The Throne of the Word of God on Earth

The Qur’an, The Throne of the Word of God on Earth

The binary nature of The Qur’an

The Concealed part or the Third Dimension of Knowledge of The Qur’an

Some of the attributes of The Qur’an by The Great Creator

36:2 “By The Qur’an, the Wise”

15:87 “The Great Qur’an

50:1 “The Glorious Qur’an

56:77 “The Generous Qur’an

27:6 “This Qur’an is coming from The One Who Is All Wisdom and Knowing”

17:88 “If the whole of mankind and the jinn (extraterrestrials) were to gather together to bring such as this Qur’an, they could not bring anything like It, even if they backed up each other with help.”

(Indication to the mathematical coding of The Book)

2:2 “This is The (only) Book that there is no doubt or confusion in It, being Guidance to all eternal pious.”

39:27 “And We Have Explained to mankind of all sorts of parable in this Qur’an, that they may be reminded.”

39:28 “A book of study (qur’an) in Arabic, without any crookedness, in order that they may guard against evil.”

13:31 “If there were a qur’an (book of study) with which mountains were moved, or with which the Earth were cloven asunder, or with which dead were made to speak (this Qur’an would be It)”

The word qur’an (without the article of specification) means ANY book of study to keep in mind, remember.

The Qur’an specifies The Book of study to The Creator!

The Qur’an, the “Generous Messenger” and “The Throne of the Word of The Creator on Earth”

81:19 “In fact the Word is a Generous Messenger,”

81:20 “Endowed with a Power found in the nature of The Throne, Firmly Established, (through mathematical coding)

81:21 “Obeyed, there as Secure (trustworthy).”

Ref. Al-FurQan part 9/The similitude in The Qur’an

The Qur’an and its binary nature; with three dimensions of knowledge and two openings/inaugurations, each equaling the knowledge its own time.

First Dimension, the Era of Prophet Muhammad, during 14 centuries

15:87 “And We Have Bestowed upon you, a seven of the two and two (7×2 and 00=1400), and The Great Qur’an.”

17:85 “And they ask you about The Spirit; say, The Spirit of my Lord’s Command, and of the Knowledge, you have not been given but a little.”

The Second and Third Dimensions of Knowledge of The Qur’an, concealed inside The Qur’an for the last 14 centuries, today at the start of 15 centuries, are being released.

Time had the mission to bring equivalent Science and knowledge for this re-opening of the Book.

  • First, by revealing the miraculous evidence of the Book, that is a mathematical coding; and that has preserved the Book during the last 14 centuries; the Miracle of a mathematical coding, connecting every letter of The Book, proving that the Word can only be God’s Word; and which has been protected during the last 14 centuries. (Discovered in 1974 by Dr. Rashad Khalifa)
  • Then, after the proof, the Third Dimension Knowledge of The Book, The FurQan/الفرقان/the Discernment of The Qur’an, equaling the Science and knowledge of our time, germinating from The Qur’an, opening the Third Dimension Knowledge of The Qur’an for all people of the world, at this start of the 15th century, the era of the end of the world

The Greatest Blessings Ever

Al-FurQan agrees with contemporary Science (up to the latest discovery, the M theory/the theory of infinite probabilities.) It is to heal people from doubt, and is beneficial to the wellness of sound belief in The Only Great God and Lord, The Creator!

17:82 “We Sent down of The Qur’an what is Healing and Mercy for the eternal Believers, and to the unjust, It does not increase but loss.”

Al-FurQan, “under the leadership of Time, and according to Science,” enlightens the way of the Straight Path, distinguishing the false from the true, guides people toward their Real and Only Lord, The Creator, discerning His Religion and helping them out of the darkness and deviance of idol-worship, during this last era of the end of the world. Al-FurQan, is the “concealed” (“Al-Muddathir” S: 74:”The Enveloped/The Wrapped”) that God Almighty Calls to rise:

74:2-5 “Rise and warn people of the Greatness and Power of your Lord and clean your garment from the impurities, and keep away from abomination (idolatry).”

(garment of human attributes, narrations, wrong judgments, and false interpretations of The Qur’an)

The FurQan presents the pure Word, Message and Commandments of The Almighty Creator in The Qur’an, and nothing but The Qur’an, no human hadith/narration, and sonnat/custom of the prophet, teaching the people of the world things never known before from The Qur’an. It is the rise of the hidden mysteries of The Qur’an after 14 centuries, such as:

  • The Greatest Gift and Evidence of God in all history of humans on Earth
  • “The birth of His word/Name” as The Creator of all beings

(The introduction of Science detailing the four forces of Creation; and the four symbols, by which they are specified as “The Creator” of all molecules of Existence, identical to the word الله, The Creator of all things in The Qur’an.)

  • The discernment of the first verse of The Qur’an, that includes the whole existence; and the reason for this verse being repeated (in parenthesis as a reminder) at the beginning of every chapter of The Qur’an, but one
  • The identity of zil-qarnaïn/symbol of Knowledge
  • The identity of imam-alzaman/”Time the Leader”
  • The event preceding the Creation of mankind on Earth, and the feud of the angels
  • Creation of Man, from the living, single cell in mud
  • The seed of knowledge, being planted in the field of “Adam’s mind”, becoming “the Tree of Knowledge” today on Earth
  • The Apple Tree of Adam and Eve/a genetic tree.
  • So many other things in The Qur’an that no one suspected

You will learn, through The FurQan, whatever one needs concerning the identity of The Only True God and Lord of the universal people; the facts of this life, and the Hereafter; Al-Furqan brings us “The Religion of The Creator” (Sura 110). Obviously His Religion should be named under His Own Name. Not Judaïsm or Christianity, nor Islam, but “The Religion of The Creator.” Due to the actual division of belief, in this era of the end of the world, The Great Lord Bestows on us His Blessing by Gathering us under the single flag of His Religion.

110:1 “When comes Help of All’h, and the Overture”

110:2 “And you see the people entering ‘The Religion of All’h’ in crowds,”

110:3 “Then celebrate the Praise of your Lord and ask His Forgiveness, for He Is Oft-Returning (Redeemer).”

  • “Help of All’h”= “The Proof” of the mathematical Miracle (19 code) of The Qur’an found in 1974 by Dr. R. Khalifa, the only material, and one of the highest Proofs and Evidence of God ever Sent to Earth!

“Al-Fat’h” = “The Overture/Opening” of The Qur’an by Its Discernment/The FurQan, after Its Mathematical Proof of Divinity is discovered.


The Most Important Question in all religions today

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