Assorted Q&A

Do jinn live on the Earth? Where exactly?

They are on a planet parallel to our Earth (but have their own planet).

They live somewhere very near Earth but are invisible.

The Earth is made like a half shell: One side of it is matter; the other side (half shell) is antimatter. There is a mirror in the middle of the whole shell. Like if you cut half an apple and put it on a mirror, you can see the other half but can’t touch it.

You can’t touch the antimatter.

The antimatter belongs to the jinn (invisible, not matter).

We will see the jinn during the Judgement Day.

Sight would be no longer barred (minds would work 100%).

Materialism will go away.

No other planet can sustain life, right?

jinn live on the planet parallel to the Earth (they are not in the Earth but even in stones there is life.

No soul (no living people on other planets).

What is the difference between God’s Servant and His Messenger?

All the Believers are Servants because they serve God, but when God Talks about His Servants, it means His Messengers.

“Gog” and “Magog” means Yellow-skins (the Chinese, very diff from other ppl)?

So much made in China.

jinn could be maybe Magog.

Means two nations that resemble each other (unbelievers).

Some observations

Insha All’h is two words in fact! We abbreviated a little …

“Griyamat” = Resurrection

“Yaoumu” = Day

“Yaouma A Deen” = Day of The Religion (careful … not one word and not “eedeen”)

In the center of our hearts is this small molecule called “Heme B.” And in the heart of Heme B is a single atom of Iron. That means in the heart of every human’s heart is a single atom of iron.

“Azim” = Great (on this Earth)

“Kabeer” = Great (from up in Heaven/up high)

All’h -o) Akbar”= All’h Is Above/Superior/Greater;

“All’h) o) al-Kabïr”= All’h the High, the Elevated (in Greatness)

“Karim” = Generous

As God Said everything comes in pairs, do the angels also come in pairs? Does that mean there are male and female angels, or do they have no sex? For example, are Gabriel and Michael, etc. male angels? And are there female angels? Also The FurQan mentions angels are “creatures concerning: size, speed, intellect, power, etc”. Does that mean they all look different or have different sizes and amounts of knowledge?

I had not thought of it before … Now that you made me think of it, they must be in pairs when God Says « everything », as to their looks, they surely are different, idem for their knowledge … and as to their sex … I am not able to answer this question because I have not found anything relating to this in The Qur’an! The only thing that I can guess … is that the reward of the believers in Heaven, is pure and fabulous partners, be it for women or men. So who are they if not the Angels in the shape of humans? Or maybe God Create new humans..

What is the difference between Retribution delayed and the Respite?

Retribution delayed is the punishment (but may be more time before punishment; just delayed). Respite is the given time to change your mind to be good (second chance).

What is the difference between God’s Energy, Spirit, Light upon Light, Light?

God’s Energy = His Energy for Creation; comes from the Sun (Light for Life)

God’s Spirit = Intelligence and Mind (Given only to humankind) (Light Upon Light)

God’s Two Lights = Light upon Light and Light

Light upon Light = Guiding Light; referring to The Spirit (only in humans)

God’s Light = His Energy/Light of Life

If jinn don’t have physical bodies, then why will we soon be able to see them on this Earth?

We are living a world of materialism; on Judgement Day, this materialism will all go away (we will see everything). Before Judgement Day, we’ll find out how we see them.

Gardens of Eden and the angels: So the Gardens of Eden were Created for the believing men and also jinn, correct? For the Hereafter life? Where are the angels residing now? Are there angels already in the Gardens of Eden, which are in Heaven, or is the Garden of Eden not open (or not yet Created)? Do the angels all live in the area closest to God or do they also live in different ranks/levels of Heaven? Also, in the End, because Man agreed to take upon the Trust and took a Covenant, as compared to the exiled angels, does that mean the righteous and believing “man” will end up being higher up closer to God than the angels? In The FurQan, it says that “Man accepted to undertake the “Trust/Spirit” + risks, and prove his merit and superiority over the Angels.” So will the passers of the Test and foremost of believers be higher up to God than the jinn or will they be on the same levels?

1) the jinn are the angels who wronged themselves by believing Satan, remember? So they were condemned to come down to Earth, and like humans pass the test. If they pass the test, being believing jinn, then they go back to Heaven, becoming angels again.

2) there are four Gardens up in Heaven; two for humans and two for angels. Angels are in their own Heaven.

3) Man being higher ranked than the angels; it is that the angels are at their service, doing everything for Man and his comfort up there. (I think) … !

Where are the angels right now (those already up in Heaven helping God)?Are they in their Gardens right now or roaming around in Heaven together with God?

The angels are up in high Heaven. On the other side of the planck wall (the wall of gravity), over our seven heavens(skies) one on top of the other.


To find the direction of the Qibla: direct your left hand to sunrise and right hand to sunset and face a little more south (south east is the Qibla)

The Sun: Symbol of Time & naturally been Chosen in the “mission” of leading us to its five specified positions for “connecting Time” (6:96).

The Horizon of Manifest

Connection from Heaven to Earth with bringing of The Book, the Word, for proof and Inspiration.

Inspiration from God (God Allowed the Inspiration to be Transmitted through the “horizon”)

Horizon = line that connects Heaven to Earth

Dr. Rashad Khalifa saw the revelation (mathematical coding) through the ‘Horizon of Manifest’ (being Inspired by God)

Homo Valley:

Scientifically proven that first humans lived in a valley near the “Nile River” in Africa = “Homo Valley”

(“Paradisiacal Garden”: pure Paradise. When first sin, was a major Earthquake –possibly when Adam sinned-) then Adam may have moved higher up through the Earth.)

Annihilation of the World

(30:14) is about the day of the « hour »; this is the hour of  annihilation of the World. (30:43) could be any day, that one cannot change their attitude, Faith, deeds etc. Maybe at the death; and (30:57) is about the day that one is standing for judgment after death.