.

(76:2-3) who is “We” (in the process of Creation)?

Everywhere, “We” is God and Assisting angels!

In (21:90), “Us” means All’h and His Words. We call on God, and we call on The Qur’an (God’s Revelation). So I think it is correct to think Us is God and His Word, which is away from Him, being on earth.

But for the announcement to angels (2:34), I don’t think God Separates His Word from Himself. So I think of the intermediary of angels.

(76:5) What is kafur?

It is Camphor, it is cool and refreshing and is given as a soothing tonic in Eastern medicine.

(77:13) What Day is being referred to?

Day of separation good from bad; referring to good believing people from bad denying people!

(77:23) who is “We” referring to (“We Are the Best to determine”)?

God by the assistance of angels Has Put Everything on a special number and account. Everything is by a specific number!

(77:32-33) What does this parable/reference mean?

This is the Day of Resurrection, when they get up and the angels are telling them to go through the things they deserve, the terrible things, fire sparks and the color of the fire is compared to the yellowish color of the camel.

Why mention Ch 78 with “The Great Event of 1974”?

“The Great Event” (Ch 78), was the event of (74)! Meaning the event of the discovery of 19/mathematical Coding, which is in S.74.

(80:13-16) What do these verses refer to?

These verses are about the Qur’an! (Which has been preserved by those who wrote it (before the invention of printing machines))

(85:4) Who are the makers of the pit? In other translations it connects this verse to a making of a trench?

85:4= « Okhdood » the word they have translated, « pit » or trench, was the name of a very cruel and tyrant king of Jews, who burnt the good Christians who worshipped God alone.

So this name became symbolic for those in history, who happen to burn people because of their faith to The God Creator. So « people of okhdood », is for those who either burn physically or morally those who worship God Alone, at any time.

(86:1) Does the title The Night-Visitant also refer to The FurQan?

Yes. The Night Visitant is a Star, and The FurQan is the Star that illuminates the world! Meaning it leads people to the Right Way, The Religion of All’h, by explaining and discerning the Verses of the Qur’an.

(86:4) What does this verse mean? Does the Night Visitant watch over every soul?

Ch 86 is about the star called: Taregh. I don’t know the name in English, but you can certainly find it because it is the star that was shining for the birth of Jesus, and very commonly known. The v. 4 (in the precedent verses God Swears by the piercing star) states that everyone has a protector over them; an angel is missioned to protect every soul.

(86:13) It says “The Word that distinguishes”

It is “The Word that separates”, as The FurQan is “separating” from The Qur’an, meaning coming out of The Qur’an. The FurQan is the Star that illuminates the world, by explaining the Verses of The Qur’an. It guides you and leads you to The Religion of All’h.

(88:17) Why do u think All’h Mentions the camel in Chp 88? Is it because that animal’s characteristics are a marvel in themselves? It can withstand extremely difficult conditions, and its hump allows a camel to survive an extremely long time up to two weeks without food if need be.

Because camel is the most precious and profitable animal for deserted places. And nevertheless, it shows the degree of their stubbornness against God’s Messenger and Sign, to kill such precious animal.

(89:2) what are the “Nights twice five”?

This is the last ten nights of Ramadan when some people confine themselves in mosques to be isolated for praying.

(89:3) What does this verse mean?

It references the numbers of the Qur’an and The Qur’an Mathematical Coding/ Miracle/Proof found by Rashad Khalifa. He combined all the even and odd verses of the Qur’an into one very long number encompassing the number of every verse in the Qur’an. The number representing the whole Qur’an is a multiple of 19 & consists of 12692 digits, which is also a multiple of 19.

(89:3) and (98:3) confirm each other because it is the Mathematical code of the Qur’an that is the basis of Strength of the Word of the Qur’an.

(91:13) Why do you think God Chooses to Talk about the she camel in Ch 91? Is it because she was referred as the She camel of All’h and was a test to the Thamud people and it is an animal living under the Sun in the toughest condition? But why mention it in this Chapter?

OK, 91-19=1

The Sun, or the light of intellect is necessary for understanding this ch.

Thus, 19, is the Miracle of God, and the 15 verses of this ch. is the sign of now, the 15th C. So the Mention of the Camel of Thamud is a Sign of Miracle of God.

And the common denominator between 19 & the Camel, is that they both are durable Miracles. That is, they lasted between the people, while all other Miracles have been instantaneous.

What is the correct translation of (92:13)?

And in fact it belongs to us the the last and the first (concerning life).

In fact it is the hereafter and the first. And if the hereafter comes before first, it is because for us, the hereafter is going to be the first, as we have lived and are finishing the first life.

(93:11) Is the “Bounty” in this verse referring to The Qur’an?

Yes, The Qur’an and rehearse it for yourself and tell it to people to do the same.

(96:3) Generous or Bountiful?


(Ch 99) Is this Sura talking about the End and the Resurrection and/or before the Day of Resurrection? How abt Ch. 82? How can you tell whether a sura is talking about the Day of Religion, Day of Resurrection, etc.?

Chp 99 talks about the Last of the world

Day of Religion = Yawmad-Diin or Yawmad Deen

Day of Resurrection = Yawmad Griamat

(100:) What are “The Chargers” ?

The Horse galloping, the machines, cars…

(101:9) What does “the abyss is a mother to him” mean? Does that mean his stay in hell is only for a time as the child draws nourishment from his mother only for a time? This is the explanation Moulana Ali gives.

I do not know whether M.A’s discern is one of the possibilities. But for me the word mother, represents love, care, and especially, closeness! For me it means that fire will take care of him as a mother…

(103:1) Should Ch103 be titled “The Afternoon”? And should verse 1 be “By the afternoon,”?

The word “ASR” also means period/ era. This era of ours, people will know they did wrong, and only those who believe, work righteousness, and enjoin each other the Truth and constancy in patience are the winners.

(104:) What is “The Scandalmonger” ?

These are the people who talk badly about others, the slanderers.

(106:) What is the Quraysh?

The Quraysh is a tribe that was responsible for the guardianship of the Ka’aba, and God Protected them from the threats to Mecca (prev. chapter). They were thus able to keep trading.