The Most Important Question in all religions today

Who is the Messiah/the expected savior and liberator of our time; and what is the Proof of this?

A shared belief among three of the main religions of the world today, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is the apparition of a Messiah – Messenger, leading the whole world at the end of times. Naturally, each religion considers such a Mission specific to its own Messenger. They are all waiting for their Missionary to reappear after being dead (or continuously alive) for thousands of years.

Christians believe in the return of Jesus Christ; Jews call him Savior; and Muslims talk about their Imam/Leader of the time; and up until now the problem, to whomever be Entrusted such a Mission, has remained a mystery!

The reason for this common belief of an expected “Savior/Liberator/Leader at the end of times”, has certainly been the Will and Message of God to the three above religions; but none was to be informed of the identity of this Missionary!

But Time, the leader, has had the Mission of divulging the Secret. Our Time, that is, the era of the end of the World. And thanks to Almighty Lord, our Time today reveals the Identity of this Great Blessing. The Greatest Blessing of All times!

Now as to who could be such a common Savior for the whole world? Above all, a kind of Savior, accepted by all three religions without the usual controversy, jealousy and arguments. Here, I would like to remind the honorable readers of an undeniable fact, regarding the Custom of The Creator concerning the Miracles performed through His Prophets and Messengers: NEVER, through all of History and in all times, Has The Almighty Given the same Miracles to His Messengers; each have had different ones—Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Thus the Miracle of Muhammad, the last of His Prophets, has been The Qur’an (10:20), and yet to come:

10:20 “They say: How come no Miracle came down to him from his Lord? Say:
the unseen is only for All’h, wait then, and I shall wait with you.”

Consequently Time, the leader, was the factor in bringing the Miracle of Prophet Muhammad today, after 14 centuries, through Science:

  • First by revealing the Evidence of His Word, the mathematical Miracle of The Qur’an
  • The Scientific Proof of His Name, الله, as The Only Creator, and Savior of the end of times

Thus thanks to The Almighty Creator, today the answer to the mystery of the Messiah of the end of times is Revealed. The Almighty Lord, due to His Infinite Mercy, through Scientific and Substantial Proof, Reveals Himself to all people of the World! The Only Savior, Liberator, Leader of all humankind, Solving the mystery in the fairest way and manner, acceptable to all religions and types of believers. Time, with its “Science and The Book (The Qur’an)”, the three Missionaries, and representatives of all past Messengers of The Almighty, under the Leadership of Time, are bringing and introducing the Name of the Savior and Liberator of all people of the end of times.

Now let us see HOW and in which way?

  • Our Time, revealing the four fundamental forces of Creation through contemporary Scientific discoveries, presents a sign for each of these forces, introducing them as The Only Power and Creator of our Universe and the whole of Existence
  • The Scientific discoveries are identical, to the last detail, to The Creator introduced by The Qur’an 14 centuries ago
  • Consequently and eventually, it will Light and Lead the path for people toward The Right and Only God and His Commandments (pure and unpolluted by human words)!

It will save and liberate people from the darkness of ignorance about the Identity of their Real and Only Lord. It will especially save them from adulterations that are the real cause of present mischief and disasters and the overwhelming pollution in our inner and outer World. It will lead them toward the Light, Joy and Safety of The One and Only God The Creator.

The meaning of the word Messiah is: “One that speaks.” Jews believe that their Prophet who comes to speak to them is called “match null/draw game.” Doesn’t this suggest the above solution about the Time with its Science and The Book having been Chosen to Lead to the Name (The Creator= الله) at the end of times, explaining and clarifying for people about “The God Creator and The Religion”, resulting in “a draw game/match null“ concerning the various Messiahs of all religions?

(Ref:. “The three Messengers of The Almighty Creator” in Al-FurQan, and more details)


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